Friday, June 24, 2011

Flaming blue helmets exclusive Halo by Bungie Reach

Very exclusive Bungie has decided to distribute, in order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the company, the exclusive "flaming blue helmets" to be used for the characters of Halo Reach, features that were related only to the developers team. To achieve this connection object, you must connect to or access the new application Bungie IOS from today until July 7 and follow the instructions to get even a plate of special recognition. Below, a video that shows the "blue helmets" in action.

John Carmack "remembers" Quake

The supreme boss of id Software, John Carmack, has recently left to go to the memories ... in particular those concerning the first Quake, who yesterday celebrated 15 years. "I do not know why but you remember most vividly about the early stages of game development," said Carmack Bethblog site. "I was excited about the project and I was sure it would be something never seen before, like a window to another world." "I also remember our fears, one of which concerned the control system.

The new Smash Bros. is "far away"

Are you holding your breath waiting for the new Smash Bros? Maybe you better take a deep breath because the new installment in the series, due out on Wii and 3DS U, is still very far from the shops. To say it was the same as the series creator, Masahiro Sakurai, during an interview with Famitsu (translated by 1UP).

"We are currently working on two more games and we have no time and resources to begin third," said Sakurai, "my heart bleeds, but for now the new Smash Bros. will have to wait." Work on the new chapter will not begin then (at least) before the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising, due out next Christmas.

Xenoblade Authors to work on Wii U

Xenoblade developer, Monolith Soft is working on a game for the Wii U. According to the official website of the company (translation of Andriasang), the team is looking for staff for a project on the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles will arrive in Europe in 2011 just for  Wii .

Le Tour De France - Trailer and images

Cyanide Cyanide challenges the console market is getting ready to land on the PS3 and 360 with Le Tour De France, a management console designed specifically for cycling. Obviously the engine has a strong kinship with that of Pro Cycling Manager series, which, fortunately, the last incarnation has made a significant leap forward.

We can therefore expect more believable animations, advanced artificial intelligence and collisions acceptable, all obviously embraced by picturesque scenery.

PSN still offline in Japan

More than two months after the attack suffered by computer Sony, the Japanese PlayStation Network is still offline. As reported by Andriasang, in the past few hours, Sony has released a statement in which the company says it has not yet completed the editing of some parts of the network. In May, the service recovery in Japan had been blocked by the Japanese government, according to which there was still an adequate security environment.

Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play

PC and Mac versions of Team Fortress 2 are now free-to-play. The new model has been adopted by Valve to four years after the publication of the game. Also available is the patch "Update About", new update provides some new recruits' training to get prepared for the challenges of online networking. The game is available on Steam, Valve's service is free.

Fans disappointed by Crysis 2

According to Cevat Yerli of Crytek to Gamasutra, PC gamers have not taken well Crytek strategy aimed at making more accessible the second chapter with the Crysis franchise. "With Crysis we wanted a game that after three years it was still great to watch. We have achieved this goal. But for entry-level players was difficult," said Yerli.

"So with Crysis 2 we took a different direction, but it was not painless." In June, Crytek will release an update by which you can take advantage of DX 11. "This is more of a gift to the high-end community," said Yerli. "I think the players appreciate. It shows in part how they will evolve in the future PC games from a point of view, high-end".

Nintendo does not want the record online

According to MTV by Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo has no plans to overcome Microsoft and Sony regarding online gaming. "We do not want to become number one in online gaming," said Miyamoto. "Of course for our new platform will be important to have good connectivity, the experiences that our consumers love to include elements that could be improved and that require a network connection." Miyamoto speculates multiplayer experience "local" extended through the internet connection feature and suggests "social" as those on Xbox Live allow you to see the titles used by users in the buddy list.

Does Google launch video game?

A cryptic ad for a job seems to run signals a possible commitment of Google, the giant Internet service, video game industry. The issue is still very vague, but the ad in question concerns a product manager working for a section called "Games at Google," which according to speculation it might be a different kind of specific channel dedicated to video games of the giant in question.

Black Death announced

The French developer Darkworks announced Black Death, a horror for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. According to the official website of the game, Black Death is set in a fictional town filled with a mysterious fog full of chemicals that have turned the inhabitants into mutant psychopaths. The player can control the fog, creating chemical weapons and decide whether to save the people infected.

New revelations on reboot Rainbow Six

Moral choices, system of stalking in the third person, stealth action and more, it seems, Rainbow Six returns on consoles and PC, probably in 2012, with what appears to be a real reboot for the series. Ubisoft did not show the game during E3 2011, but Kotaku has managed to glean some interesting information from the usual anonymous source.

The first and most important element that emerges from such revelations would be implementing a system of morality, or of choices that can influence the course of history, which as usual will revolve around an elite counter-terrorism which is facing a threat on a global scale. Depending on how we behave in the game, therefore, we conclude the levels in different ways and you'll be rewarded when they replay the same stage for decision alternatives.

Child of Eden for the PS3, the reasons for the delay

Some thought that the PlayStation 3 version of Child of Eden had been deliberately delayed because of a trade agreement with Microsoft. The thing, however, was firmly denied by Q Entertainment.

"We're doing everything ourselves, we do not want to outsource the development of the game," said the producer James Mielke. "We are working full time on the PS3 version of the game, and despite Child of Eden has been designed on the Xbox 360, Sony's console will come reasonably quickly." Asked if the delay will mean the addition of extra features, even in terms of support of the Move, Leike said: "I can not say anything about it except that it will be worth the wait.

Infinite BioShock, Levine talks about the motion controls

Ken Levine has spoken of how the gameplay of BioShock Infinite should be preserved in its dynamics than classical the sections will be implemented controls to motion detection.

"Any section that requires gestural controls should be kept separate from the main," Levine said in an interview during E3 2011. "We need to keep these extra sections isolated, so that they can not affect the rest of the gameplay if they are not appreciated." The Creative Director of Irrational Games has then placed the example of Mass Effect 3, with support for voice commands add items to your gameplay without distorting it.

Saint Seiya arrives in Europe

The announcement of a new game for the Knights of the Zodiac has spread around the world with the speed of Lightning Pegasus. Fortunately, just as quickly was widespread confirmation that Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle will also be released in Europe in a date of 2012 is not clear. The game, which include being an exclusive PS3, an action that will trace the first series, known to fans as "one of the 12 homes." The game will also include a mode that will offer additional "alternative histories", in some ways similar to those already seen in the game Tecmo-Koei dedicated to Ken Shiro.

Sony has confirmed the release of Uncharted Collection

The collection will include the first two episodes of the series. Sony has confirmed the release of Uncharted Collection, a boxed set containing the first two episodes of Uncharted and available in stores starting July 22. This is an excellent opportunity for those who just bought a PlayStation 3, to grapple with two extraordinary action adventure developed by Naughty Dog, and then devote the third chapter in November.

Tales of Monkey Island HD iPad

The Tales of Monkey Island series HD, developed by Telltale Games team, will be released soon on the iPad. The first chapter, which will be free for all, will be available from July 22. The others will arrive at the same time. The series has already landed on PC and WiiWare at the end of 2009, achieving a success, and then disembark at the end of 2010 on the PlayStation Network.

Generations of Sonic demo on Live

The demo of Sonic Generations is finally available on Xbox Live Marketplace. If you have not already downloaded you can also put in a queue of downloads from the Xbox site. com. The demo weighs just over 652MB. Sonic Generations is a new chapter in the series, a hybrid 2D/3D platformer that sees for the first time with the older generation of the blue hedgehog with his latest version.

The game is scheduled for the end of 2011, simultaneously with the 20 th anniversary of the birth of the SEGA mascot.