Friday, August 19, 2011

What happened to The Last Guardian?

Have you noticed that once again Sony has not talked about The Last Guardian during a major event? According to the words of Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Studios, the development of the game did not go as fast as expected and the company for this has not been brought to Gamescom 2011. When he was asked if we have some news at the Tokyo Game Show, Yoshida said that we'll probably have to wait a little 'more for news on the game ...

Profits down for the American chain GameStop

The American chain GameStop has seen decline its profits during the second quarter of 2011 (or the first quarter of fiscal 2012). Overall sales fell by 3.1%, for a total of 1.74 billion dollars against 1.8 billion in the same trimeste 2010.

Digital sales have increased by 69%. The sale of used accounted for 36% of the total, surpassing the sales of the new (34%) and hardware (16%). The rest was derived from digital sales and other items. Shares of GameStop were down 5% after the release of these results, however, the CEO of the chain is expecting a rapid improvement, in particular due to the arrival of highly anticipated titles.

Free incoming DLC for Portal 2

Valve has just announced that next month will receive a new DLC for Portal 2. The DLC, free of charge, should arrive by the end of September but at the moment there is unfortunately a specific date. At the moment details are scarce on information contained herein. What is certain is that there will be new challenges, leaderboards, and a challenge mode "much more".

GC2011 - Some details on Battlefield 3

Clarifications from Cologne addition to the list of weapons during this GamesCom many other details have emerged about Battlefield 3. First, the cooperative has only 6 maps, and not 10 as mentioned earlier, but these constitute a real campaign starts at around 3 hours, with lots of texture and sessions of the vehicle.

There will be no split-screen co-operative but only online. The multiplayer maps will be hosting nine and 6 different modes that will enable us to gain as many as 350 and 100 DogTag medals. The title, as announced a few hours ago, will include research in mainstream gaming server also in the console version.

Housemarque announces Furmins for IOS

Housemarque, team of little gems like Super Stardust HD, Outland and Dead Nation, has announced a new game: Furmins. It is a puzzle game, as you can see the trailer below, it seems rather peculiar and challenging. Furmins is designed specifically for IOS devices and will be released in the fall on the App Store, but the price is yet to be determined.

EA: "Do not look at Call of Duty"

The Call of Duty series has become synonymous with success for years and stratospheric sales, but this year the game Activision will face his most dangerous rival of all time, Battlefield 3. Despite the challenge is awaited by all, Peter Moore, COO of EA, has thrown a bit 'of water on the fire by stating that Electronic Arts does not have to look at the sales of his rival to succeed.

Moore declared that the company's strategy is to gain ground. "If you look at last year, probably Call of Duty has raked in 90% of the market. If we could this year to reduce their share to 70% would already be a great victory." "To succeed we must not necessarily beat Call of Duty, and be competitive enough for us to establish ourselves ...

Here are the dates of Gamescom 2012

The 2011 edition of Gamescom is issuing his final roar and it's already time to think about next year. The Gamescom 2012 will be held August 15 to 19 and probably lengthen the list of records that the growing popularity of the event in Europe is establishing in recent years. The number of visitors to this edition has not yet been announced, and will not be until August 22, but the projections say that the total of last year should be clearly exceeded.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 has a date

Microsoft has announced that Kinect Sports: Season 2 will be available on store shelves from October 28. This second compilation propose Rare signed six new sports disciplines, voice control and an unprecedented challenge mode. Microsoft also announced Kinectimals Now With Bears!, New chapter in the series available from 11 October as part of game or as DLC than the last.