Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Origin challenge in the field of Alienware gaming notebook

Origin of the Florida company specializing in the production of the dedicated gaming notebook is the Alienware fierce rival of the phenomenon that leads the market in recent years thanks to the MX series, which is depopulating the United States and reached Europe even strides, thanks to prestigious sponsorship and of course a very reliable product.

The model has been updated to version EON15 EON15-S, adapting features of the notebook presented in 2010, the new components which are now commonly used on all high end laptops. Starting from this new technical equipment Origin EON15-S is based on a system chip Sandy BridgeIntel Core i7 Extreme Edition 2920XM-based system to 32nm from 2.50 GHz, also has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M graphics card with 2 GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and a hard disk of 500 GB, expandable to 750 GB.

All in all a very respectable performance package, in line with the top range of the market and begins to undermine the primacy in a tangible way this time, Alienware, at least in terms of hardware performance. Moving it to a more thorny issue for these sources EON15-S we can not avoid talking about the design, very linear and accurate in all respects, perhaps it is this that has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many who might be interested in performance, but were displaced by a certain banality in design, the opposite of that Alienware will distinguish it from any other notebook on the market, with its particular line based on the spacecraft, starting from the upper body, lights up front and backlight, along with many other small details that mark a huge difference in this area, which obviously has a lot to users.

Misstep and then design, discrete instead voting for the size and weight, this Origin EON15-S 15.6-inch in size equal to the official 3:51 × 4.29 × 6.25 cm in WxHxD, all housed in a weight of 8.3 kg completely mirror the model of Alienware M15x. Interesting innovation of this notebook is the fingerprint reader, which is the data security system with fingerprint, Origin has studied this trick is for the protection of data, crucial in the event of loss or shared use, and captivate the public for providing this recognition system fingerprint, which makes Origin EON15-S from this point of view more interesting than the competition.

There should, however, many of these small systems to make it a leading product in the market, however, is to appreciate the technical upgrade and the effort made to present users with a worthy competitor to the best of the square. The price of this new source EON15-S 15.6-inch for U.S.

$ 1600, perhaps too much to be able to catch up, but this is the only model currently on the market for this company, the choice was almost required. The Origin of hard work could be used but only the American public, we have no details about a possible arrival in Europe or even in Italy, but the manufacturer may allow the export in a limited edition, as was the case for other notebook, investigating, and understanding the catchment area to which you can get on a tough market like that of the old continent, but later could be the launch of the official model for 2011, which will replace this is only an update of the model 2010, making his final appearance on the European market, we should expect nothing new in that, by the manufacturer and keep your ears open as the news could also arrive within the next 2-3 weeks.

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