Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The mobile gaming has increased gamers

All the fault of the angry birds, according to a recent study by Parks Associates, 2007 to present mobile gaming has contributed enormously to the growth in the number of players in the world. Games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Friends With Words have not aroused the interest of gamers, including people of a certain age and of women.

According to the study, the older players have doubled over the past four years and more than one third of the U.S. population over the age of thirteen plays at least one mobile title each month, with two thirds of the owners of the smartphone game regularly.

New update for3DS

For some there is now a new update for the Nintendo 3DS, which is required if you want to enable new features such as file transfer. The update in question, the 2.1.0-4U is aimed primarily at improving the overall stability of the system, browser and web browsing through the entire service StreetPass.

No news regarding the availability of new games on eShop, but in this context, the update should arrive during the week.

Square Enix provides a technological leap

Square Enix believes that the next generation console will take a major leap in technology. In an interview with gamers, Julien Merceron, Chief Technology Officer of Square Enix, said: "I think we'll see a big jump on the front of the graphics. In terms of technology we will see manufacturers pushing a lot about rendering and lighting.

.. and chedi that some developers will be able to exploit the global illumination which will have a significant impact on visual quality. " All these techniques are commonly used in CG animated film, but can not be calculated in real time by the current generation systems. Merceron believes that with the next generation in video games will be possible to exploit what is currently being used in film.

Garry's Mod has more than one million copies sold!

A big update coming Garry Newman has made it known through his blog that his Garry's Mod for Half-Life 2 has surpassed one million copies sold. Not bad for an amateur project born of love for the title from Valve. Meanwhile, our course has not stopped and is working on a new update of the mod, which actually had to be ready to celebrate one million copies sold, but that has not finished in time to realize that buyers were more faster than him.

Suda51 is creating a very bloody social game

 For a social network Suda51 Japan is building a social game of No More Heroes for Japanese Mobage social networks. It will be part of a program that will see some of the greatest writers of Japan, Keiji Inafune and Yuji Naka type, make games for the same social platform. During the press conference for the announcement of the project, good Suda said: "We want to make the most bloody social games ever." What this means and if the blood is a sign of quality we can not know.

Battlefield 3 Details on the Alpha Trial

With this blog, have been released for Battlefield the first details on Alpha Beta Trial for Battlefield 3. The Alpha Trial, for the uninitiated, is a series of tests that are performed on the servers to see if the resources are sufficient to ensure the best possible gaming experience. There is no sure way to get into this particular beta, but DICE has stated that the "veterans" will receive a newsletter that will notify them of their participation.

New Video of Soul Calibur V

Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for Soul Calibur V, which focuses primarily on new characters shown at Comic-Con in San Diego. The video shows different phases of gameplay, focusing on the most devastating of newcomers and leaving unanswered questions to the brief final scene. What will be done by that sort of evocation Zwei, the new character armed with a short sword? Only vaguely reminds us of Jojo the stands?

Silent Hill: Downpour returns to show

After the mediocre Homecoming, a horror series of history's most famous contemporary video games, and not just going to go with Silent Hill: Downpour. To date, the information on this eighth installment of the series may have been quantitatively less than expected, but as evidenced by the latest images posted by the developers, it seems that Silent Hill: Downpour keep the atmosphere dark and sick of the typical brands.

Saints Row: The Third, beatings and spectacle in new trailer

Who would not want to be Johnny Gat? The new trailer released by THQ and Volition's Saints Row for: The Third serves as a bit 'that we will see an introduction to the history narrated in the third episode of the series, due out in November for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Johnny Gat and his band, cleverly disguised, they burst into a bank to rob her, but things go wrong and they all end up in prison.

New images for PES 2012

The launch of PES 2012 is just around the corner. No one knows who will be the winner of the now multi-year war between EA Sports and Konami football, but one thing is certain: both titles have improved a lot in terms of purely technical. In these new images, issues relating to high defnizione of PES 2012, the increased realism of the experience it seems obvious, but for now this is everything that fans of the brand can stick to try to limit the hype that they are likely slowly eroding.

Dust delayed on PC

In Today Ubisoft announced that the PC version of From Dust, originally scheduled to coincide with the Xbox 360, will be available starting August 17. At the time the publisher has not provided any trans giusitificare motivation for the delay, but it is likely that more information is disclosed in the coming hours.

We remind you that From Dust is also expected on the PlayStation 3, although at the moment we have no information on what could be the date of the debut on the Sony platform. Awaiting our imminent review of the Xbox 360 version, we leave you with the latest developer diary.

Battlefield 3: two videos on the weapon customization

Both are from the alpha version from here the release date, will go a day without new videos or news on Battlefield 3? Among the alpha version, currently in testing, and beta, coming in September, we have not. For example, today we present these two videos, recorded by yourgamingteam, which are clearly visible the mechanics of weapon customization.

Summing up the movies, do more than thirty minutes of play. Those who understand English will also enjoy the explanations, very precise, one of the guys.

Machinarium finally on iPad

Maybe next month will Amanita Design has made it known they were about to release the beautiful Machinarium, adventure game already out on various platforms, the PC version of which was distributed in Italy by multiplayer. com, iPad. The news can only please us for several reasons. The first is that it is exceptionally beautiful adventure game.

The second is that developers are finally able to overcome the problems derived from the incompatibility of the iPad flash (not that it is now possible to run Flash on the iPhone OS platform, do not misunderstand). Currently the game is in beta testing, to remove bugs. The final launch is scheduled for next month, realistically by the end of August, although it could slip to September.

Comes the spin-off of No More Heroes Mobile

The eccentric Suda51 is bringing his No More Heroes to the mobile platforms in the form of social games. As reported by Andriasang, the boss of Grasshopper Manufacture is working with the developer to social DENA title will be released before the end of the year. The game will debut on the platform dedicated exclusively to the Japanese cellular call Dena, but during the announcement Suda said he hopes to achieve something quite "strong" and "impact" to justify the output in the West.

DICE explains the differences between the alpha and beta for BF3

Then the tables will go after some controversy raised by the owners of the limited edition of Medal of Honor, which claimed to have access to test alpha version 3 of Battlefield, DICE wanted to explain the differences between the alpha and the beta version of the game. In summary, the closed alpha test version and invitations.

DICE is the same that selects participants from among those registered by searching for his newsletter and updated the status of Veteran. The alpha version is used to make the technical tests on the servers and game technology. Invitations to the tests are not sent through social networks.

Sony PS speaking of online life

Sony has released some information on how online PlayStation Life, called Near, Party, LiveArea and Activity. Near SpotPass is exactly like the Nintendo 3DS. It is "a system of rewards based on the position," said Phil Rogers, manager of Sony Europe. Near offers a gift box of 100KB for each game. The boxes can contain multiple gifts, but they can never exceed the limit of 100KB.

The awards also are associated with the sites visited by users, provided that these are synchronized with the server. Thus, in essence, may be scattered around the world of Near awards, which users will be able to find by simply going around. You may even shed real challenges, if addressed successfully provide a reward.

Assassin's Creed: The Chain, the new comic

Ubisoft continues its transmedia project is undeniable that the series Assassin's Creed is among the most successful in recent years, so no surprise that Ubisoft trying to exploit it on multiple fronts. For example, with a new comic book created by Cameron Stewart and Karl Kerschl, The Chain, which will continue the story of The Fall, continued to narrate the deeds of his ancestor Daniel Cross and the Nikolaï Orelov.