Thursday, July 7, 2011

1 million copies sold for Torchlight

Torchlight has crumbled the wall of one million copies sold of total PC, Mac and Xbox Live Arcade. Runic Games, a team formed by former members who had worked at Flagship Hellgate: London PC game launched in October 2009, and then convert it on XBLA in March 2011. Torchlight is an Action-RPG like Diablo masterpieces along the lines of, characterized by a visual style similar to Warcraft.

The 3DS is a controller for Wii U?

The use of the Nintendo 3DS as a controller for the Wii U is technically possible, but according to Nintendo, the same considerations to do about it are many. During a meeting with investors, the boss of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, said that the company will transform Japan "without hesitation" the Wii controller in a 3DS U if this proves to be the "obvious choice", but still has some doubts about it.

Xbox 360, have a new bundle with Gears of War 3

The console, of course, the case will have "designer" The English chain GAME has just put in the catalog (obviously pre-order) an interesting bundle will be available in conjunction with the highly anticipated Gears of War 3, and that fact will be made by a copy of the game and an Xbox 360 Slim "designer" is that in the dashboard controller, also has a 320 GB hard drive.

The price of the bundle has been set at 269.99 pounds, or about $ 300.

According to the CEO of OnLive, Xbox 360 and PS3 are becoming obsolete

Microsoft and Sony consoles have too many years on the rump, and publishers feel limited Steve Perlman, CEO, founder and president of OnLive said speaking on PCR and plan to work with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, although the fact that consoles were born in 2005 makes unavoidably outdated. As we know, the cloud service offered by gaming OnLive will start this fall in the UK after the U.S. debut last year. It is a system that works through a mini-console connected to your TV and you are streaming content playful calculated by powerful servers located around the world. When he was asked if OnLive able to dominate the gaming industry, Perlman said: "Xbox 360 and PS3 have an architecture that dates back to 2005, are becoming obsolete.

New images for the Crimson Alliance

The game can be obtained free of charge this summer in output on the digital platform Xbox Live Arcade, Crimson Alliance looks like an action RPG with high hopes, with three character classes (mercenary, murderess and magician) and a multiplayer mode for four players, both locally and online. The new images released by the development team, Certain Affinity, show a good use of color, detail and a fairly well-differentiated scenarios, which will undoubtedly be the setting for many spectacular battles.

Announced Theatrythm: Final Fantasy

Square Enix has announced a new chapter in the Final Fantasy series for 3DS, but will not be the usual role-playing game or spin-off "salsa action." Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, announced on the pages of Japan's Jump Magazine has been defined by the same Rhythm Action Square Theater, will play with a side view in which the fighting took place in the music.

Obviously the music is the one that made the soundtrack to the saga in all these years and Square has already confirmed the presence of characters like Cloud and Lightning. As usual, there was no confirmation date for a possible western exit.

Playing the open beta of World Civilization

Civilization test of social gaming on the online version / free to play Civilization can now be experienced by anyone with a Facebook profile. The title differs from the original tone of the series and leaves much of the feeling and the historical epic in exchange for a strong social interaction and competitive new mechanics.

In any case, the formula is similar to that of the main series and this is one of the titles of World Civilization more complex, if not the most complex, in view of the social networking fun. The game offers a tutorial than exhaustive, of course, and welcomes us at once with a soundtrack of the series.

Satoru and Reggie talk about the Wii U

Guaranteed success? According to Satoru Iwata was simply time to change, with the Wii now as it will go and the need for Nintendo to turn back to hardcore gamers by introducing a console with HD graphics, 3D support and more third party titles. Just enough, according to Iwata, to push back the sales of the company with the Wii has become accustomed to back in the lead after two generations undertone.

Mass Effect 3 - Artificial intelligence is reviewed every day

Formidable enemies, but not frustrating Christina Norman and Corey Gaspur, game designers engaged in the development of Mass Effect 3, CVG spoke with BioWare's work with regard to the artificial intelligence of the third chapter of the saga. The team has enriched the stock ticker to give the enemies of new behaviors and create more complex and intense fighting.

The work goes very hard every day and the elements of artificial intelligence are reviewed and improved. Enemies like Cerberus Troopers are now much more dangerous and have the same possibilities of attack and defense of Shepard. This will also allow them to become dangerous at high levels of difficulty without becoming enemies indestructible and frustrating to fight.

Age of Conan MMO is the "most visually beautiful"

Norwegian developer Funcom says Age of Conan MMO is "the most visually impressive" in circulation. According to game director Craig Morrison, however, the remarkable aspect of Age of Conan has had a price. "Our engine is very comprehensive and uses all the latest graphics technology," he told Videogame Source.

"We are very proud to have the most visually impressive MMOs on the square. There are very few games that can compete with us on the front chart." "All this, however, came at a price. Not many machines can run the game with settings that every user would want. After seeing the movies everyone wants to start the title with the same graphic details of the video, but is often not possible because of hardware limitations.

Marathon for free on the App Store

The remake of Marathon issued free of charge at the port of Marathon The Bungie Day by Daniel Blezek Bungie liked so much that the software company has made an official product. Such official to have been released today which is the Bungie Day we hope that this day also presents some new boys on the new Halo project, we can not help but enjoy the free availability of Marathon by iPad.

But if you really want to spend money inside the game know that there is a store that sells the Master Chief mode that allows us to become gods the modest price of 99 cents. Are needed, 3.99 dollars to buy the package of high-resolution textures that will undoubtedly improve the title but not so much to make the best spending Marathon iPad - Free