Monday, August 22, 2011

EA continues the war against Activision

Tempers are heating up in view of the comparison between Christmas and Modern Warfare Battlefield 3 3 I wonder if we ever see John Riccitiello and Bobby Kotick fighting naked in the mud dressed only by the leopard thong. Meanwhile, however, the two companies are engaged in open warfare consists of words, with Activision assaulted, by the voice of Eric Hirshberg, who accuses EA of bullying and hurting the entire industry and not back off of an EA step and continues in the explicit statements of guerrilla warfare.

It is Jeff Brown, EA's official spokesman, to take a good head on Eric and, frankly, to take in around reminding him that the game industry is based on competition and that someone would have told him. For Brown, Activision has every reason to be nervous, because last year he won 90% of the market for first-person shooter, but this year, with the release of Battlefield 3 will end at 60/70%.

That said, Brown ends up a little too far 'by saying that, dropping at this rate, within two or three years may be out of Activision from the field, and asks to go to stores to try to buy a copy of Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk , a time or two very strong brands, Activision finished in the dust.

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