Tuesday, December 21, 2010

PHONE WINDOWS 7 (MOB): Phone Windows 7 and a half million

According to official announcements of Redmond, the first terminals with operating system Windows 7 Phone came to 1.5 million units sold (to retailers) since launch. Microsoft said this with satisfaction, adding that it is a long-term investment in a very competitive field. Microsoft itself has complained about its slowness in the distribution that has limited sales, otherwise the numbers could be much higher (according to estimates).

Internet is for porn, and Kinect?

 Foreseeable uses only a few days ago we saw out the first video demo of an application for Kinect porn via a PC with Windows 7. Now comes the reply from Microsoft, which admits that this kind of applications from reality as old as the world, and if someone can please anyone and the less you will have to live.

"This is not the first example of a technology used in ways not intended by the manufacturer. It will not be the last." Obviously, the company points out that it authorized any license for that kind of use of its technology, which is intended only for entertainment and family does not allow adult content only to be certified for use with the device.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 console available on Vietnam

Electronic Arts has announced that the expansion of the Vietnam shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is now available on Xbox Live servers, and also on the PlayStation Network tomorrow will come after the usual update. As expected, the cost of this extension of the game by the study says is 1200 Microsoft Points, respectively, and 14.99 dollars (to be converted into euro).

The downloadable pack adds new weapons and vehicles as well as four multiplayer maps playable in Conquest mode and Stroke.

Operation Flashpoint: RED RIVER (PS3): Operation Flashpoint: Red River Movie

Codemasters shows the new direction the narrative, Operation Flashpoint: Red River (compared to its predecessor) with a trailer dedicated to one of the main characters, Sgt Damien Knox. In the video, told in cinematic style as a war diary, collected in several scenes of the game. Of note is the accompanying images of the trailer, which you can see the original resolution by clicking on various icons at the bottom of news.

A limited edition for The Sims Medieval

According to exclusive characters from Eurogamer today. net, EA today announced a special edition, limited, Medieval Sims, the new spin-off to the medieval setting of course the famous "life simulator" developed by Maxis. Comes, apparently, in May 2011 and will include exclusive access to three rooms of the throne "issues with the barbarians, dark wizards and princesses, as well as costumes and accessories exclusively devoted to" kings "and" Executioner ".

TurboGrafx-16 GameBox (IPhO): PC Engine debut on App Store

 Hudson presented the App Store emulator Multiplayer in the PC Engine console, the time co-produced with NEC. The application itself is free with a free game, World Sports Competition, while each of the supported titles must be purchased separately for 2.39 Euros (but you can try in a demo). There are currently 15 games including hits like Soldier Blade, Kid Bomberman and PC, other titles will be added based on popularity (levied at the time and date).

More than 1.5 million sold Windows Phone 7

But the road is still long come the first sales figures for the new Microsoft platform within the mobile phone, Windows 7 Phone, designed to throw the challenge to Android and IOS. The device was launched in Europe on October 21 and November 8 in North America integration with Xbox Live and 60 games available now.

Apparently, the public response was very positive, making combined into a couple of months of marketing (at least as regards the North America) 1.5 million phones sold, according to estimates published today by Microsoft.

Retro Rampage City arrives on Xbox 360

Perhaps not everyone knows retro Fury Retro City Rampage, but it is a very interesting project. The game is a sort of ode to video games 80 years, while characterized by a structure that closely resembles the first two episodes of Grand Theft Auto. It had to be developed exclusively for WiiWare, but apparently the developers, even the developer Brian Province, decided to make the leap.

Retro Rampage City will therefore also on Xbox Live Arcade and much more: the first will be available on the Microsoft console. On the Live Arcade game will be downloadable in the summer of 2011, and will only come in the autumn on digital delivery Nintendo.

    WARHAMMER 40,000: DAWN OF WAR II - Retribution (PC): Warhammer 40,000 in new trailer

     THQ has re one of the factions in Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II - Retribution with the trailer that you see on this page, consisting entirely of scenes of the game (and subtitles in Italian). In the video, the Chaos Marines explain the reasons which led them to war again, and prepare to have their revenge.

    Recall that this scenario "stand alone" (you will not need to have the original title) is coming in March with a new single player campaign is divided on various breeds, with all the changes to maps and history. We should also mention the abandonment of Games for Windows in favor of Steam with all of its features related to connectivity and upgrades.

    Hydrophobia (X360): Hydrophobia granted and updated

     Pure Hydrophobia is the full name of the game after the update today that alters the gameplay almost entirely on the basis of impressions (especially critics) made after the first exit from the press and public. The trailer, commented in English, you see to the bottom of news shows in action most of the news.

    The most important of the mapping of controls (for example, the jump is now a more traditional button), the indicators on the screen, the animations of the main character and the management of arms. To read the classic patch notes visit the official website. Also worthy of note that the price has dropped to 800 points from the 1200 original.

    Nintendo 3DS present the next month in New York

    News coming ...? Nintendo has set an important conference presentation regarding the 3DS, pending the final version of the platform gaming laptop on sale for several years now increasingly seen waiting for its innovative features. In fact, on January 19 in New York that the Japanese may finally reveal all the details of the launch of the 3DS in the market, as yet unknown, such as price, date, and of course the whole line-up.

    DRAGON QUEST: Realms of Reverie (DS) Dragon Quest VI back in video

     Confirming the date of 14 February in the U.S. (will be in Europe in the first half of 2011), Square Enix again Dragon Quest: Realms of Reverie through the video that you find in depth news. The trailer brings together numerous phases of play in what is the final chapter in the trilogy begun to remake a few years ago in Japan.

    Story and characters take over the episode appeared to mid 90s on Super Famicom, that is the version of the Super Nintendo in Japan since Dragon Quest VI has never appeared (to this remake) in the West. Needless to say Japan has already set new sales records launch took place almost a year ago.

    Splinter Cell Trilogy HD confirmed for PS3

     Within the year, Ubisoft confirmed the release, apparently due within the year Splinter Cell Trilogy HD, namely the collection of remastered original title and Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. The trilogy will be released on PSN and probably also on the disc even if they are waiting for specific details regarding a date for that money and media.

    Gran Turismo 5 (PS3): GT5 Maxipatch from 600MB

    Gran Turismo 5 has received another patch, this time by as many as 600MB, can be installed automatically when the game if the console is connected to the Internet. The innovations concern mainly the new bonus system, levels and credits extended to the network game: winning online, you can raise our profile GT Life as in single player.

    Also worth mentioning, which is implementing a special promotion for credits and the cars won in various competitions: until January, the prizes (get played on the network) are higher than normal as a special "Christmas present".

    DEAD SPACE (IPhO): Photos and details for Dead Space

    Electronic Arts has set the release next month on the App Store's Dead Space that episode (a narrative level) connects between the first and second chapters seen on PC and console HD. As they announce the two screens, will keep the design and framing of the original, and much of the gameplay. Isaac will guide it through the battles with the Necromorphs and exploration of future scenarios mostly in enclosed places.

    The PC-Engine lives on the App Store

    In the name of the good times ... Hudson has finally released on the App Store application GameBox TurboGrafx-16, which is a restatement as "touch" of the legendary PC-Engine that allows you to purchase some of the productions of the old platform and play them on iPhone, iPod and iPad. The application is currently free, and contains within it the game compelto World Sports Competition.

    BlazBlue: CONTINUUM SHIFT II (PSP): PSP BlazBlue Top

    Arc System will take on the PSP Nippon (and hopefully on the European ones) BlazBlue Continuum Shift II arcade fighting game arrived in early December in Japanese arcades. On PSP there will be a total of 18 characters and a dozen different ways, including some exclusives. One of these is the way that Abyss would join the fighting in phases style role-playing game, with the ability to evolve each character.

    Dead Space 2: demo available on Xbox Live

    It came ... With pleasure we can finally announce the availability of the demo of Dead Space 2, as previously announced by Electronic Arts eni recent days. The highly anticipated title in development at Visceral Games is already available in playable version on the servers of Xbox Live, will celebrate the day tomorrow on the PlayStation Network, PlayStation 3, after the usual update.

    The file weighs in at about 1.2 GB, is already in the queue directly from the web site through the Xbox. com from this address.

    DC Universe Online (PS3): Prices and dates for DC Universe Online

    Sony has announced via IGN dates and prices related to DC Universe Online is currently in beta, "open" to all the users PlayStation Plus The full version will be in stores on January 11 for three days after U.S. and European market, even if the only available date for now is English (14 January). As expected for role-playing games dedicated only to the network, there will be a month of subscription free in the box, to be renewed subsequently for 13 euros a month.

    1.3 billion of games on Halo: Reach

    Bungie has revealed some remarkable figures related to their Halo: Reach, remarkable. We're talking about 1.3 billion of well-played games since the launch of the game, for a total of 24,000 years logged in the game, 900 trillion and 33 billion of credits earned in killing fire fight, multiplayer and campaign.

    Among other things the employees have lost lots of Bungie matchmade 23,000 times.

    THE DREAM MACHINE (PC): The Dream Machine is pre-order

     The Swedish duo responsible for five chapters of the adventure in The Dream Machine has renewed in recent days, the official site, finally opening the online store lets you buy in pre-order the complete package for only € 11 (with a launch discount of 20%) . Those who take advantage of the offer will now play the first two chapters, while those who have already played the first (maybe the old free beta version of which we have also spoken on these pages) will have to wait a bit 'in order to purchase only the second episode .

    Infinity Blade: The first update available

    As expected ... Already announced for some time, is now available the first update for Infinity Blade, signed under Epic Games landed on the App Store recently. It is, as expected, a patch that should add some elements to the overall experience, a medium that will remain constant to that of the developers for some time.

    Lacks online play, which should arrive with the next update. Let's see in detail all the changes in version 1.1: 5 swords, 5 shields, helmets and a new armor 5 The maximum figure of 40 up to 45 A new enemy iPod function, which allows the library to listen to music during the game Optimizations generic bugs and flaws can be purchased through an additional gold purchase in-app