Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sony launches the Identity Protection Program

Network Sony Entertainment Europe (SNEE) and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) have just announced their new program to protect the identity of users and Qriocity PlayStation Network. The program, created in collaboration with Affinion International Limited, Sony will be paid the same for the first 12 months and will include "monitoring, surveillance, alert service and insurance for all members who contact you Affinion PSN fit into one of five countries at risk of identity fraud.

" The five countries are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and, fortunately, Italy. Here are the details of the services including fraud protection service in Affinion: To be eligible for protection, users must be 18 years and being in possession of a PSN account April 20, 2011.

SCEE SNEE and advise users aged under 18 to consult their parents, legal guardians or a responsible person of age before proceeding. If you want more information on this site, please contact www. fraudprotect. com.

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