Monday, August 22, 2011

Fable IV in 2013

Who knows what we promise this time Molyneux addition to Fable: The Journey, Lionhead is working on the fourth installment of Fable, at least according the latest issue of Xbox Official Magazine U.S., where we talk about Fable IV. The game do not know practically nothing, except the year provided for the publication, ie 2013.

It was not even clear whether it will be for Xbox 360 or who knows, maybe for the next Microsoft console. In the meantime we look forward to the new and wondrous promises that Peter Molyneux, months after the release of the game, you will excuse the fact that he (has happened with all three previous chapters, we do not see why it should not happen with the fourth ..

DOOM 4 will run at 30fps in single player and multy 60 in

So there will be no more demons to kill on DOOM 4 hours are not for large out information and have not seen anything yet. Natural, since it has yet to leave RAGE, developed by the same team. John Carmack, speaking to Gamasutra, however, has said that some choices have already been made, such as the single player campaign to run at 30 frames per second and the multiplayer to 60.

The reason the frame rate is half of the single player to have more enemies on screen at once. Obviously, there are also other issues faced by Carmack, especially regarding the quality of the graphics and the perception of the majority of gamers, but the main reason is able to handle a large number of enemies.

RAGE uses all the PS3 processor

RAGE, the new game from id Software, is a FPS that uses the IDTech 5, the latest engine developed from the study. Speaking of the production process in an interview with Nowgamer, Tim Willits, creative director of the study, focused on the specific use of each console, underlining the fact that id have used up all the processor of the PS3.

"Carmack and the rest of the team have analyzed the capabilities of each console, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. They are all quite similar and are based on a multi-core, essential to ensure the constant 60fps," said Tim Willits. Speaking of PS3, Willits said: "The RAGE PS3 version uses each core console, distributing it through different tasks."

EA continues the war against Activision

Tempers are heating up in view of the comparison between Christmas and Modern Warfare Battlefield 3 3 I wonder if we ever see John Riccitiello and Bobby Kotick fighting naked in the mud dressed only by the leopard thong. Meanwhile, however, the two companies are engaged in open warfare consists of words, with Activision assaulted, by the voice of Eric Hirshberg, who accuses EA of bullying and hurting the entire industry and not back off of an EA step and continues in the explicit statements of guerrilla warfare.

Electronic Arts limited the pre-sales of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Electronic Arts confirmed rumors about the limited number of pre-sales for Star Wars: The Old Republic. EA has commented to Gamasutra that it has decided to limit the number of pre-sales to enable all those who book the game to seamlessly access the servers on launch day. According to rumors, the limit is set at 500,000 units, of which only 50,000 will be able to log as soon as the server will be open.

Many people at Gamescom 2011

Although we at Video Game Source we left before the actual conclusion of Cologne GamesCom, the event has continued to receive visitors even on Saturday and Sunday. The last day of the show, in particular, 62,000 people have reached the place of the event, forcing the organization to close its doors early after reaching the maximum capacity of the convention center.

The success of the fair grows from year to year, but we can assure you that the management is not just this year has complicated the work of journalists, which had closed only one day available to the public to take a look at the showfloor. In any case, it is time to take stock. Expect more news on this in the course of the day!