Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Awesomenauts announced a MOBA for PS3 and Xbox 360

We'll see him in action at E3 Games DTP Entertainment and Ronimo Awesomenauts announced a new MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) for digital platforms PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Developed by the authors RTS Swords & Soldiers, the game sees us check some of the most cunning mercenaries in the galaxy in a battle for supremacy.

On the screen we will see everything from frogs space with the Mohawks to giant robots, through invincible aliens who will compete in two-dimensional scenarios. "We are excited to surprise the world with Awesomenauts at E3, and will release further details at that time. If the kind of MOBA and classic cartoon characters were to have a baby, would own this game," said Jasper Koning, co- founder of Ronimo Games.

Mortal Kombat, incoming Skarlet

The ninja Skarlet Mortal Kombat will be available for a few weeks, the developer announced Netherrealm. The DLC will be released in conjunction with an upgrade that aims to balance the fighting, said Ed Boon to G4TV. Thanks to a proprietary technology, Netherrealm may speak on the game to make minor changes without having to issue a patch.

Ed Boon said that the changes will be announced on the official website of the game. "The players already know what areas we are working, but we want people to find all the information on the official website."

A trailer for the first DLC for The Witcher 2

Never go against a troll! Available for download in conjunction with the release of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, the DLC sees our Geralt Troll Trouble dealing with this challenging and spectacular, which will face precisely the dangerous troll. The extra content is completely free, takes up and expands the basic game mechanics, we propose a nonlinear story, which is influenced by our decisions within a fascinating and rich characters.

Finale "incredible" for Mass Effect 3

The ending of Mass Effect 3 will be tied to the completion of quests, BioWare does know. According to executive producer Casey Hudson in PC Gamer players who complete the final side-quest will receive a "fantastic". "Even the side missions have an impact on the final," said Hudson. "You can finish the game without losing too much time with the side quests but the final will be less rewarding." "If you can bring many people on your side and gather around you the whole galaxy, then be able to unlock the true ending, the final one." Mass Effect 3 will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012.

The Witcher 2, here are the early votes

Great success? As previously announced, our review of The Witcher 2 coming to the end of the week, Monday to the maximum, because we want to take the time to evaluate the long-awaited CD Projekt title in the best way. That said, the first votes start coming in from the international media and it seems that the game is like.

GamesRadar (USA) - 10/10 Game Reactor (Norway) - 10/10 Bit-tech (United Kingdom) - 95% Joystick (France) - 19/20 CD-Action (Poland) - + 9 / 10 Gry OnLine (Poland ) - 9.5/10 pelitic (Finland) - 93/100 PC Format (UK) - 92/100 PC Games (Germany) - 88% GameStar (Germany) - 87/100 NOWGamer (UK) - 8.4/10 PC Guru (Hungary) - 92% Games Aktuell (Germany) - 9 / 10 Game Reactor (United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain) - 9 / 10 Game Reactor (Germany) - 9 / 10 Game Reactor (Sweden) - 9 / 10 Game Reactor ( Finland) - 9 / 10 Hrej.

Reserve Limited Battlefield 3

Electronic Arts has announced incentives for booking Battlefield 3 for the Italian market. Until September 30, 2011 you can book a Limited Edition of DICE's shooter to get free Back to Karkland expansion. The package includes "four maps for Battlefield 2 reproduced with the technology of Frostbite 2, a physics journal and new visual effects and destruction.

To complete the offer will be included in the classic weapons and vehicles in Battlefield 2, unique awards, new achievement / trophies, and much more. " You can book Limited Battlefield 3 on the official website of Electronic Arts or by going to a dealer participating in the initiative.

According to the diary of development for Dawn of Fantasy

Introduction to how Kingdom Wars The second development diary Dawn of Fantasy shows us how "Kingdom Wars," with commentary by Gordon Farrell (assistant producer and lead writer of the game) and Arielle Parkas (assistant voice director and voice-over for different characters of the elven world). "Kingdom Wars" is a single player mode only, in style "wins the World", which combines the best elements of a campaign mode and skirmish MMORTS to create a new and exciting gaming experience.

"In March, the numbers one through Homefront"

IndustryGamers In an interview with the CEO of THQ, Brian Farrell, THQ talked about the role of the gaming industry. "Of course we consider ourselves one of the biggest players in industry," says Farrell. "In March we had the best-selling game, Homefront." "Once we were afraid Homefront to launch in March.

It was a busy period, there were games like Crysis. But we were number one. We crushed our rivals here [United States], in the UK and in lobbies markets that we follow ". "Our goal is to create great games and choosing a niche within which we can compete with others. We have already talked about what we do in 2011 with Saints Row: The Third." "Two years ago we launched a new strategy and in 2010 we renewed the company.

The Witcher 2 under our magnifying glass

The Collector Edition is moved quickly in Italy 2 The Witcher is a complex and articulated that deserves to be gutted in the first duty of expressing an opinion. For this reason Multiplayer. it is taking the time necessary to assess it at its best. The editorial staff has started work on Tuesday, the day it was released the copy provide to us, so we decided that there was no need to go out with a hastily written article just to burn the competition.

Namco wants new users to Enslaved

Namco Bandai plans to focus more on the franchise Enslaved, as told by the marketing manager Source Videogame by Namco Bandai, Lee Kirton. "We know where we want to go with Enslaved, we must continue to promote it ... maybe we should make it known to those consumers who have not yet tried." So a PC version? Or a spin-off for mobile devices? "We have no plans to develop the sequel to Enslaved sequel.

Portal 2 offends the orphans?

Welcome to the latest controversy about the absurd games Anyone who's played Portal 2 will know that the jokes are not lacking. Many people have found ingenious, but there are people who did not like at all. Among these seem to have particularly annoyed because those on orphans and adoptions, used to attack Chell.

In fact he gave a major American television, WBTV, where they were shown to some witnesses. For example Neil Stapel, adoptive father of a child of ten years, said he was "shocked and surprised" by certain characters, calling them "the worst thing I've ever heard." The main problem is that, as already happened in the past, television has decontextualized jokes, and playing time to bend the basic thesis that he wanted to be passed, without dragging in the opposite direction of the lines spoken by various characters .

Microsoft working on Hole In The Wall

Microsoft is working on a review of the show Hole In The Wall for Xbox 360, as shown on the website of the German classification of video games, USK. As reported by GameSetWatch, when the only information we have on the game are the publisher, Microsoft, and the classification of the title, deemed suitable for players of all ages.

Possible that it is a party game compatible with the device for Xbox 360, Kinect.

More than a million pre-orders for Gears of War 3

Output still several months but have already numersi record Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games has released some details of Gears of War 3, which have not yet seen the light of stores may already be considered a success. The most impressive one million copies preordained, but is also a surprising number of players who tested the beta: well 1.29 million, from 145 different countries.

Obviously Bleszinski can only speak of huge success and thank the fans who gave him confidence, while providing lots of useful information to refine the game. We read other statistics derived from the beta: - The games played were more than 11 million - have been recorded more than 927 million murders, of which 23 million were made with the electric saw - Executions were 131 million - were fired more than 23 billion bullets - were obtained Ribbon 460 million and 294 million Users - 435mila players have achieved the skin thrashball Cole and the 234mila Retro Gold Lancer, both usable in multiplayer in the final game.

PSN, problems with email?

In a message posted on the PlayStation Blog, the blog manager James Galllagher suggested to players who have not received the confirmation email regarding the password change to submit a new request. "We have a lot of emails to send, we can only tell you to wait. If you do this for over 24 hours might be the case to file a new request" emails, in fact, they are deleted after 24 hours, says the blog manager .

PSN: system reset the password contains a flaw of Sony

The troubles never end for Sony Nyleveia. com has discovered a flaw in the system to reset the password for the PSN, that allows you to change the password of a user if they have your email address and date of birth. Because of the problem, Sony has made it unavailable to login to some of its websites, including PlayStation.

com and the official PlayStation forum. This means that whoever is trying to change password through PlayStation. com and Qriocity. com can not do it until the damage will not be closed, flaw that only affects sites mentioned above. In the meantime, you can login to the PSN via the PlayStation 3 and PSP to consult information on trophies and friends.

Disney wants the trademark "Seal Team 6"

Disney wants to register the trademark "Seal Team 6", the name of the U.S. team responsible for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. According to Forbes, Disney would have applied in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 3 last year. The mark can be used with a variety of products ranging from entertainment to toys.

The list rewards Northern Star Wars

Lego I do not forgive the Nordic ranking this week, covering the sales figures for Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, shows a return to the top of 3 Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Portal 2, which undermines the first place. Note also staying in the charts of various historical titles such as The Sims 3, even though the amount of output in this period.

01. 3 Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars (LucasArts) 02. Portal 2 (EA) 03. Crysis 2 (EA) 04. FIFA 11 (EA) 05. Mortal Kombat (Warner Bros. Interactive) 06. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision) 07. Zumba Fitness (505 Games) 08. New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo) 09. The Sims 3 (EA) 10. Battlefield Bad Company 2 (EA) Source: Edge

Sonic also on 3DS Generations?

Sonic Generations should also arrive on Nintendo's new handheld console, the 3DS. As reported by Andriasang, the publisher has confirmed the news in a footnote to the financial performance of the company. Previously, the game was announced for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Slag is presented in video

An action-RPG-MMO-A Hack'n'Slash trailer arrive today for the official presentation of Slug, the action-RPG with online multiplayer setting Hack'n'Slash for PC, developed by Ankama. The game is based on the cartoony style of Dofus and Wakfu, built entirely in 3D this time, but the structure seems different and geared more to the mix of the two aforementioned genres.

"Set in a world of heroic fantasy, each of the 12 gods of the World of Twelve entrusted to their followers skills. Through his adventurous life, our heavenly character has honed my skills, before being suddenly beamed into a parallel world called Hormonde in order to become a "pawn in a game created by living Demons of the Hours." This is what the press release today on the history and setting of the game.

Free update for Infinity Blade

Developer Chair Entertainment has announced a new update for the title iOS Infinity Blade. Starting tomorrow you will have access to Infinity Blade: Arena, the online multiplayer mode that puts the player in the shoes of a Titan or a Knight. Also available with the free upgrade also Survival mode, plus a host of new game objects, objectives to unlock and online leaderboards.

Through integration with Facebook, players can finally see your profile.

LA Noire Rockstar and the Mystery of Pass

Someone is surprised that he was born around a yellow DLC LA Noire? Rockstar promised that Rockstar Pass, the first DLC for LA Noire was available at launch, but it seems that we did. In fact, many users went looking for him aware of the promise, but have found no trace of it on Xbox Live Marketplace, where they appeared regularly add on other officers, nor in the game package.

Online games are of course speculation on the significance of this lack, and have made several assumptions, including a change of plans by Rockstar. We'll see. Source: Eurogamer. net

Wet 2 deleted

The sequel to Wet, action game released in 2009, would be removed, judging by the CV of a former employee of Interactive Behaviour. As reported by Siliconera, the LinkedIn profile of the programmer Ian Cromier Wet 2 is mentioned as a project canceled. The profile of another developer, Vincent-Pierre Bélisle, speaks of "the project exceeded" on his LinkedIn profile.

The developer has not commented on the news while Bethesda, publisher of Wet, told Joystiq, "We will not publish Wet 2. The game was announced last November.

Paradox shift, the new Portal?

Let the knowledge of this exciting independent game made UDK Paradox Shift is a self-employed basis rather than the original built by a group of students at the University of Southern California Team. The project is developing for over a year, but now seems to have taken a final shape. S'impugnerà weapon in the game that allow you to send back and forth for some time items.

In this way you can overcome obstacles while traveling at times when they were not present, or you can alter the future by acting in the past. If you prefer, you can also carry some items between the ages. By reading the brief description, many will come to mind Singularity, even if watching the video is easy to see that here the concept of time travel was radicalized, becoming the true focus of the game.

Sony launches the Identity Protection Program

Network Sony Entertainment Europe (SNEE) and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have just announced their new program to protect the identity of users and Qriocity PlayStation Network. The program, created in collaboration with Affinion International Limited, Sony will be paid the same for the first 12 months and will include "monitoring, surveillance, alert service and insurance for all members who contact you Affinion PSN fit into one of five countries at risk of identity fraud.

Published on Steam Portal 2 - The Final Hours

A book on the creative process of Valve's Portal released on Steam, the nominal price of 1.99 €, Portal 2 - The Final Hours, a digital book dedicated to the creative process of Portal 2. Written by Geoff Keighley, a journalist who had access to Valve's offices during the making of the game, the book reveals the background that led to Portal 2 be what it is.

Obviously expect hagiographic tone that characterizes the classic volumes like that, but also to become aware of interesting details about the plot and style, not deducible playing.

ME2: Genesis on Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2: Genesis, the interactive cartoon created to tell the background of the second chapter to the PS3, has been available for several hours on the Xbox 360. On its PlayStation 3 was free download on the Marketplace cost was set at 320 Microsoft Points. The comic was created by Dark Horse and provides approximately 15 minutes of content, during which players must take a half-dozen key decisions, 360 and PC users that have already been able to test in the real game .

Nokia N9: Price, output and new video

Nokia has finally confirmed the news that circulated for several weeks now, the new Nokia N9 MeeGo mount the operating system, which seemed in doubt after the partnership undertaken with Microsoft, which will be implemented on all new models. In this case, however, lives up to the promises and Nokia will offer the new Nokia N9 with the latest operating system, specifically designed for smartphones with a stronger emphasis on the aspect of multimedia terminals and overall quality than the average of other products and not just Symbian .

Starhawk - some new pictures

Avatar Kinect release in "late spring"

Microsoft has announced that the application Avatar Kinect for Xbox 360 will be available from the end of spring. With it you can chat in group (up to 7 simultaneously) using their own avatar and the camera of Kinect. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds for your chat and our facial expressions are detected in real time and transferred to our on-screen alter-ego.

Pandora's Tower: a new Japanese video

A short video with some moments of New gameplay video of Pandora's Tower, an interesting role-playing game exclusive to Japan for the Nintendo Wii. In the movie there are some moments in movies. Obviously, the language spoken is Japanese.