Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DICE explains the differences between the alpha and beta for BF3

Then the tables will go after some controversy raised by the owners of the limited edition of Medal of Honor, which claimed to have access to test alpha version 3 of Battlefield, DICE wanted to explain the differences between the alpha and the beta version of the game. In summary, the closed alpha test version and invitations.

DICE is the same that selects participants from among those registered by searching for his newsletter and updated the status of Veteran. The alpha version is used to make the technical tests on the servers and game technology. Invitations to the tests are not sent through social networks.

Holders of limited MOH will have access to the beta, which will begin in September, as clearly stated in the offer. However, the initiative does not apply to owners of used copies, which will have privileged access to the beta.

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