Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mojang wants to do for other titles from indie publishers

The intention seems that Mojang, the development team responsible for Minecraft, has set aside a considerable fortune with that particular independent title that has proved to be a true mass phenomenon in the gaming community. Therefore, the small label appears to be ready for a leap forward in terms of "industrial" as a publisher committed to publishing titles developed by other independent software company.

Followers of Diablo III Revealed

Blizzard unveiled Diablo 3 Followers system. This feature will allow players to join NPC different solitaire games: Kormac, a Templar, Lyndon, a thief, and Eirene, a sorceress. "In Diablo III play alone is a viable option ... even if it is not always the safest," reads the official website of Blizzard.

Each follower will be a NPC that will have a role in the history of Diablo III will be reinforced by the player. "Each follower has his goals and motivations that led him to oppose the darkness, fighting with them all the details about their history," says the developer. The player can carry only one NPC at a time.

WET 2 canceled, said a curriculum

What happened to Ruby Malone? According to the indications given in a CV discovered by Siliconera about LinkedIn, the following WET announced long ago but no longer appointed in recent months, would be removed. The curriculum of Ian Cormier, a developer of Behaviour (ex-A2M) refers WET 2 as a game developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but later canceled.

The above site also reports that several elements of Behaviour in recent times have moved in different development team based in Montreal, including Eidos Montreal. We therefore expect to have detailed information about Behaviour by Bethesda or WET 2, announced last year. Source: Siliconera

FIFA 12 free online 3DS

The 3DS version of FIFA 12 for Nintendo will not offer online play, lets you know Electronic Arts. "At the moment we only have local multiplayer for the heads up, but in future we will evaluate the implementation of the online game based on the server," said producer Matt Prior to Nintendo World Report.

The Nintendo DS version of FIFA 11 instead brought the game online. On 3DS, FIFA 12 does not even exploit the capabilities and StreetPass SpotPass, lets you know the publisher.

Origin challenge in the field of Alienware gaming notebook

Origin of the Florida company specializing in the production of the dedicated gaming notebook is the Alienware fierce rival of the phenomenon that leads the market in recent years thanks to the MX series, which is depopulating the United States and reached Europe even strides, thanks to prestigious sponsorship and of course a very reliable product.

The model has been updated to version EON15 EON15-S, adapting features of the notebook presented in 2010, the new components which are now commonly used on all high end laptops. Starting from this new technical equipment Origin EON15-S is based on a system chip Sandy BridgeIntel Core i7 Extreme Edition 2920XM-based system to 32nm from 2.50 GHz, also has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M graphics card with 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and a hard disk of 500 GB, expandable to 750 GB.

NCsoft - The first fiscal quarter is very positive

Revenue growth in profits but stable MMO I am fit, confirm the financial performance of Korean publisher NCsoft or the specialist in online. Although the total receipts are stable, the large number of accounts related titles NCsoft has led to an increase of 30% of the profits came to 26.5 million euro.

In short, investment in recent years have led the company to stability and a good horse between 2011 and 2012 in all probability we will see a new leap forward thanks to the highly anticipated and very promising, Guild Wars 2.

Free all the DLC for The Witcher 2

CD Projekt has unveiled the first downloadable content for the RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The DLC will offer a quest called Troll Trouble, and will be available since launch. All DLC for The Witcher 2, including Troll Trouble, will be free to download. "Let us announce that all DLC will be free," wrote one developer CD Projekt on the Facebook page of GameStop.

"All of them. Only the expansions could be paid. The first DLC will be available from launch." The Witcher 2 will be available in Italy from May 19.

The Witcher 2 unboxing video

Here are the Premium and Collector's Edition Some PR of the British headquarters of Namco Bandai have the video posted on YouTube on dell'unboxing and Premium editions of The Witcher Collector's Edition 2: Assassins of Kings. In the movie so we can enjoy the extra features of these limited between maps, stickers, artbook, and more.

The game comes out today in Italy.

The new Rune Factory in the West

The next episode of Rune Factory will arrive in the West, tells the publisher Natsume. Rune Factory Oceans, the title of role-playing in the Japanese market, will be published before the end of 2011 in the United States in the PlayStation 3 and Wii formats with the title of Tides of Destiny. Even without confirmation of the release of the game in Europe.

"We know that our fans expect from time to hear news about Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. We are pleased to announce that the next episode of the series is in the pipeline," said the CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa, a Siliconera.

Starhawk's campaign will last from five to eight hours

Dylan Jobe of new statements on the "spiritual sequel" to LightBox Warhawk Interactive said that the single player campaign of Starhawk last from five to eight hours. Developed exclusively for PlayStation 3, the game will see us take on the role of Emmett Graves, a miner who becomes a bounty hunter after being altered by the energy Rift, devoted itself to its new activity around the space.

"The shooter these days will last from five to eight hours," said Dylan Jobe to Eurogamer. "We plan to position ourselves within that range." "I do not think that such a duration can be defined as poor. There are games, for example, that can be replayed but they offer basically the exact same experience.

"Pay only the players disliked"

During an interview with Develop, Valve boss Gabe Newell spoke about the new frontier of the business model of the video game market: the unpopular pay, not cool. "The industry model is broken, we can not offer the same price for everyone," explains Newell. "In fact this is a bug and we risoloverlo with our philosophy applied to the development of games." "We want to offer the service at an optimal price for each consumer, we must provide them with an array of payment options." "For example, we could pay the consumer base that provides the fun when you play with him.

The Invisible Hand, the first game that speaks of the solidarity economy

The PC adventure game will be presented to the Far Bologna on 27 and 28 May 27 and May 28 at the festival in Bologna Far Game, mostly at the borders between the video game industry, users and research will be presented The Invisible Hand - The Challenge for world fair, the serious game produced by Games Koala on issues of fair trade and economic solidarity.

The game also will also be presented at the prestigious Games For Change, New York, on 20-22 June. The Invisible Hand - The challenge for a world fair is the first game in Italy to address this issue: 3D game full of action, investigation and twists that talks about human rights, fair trade and critical consumption.

Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft wants the film

Ubisoft wants to produce three films dedicated to some of its franchise: Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell According to Variety, the new division of publisher dedicated to producing films and performances have already attracted interest from Hollywood, presenting the its new projects. "We want to maintain control over IP and content of the film, but we are ready to cooperate with other studies for the development of these projects," said the boss of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, Jean-Julien Baronnet.

Samsung Nexus S 4G: price and output in Italy

Samsung never ceases to amaze and concomitant release of the new Samsung Galaxy S 2, S 4G also has the Nexus, a newcomer among the jewels of the South Korean home by 2011 that promises rich rewards in the market. The design of this Samsung Nexus S, is really nice both in form and in small details like the importance of the serrated edge or the rear bodywork, which increased the sense of elegance and cleanliness of this model are not known for the colors available but the cover should be in the presence of a monochrome model, unless it is refuted by a single variant.

The Kinect massage turns into a psychedelic trip

Kill that hack allucinoggeno AOH! After several Japanese titles that have tried to turn the massage, even the real, video game, here is a hack for Kinect gaming device that transforms a pretext in a trip to the massage function. While we see the colors and images to follow the chick's body being massaged her back when he does not see anything at all, and when it is face-up is probably stunned by the hundreds of needles that turn bright projected in a kind of passive and greasy work of art.

Gotham City announced Impostors

The developer of FEAR, Monolith Productions, is currently working on Gotham City Impostors, a multiplayer FPS for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. According to Kotaku, players can not play as Batman, but will customize an "imposter" belonging to the circle of friends or that of fellow Batman Joker.

Impostors allow you to customize, appearance and characteristics of the characters and use them in a series of maps and different ways. Yet to announce the launch date of the game.

Battlefield 3 - At the start the preorders for the Limited

A tender with a maturity preordered at EA and at participating retailers, the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3 will also include the DLC Back to Karkand now expanding the game experience. But this edition will no longer be available from September 30 so if you want, and you still want to spend money now that you will not see until November, remember to stick a post-it somewhere that the summer holidays are bad for gaming.

Sony talks about the restoration of the PS Store

Sony has announced new details on the restoration of services the PlayStation Network. According to the PlayStation Blog, all content of the stories planned for the period in which the NDP has remained offline will arrive in coming days. In recent weeks "are three outstanding publications. Once restored the functionality of purchase in order to recover the huge amount of material pending publish content on the PlayStation Store several times a week.'ll Be updating the PlayStation.

Duke Nukem Forever, demo available from June 3 ...

... but only for members of First Club Access! In nice video message that appears at the end, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software announced the release date of the playable demo of Duke Nukem Forever, which will be available beginning June 3. It will not be content accessible by everyone, though! To be able to test, you must be a member of First Club Access and then have booked the game or purchasing the Game of the Year Edition Borderlands.

Catherine - The West trailer

Will you marry me? Atlus has released the trailer for Catherine West, who asks a series of pairs to answer some questions on marriage. Of course, who edited the video has selected the most suitable answers to show that marriage is not a simple matter, especially today when the sacred bond is seen as a chained and deprive the infinite possibilities of life.

Catherine is obviously the issue a step further and turns into a nightmare.

SSFIV: AE on PC in July

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on the PC could come in July, Capcom does know. As reported in a Q & A of Capcom Unity, the publisher will analyze a few more details before they can make a final announcement in this regard. "We still have to solve some logistical problems before they can make an announcement, but our goal is to launch the game in early July." The extra content of Arcade Edition will also be published on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the DLC will be downloadable from June 7 to the price of 1200 Microsoft Points and for the equivalent of 11.99 pounds.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition on PCs

In July, after the console versions of Capcom has promised that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will arrive on PCs in July, barring unforeseen circumstances. According to what reported in the last Q & A of the Japanese, however, there are still problems to be resolved before a specific date to be announced.

"Trust me, nobody wants to see more of us out of the PC version of the game as soon as possible," reads Capcom Blog. "There are still some logistical issues to be resolved before it can communicate a specific date, but our goal is to have the game available for the beginning of July." Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition was initially announced only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in both digital (7 June) that its retail version (June 24).

A date for Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be in stores on November 8, as shown on Amazon. Activision has officially announced the new Call of Duty in the past few hours with a series of trailers. The game is being developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven Software.

Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.3 update

The news that many people waiting for has finally arrived, Samsung S Galaxy has been updated to version 2.3 of Android Gingerbread and will be available for download in Italy, it will also apply to other terminals of the series as Galaxy Ace, Samsung and Mini Tab to the Galaxy fans were waiting for Samsung to upgrade this time, which was promised several weeks ago but struggled to get up to the official channel through which the manufacturer has not been announced to download the update package data.

Football game on a made in Italy?

And apparently with sights pretty high Geniaware Italian developer announced the development of a management dedicated to football. A general rather atypical for our region and will be accompanied by a formula of the game as atypical and very ambitious. Geniaware it wants to recreate the entire world of football and not only in the broadest sense, that is literally recreating each situation as the most popular football management, but in a visual sense.

Unveiled the first DLC of LA Noire

As reported by Joystiq, Best Buy has launched a promotion that will award the first 16 buyers of LA Noire with a code that will redeem the "first DLC for the game at Rockstar. The Nicholson Electroplating Arson Case, this is the name of the downloadable content included in the promotion, will be the first of a series of cases that will be published by Rockstar as DLC after the launch of the game.

Nintendo 3DS: Street Fighter 4 3D, full review

Nintendo 3DS is already depopulated around the world, in Italy the spread is happening so quickly is thanks to titles such as Street Fighter 4 3D, with a new 3D graphics and characters that made the ubiquitous title must supply a videogame . The gameplay is very intuitive, but Capcom has not studied in detail giving the console style of play fun but too simplistic for experts of the game, especially devoted to the spectacle and the involvement with the game very fast pace compared to securities of the same saga, perhaps the last time they had lost some of its charm to the cumbersome nature of the characters.

Soul Calibur V, the word Hisaharu Tagus

The producer talks about the evolution of the game in the series during the Level Up event held in Dubai, VG247 interviewed Hisaharu Tagus, producer of Soul Calibur V and a member of Team Soul, to steal some exclusive information on new chapter Namco Bandai's fighting game series. There are only two characters that will definitely be a part of the new roster: Siegfried and Patroklus, or the son of Sophitia.

Sony unveils the Welcome Back program

Sony has announced details of the Welcome Back program for users SCEE. According to the PlayStation Blog Italian, all PlayStation 3 users with an account registered before April 20 will be able to download two of the following games: LittleBigPlanet, inFamous, WipeOut HD / Fury, Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty, Dead Nation.

Owners of an account will instead be able to download PSP games to choose from two LittleBigPlanet PSP, ModNation PSP, Pursuit Force and Killzone Liberation. In addition, the program will offer 30 days free subscription to PlayStation Plus for those without a subscription to the service, 60-day subscription to the members of PS Plus and 30-day subscription to the members of Music Unlimited.

PSN, here are the details of the Welcome Back program

Free games, subscriptions Plus, extensions and much more In a statement, Sony has provided details of the Welcome Back program designed to thank the PSN users for their patience during a period which seem difficult for the network. As soon as services relating to the PlayStation Store will be restored, which will require a little 'time, who owns a PlayStation 3 will therefore require their own gifts.

BRINK - The 360 version dominating the UK market

More than two thirds of the copies are for the Microsoft console with the complicity of the blackout of the NDP, the version for 360 to BRINK did a bang in the UK buying up 69% of the total sales of the title. The PS3 version has had to settle for 23% while the PC is doing rimsto by bringing up the rear, and given the type of security is not something to marvel at, with 8%.

Sadly, ironically, the title suffers from some lag on Xbox Live, but Splash Damage has assured that it will solve the problem soon.

"The players should pay more annoying," according to Gabe Newell

Comes the latest provocation from the boss of Valve Players annoying, unnecessarily occupying the server, should pay a higher price for the game, while players nice and reliable, those with whom it is fun to play, should even have them for free, according to Gabe Newell. The statements come from the boss of Valve Develop an argument with which he spoke of what the best way to make users pay the developers.

Civilization World - Images and video of the subtitled version alpha

The new bet Sid Meier At the beginning of closed beta Firaxis has finally released the material on the new chapter in the saga of Sid Meier try your luck on Facebook. Moreover, the platform has more than 500 million people many of whom are already accustomed to the landscape management. But World Civilization stands out from other productions related to the social network and try to do most of the classical mechanics of the universe by linking them to Facebook, although timer, microtransactions and multiplayer modes typical of the medium.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - New images

The grandfather of Noah in action-key minimalist Ignition Entertainment has released a new series of images that highlight the unique style of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The particular action follows the exploits of Enoch to the conquest of the tower of babel in a free interpretation of Jewish texts devoted to the grandfather of Noah.

Increase the discounts of Steam

One day, forever In addition to the offerings of the weekend, those pitches, those related to promotions and holiday hours Steam offers publishers a new series of discounts that from today onwards will see a title depreciated every day, forever. The deal now is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which dropped by 75 from 19.99% to only 5 €.

Dragon's Dogma - New images

A fierce battle with a griffin in the images that follow a poor griffin being abused, teased, tripped and burned to the players to show some flashes of the gameplay of Dragon's Dogma. In short, we are faced with the classic mythical creature of ill-treatment, an activity that we are all guilty, and often even employees.

But, crying crocodile tears, we should appreciate the features of the new Capcom willing to have a say in the increasingly diversified world of open-world role-playing games.