Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Captivate 2011

Following the significant editorial coverage that you find today on Videogame Source. it on the Captivate, Capcom event held on 6 and 7 April, we decided to create this news summary of everything that was put online on our website. Enjoy and happy reading!

SOCOM: Special Forces - The reactions of critics

Yet another case of "fluctuating assessments" SOCOM: Special Forces joined that group of securities that can divide the critics, of course, limited to the titles of some importance, so the net. For the fourth chapter in the saga shooter license plate Zipper Interactive passes even from 3 to 10 of Destructoid to get almost on top with 8 .5 PSU.

Fortunately for us the other reviews are less overhead and are limited to a range between 5 to 8. Destructoid - 3 / 10 Eurogamer - PSU 6 - 8.5 G4 - 4 / 5 Game Informer - Joystiq 8 - 2.5 / 5 Game Trailers TV - 7.9

System requirements PC Brink

In order to play well with Brink'll need a PC very fast and powerful. A GeForce 8800 GS or ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro graphics cards are older that will be supported in the game. Below are the full requirements, which of course you need to add a DSL connection ... but there was no need to say, being an online shooter.

The game will run on dedicated servers with Steam Cloud and system support for Steamworks Achievement, VOIP, rankings and Anti-Cheat system. Minimum Recommended Requirements

Dragon's Dogma revealed - Video and Image

Trailer and gameplay footage of Capcom also lands in the world of open world RPG with Dragon's Dogma, the project long-rumored and finally shown at Captivate. The trailer shows a mix of action, jumping, climbing and computer graphics and the video game focuses on a huge defeat Hydra using agility. The combat system is distinctly in the third person action and implements special situations such as the unfortunate event of having to climb the body of a gigantic snake.

Five hours of footage for LA Noire

LA Noire, Rockstar signed the imminent new effort, will feature more than five hours of video. A revelation was the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which after long and careful consideration has fastened her to the game a rating of "+18" for the presence of raw language, violence, sexual references and nudity.

Last month, Rockstar said the game would take 25 to 30 hours to complete. LA Noire will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 20.

The Witcher 2 - Ten new images

Assault on the Tower CD Project has released a handful of new images, dedicated to the expected 2 The Witcher: Assassins of Kings, showing the attack on a fort and swampy setting. Although these pictures seem to indicate that the team has managed to maintain the unique atmosphere of the series while also changing the visuals and graphics engine.

A key factor for the fans of Geralt of Rivia.

Nintendo announces Wii Play: Motion

Nintendo announced a new compilation of mini-games belonging to the "family" Wii Play. The first collection sold so far the beauty of 27 million copies, thanks mainly to the fact that it is sold bundled with a Wii controller to decide a price advantage. Since winning team does not change, even Wii Play: Motion will be bundled with a Wiimote Plus and will provide 12 new games to fans.

In the U.S., the bundle will be available from June 13 while it is not yet announced an exact date for Europe.

Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed launches with trailer

Unliscio as oil A new video for Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed is celebrating the launch of the game on the market. The elements are the usual ones: cars, supercars, tracks, speed and driving skills are enhanced by this new video from the spectacular cut, which marks the return of the sub-set of internal simulation racing game Need for Speed to the family market.

Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed - Trailer

Ocarina of Time 3DS June 17

The 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be released in Europe on June 17. Nintendo has taken advantage of the ad to confirm other dates of departure of the upcoming games 3DS. Puzzle Bobble Universe will be available from April 21, Diver Steel on May 6 and Dead or Alive: Dimensions from 20 May.

The "old" DSi instead receive his own version of Plants vs Zombies May 6, with Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie to follow the 20th of that month. As for the Wii, The Conduit 2 debut on the shelves on April 22, Virtua Tennis 4 and 29 LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean May 13. She looked ahead, Nintendo has announced that three of his games (Wii Play: Motion, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) will come out before the end of 2011.

InFAMOUS 2 - Images and video of gameplay

Revealed six characters of SF x Tekken

Capcom has announced six "new" characters that will join the cast of Street Fighter x Tekken. Ken, Guile and Abel will defend the colors of Street Fighter, and King, Marduk and Bob will be deployed on the opposite side. No surprise then, with six players who go to achieve the previously announced Ryu, Chun-Li, Kazuya and Nina Williams.

Of course, the advertisements for this game did not end here. Be prepared to have other "surprising" revelations at E3. The cross-over of the two most famous fighter in history will arrive on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. Below are the new pictures and videos shown by the recent Capcom Captivate.

Video and pictures to Asura's Wrath

Size matters Present at 2011 Captivate also Asura's Wrath, a new action game from Capcom mythological setting to show that for the occasion with some new pictures and a video. Built on the Unreal Engine 3, the game is developed by CyberConnect 2 under the direction of Seiji Shimoda, characterized by a particular mix of Eastern mythology and science fiction elements or the like.

In addition to representing apparently a worthy rival for Kratos and God of War, Asura's Wrath will likely candidate as one of the most gigantic games with the characters we have ever seen judging by pictures and video. The release is scheduled for 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

SFIV "end" with the Arcade Edition

Capcom has confirmed that the "series" of Street Fighter IV will end with the Arcade Edition. After the release of this third version of the game will no longer be updated, except in case of technical problems or bugs. "What will we do after the Arcade Edition Street Fighter IV? Perhaps it is too early to say but it is certain that this game will have said everything he had to say," said Seth Killian, Capcom community manager and guru of the series.

Pinball FX2 - The video of the new table

The red planet on April 20 Zen Studios will make a new table for Pinball FX2 platform dedicated to the game that has found some success on Xbox Live. The table is called Mars and is obviously dedicated to the mysterious red planet that tickles the human imagination since time immemorial and could soon be visited by human beings of flesh and blood.

Here is a video dedicated to the DLC will cost 240 Microsoft points. Pinball FX2 - A board Mars

Capcom unveils Dragon's Dogma

Capcom today announced its first open-world title: Dragon's Dogma. The company has also formed the Japan's largest development team in the history of video games for the development of a new IP, and this team will be led by two people who certainly need no introduction: Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Hideaki Itsuno respectively producer and director of Devil May Cry 4.

Dragon's Dogma, whose development is already underway for two years, will use the latest version of the MT Framework, the same engine for Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2, and its release is scheduled for 2012 on PS3 and X360. The story revolves around a powerful hero can communicate with a mysterious dragon that, in turn, assign new quests and teach new skills ...

10 minutes for the new Jurassic Park

A thorough test GameSpot had the opportunity to try some depth in the new Jurassic Park: The Game developed by Telltale license on the basis of the famous book by Crichton. What the video below is precisely the experience in question, about 10 minutes of gameplay taken directly from the game in which we can see some sections in quick time event similar to those seen in Heavy Rain, for example.

Space Channel 5.2 in summer on XBLA / PSN

SEGA Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 Part 2 will come this summer on PSN and XBLA. "Space Channel 5 Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing will arrive on XBLA and PSN. Aspetattevi something in the summer," said brand manager, SEGA, Ben Harborne, Joystiq. SEGA Bass Fishing, Space Channel Part 2, Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are part of the Dreamcast Collection.

Every game is sold separately at a price of 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA and PSN € 7.99.

Data for U.S. Zelda 3DS

A long-awaited return comes from Nintendo, the American release date for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS, as reported today by VG247. This is the June 19, 2011, a date that seems to make plausible the entries on the output of the European game, the date for June 17 but according to several rumor to be confirmed by Nintendo.

It becomes therefore likely to arrive in our part of the game for June, at this point, waiting for official communications. This title is a remake of the original released on Nintendo 64 with updated graphics both in terms of support for the 3D elements on the same screen, as well as a number of additions in terms of content as the Master Quest mode.

A new Tony Hawk in 2012

Skateboarder Tony Hawk Pixelated Geek told that in 2012 there will come a new Tony Hawk game in the series. "We are now planning a new strategy. We will probably make something next year but right now I can not say too much," says Hawk. "However, we will develop new games in the series, that's for sure." The commercial flop of the last two Tony Hawk drove Activision to revise its plans for the franchise and to delete the chapter expected in 2011.

In China, online gaming has grown by 25%

Even bigger and bigger market in 2010 recorded a strong growth in business volumes for the market of online gaming, an area already thriving in the populous Asian countries. For 2010 was therefore estimated a total volume of 5 billion dollars, an increase of 25% over the previous year and that continues unabated: in 2014, with these assumptions, the market of online gaming in the People's Republic China could reach $ 8 billion.

They start the online tournament MotoGP 10/11

A few weeks after the launch of MotoGP 2010/11 Subscriptions are open to online tournaments for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "The new physical game MotoGP 10/11 provides the most realistic motorbike experience ever. The new help options allow the rider to fully customize the setup of the bike. The more experienced players will experience a high level of simulation, while newcomers will have all the necessary aid, "the statement said Halifax, distributor in Italy of the game from Capcom.

iPhone 5 between 2011 and 2012?

Production starting in September According to an article published by Business Insider, the production of the iPhone would be the fifth time in waiting, with departure scheduled for September 2011. The launch of the new Apple device is thus set for late 2011 or early 2012, but would become more difficult to arrive before considering a move after the summer to the beginning of the production phase.

Videogame Source.it sponsors the FIFA Master Project

Are you a fan of FIFA? Think you can not be beaten and potervela play on equal terms with anyone? If the answer is yes, know that you will soon have the opportunity to prove it. From May 28 to June 5 will be held in Rome in fact the first edition of the FIFA Master Project, Ubi Maiores dall'Associazioen tournament organized to provide to all fans of the famous football title from EA Sports an opportunity to confront, test and especially fun.

Remedy aims to overcome the technology of LA Noire

The team of Alan Wake would have a more advanced system Remedy argues that the new technology available to the team is higher than that used for drug facial animations of LA Noire. The system is based on detailed scan of the face of an actor, which must include sixty-four different facial expressions and then calculating the animations almost automatically.

Remedy is even working on a way to represent realistically the bloodstream, with all the implications of the case. "LA Noire has undoubtedly brought the facial animation to a new level," said the CEO of Remedy, Matthias Myllyrinne, while confirming that his team currently has more advanced means.

5 iPhone, launching in 2012?

According to rumors, the production of five iPhone will not start on September 1 and probably the new Apple phone will miss the appointment with the 2011. Avian Securities has delivered the news to Business Insider, and mentioned "a key component for the Apple iPhone 5. The specifications of the device have not yet been disclosed but Avain speaks of two distinct models, of which one with less features and lower price.

Rocksteady talks about Batman: Arkham City

A long interview reveals many details about the game CVG has interviewed Dax Ginn of Rocksteady, asking some questions about the lack of multiplayer, the importance of missions and the Detective Mode in Batman: Arkham City. According to Ginn, the game boasts a single player campaign with full and proper direction, with a large number of side quests to tackle and a high level of replayability.

Remedy technology challenge of LA Noire

Remedy Entertainment thinks he can overcome the technology used by Rockstar's LA Noire for. The Finnish study has described our main techniques of motion capture in an interview with Edge Online. "LA Noire has set new standards in the context of facial animation," says the CEO of Remedy, Matthias Myllyrinne.

"But we too can achieve these results." Possible Remedy that relates to Alan Wake 2, Xbox 360 exclusive sequel for which is expected substantially only the formal announcement from Microsoft.

This is the first episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy

The webseries debuts on YouTube We talked several times in recent years, now finally webseries Mortal Kombat: Legacy is at the starting line, and on Machinima's YouTube channel is already available on the first episode lasting about 12 minutes. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen and with a cast including actors more or less known, the series explores the origins of the historical characters of Mortal Kombat prior to their participation in the tournament organized by Shang Tsung.

A date for Bangai-O HD Fury Missile

The exclusive Xbox Live Arcade, Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury will be available from May 4, as announced by D3Publisher. The shooter developed by Treasure will cost 800 Microsoft Points. The title game will include co-op, more than 100 levels and an editor that allows you to create and share content with their friends.

Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing on XBLA and PSN in summer

There was no way to get them out in early 2011, before the Dreamcast Collection, Sega announced its intention to publish Space Channel 5 Part 2 and Sega Bass Fishing on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in early 2011. The Japanese had no way to meet these deadlines, but the project was not at all aside and spoken output summer hours for both titles.

The price of games would be around $ 10 each, since the same amount of money you can buy already available Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi. Source: Joystiq

Activision: Guitar Hero is still alive

The Business of Guitar Hero was just frozen for some time, said Dan Winters of Activision in an interview with GamesIndustry. biz. "We will continue to launch products and to support the channel, the brand will not disappear. I just do not develop a new game for next season, that's all." Last February, Activision announced the demobilization of the Guitar Hero series because of "the decline of the genre." In the following months, however, the publisher has continued to distribute packages of songs for the games Guitar Hero, DJ Hero.

"Case Geohotz a deterrent to hackers"

The permanent injunction that has reached the hacker Geohotz act as a deterrent to hackers who put the PlayStation 3 in the viewfinder, said Michael Pachter. "It's a victory for Sony," said a source Videogame analyst Wedbush Morgan. "The permanent injunction prevents Geohotz to repeat those actions. That's exactly what Sony wanted, and in this way also showed that hackers can not go unpunished." "I think for most hackers to court, and the costs associated with it, are an effective deterrent, at least in those countries that have laws to protect intellectual property."

Activision: Guitar Hero series is not dead

He's just taking a breath of ossigento Dan Winters of Activision said that the Guitar Hero series is not dead, it's just pause for reflection due to poor sales of the latest incarnations and the general decline of the musical genre. In the meantime, continued support of the channel of the game and there are future plans for the brand, which has survived largely thanks to the community, despite the closure of Vicarious Visions and other studies related to development.

Coming Soon new content for Pinball FX 2

The game for Xbox Live Arcade, Pinball FX 2, will be extended next week with two new boards, as announced by the developer Zen Studios. From April 20th you can download for 240 Microsoft Points a table dedicated to Mars: "In 2100, the human race has finally managed to set foot on the Red Planet," reads the official description of the contents.

"With a spectacular landscape, interactive 3D objects and a series of missions," MARS extend the experience offered by the game released on XBLA in October. By the end of 2011, the game will be expanded again with a series of previously unpublished content, then ensure the developer.