Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Sims 3: The policy takes care of your manhood

Playing on the simulator EA your sex life will be irreversibly destroyed some news to the skin should be flooded by a sea of laughter, but talking is over right tackle them head on and with a minimum of sense, without letting go and humoral utterances. The fact: some Catholic lawmakers have pointed to the UDC and the PDL The Sims 3 as a bad educational example for young people.

The reason is simple: you can dial in the game EA homosexual families, with a lot of adopted children. Carlo Casini, a member of the UDC and Moviement for life, The Sims 3 "should not be sold to minors. Our new hero said, during transmission KlausCondicio that: "It is unacceptable that a video game that goes into homes of millions of Italians would allow a child to 6-7-8 years to create a gay couple, which can also adopt children .

New devdiary for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

The communication system the game has been around for a bit 'but it does not seem to stop the developer diaries for Operation Flashpoint: Red River. What we report below, another in a long series, is a video focusing on the new features included within the communication system that provides the game to give orders to teammates managed by the CPU through a complex radial system of pre-set covering a wide range of measures to attack and defense as possible.

New gameplay video for the Starhawk

The ideal sequel to Warhawk shows nails officially announced Friday, Starhawk continues to show on video and its development seems to an advanced stage, bearing in mind that the game will be released only in stores next year. In these new sequences, commented once again by the President of LightBox Interactive, Dylan Jobe, lets see how intertwined the various stages of gameplay.

Our character will be able to drive because of various combat vehicles, or in person, again using a vast arsenal.

Trailer for the introduction inFAMOUS 2

Here's how to begin the new adventure of Cole Sucker Punch has released a new trailer for inFAMOUS 2, this time focusing on the introduction of the game and then on the narrative element. As we know, in this sequel Cole will face new and terrible threats, such as the "Beast", which will collide repeatedly.

He took refuge in the city of New Marais, must guard against sorties of the Militia and use their powers (some of them completely new) to save the innocent and avoid that war leads to a massacre.

LA Noire, the television spot USA

Thirty-six seconds of murders, investigations and interrogations Rockstar Games has posted on its official YouTube channel television spot of LA Noire for the U.S., as thirty-six seconds. Advertising offers us a concentrate of what will be the content of the game: murders, investigations, interviews and a whole lot 'GTA-style action, all set in Los Angeles in the late '40s.

LA Noire will be released in America on May 17, while we will be available from May 20, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Alice: Madness Returns, Duke Nukem Forever and Rift tried to 1080p 3D

Here are the benefits of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 GameRecord posted on its YouTube channel a test of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560, which will hit stores May 17. Not to be confused with the GTX 560 you already have (which you can read our review), this new model stands more or less like a remake of the previous GTX 460, offering very similar performance in the face, however, a power-optimized and new features.

A new monster of devdiary Hunted: The Rise of the Demon

Various' Da Gamefront comes a new video dedicated to Hunted: The Demon's Forge, particularly focusing on the monsters in the game. Developers inXile discussed in the video below the different types of enemies introduced in the Action RPG at issue because for June 3 in Europe on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Guild Wars 2: The city of Lion's Arch in video

ArenaNet a diverse population with this new video shows the city of Lion's Arch, located in Tyria, the northern part of the continent where he plays Guild Wars 2. The city presents itself as a diverse mixture of races and social classes gathered around the markets and shops that abound. So it is not deployed for a specific faction, but, led by trade, is pursuing a diplomatic policy aimed at maintaining the wit and richness of the city.

Free DLC in June for Xbox 360 update on Brink

Course corrections Splash Damage has readjusted in the running of the Brink matchmaking on Xbox 360 with an update on these I went online, while Bethesda has announced new content coming next month. The DLC in question will arrive in June and will be downloadable for free, containing new maps and other material and unidentified.

With regard to the adjustment on the Xbox 360, this puts a limit on the number of human players in "Country" and "Freeplay", with the possibility of up to 8 players, which should eliminate the connection problems reported by several users . In any case, "for those who have not had any problems with lag," the 8 against 8 is still available in both "Big Teams" in Freeplay and through the customization of the private match.

PSN: how to change your password

So, from a few minutes we know that the PlayStation Network is going to be restored throughout the world. Come from several sources confirmed that the service would be available in Europe for almost everyone. What should we do when you can finally get back online with your beloved PS3? You first need to download and install the new firmware 3.61 and only after you change your password.

Here's how. Log in with your PSN ID (email address) and your old password. Select OK on the screen that asks you if you want to change it. Enter the new password on the next screen and continue to follow the onscreen instructions. When you're done you can finally access the PSN with (hopefully) renewed security, but there are a lot 'of problems you might encounter during the procedure just explained.

PSN is getting ready to go online with the update 3.61

The first step towards the restoration and 'started the first phase of rewiring the PlayStation Network service with the required upgrade the firmware to version 3.61 and much of official message from Kaz Hirai. The update is also available in Europe and after the download requires changing the password for the account PSN, operation carried out only through your console.

In case you have not downloaded anything on PSN, the request for password change comes through a special email with a link to follow. The 3.61 update paves the way for the restoration of the online game that should be active in the territories of present-day America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

PSN: recovery starts today

Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment have announced in recent hours, through an official press release, that the division SNEI (Sony Entertainment Network International) today began the first phase of restoration of the NDP. The wake will take some 'time (days, presumably) to be completed and will follow a specific timetable "region by region, starting from the U.S.

and continuing with Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. The "restart" will cover the following services: In addition to this long-awaited news, Sony wanted to let you know that the security of the network has been enhanced and the entire infrastructure benefiting hours of the most advanced systems to prevent attacks by " external agents.