Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 8

By now everyone knew, but it's always nice to have official confirmation after the entries in recent weeks that they wanted the release of the third Modern Warfare set for November 8, Activision Blizzard has all but crowded out by announcing that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just released on 8 November.

Happy? Currently the versions are confirmed PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. There is no confirmation of other versions.

Shadow of the Damned - Trailer My Sweet Damned

New promotional video for the title of Grasshopper began advertising a new series of videos dedicated to Shadow of the Damned, the upcoming action horror out of Grasshopper Studios on PS3 and Xbox 360. Watch the first to discover that the demons can have their romantic side ... Well, not really. Shadow of the Damned - Trailer My Sweet Damned

Ubisoft Ghost Recon Online presents

Ubisoft has removed the veil from a game we are talking about for some time, but for which there had never been officially confirmed: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online. It will be an MMO exclusively for the PC, which will resume atmospheres and mechanical properties of the famous saga of tactical shooter.

Ubisoft at the helm of the project is Singapore, which has already announced its intention to adopt the phrase "free-to-play with premium content for a fee. Were not announced specific details of the gameplay, but it seems that we can choose between three different classes of soldiers, each highly customizable.

In 2011 Marvelous support NGP with different titles

We can not know which According to its preliminary list, the Japanese company's Marvelous in anticipation the release of several titles on the NGP for fiscal year 2011. Marvelous expected sales of 3.8 billion yen, with a total gain of 210 million yen, against a loss of 77 million yen a year earlier. Before you know if the predictions come true (we have to wait at least a year), here are the sales figures of their games in the fiscal year just past.

A patch for PC Brink

Owners of the PC version of Brink will be pleased to know that beginning today is available through steam, an update designed to improve the multiplayer experience of the game. Below is a list of all the changes: General: Interface: Dedicated Servers:

30 Second Hero in Japan on August 4?

Apparently yes, according to a dealer for a Japanese game store stated on August 4 as the release date of 30 Second Hero of Marvellous for PSP, the sequel to the exceptional Half-Minute Hero. The release was originally scheduled for February 11, only to be postponed until a later date. There are no news about a possible European release date.

Source: andriasang

New Witcher announced at E3

CD Projekt has announced that The Witcher is a game in the series will be announced at E3. This will be the long-awaited console version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings? The senior producer Tomasz Gop has not announced anything official, but ... "I still can not say anything for a billion reasons, but I can confirm that this is a game of the series is that console gamers might be interested." One thing seems certain, it will not be The Witcher 3.

Tribes: Ascend - Two new artworks

We hope to see the game in motion at E3 Hi-Rez Studios has made available two new artwork Tribes: Ascend, which is visible in the design of the models of armor. Unfortunately the game is known as yet little, but we trust it to appear in motion at E3, so as to remove the curiosity to fans of the series or not.

Available Demo Halo: Reach

Microsoft today released a demo on Xbox Live Halo: Reach that will allow anyone who had not yet decided to take a ride with the team Noble, try a singleplayer mission (Long Night of Solace), a multiplayer map (Powerhouse) and finally Shooting a mission. But the news does not end here because this week you can buy the game, always through the Games On Demand service, at a price much lower than usual - even if there is to say that it probably would still not make you a tour shops in your town.

Anarchy Reigns: The trailer for Leo

In the video, another character of Anarchy Reigns SEGA has released a new video of the Action ultraviolence Anarchy Reigns, which is shown in action in Leo, one of the protagonists of the game. Please note that Sega has delayed the release of the game to 2012, with platforms that are provided for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Anarchy Reigns: The video of Leo

Modern Warfare will set new standards 3

During today Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, said that Modern Warfare 3 will constitute a clear step forward for the entire genre of first person shooters. Following the publication of the first trailer of the game, which took place last night, Hirshberg has also stressed the great work done by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is clearly the best in the series," he reiterated. "The two teams working on the project have worked hard to create a gaming experience from involvement unimaginable, which certainly will set new quality standards for the entire category." "Everything from gameplay to get to the scripted sequences, movies and more advanced multiplayer history of Modern Warfare will ensure that a product proves to be unprecedented." On the margins of these statements was finally confirmed that the title will arrive on the market on 8 November 2011.

CD Projekt will present something new at E3

The Witcher 2 console not there anything new coming at E3 2011 by the authors of the excellent The Witcher 2, recently released. CD Projekt RED will present it "a completely new project" at the fair in Los Angeles, according to reports by email to the invitation of the Polish development team. Apparently, the presentation will last approximately 30-45 minutes which will be shown during the "basic elements and game play of a live demo." Eurogamer got confirmation that it is not The Witcher 2 on consoles, if someone had hoped.

3 million players in World of Tanks

World of Tanks has reached 2 million registered users in Russia, to which it must be added another for the rest of Europe and the United States. Not bad numbers that represent a very pleasant surprise, especially for the development team. "When we started developing World of Tanks imagine they can reach about 600,000 people worldwide, that figure had increased five-fold is pretty incredible," said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming.

Something about Ghost Recon arriving today?

So says The Twitter twitter official Ghost Recon (yes, there is also the official Ghost Recon twitter) seems to indicate some important information arriving today on the internet, obviously on the series in question. "You should stick to your computer today. We're going to release certain information to you, internet!" Obviously we are waiting, because Ubisoft did not have leaked out in respect to "information" on a series of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon in particular on: Future Soldier who should represent the next evolution of Ghost Recon.

Maintenance evening for PSN

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Network will be inactive from late afternoon to midnight tonight for "essential maintenance". If you connect to the PSN before the scheduled time, you can still keep playing, but you can not perform certain transactions, including the registration of new users and account management console or PSN and Qriocity.

The company did not specify whether this action is addressed to the expected recovery of the PlayStation Store, but all of us, of course, we hope.

World of Tanks at about 3 million users

A surprising result is confirmed as a true mass phenomenon expanding World of Tanks, the particular MMO starring tanks fighting each other in an online context. The count of the players is soaring toward the 3 million at the time there are more than two million registered users in Russia, the birthplace of the game, with the addition of almost one million new users on the front of the rest of Europe and North America, it is rather striking considering that the title is released by these parties in the U.S.

"Video games will save Hollywood"

According to Fredrik Malmberg, producer of the new Conan film, video games are an art form that has the potential to save the film industry in Hollywood. "I see a lot of passion in the world of video games, both by those who realize that those who benefit," said Malmberg. "Hollywood is keeping an eye on this world that is increasingly emerging, but hard to understand it entirely," he added.

"I do not think that video games are a threat to the movie business since most of the players is also a big consumer of films." "I worked in both fields, which, though totally different from each other can be perfectly integrated. Why pick one if he can have two?". The new Conan the Barbarian will arrive in theaters this summer and some of the people who worked there have since worked with Funcom to bring their experience in Age of Conan.

Invitations to Microsoft's E3 show us something

A nice play Kotaku has published details gadget distributed by Microsoft as an invitation to the conference E3 2011 for some titles, namely a set of stickers in several cases quite explicitly tied to videogame course fees to be announced during the conference. Some are quite clear, others decidedly not.

However, between images, words and phrases you can deduct at least some titles of course. There is a Covenant sword and the words "United Spartans" which seems to point to something much about Halo, a lightsaber and "Luke Skywalker" in Star Wars that point, perhaps the famous title for Kinect, there's the Lancer from Gears 3 of War, Forza Motorsport car 4, the profile of Kinect, the name of Batman: Arkham City, GLaDOS, and more.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

The new installment of the Magic: The Gathering, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 titled, will be released in just over 20 days. For the record 15 June 2011. The reference platforms are PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, in which the game will bring many changes from the previous titles. Among these a better editor of decks, a co-op completely revised and unpublished game modes that support the single-player campaign and multi ...

A project for Kojima deleted?

Twitter Bitter With his usual ability to attract attention without specifically informing the public, Hideo Kojima has given quite a few claims to love Twitter. After reporting: "I can not keep it to me, is unbearable, I can not be positive", in the past few hours has updated its readers with another phrase, also looking somber, although unclear.

"The thing that I spent a year preparing meticulously became insignificant." The idea is that this is indeed a project canceled, it would seem the simplest explanation for "something" on which Kojima has been one year later "insignificant". Clearly it is supposition, as it is also difficult to decipher what it might be this model: 3D Metal Gears Solid and the new project for NGP would seem difficult to remove at this point, while there is no news for some time on "Devil Project and Zone of the Enders 3.

Sony's site hacked Greece

Now it looks like something situated halfway between a joke and a very bad dream. Sony is under global attack and the last bastion to fall was the official site greek. It appears that the personal information of about 8,500 people have been "compromised" during the attack. A return is the British news agency Reuters.

Sony, for now, has not commented on the incident.

A date for the new Magic: The Gathering

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 arrives today the official release date for Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012, direct sequel of the first chapter came out some time ago in downloadable form. The new digital format of the famous card game will therefore be available from June 15, 2011 on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

New features include new management possibilities of the deck, new maps and new single player and multiplayer.

Sniper: GW2 will use CryEngine 3

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 will use the latest version of Crytek's graphics engine, the CryEngine 3. The developers at Developer City Interactive has released the first images of the game, showing a marked leap forward in terms of graphics ... you can see them below. The CryEngine 3 is known to be great in the management of sources of dynamic lights and reproduction of plants and these pictures are further evidence.

Droid X2: Price, News, laid out

From the United States come the first review of the new Droid X2 terminal of the second generation assumes that the potential for a large smartphoneper then lost in many details that have made the difference. The Droid X2 is definitely not a smartphone that stands for innovation and quality of the hardware sector in general, possesses the characteristics that place it in the ranking among the top 20 without a doubt this year.

Person 2 in the West this fall

In English, Atlus has finally confirmed the arrival of the North American version of Persona 2 for PSP this autumn. So it is confirmed by what transpired in a newsletter last week, with the English version of the second chapter of the series of RPG Atlus expected after the summer, although at the moment there is no confirmation on his arrival in Europe.

"After the engine for Modern Warfare 2"

The FPS genre is marked by the challenge in the coming months between 3 and Battlefield Modern Warfare 3. The decisive round will be played pad in hand, but the challenge has already begun to distance-level marketing. While Electronic Arts talks about the superiority of the technology used by DICE Battlefield 3, Infinity Ward claims to have passed the engine for Modern Warfare 2.

"We have not discussed the specific of Modern Warfare on Engine 3, but we exceeded that used in Modern Warfare 2," said Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward on Twitter (via IndustryGamers). "We added a lot of interesting things to Modern Warfare 3. The shooter, Activision will be in stores on November 8, while the title from Electronic Arts will be available from 18 November.

A packet with the first two Resistance to Sony in America

Resistance is futile, but at this price ... As reported by IGN, Sony is planning to market a bundled package that collects Resistance and Resistance 2 as Greatest Hits in preparation for the release of Resistance 3 waiting for September. Apparently, the information comes from a flyer inserted in the Blu-ray Battle of Los Angeles in which it is reported that the special package will also contain various downloadable content for Resistance 3 for a total value of $ 10.

The creator of Lineage Take on an MMO-2

Jake Song, the creator of Lineage and founder of XLGAMES, joined the publisher Take-Two to develop an MMO reserved for the Asian market. As reported by GamesIndustry, online play will be based on one of the top franchises of 2K Games. "One of the long-term objectives of 2K is to bring our incredible experiences AAA platforms and emerging markets," said 2K president Christoph Hatrmann.

"Our partnership with 2K XLGAMES underlines the willingness to strengthen its presence in the online gaming industry and in the Asian market."

A New Beginning - Trailer and Demo

A planet to save, and ours. Daedalic has finally released the demo of A New Beginning, an interesting graphic adventure centers on a desperate journey through time aimed to save man from himself. The focus of the title, which will be released shortly, are indeed the climatic changes caused by mankind that can not mediate with the progress and gain respect for the planet.

The trailer, found below, is in Italian, as is the demo, and shows great atmosphere even if accompanied by animations certainly not exciting. Link: Demo A New Beginning A New Beginning - Trailer in Italian

Free DLC for Dead Space 2

Electronic Arts has announced an expansion for the free multiplayer Dead Space 2. Outbreak The DLC will include two extra maps will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store on May 31 from June 3. The second chapter of the horror series developed by Visceral Games is available since January on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

DiRT 3 - launch trailer

DiRT 3 is available with the release of the title also comes the inevitable launch trailer made of beautiful shots and spectacular shots. DiRT 3, as we said in our review Santicchia, is the decisive step of a journey that has led us to rally from a formula off-road most varied and complete. Of course, not everyone will be happy with the transformation, but the home machine market space for the titles of "niche" is shrinking.

Take-Two NBA renew your license

Take-Two Interactive has renewed its agreement with the NBA for the rights to the mark at the base of the NBA 2K series of games produced by the label 2K Games. As reported by MCV, the agreement will allow 2K to "explore new business opportunities, including online gaming and social games." Published last October, NBA 2K11 has become the best selling game of the series with five million copies.

Tegra 2: Award for "Best Choice 2011"

The Computex Taipei Computer Association has chosen to reward categioria Best Choice in 2011, the Tegra processor 2, which sought the favor of the judges agreed that this component is the best in the field of mobile terminals, which includes in addition to other smart phones and tablet products ranging from mini to PC and other handhelds.

Not a big surprise this victory, as a result of great technology and advanced study by technicians, who managed to beat the competition thanks to a chip that allows truly prodigious performance significantly above expectations and of course the rest of the products of competitors. The excessive power of Intel seems to be finished for a while, this latest demonstration is its final test, the giant U.S.

Age of Conan - Coming Soon a pack tied to new movie

In aid of Artus Funcom has announced a new adventure pack for Age of Conan MMO, which will connect with the new film devoted to the most cruel and barbaric mass there is. The new venture is called The Savage Coast of Turan and will be set 20 years after the events recounted in the film. Players will in fact be sent by Conan to help his old ally Artus will be one of the characters that we will see at the cinema this summer.

New info on White Knight Chronicles II

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, the game director of White Knight Chronicles II, Yoshiaki Kusuda, talked about the history of the exclusive PlayStation 3 and the future of the series. "The events of the game takes place one year after the events of the first White Knight Chronicles," Kusuda said.

"A year after the return of the Empire Yshreniano, Leonard and his friends get together to protect the Kingdom of Balandor, Archduke of Faria and the Free City of the Empire Yshreniano Greed, and find themselves having to save the world" . Two new characters will have a key role in the story: "Miu, the daughter of the Archduke Dalam, and the mysterious Scardigno.

Brink - PC Patch Available

While the performance should improve significantly the update for the console are being certified by Microsoft and Sony here comes the patch for the PC version of Brink that was clearly evident through Steam. With the upgrade are placed several bugs and improved server management. The following special notes of the update: General: • Fixed a problem Missing audio on games over the network.

• Performance improved graphics, especially in relation to the environment Occulsion. • Fixed the reset of the pack when you delete a character voice. • Removed the ability to use some commands that could potentially be used as a chat. • Fixed crash caused drops in remembering to and exit from the game with alt-tab.

First Modern Warfare Trailer 3

Activision revealed the first trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gameplay 3 with sequences taken from the title developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software in cooperation with Sledgehammer. The new Modern Warfare was announced a few days ago with a series of trailers showing the main locations of the game.

A massive leak of information relating to the title of Infinity Ward Activision has led to anticipate their moves, but despite the change in plans, the publisher spoke of a victory for marketing purposes. The FPS will be available in November on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.