Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Centipede Infestation coming to Wii and 3DS

Another round, another remake of a classic movie to launch after Star Raiders and Warlords, Atari announced that it is working on another remake of a classic arcade (and beyond): Centipede Infestation. The game will be available in the fall for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS and will be implemented by the authors of A Boy & His Blob on the Wii and Contra 4 on DS (two most beautiful games), WayForward.

Portal 2: Star votes, but people unhappy?

The anomalies continue Metacritic Portal 2 has just been released (read the review for Multiplayer. En: LINK) and is already making headlines. Unfortunately, not only for its quality. Like all games, even the title Valve must confront the excesses of Metacritic. In this case there is a clear discrepancy between the opinion of the critics, who reached 95 in all versions, and that of the users, who are literally killing.

A bit 'of concept art for Saints Row: The Third

Beautiful people are out of new views of Saints Row: The Third with another set of pictures, this time, all belonging to the sphere "concept art". Let us see some striking image of Steelport, the "Sin City" as a backdrop to the game, which is controlled entirely by the Syndicate, the criminal group which, however, decided to hunt down the Third Street Saints.

Let then the knowledge of Phillipe Loren, the head of the Syndicate, the pair of Mexican wrestlers Killbane and Angel de la Muerte, the "no good" and technical Zimos Matt Miller. The game is expected this autumn on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Prey 2 on the hunt for originality

Developers want to create something really different After learning of the removal of gravitational puzzles and portals, some fans have criticized the developers of Prey 2, which for their part have responded by promising innovations as important. Chris Reinhart, a founder of Human Head Studios, said the team wants to recreate the originality of the first game, without resorting to the same tricks.

Time marks for Mortal Kombat

It seems that the student has been promoted without reserve pending review of Multiplayer. it, let's see how the upcoming Mortal Kombat was welcomed by the international press. It seems that the first votes almost fully promote it. To do hope there's a perfect score and no failure. 1UP: A-GameReactor: 7 GamesRadar: 8 GameTrailers: 9.4 GiantBomb: 10 Hadoken: 9.5 IGN: 8 NZGamer: 8.9 OXM: 8 PSM3: 7.9 TechDay: 9.5

Deal of the Week themed spring on Xbox Live

Plants, zombies, etc. This week is a good amount of discount securities for the Deal of the Week 'initiative, an update called "spring", although the seasonal link to tell the truth is not so obvious. Among the games you mention in particular Plants and Zombies vs Ilomilo, probably the two most spring batch.

These are the games at a discount, all characterized by a price cut of 50% until April 25: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Toned Body - 160 Microsoft Points Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Dance Workout: Bollywood - 200 Microsoft Points 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 200-400 MSP Peggle - 400 MSP Peggle Nights - 400 MSP Plants vs.

Driver: San Francisco in September

Driver: San Francisco finally has an official release date. Ubisoft has announced that the new chapter in the series will debut in stores in September. Initially, his debut was scheduled for November 2010, but a court had postponed an unspecified date between April 2011 and March 2011. The French publisher took the opportunity to announce that the PlayStation 3 version of Child of Eden will be released instead by the second quarter 2011, which began a few days and will end in June.

A date for Under Siege on PSN

Next week, the fantasy RTS Under Siege has finally a release date, the team announced today the development of Seed: April 27. Next week will be possible to download the game in question at a cost of € 14.99, according to reports. It is a sort of strategic plan view in which we find ourselves fighting waves of enemies with various units from the battle, between the main campaign and various multiplayer modes.

Last DJ Hero 2 DLC

Activision has released on Xbox Live (640MP) and PlayStation Network (9.99 €) the last DLC DJ Hero 2. The Ultra Mix Pack includes the following tracks: "House Music" by Benny Benassi (Remix by FreeStyleGames), "Sofi Needs a Ladder" by Deadmau5 (Remix by FreeStyleGames) and "We No Speak American" Be Cool & Yolanda DCUP ( Remix by FreeStyleGames).

If you want the songs are also available individually on the Wii at a cost of 300 Wii Points each. This DLC has officially ended support for Activision to his series "Hero," which will take a long vacation to return one day, hopefully, in new splendor. It remains to understand now what will the team of DJ Hero series, the boys of FreeStyleGames.

Collector's Edition for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

We could not miss the new maxi-production of Eidos could not refrain from standing in the market due to its collector's edition, so here it is in all its glory. Available at "certain European territories" Aug. 26 (it is unclear at the moment where it is available and where not), the Collector's Edition contains several additional materials: A special package A statue of Adam Jensen designed by Play Arts Kai Package Explosive Mission Pack with a unique mission which characters of the original Deus Ex Weapons and equipment exclusive: Automatic Unlocking Device, M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED), Linebacker G-87 Multiple shot Grenade Launcher, Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun, Silenced sniper rifle SERSR Longsword Whisperhead 10,000 extra credits to buy weapons or improve a DVD with 44 minutes of the making of, soundtrack, animated cartoon (from the DC Comics series), E3 trailer and a screenplay inspired art book of 40 pages

No gravity and portals for Prey 2

Human Head Studios, the team decided to remove from the portals and gravity puzzles sequel to Prey. Since the announcement of the first chapter of the fans have been wondering why this choice and now the boss of the company explains the mystery. Prey 2 will draw inspiration from games like Mirror's Edge, Mass Effect, Red Dead Riddick and Redemption, as well as the epochal film Blade Runner.

Its structure will be much more open than in the past and will provide greater freedom of movement for players. As you could tell from our recent preview, Prey 2 will be different from its predecessor and Chris Reinhart, co-founder of the team, he justifies this choice very clearly. "Portals and specific gravity were the prerogatives of the first chapter and bring them in this sequel would be a stretch." "This time we want to bring players into a completely new place and let him experience things never before.

New ways of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Link against all There will be only the Master Quest mode in the 3D re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it seems Nintendo has added a new option in the game to 3DS. This is the mode "Boss Challenge", an addition that will become available once you have reached "some time" in the game and unlock something not yet revealed.

In practice, it is here to address the 8 bosses in the game in a sequence or in sessions for a detached. In the end, of course, we will wait for Ganondorf to Link, as it should be. Confirmed the presence of small explanatory videos that appear at certain times of the game to show of small guides, suitable for less experienced players.

New ways to Ocarina of Time 3D

If you were still undecided about buying the 3D remake of Ocarina of Time, Nintendo has probably put an end to your doubts. Arrangements previously announced it will add an unprecedented fact, the Boss Challenge, which will enable us to face all the bosses encountered in the course of the adventure ...

individually or one after another in a long battle breathtaking. The extra modes will not be available immediately but will be unlocked once you reach a "point" of the game. Ocarina of Time had a total of eight bosses, even nine if you count the final one, which of course can only be Ganondorf, Link's historical nemesis.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - video on 'highlighting "option

In honor of realism Montral Eidos has decided to disable the ability to highlight relevant objects in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and wanted to explain through a good video. In essence, this is a feature that simulates the function of "augmented reality" in order to make easier the identification of sensitive elements within the scenario, but also according to comments made by the gaming community, to increase the involvement and realism of the experience, was made in order to make it an option can be switched off.

Doom 4 will not be "a ReSkin of Rage"

According to a source Videogame by id Software, Doom 4 will be distinguished from other shooter in circulation and will leave satisfied fans of Doom. "It will be fantastic," assures the design director of id, Matt Hooper. "There are many talented people working and the company has grown. Riuscitia We keep separate development teams for Rage and Doom 4." Doom 4 had missed an appointment with the QuakeCon 2010, and CEO Todd Howard explained that occasion the team was not ready to show the game to be published in a date to be set up for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 .

Increase exhibitors at the 2011 Gamescom

20% more than in 2010 The Gamescom, major European event in the videogame landscape, seems to have good health, judging by the numbers made public. Apparently, the number of exhibitors for the 2011 edition when it is characterized by an increase of 20% compared to the 2010 edition, which also boasted large.

Apparently it was also set up a special pavilion for professionals from Latin America (Mexico) which will add to all the stands already provided. Then we begin to mark the day 17 to 21 August 2011 on the calendar, because on those dates will take place Gamescom 2011, now completely free of rivals in Europe even after the recent closure of Online Games Convention in Leipzig.

TES V: Skyrim "a game DirectX 9"

In terms of graphics, the versions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be similar, ensures Bethesda, even though PC gamers will benefit from superior performance. "You can change the usual parameters, textures and resolution, of course," says the executive producer of Bethesda, Todd Howard. "But the product is essentially the same.

On the PC has the advantage of being able to play at close range, while the distance increases on the console." According to Howard, Skyrim is "from the point of view of the operation of the shader mostly a DirectX 9 game. With DirectX 11 you will get superior performance but at the moment we are not taking advantage of features such as DX11 tessellation.

Just Dance 2 - In the trailer for the DLC appear Rabbids

The fearsome rabbits expand Apparently the new DLC for Just Dance 2 is ready and will be released by the end of April. Ubisoft did not release other details, but it is obvious from the video published in the presence of the Rabbids. Conigliastri I have just turned 5 years and despite the ups and downs of production for them, they entered a fully-fledged gaming imagery.

Just Dance 2 - Trailer of the DLC are coming Rabbids

Pokémon Championships in June in Rome

The Pokémon Company has announced the dates of the Pokémon Video Game Championships 2011. In the coming months, the competition will reach U.S. and European cities before the grand final in August in San Diego. These the European dates: 2011 Pokemon Video Game National Championships: Europe 2011 Pokémon World Championships:

Fans will not be disappointed by Doom 4

id Software assures everyone it will not be a clone of Rage is still know very little about Doom 4, id Software, however, developers have told Eurogamer that the new edition of the popular FPS franchise will stand out no doubt by Rage. "It will be a great game," said design director Matt Hooper. "We have so many talented people, and as a company we have grown a lot.

Riuscit However, we keep separate teams working on Doom 4 and Rage." The fourth episode of Doom, which will be released simultaneously on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, was expected at QuakeCon last year, but the team failed to make a demo in time for the event. This will be a new chapter in the saga, not a sequel to Doom 3 but rather a reboot for the franchise.

THQ and the "revolution" of prices

In preparation for the launch of Mx vs. Atv: Alive, THQ CEO Brian Farrell has called the wrong approach towards the industry's prices and spoke of the new model of THQ, which with the new off-road racing game will combine a lower price ($ 40 instead of the canonical $ 60) and a system of micro-transactions.

"This is an innovative concept based on what we saw in the free-to-play," said Farrell in an interview with Forbes (via GamesIndustry). "The player can customize the experience by paying only the content that is concerned." "Is it possible to bring the free-to-play on consoles but we must work together with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to develop a model that works for everyone." According to Farrell, when digital distribution on console is hampered by massive file sizes and the absence of a well-defined business model on different platforms.

Capcom Interactive creates Beeline

Capcom Interactive turns Capcom Mobile brand will no longer be used for social games for smart phones. According to the company's securities is very different than traditional ones, and this requires a separate brand and to distinguish vehicles better. So, after this consideration, Capcom has turned into Capcom Interactive Interactive Beeline brand by creating an ad hoc applications such as Smurf's Village.

Microsoft abuses on XBLIG

In an effort to protect the system of classification of Indie games on Xbox Live and to prevent abuse, Microsoft has restricted access to the rating system only to Gold members. "We heard your feedback and we've made some changes to the ranking system on Xbox. Com," Microsoft said in a statement posted on the blog of XNA Game Studio team.

"As of today, only Gold members can vote on the Xbox Web site content. Com. In this way we believe we can get more credible assessments and fewer abuses in the catalog of Xbox. We are also investigating several cases of assessments suspicious. "

Still Portal 2 - A very unofficial video

A portal in a very uncomfortable place of Mega 64 boys have struck again proceeding along their path of worship and desecration done gaming. This time the victim is Portal 2 and the specific advantages and disadvantages derived from the existence of quantum portals. Portal 2 is now available on Steam and the quality of the title seems to fully justify all the publicity in the media, official and unofficial, that has been unleashed.

EA: less games, more quality

During EA Showcase held in London a few days ago, Electronic Arts has listed the guidelines of the company, the four pillars of a future-oriented strategy: development of a smaller number of major games, focusing on supply digital ( both in terms of content and in terms of consumer involvement), expansion of free-to-play and direct channels with the consumer, the development of new IP and exploration of new genres.

SSX - Third Development diary

In this new journal an exaggerated developers show us the concept and creation of spectacular settings, based on authentic regions but exaggerated in every aspect to enhance and moltimplicare jumps and tricks. The mountainous areas of SSX will be very large and include dozens of drop point of varying difficulty.

A philosophy similar to that of Amped but the images seems to be implemented here with a much greater variety. SSX - Third Development diary

Ed Boon defends the pass online

According to the boss Netherrealm, Ed Boon, the pass online (redeemable code that will unlock the multiplayer mode) is necessary not only for the new Mortal Kombat, but for gaming in general. "When we sell a game we effettualti return of investment on development. These products cost several million dollars and if someone sells our products without giving a share of the profits we must find ways to protect our investments.

High Voltage talks about possible DLC for Conduit 2 ...

... and a possible third episode in the course of a long interview with GameHounds, David Pellas, design director of High Voltage Games, in particular, responded to two very interesting questions about Conduit 2, talking about the possibility of release for the DLC game and a possible third episode of the series.

In this regard, Pellas said: "We are planning many things, you'll never stop. You have probably heard of our technology for 3DS, we have developed a tech demo and we are really excited about the capabilities of the new Nintendo handheld console. However, even we do not know how to take the universe of discourse on Conduit.

Mortal Kombat, Kratos unrivaled on X360

The developer of the new Mortal Kombat, Netherrealm, he wanted to create a character exclusive for Xbox 360 (Kratos on the PlayStation 3 will be the God of War series), but because of unspecified problems, this was not possible. "Unfortunately, circumstances did not allow us to create a character in the Xbox 360 exclusive," said a source Videogame Ed Boon.

"I can not talk about it, I can only tell you that I wanted to make one." "In discussions of course jumped out of the top names such as Halo Master Chief, Marcus Fenix in Gears of War, and other protagonists of the Xbox exclusive. We talked about it, but as I said, not up to us to make that decision."

Portal 2 - The verdict of the critics

Rarely have we seen an impressive string of votes on this scale in recent years. In just the first wave of reviews are 5 top score of sites that noble and 4 which include assessments from 9.5 to IGN and Game Informer. In short, Portal 2 is not only promoted but already seems destined to climb Mount Olympus.

VG247 - 10/10 gamer - Eurogamer 10/10 - 10/10 Giant Bomb - 5 / 5 The Guardian - 5 / 5 NowGamer - Games Aktuell 9.5/10 - 9.5/10 IGN - 9.5/10 Game Informer - 9.5/10 PC Gamer - 94% VideoGamesDaily - 9 / 10 GamingXP - 91%

Pokémon back on top in Italy

After two weeks of the domain of Crysis 2, back in Italy at the top of the Pokémon. In the week between 4 and 10 April 2011, Pokémon Pokémon Black and White are slipped in the third version of the PlayStation 3 shooter from Crytek, followed by FIFA 11. No games for Nintendo 3DS is present in the top ten list of software for the console.

Prepaid cards for World of Warcraft dominates the PC charts, where there is Crysis 2 in second place, followed by The Sims Medieval. Super Street Fighter IV (3DS), Pokémon Black (DS), FIFA 11 (PS2, PSP), Crysis 2 (X360 and PS3) and Wii Party are the best-selling games on their platforms.

Telltale is developing a title based on Law & Order

A hunting license Telltale is buying up licenses and after the resurrected dinosaurs of Jurassic Park has decided to jump back on the investigation but this time with a look much more serious than that of Sam & Max The software house was in fact thrown on the development of an episodic video game based on Law & Order: Los Angeles which will include dramas, interviews and all the themes of TV series.

PSPgo out of production?

According to the blog of an alleged employee of Sony Japan (via Andriasang), Sony has confirmed the cessation of production of PSPgo. The blogger points out that the store digital Sony Japan is no longer possible to reserve the console, the console while in the West is still on sale online. PSPgo sales were modest overall, but called the launch of the Sony handheld console without UMD reader an experiment designed to test the consumer's needs.

The second episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy

Still centered on Jax, Kano and Sonya on Machinima's YouTube channel has been published the second episode of the webseries Mortal Kombat: Legacy, directed by and starring actors Kevin Tancharoen more or less known. As mentioned before, the series tells of the origins of some of the most famous fighting game developed by Netherrealm Studios (formerly Midway), so prior to their participation in the Mortal Kombat tournament and the encounter with the evil Shang Tsung.

Unicorn also on Android Robot Attack

Unicorn Robot Attack on Android Marketplace will come in tomorrow, said the developer Adult Swim. The platform marks the debut of the company on Android; previously, Adult Swim had published a series of games on the platform IOS. "We have had many requests for the publication of our games on Android," said the vice president of Adult Swim, Jeff Olsen, Joystiq.

"Robot Unicorn's start with the title because it is most needed. If successful we will try to bring our best products on Android." Amateur Surgeon and Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) might be the next Games, Adult Swim to land on Android.

The Pokémon World Championships are about to begin

The event starts in Europe and the U.S. The Pokémon trainers are warned: the world championship game of the Pokémon will begin soon in the cities of Europe and the United States. The selections will be held in several locations in Europe since June 4, while in the U.S. will begin from May 14. The finals are held 12 to 14 August in San Diego, California.

Pokémon Video Games World Championships 2011 will see the competitors engaged since June 4 in Birmingham, UK, before joining for the first time in Italy and continue in Spain, France and Germany. The eight finalists in each of the five categories which will be held in five locations in Europe will win because of posts to be competing for the Pokémon Video Games World Championships 2011.

Monster Hunter dominates in Japan in 2010

In 2010, Yakuza 4 was the best selling game for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. Estimates of Geimin (via Siliconera), with 577,199 units the title of SAW was the best seller of 2011 on the Sony console. The top ten software last year, however, is dominated by games for PSP and Nintendo DS, the first Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with 3,849,907 units sold, followed by Pokémon Black / White.

The game sold more than Sony's first party was instead Gran Turismo 5 with 563,378 copies, while the best-selling Xbox 360 was Monster Hunter Frontier with 138,596 copies, followed by Halo Reach with 56,104 units.

Sony stops production of PSPgo?

The news was in the air PSPgo, version "Digital" for PSP, more compact and able to access the games through online store only, may soon go out of production. According to the blog kept by a Sony employee (or a big fan of the Japanese), confirmed the company would stop its managers in the production of the portable console, with the consequent end of the distribution in stores.

The news seems to confirm the removal of the link to the Sony PSP Go Store. The owners of the console can still buy games that way, but you can not actually order the handheld itself. Source: Adriansang

Portal 2 Available on Steam

The PC and Mac versions of Portal 2 are already available on Steam. On Valve's service, the debut of Portal 2 has been released through the indie games included in the publication of The Potato Pack digital version of the Valve game comes with 3 days in advance of the launch of the retail version, expected in the Italian shops April 22.

New images and details for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II

The portable version of fighting game released for PSP and 3DS As announced recently, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II arrives on the PSP and Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Released in late March in Japan, the game will reach American stores on May 31, but has not yet been set on the European Union. The package will find all the modes present in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well as two new options, 1.5 and Abyss Legion, with the addition of an ad-hoc multiplayer.

Mega Man 5 on the Wii Virtual Console

In addition to the PlayStation Network version of Dino Crisis 2, Capcom would be thinking about a version of Mega Man 5 for the Nintendo Virtual Console. According to the U.S. institution ESRB (via Joystiq), the platform for the NES in 1992 is about to arrive on Nintendo's service. Yet to announce the launch date of the game in digital format.