Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dragon Quest VI - A river of images from the French version

The game will be released in May, Square Enix has issued twenty-eight images from the localized French version of the forthcoming Dragon Quest VI for Nintendo DS. See them all (check there, let this be known) to test the quality and see few moments of the last Dragon Quest game for the Nintendo Dual Screen console.

Fable III - New images from the PC version

Graphically it looks very similar to the Xbox 360 Lionhead has released some new screenshots taken from the PC version of Fable III, controversial action role-playing game already released this Christmas on Xbox 360. The pictures show characters and moments of the game.

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS not worry

According to statements from Reggie Fils-Aime, avoid sold-out it was a calculated move Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, said that the abundant stocks of Nintendo 3DS (and the consequent failure to sold-out) are part a clear strategy, a lesson learned in the past. Typically the launch of a new platform play is accompanied by episodes of unavailability of the same, but it was different for 3DS.

Minecraft against FortressCraft, you will go to court

Mojang Studio has sued ProjectorGames The two titles are too similar Mojang, independent studio that produced the blockbuster Minecraft, has filed a lawsuit against because of their ProjectorGames FortressCraft, a game for the platform Xbox Live Arcade, which actually is based on identical mechanical.

The news was revealed by his DJ Keemstar, public relations officer of ProjectorGames. Everyone was aware that FortressCraft himself as a clone of Minecraft, so we wondered what he would do about it Mojang Studio. Moreover, the title made by ProjectorGames has been a great success on the Xbox Live Marketplace, making it one of the best-selling independent products.

Tweet Land: the social network becomes a game

Twitter to be played by the excellent source of ideas that are confirmed to be the site Kickstarter, specializing in fund raising for independent projects, check a particular video game that promises to integrate the social networks within the same tissue gaming, the latter to compose their own with the exchange of information typical of the social network.

This is Tweet Land and looks like a sort of collection of various games in which "reality" influences in the game. By analyzing the huge amount of information that emerge every day on the network of Twitter from a few key words, the play of Land Tweet pose new obstacles, changing their environments and create puzzles.

Smartphones continue to gain ground in the gaming market

Here comes a new challenger what appeared to be a distant threat to Nintendo and Sony is proving an increasingly solid: smartphones, especially the IOS and Android, they are gaining a market share of more and more important in today's entertainment. In 2010, Flurry Analytics has estimated an increase in the share devoted to IOS and Android both in terms of video games in general, especially compared to the purely laptop.

A video for Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung

Good old bad guy is back to talk to Shang Tsung for the new video released by Warner Bros to Mortal Kombat. After the first trailer dedicated to the bad old series, the evil in the latter shows much younger, Netherrealm miracles. So you can see renewed his repertoire of moves and its updated look in the video below.

Mortal Kombat - Trailer Shang Tsung (young)

Green Lantern is shown in video

Back blows green to be seen also Green Lantern, DC Comics comic eponymous protagonist who is preparing this year to become a film at the cinema and of course a video game. In this case this game: Green Lantern: The Rise of Manhunter, an action game that looks like a scrolling beat 'em, or something, set course for the worlds characteristic of the series, with the plot that goes back to the told in the film.

The multiplayer mode in video F.3.AR

Horror in the company returns to show F3. AR with another video, this time focused entirely on multiplayer in the game. Between teamwork and supernatural elements, it seems that there are many possibilities for entertainment in the group with the new chapter of horror FPS Day 1 Studios and Warner Bros., expected out May 27 in Europe on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.

F.3. AR - Trailer multiplayer modes

Team Fortress 2 - An update bareheaded

A barrel of health for the PC version Nothing new hats, or anything silly in this new update for Team Fortress 2, but a substantial number of additions and fixes. We start with a new map and you get to the new coaching system. In between are other juicy news including new commands, new features to the bot-offs of all kinds and a new system of integration between the game server and Steam account.

Final Fantasy VI comes to PSN

With the remake of a remake of Final Fantasy VI is also about to arrive on PSN with the remake of the remake came out in 1999 on the Playstation. He said Shinji Hashimoto, Square Enix's famous game producer, via the Twitter profile where the company is also a date that is April 20. Now to complete the offer lacks only Final Fantasy IV, but according to various sources is only a matter of time.

One million registrations for Battlestar Galactica Online

A galactic success in the spotlight thanks to the recent television series, Battlestar Galactica has a large following that apparently was poured into the MMO Bigpoint server. The title free to play online has in fact gathered as many as one million registrations and the developer is confident that users will continue to grow.

Battlestar Galactica Online has recently been updated to version 3.3 of the Unity development platform and now offers reflective surfaces and textures of better quality.

Battlefield 3 will be better on consoles due to the PC

According better to start from the executive producer of Battlefield 3, Patrick Bach, choose today as the platform of the console is not wise. Currently, the PC has made considerable progress and it is a pity not to exploit such advanced technology. Also from the bottom does not reach the summit. With Battlefield 3 instead you started from and then cut the unnecessary and still maintain the best things on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Dungeon Siege III - Trailer Reinhart

Despite a magician action has studied for many years in a school of magic Reinhart is not a conventional magician. Innovative formulas and a mix of magic and action make this character a real battle wizard that can fight and even short-range teleport very quickly. At the bottom of the video dedicated to this particular persionaggio Dungeon Siege 3.

Dungeon Siege III - Trailer Reinhart

Square Enix prepares a new mystery game for IOS and Android

The world is an illusion and 'checked a few hours a mysterious teaser page from Square Enix, dedicated to an unspecified iOS game, something that could be a new IP. In fact, the page does not say much, as well as the writings that characterize it: "The Golden ripping off the world" and "This world is illusion.

The night dreams are true." We learn also that the scenario is by Souki Tsukishima, while "comic" is entrusted to Toshiyuki Itahana with Shinji Hashimoto in charge of planning and production and Motomu Toriyama as a supervisor. It remains to understand the rest: title, release date and price, all are marked as "TBA." The only sure thing is that this is a project for iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android iPad.