Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sniper: Ghost Warrior - new images of the forthcoming PS3 version

Elements of war: new trailer

Directly from the U.S. Kalypso Media has released a new trailer for Elements of War, promising RTS output to a PC. In the movie you see different momemnti game and some of the units that compose the armies in the field.

Dungeon Siege III: New release date and new screens

June will be a hot Square-Enix has announced that Dungeon Siege III, the third chapter in the saga known action-RPG, currently in development at Obsidian Entertainment, will be slightly delayed in output the European Union: from the end of the publication has been postponed to May 17 June. The date is confirmed for all versions (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC).

The new images of the gallery were taken from the PS3 version.

LA Noire: available on the third trailer in Italian

AMY: new details and screenshots

In 2034 in Silver City ... Lexis Numérique, the largest independent European developer, has released two new screenshots and new details of AMY, survival horror game coming to PSN in June. The game will be set in December 2034, in the town of Silver City in the USA. The impact of a comet with the Earth has spread a deadly virus that has infected humans.

The player will play Lana to grips with a world turned upside down and hell, full of people queuing for Christmas sales. Lana feels to be infected by the virus and must be able to escape the chaos, bringing Amy, an autistic child of eight years with a strange power: forced to make choices that affect both their ways.

Ubisoft announces Zoo Mania for Nintendo 3DS

A three-dimensional management? Ubisoft has announced the release of Zoo Mania for Nintendo 3DS, scheduled for this summer (in June in the U.S.). Developed by Marvelous Entertainment, the game we will manage an entire zoo will use a nice mix of the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo handheld console. There will be more than one hundred different animals to be unlocked as you gain experience, each with their own animations and a unique three-dimensional effect.

The creator of Lost Winds switch to iPhone and iPad

And it does so independently from Steven Burgess has dropped cabin and puppets, or the software company Frontier Developments, which created the great Lost Winds on Wii, and became independent. As with Lost Winds is the objective of the designer to create simple but experiences can enhance the characteristics of the hardware they run on.

The designated platform for this adventure, which will tell Burgess through a blog, are iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Link: Blog Steven Burgess

Mass Effect arrives at the cinema

Bioware has announced that an animated film, anime-style dedicated to Mass Effect is currently in pre-production and will be released in the summer of 2012. FUNimation, U.S. distributor of Japanese animation products, will co-produce the project in collaboration with TO Entertainment. The boss of the Mass Effect franchise, Casey Hudson, will serve as executive producer.

The exact plot of the film has not yet been revealed but Bioware has stated that the central theme remains that of space exploration in search of mysterious planets. "In recent years we have greatly expanded the boundaries of Mass Effect, through different media. Being able to bring the saga to the big screen is an important step and an opportunity we could not miss," said the Hudson.

[Updated] Check the trailer for Sonic Generations!

Provided that in the end that the title is, of course SEGA has released a trailer showing anonymous mascot for its excellence, Sonic the Hedgehog, as a dart from his habit within a scenario that also loops, bottlenecks and so on. At the time of the jump, however, the character is basically "splits", giving rise to a clone apparently "vintage", judging by the style and design elements such as the eyes.

Secret World will be "different" on console

"The Secret World will necessarily have to be a different game to run on console." Word of Funcom. "Making the same console, same game would not be productive. We should create a different type of gameplay, which is adapted to the different needs and different tastes of console gamers," said the director Ragnar Tornquist.

"But now we are focusing exclusively on the PC version," said Tornquist. "When we reach the goal of making this game as good as possible, we will focus our attention on the rest." "Making such a title on the console is a difficult challenge because Microsoft and Sony have created their own thinking about the MMO platform.

Two new photos for Prey 2

The title comes Bethesda in 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC is still missing a year at the exit of Prey 2, but already many magazines around the world have dedicated articles to the new title and cover weblog Bethesda. The publisher will release some information in the coming months, that's for sure, and in the meantime has unveiled two new images of the game: a real screenshot and concept art.

DiRT 3: Limited to a $ 300

The U.S. division of the chain GameStop announced a Special Edition DiRT 3 from record price: 299.99 dollars! This figure does not indifferent, buyers will receive a radio-controlled replica of the rally car of Ken Block, and of course a brand new copy of the game. We move forward a bit 'of money and you're wondering whether this Super-Limited will also in Europe? We tried to contact Codemasters but for now we got no response.

Unveiled the second character of Dead Island

This is Sam B., a former rapper for success While the success of his hit single music fades, the rap star Sam B. is required at the Royal Palms Resort Hotel for a performance dedicated to his well-known song "Who Do You Voodoo?" party during a high-profile hotel. Sam is happy to make his beloved concert.

Once a strong, confident and proud, Sam B. has had a turbulent past and a history of drug and alcohol abuse. His private life is blurred between false friends and bad advisers. Trying to pick up the pieces of her life and earn some money, suddenly finds himself surrounded by completely different kind of problems ...

UFC Fitness postponed to June

The launch of UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System has been delayed by a couple of months. Initially the game (a fitness program for Kinect, Move and Wii) had to go out in early April. Now the arrival on the shelves was postponed one more day sometime in June. The feature that makes it different from other similar software is the presence of real coaches of the UFC, or rather, their virtual versions that will help us keep fit as professional athletes.

A clothing line for Gran Turismo

At affordable prices are not always' just been launched Gran Turismo Boutique, a new area of the official website of Gran Turismo focused on the resale of clothing bearing the logo of the series note Polyphony. You can find everything from T-shirt to those with long sleeves, through a range of waterproof jackets, from the distinctly sporty character.

But if the price of t-shirts and objects easier part of the media, we can not say the same for some nylon jackets, sold $ 199 or less. Excluding taxes, of course. Source: CVG

GameStop opens a shop on Facebook

GameStop has opened a digital store on Facebook, making it the first retailer of games using the popular social network to expand their business operations. According to GamesIndustry, the shop on Facebook will be based on digital technologies and McAfee Adgregate and enable customers to GameStop to reserve games and arrange purchases through social networks.

"Social commerce on Facebook complete in a natural way the activities of our digital and shop in our network," says vice president of e-commerce for GameStop, Kelly Mulroney. "Millions of customers already follow us on Facebook, and technology ShopFansw (of Adgregate) will allow us to offer new channels to make their purchases." In recent days, GameStop has announced that it has purchased Impulse and the company president, Tony Bartel, announced the interest of the dealer against the segment of the tablet.

Section 8: Prejudice - The second development diary

A look at the single-player The blonde looking for romantic dates with a video game developer back in the second development diary Prejudice but fortunately in a pantomime and the other is the time to ask some questions to the development team. This time the guys at TimeGate Studios show us some sessions on the single player game of Section 8: Prejudice, which has an important part in this chapter of the saga.

Anonymous suspend attacks on PSN

The hacker group Anonymous has temporarily suspended the attacks on the PlayStation Network, say the hackers. "We realized that attacking the NDP is not a good idea and we decided to suspend attacks until we find a way to damage Sony without hitting its users. Anonymous is on your side." In the past few hours, the NDP has had several problems that Sony has attributed to routine maintenance.

But according to the hacker is not so: "The official position is that the Sony PSN is under maintenance," says Anonymous, "but we have several trump cards." The declaration of war by hackers is a consequence of legal actions against Sony hackers responsible for the breach of the PlayStation 3.

Standings Japanese PSP increases the posting on 3DS

Momentum of pride in the ranking of the Nintendo DS software The first signs there had been two weeks ago, when the total had exceeded PSPgo PSP and Nintendo 3DS sales in Japan. But now the situation has become evident, with the Sony console again and this time in the top one "standard" version. Continue the same excellent results of the PlayStation 3 and the apparent decline in sales of Wii.

Software was born November

Some veterans of the series Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and several former employees of EA Tiburon have created Software November, studio based in San Francisco that will focus on the development of casual games. As reported by GamesIndustry, the company will focus on streaming of 3D content and social development of games for mobile devices.

Already announced the first game of the developer: it will be a title for the social web and devices IOS Inemeri: A Familiar World. "We want to bring players and titles in the social production values of next-gen games," says co-founder of the studio, Szymon Swistun. "Having spent many sleepless nights we managed to give birth to a kind of co-op gameplay extremely fun." More information is available on the official website of Software November.

DiRT 3 - A collector from $ 300

Watch out for the feet! Gamestop. com has created a very special edition for the PS3 and 360 versions of DiRT 3. On the U.S. site it is possible to buy the bundle Ken Block Gymkhana RC that contains no less than the Fiesta Gymkhana version of Ken Block Hottest car. From the specifications, you can find on this page along with a video of the vehicle, it seems a more than decent though bound by the inherent limitations of electrical radiocomoandate.

PSP dominates in Japan

The best-selling game in Japan in the past week was Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional. According to data from Media Create (via GamesIndustry), the portable Sony console, the PSP, has dominated the software charts with six titles in the top ten in the face of a single game for Nintendo 3DS.

The results of software rankings reflect the performance of the hardware, which sees the Sony PSP in front of everyone, second place for 3DS chasing away about 15,000 copies. Among the home console, won the weekly challenge Sony's PlayStation 3.

Duke Nukem Forever - Behind the scenes subtitled in Italian

The story of the Duke in this new behind the scenes Gearbox shows us a long story that starts 20 years after the birth of Duke Nukem, passes through the genesis of his voice and come to tell us some detail of the endless and painful gestation of the title. The new Duke Nukem Forever video also shows some rides and does not make us miss a megaboss uncooperative.

Duke Nukem Forever - Behind the scenes

Sony Japan: no return to NGP

The rumors that Sony could postpone the launch of Next Generation Portable due to the earthquake that hit Japan last month are "wrong," according to Sony Japan. The company spokesman, Satoshi Fukuoaka, told the Wall Street Journal at the time that "the earthquake had no impact on plans for Sony to NGP.

In recent days the president of SCEA, Jack Tretton, told Bloomberg that was because of earthquake damage to some factories involved in the production of NGP, the console could blow up the appointment in 2011. Tretton, however, has stated on occasion that the console could still get at least one market by the end of the year.

Michael Jackson: The Experience - A Collector's Edition for Kinect

Ready to go on stage? On April 14 you can buy the Collector's Edition of The Michael Jackson Experience that has been created exclusively for the Kinect version of the game. Xbox 360 is the game allows to place our image on stage and sing while dancing. The Collector Edition is already booked and contains: - A copy of the game for Xbox 360.

- A code to download the free exclusive track Another Part Of Me - A wireless microphone and a T-shirt Official Michael Jackson. - A book with the lyrics of the most famous songs by Michael Jackson.

Available mods official StarCraft II

Three of the four mod for StarCraft II from Blizzard announced last year are ready for download. According to reports on Battle. net, the final build of the mod Aiur Chef, Left 2 Die Starjeweled and will be available during the day. The mod has been finished and will offer some different avatars officers and achievement to unlock.

To gain access to content is sufficient to run Starcraft II and select the mod from the game selection screen. The fourth model, Warcraft III DOTA, is still developing.

The big gains Minecraft

€ 23 million! Mojang probably did not expect the global success experienced by Minecraft, independent real social phenomenon, but even less likely that the gains it would bring. According to what reported by Gamasutra, Markus 'Notch' Persson has reported a total of 800,000 downloads recorded for the game in alpha stage at 9.95 euro each, followed by several other copies in beta for € 14.95 milioncino some other downloads.

€ 23 million collected from Minecraft

The creator of the indie game Minecraft revealed receipts generated from the original project for the PC. In an interview with Reddit Ask Me Anything thread spotted by Gamasutra, Markus 'Notch' Persson said Minecraft has been downloaded 800,000 times the price of € 9.95 in the alpha stage. During the beta the price rose to € 14.95 and has reached one million downloads, for a total of about 23 million €.

Deadly Descents becomes SSX: new information and pictures

No subtitle, back to the roots Gathering together some of the doubts raised by fans of the series, EA has decided to eliminate some of the obscure style that characterized SSX: Deadly Descents at least from his first appearances, starting with the removal of the subtitle. The new chapter will therefore simply SSX, a way to emphasize fidelity to the origins of the series of this product, which seemed to depart somewhat from the initial presentations.

SSX: Deadly Descents becomes SSX

EA has removed the subtitle Deadly Descent from the new game in the SSX series. With Deadly Descent, EA should have indicated the danger of the sport but "I have always considered the heart of the race SSX," admitted the creative director Todd Battty in an interview with Game Informer, "and we do not want to move away from this, Speed events which we and the Learner Tricky Descent ".

"We want to make sure we capture the essence of arcade gameplay in any game mode. We decided to show the new gameplay Deadly Descent into the trailer but the style of SSX will remain unchanged." The controls are largely inspired by the title for XBLA, HD Trials, and were made in three dimensions with the help of a team of Fight Night Round 4.

Hour missions in Armored Core V

Mech pilots are full-time campaign promises huge challenge of the new Armored Core V, with long and structured missions. As reported by Famitsu, the individual missions in the main mode in single player for the new mech shooter based From Software will have a duration varying between 20 minutes and an hour.

Fortunately, these will be found within the "garage points" where you can save and possibly repair the damage of the vehicle. In addition to these mammoth main missions there will be about 70 "mission order" developed in order to provide a shorter and more immediate entertainment for those who do not have enough time available.

COD vs. BF3, a challenge to 200 million

As stated by the boss of Electronic Arts, John Riccitiello, in the course of Ad Age Conference held in New York, the marketing battle between Battlefield and Call of Duty 3 would cost a total of $ 200 million. "In November we will launch Battlefield 3. If you collide with the next Call of Duty, currently the number one industry, a game that last year grossed $ 400 million in one day," said Riccitiello.

Even Carrie Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell to Silent Hill: Revelation

It expands the cast expands the list of known actors for the cast of Silent Hill: Revelation, the new feature film dedicated to the famous series of survival horror Konami. The thickness of the production is confirmed by the two names announced today, two stars like Carrie Anne Moss (very familiar to those who have followed the series of The Matrix and others) and Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange star and many other films) .

Valve working on a new IP?

Some images of the concept art for Valve seem to suggest that the authors of Half-Life are working on a new IP. The drawings, ripped from PC Gamer Valve during a recent visit, show some sci-fi themes that apparently does not belong to the IP of Half-Life, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead. Valve Portal 2 release in April on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

A new Sonic tomorrow trailer

Sonic on Facebook After the rumors about a mysterious Sonic Generations emerged yesterday following the discovery of some domains registered by Sega that name, it comes as a confirmation of the possible announcement of a new trailer scheduled for tomorrow. This was revealed by the Facebook page dedicated to the blue hedgehog, announcing a video on Friday at 14.00 GMT (15.00 on our part).

Again, considering that Sega has repeatedly announced the presence of multiple projects dedicated to Sonic (in this case simultaneously in three different development), the video may actually refer to something new, perhaps the mysterious Sonic Generations. Source: Sonic Facebook page