Sunday, June 19, 2011

LulzSec has hit Xbox Live, PayPal and Facebook?

No one can feel safe. LulzSec strikes again. This time Facebook users, PayPal and Xbox Live. The infamous group, yesterday published, on file sharing sites, a file full of accounts of several users, most people in North America. The file was quickly removed from service managers, but LulzSec says has been downloaded by thousands of users.

Microsoft said that Xbox Live is not compromised and that the alleged stolen accounts are only combinations of email and password to try to enter in the service.

Sega confirms the theft of 1.3 million accounts

In a press release today, Sega has confirmed the theft of 1,290,755 account details. Among the data stolen the username of the members Sega Pass, email address, dates of birth and the encrypted passwords. The Japanese publisher has already contacted everyone involved in the investigation.

The fact remains that LulzSec is proving an incredible dominance, mocking the security systems around the world, including the CIA.

Price cut for PS3 and 360?

According to Yves Guillemot, both Sony and Microsoft are poised to cut the price of their consoles by the end of the year. "Both companies have suffered from the recent cut in the price of Wii, and will act accordingly," said Ubisoft boss. "A lower price is essential to give a little 'life to stagnant hardware market," he explained, "The decline is strong, if we do not take into account the revenues that come from the market of digital delivery."

World of Warcraft, a trailer for Patch 4.2

Welcome to the Firelands! Blizzard has released a new trailer for Patch 4.2 of World of Warcraft, the popular MMO that will add a range of content including an unprecedented raid to ten players, six new bosses and the powerful Ragnaros, lord of fire, as a final opponent. The movie shows just the return of Ragnaros, the birth of the Firelands and a series of spectacular fights in this disturbing scene on fire.