Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Followers of Diablo III Revealed

Blizzard unveiled Diablo 3 Followers system. This feature will allow players to join NPC different solitaire games: Kormac, a Templar, Lyndon, a thief, and Eirene, a sorceress. "In Diablo III play alone is a viable option ... even if it is not always the safest," reads the official website of Blizzard.

Each follower will be a NPC that will have a role in the history of Diablo III will be reinforced by the player. "Each follower has his goals and motivations that led him to oppose the darkness, fighting with them all the details about their history," says the developer. The player can carry only one NPC at a time.

"The Followers are powerful allies. They have skills, equipment, character and dialogue, and we worked hard to implement, but we do not want to be an obstacle to your progress. They are allies, but the protagonists are you."

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