Sunday, January 23, 2011

Evil Ryu and Akuma Oni in SSFIV: Arcade Edition

Let's see if they arrive on consoles ... Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, version of the coin-op title, new movies come out today (find them at this address, unfortunately low quality). This is a series of videos showing the presence of the characters Evil Ryu and Akuma Oni, or evil counterparts of the known Ryu and Akuma.

After the rumor a few months ago, then comes confidence. We look forward with regard to the implementation of these fighters for the console version of the title, perhaps in the form of DLC, since they cover only that strictly Japanese arcade. Source: VG247

Top rumors for FIFA 12

Teams smarter and more involved in public for the game of EA Sports latest issue of the English edition of Official PlayStation Magazine, EA Sports has revealed some details on FIFA 12, promising a huge amount of improvements since the last episode of the famous division club. David Rutter, producer of EA Canada, said: "I think we did a great job by inserting the Personality Plus in FIFA 11, but the AI of the team could be improved, especially in terms of support for actions.

On the cover of Mortal Kombat check ... Kratos

The protagonist of this God of War in the PS3 version as we already knew, the PlayStation 3 version of the forthcoming Mortal Kombat will boast an exceptional extra character: Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, the god of war or in any way you prefer to call it. Sony wanted to be sure that everyone knew about this particular cameo and its exclusive nature, and so the packaging of the PS3 game has been given a box prominently portraying the menacing look of the character.

The lawsuit, Sony could have a negative impact

According to the EFF, de-legitimize research in computer security The Electronic Frontier Foundation has called the lawsuit against Sony and GeoHot fail0verflow as an act that can de-legitimize the research in computer security . According to the EFF, if Sony wins the lawsuit against hackers, all the people who do research in the field of hardware security could end up being punished for their results.

New details about Face Raiders

The pre-installed games on the Nintendo 3DS Described by Nintendo as an "augmented reality shooter, a shooter in augmented reality, Face Raiders will be part of the applications preinstalled in 3DS. Using the camera and the accelerometer built into the console, the game will see us frame the world around us in search of enemies, with the aim of eliminating them all.

It will not be any adversaries, however, but the faces of people we know and that we can put in Face Raiders simply taking a picture before you start the game. The faces are subject to change as we go forward in stages, changing expression in an absurd way to rescue a few smiles.

Frogwares Announces Dracula Origin 2

"Within a couple of months," the sequel to the Adventure Gothic After posting numerous images of Dracula Origin 2, finally reaches the press officer for the sequel to the Adventure Frogwares Gothic released in 2008. Count Dracula then meet again, this time to fight alongside his historical nemesis, Professor Van Helsing, to counter the threat of the Vampire Queen.

The latter did kidnap Mina Harker to keep the count in check and be able to rule the world alone. According Frogware, the game will be released "within a couple of months."

Hudson has three titles to 3DS

Including Bomberman, Hudson, too, of course, takes its commitments on the Nintendo 3DS, the big N's new laptop that seems to have impressed many publishers around the world. Three in particular are the titles announced by Nissan for the console with three-dimensional graphics: DECA Sports Extreme sports games that will hold 10, or Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Snowball Fight, Sumo Wrestling, Bowling, Snowmobile Racing, and Sport Blowgun Trampoline, all obviously designed for graphics in 3D Bomberman planned for summer, could not miss the latest chapter of the bomber on the new console, this one developed keeping in mind the 3D Pencil Nikoli's Puzzle is a brain-style game training with four main modes, namely Sudoku Hashiwokakero, Shikaku and Akari all available for fall

Online official website Minecraft, launcher incoming

Updates for the game online at the site of Minecraft is now online and running, after a recent update made to the main reference for the online game world and independent "social" the most famous of the moment. Apparently, the changes were made necessary from the traffic load to be supported, with the site now relies on dedicated servers divided depending on the tasks to be carried out (online payments, authentication, etc..) With a real game launcher for the game coming in the near term.

DC Universe Online patch 1.03

Online the new patch for the MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment In addition to some balance issues and the interface, the system patch 1.03 a few major bugs that were found by players in these early days of DC Universe Online. Improved performance and stability of the client. Occasional disconnection on PS3 in the tutorial.

Glitch in the movement of the characters. Overcharging of the character selection screen. Audio general decline after the cutscenes if the music volume is set to 0. Disappearance or distortion of graphics shouldering of the weapon by the player. Block of the character animation. Source: Forum SOE

The damage of piracy in the UK

In 2010 UKIE detects losses of 1.45 billion pounds The UK interactive entertainment talk of damage to almost a billion pounds emmezzo and 1000 jobs lost because of piracy. Or at least that's what gives the UKIE Association, whose director general Michael Rawlinson, said that the money spent on pirated titles and to change the console goes to criminals and young creatives working in the entertainment market .

Crysis 2 better on PC, but thanks to the console

The development platform has done well on the pages of Crytek all'FPS latest issue of EDGE, the president of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, Crysis 2 and discussed in particular how the development platform has helped make better the PC version of game. "You have to understand that the budget for Crysis was much lower than what's available for Crysis 2," he said.

"And we were able to invest much more money on Crysis 2 because we expect to sell more copies, thanks to the availability on multiple platforms." "The PC owners will enjoy a better product because of this situation," said Yerli. Source: EDGE Magazine

Pachter: Nintendo will regret the price of 3DS

In the sense that it is too low, according to analyst I wondered $ 249.99 for the Nintendo 3DS, according to Michael Pachter, are priced too low. "It amazes me that they ask only $ 249. I think that if they repent," said the analyst. "It 'is intended to sell a lot, so it is a loss of revenue for Nintendo.

I did not think it would be' consumer friendly ', it is clear that consumers will do that price. We can say that Reggie (Fils-Aime) tells of bullshit, but at this point I agree with him: if you describe the features of 3DS to most people, they think that cost $ 300 or more. That $ 249 is a ridiculously low price, so that would not surprise me see the console sold on eBay for $ 500 when stocks will run out.

A new expansion for EverQuest II

Pictures, trailers, and date of Destiny Velious Sony Online Entertainment has released a promotional trailer and some new images for the new expansion for EverQuest II, entitled Destiny of Velios. Announced in August 2010, the package will be available from February 22.