Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Carmageddon incoming

Square Enix is preparing to announce a new chapter in the controversial Carmageddon series. Read the details we have to wait until June 1, or between less than 11 days as suggested by yet another countdown going on www. Carmageddon. com. There are about 6 years that the series has disappeared from radar.

The very first chapter was released in 1997 on himself immediately attracting criticism from around the world for the contents a bit 'too violent. On board cars by design highly unlikely, it could invest hundreds of people ... In a second version of the game, also published in Europe were replaced by zombies.

We climb into the ring of MMA Supremacy

The next one is Sept. 23 to mark a date on the calendar for fans of extreme and bloody fighting. That day, in fact, will be released in stores Supremacy MMA. Compared to similar games already out in stores now, Supremacy MMA will propose a substantial difference, in fact, the fighting will be all female.

As usual there are several incentives for those who book the game in various online retailers, by bonuses that will be exclusive arenas extra characters.

Samsung, smartphones and tablet revolution for 2012

Samsung has always been one of the world more productive and attentive to the needs of users, the announcement by South Korean home, which looks more like a promise, is to bring more innovations in its products, which from 2012 will see a significant change. These innovations are obviously to be found in the services of tablets and smartphones, that lately, except in rare cases, are no longer the height of evergreen brands such as Apple, BlackBerry and HTC, which provide a large number of smartphones from the value in all interesting cases, while Samsung seems to be veering toward an elite clientele, preferring to mid-range products increased efforts in those top class.

A date for Ratchet & Clank All 4 One

All 4 One Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac latest chapter in the saga, see the light of the shelves on October 12th. The confirmation comes not from the developers but by the European PlayStation blog. Compared to the previous adventures, as you can imagine from the title, this episode will offer a co-op up to four players, who can enter and exit the game at any time, either locally or online.

First video for Chaos Rings 2

The chaos Always Rings Twice A few days after the Chaos Rings Omega, the first video shows a Chaos Rings 2, the direct sequel to the Japanese RPG developed by Square Enix to Ios. The trailer in question is all in Japan's language but offers a first look at the environments that characterize the new chapter, the system of fighting and the characters that would make the plot.

Lack of information regarding the official release date and details of the game in question, although it will probably around 2012. Chaos Rings 2 - Trailer presentation

More Mobile Suit for all!

Tecmo Koei has confirmed the European release of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, which will be available in stores from July 1 in PS3 and Xbox 360. Compared to the previous chapters the most interesting feature is the presence of co-op up to four players, but fans of the genre will be pleased to know that the game will lead the tune of over 70 models of different Gundam.

In terms of gameplay have been added three new game mechanics: Partner Strike, Recovery Emergency Dash and Gauge. The first will allow us to call teammates to support, the second is a new move evasive and the third will recover points-armor during battles.

Myst at a discount from the App Store

79 cents will be spending time, but Myst is one of the most fascinating experiences in the interactive gaming landscape. Originally released in 1993, the classic Cyan Worlds has recently been revived on a new IOS version adapted to the screen of mobile devices and Apple with touch interface, which then leaves the structure virtually unchanged.

The novelty of these days is that the game is now at a discount, available for download for 79 cents. The title obviously has a bit 'dated, considering the time passed, but the nostalgic and those who intend to engage in a genuine challenge to the meninges, may consider the purchase. Link: Myst on the App Store

Gameplay video "stolen" for FIFA 12

A long gameplay video of FIFA 12 has suddenly popped out of nowhere on YouTube, to the delight of all fans of virtual football. In the clip, you can take a first look at many of the changes that this latest edition of the game and to propose, first of all the already famous Impact Engine, which promises a realism and fluidity in the contrasts never seen before.

To taste the new system to tackle, much harder than before, not to mention the accident, that in this new chapter will be hideously realistic. In contrast to FIFA 12 in a slip will be governed also by the distance from the player you want to remove the ball, making them more effective but also more risky ...

Microsoft closes Pioneer Studios, another idea of J Allard

Microsoft puts another stone ends an era of heroism J Allard at the Redmond, relationship ended about a year but stressed in some way symbolic of the end of Pioneer Studios, the brainchild of just Allard. This was a study of "incubator" for new ideas, designed to make various designers experiment with new creative freedom with a certain focus on the electronics consumer, however, in a very particular architecture, designed by SKB Architects in Seattle.

Starbreeze working on a downloadable game

The Swedish team has announced that Starbreeze working on a downloadable game, probably intended to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. "He is dealing with a small team, which is also testing the Unreal Engine which is used to all the productions to come," has said a company representative. In the meantime, another project in the developing world, the mysterious Project Red Lime by now that many of the remake of Syndicate, seems to have grown considerably.

VidZone back with an update

Beastie Boys and more with the progressive reactivation of the PlayStation Network online service, is also back VidZone, the video streaming service dedicated to the world music on Sony's console. And the best way to celebrate this return, of course, is a rich bell'aggiornamento, such as happened in those hours with the following contents: Artists Of The Week - Beastie Boys - video 'Make Some Noise' and the new trailer for 'Fight For Your Right 'Revisited starring Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride Greatest Hits - The Lonely Island - all the video's most famous including' We're Back ',' I'm On A Boat 'and' Lazy Sunday 'Greatest Hits - Katerine - Katerine into the strange world with all the videos including 'Old Chain' 'freedom' 'Des Bisoux' and 'La Musique' Various videos of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey and David Bowie Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - tracks from the new written album with Jack White and Norah Jones Exclusive Video Chase and Status all'HMV Live Forum

LA Noire "for women"

According to the Team Bondi, LA Noire is not a game exclusively male. The boss of the game, Brandon McNamara, has said that during the previous tests at the issue, many have to try the product along with its companion. "Many women and girls have wanted to try to play after seeing a friend or partner.

Others looked at him as if it were a movie." "Women are on average more brave men to see if that is a lie, and perhaps this is one aspect that attracts them more." We do not know if our game LA Noire Stephen along with his girlfriend, but he seems like a lot '.

Orcs Must Die - The Trap Spring

Seemingly harmless, potentially devastating Joystiq has obtained and released a new video of Orcs Must Die! that shows some possible applications for the trap to spring. Positioned either horizontally or vertically this gimmick can project the orcs to other traps, lava, or directly into the air giving life to amazing pigeon shooting sessions.

Continue down the price of the Wii

The price of the Wii has fallen a few days to a recommended value of about € 149, but it seems that the descent is not yet the end. Many European retailers, online or not, in fact, have further lowered the Nintendo home console, perhaps to reduce inventory in view of what many have called "Project Impact Café." The imminent announcement of the new hardware could in fact stop further sales of the Wii, which in recent months have already seen a significant braking.

Syberia available on Steam

Both chapters The famous adventures of Kate Walker are now available on Steam and to mark the occasion both titles are discounted by 20%. Syberia and Syberia 2 may in fact be purchased for € 07.19 until next Thursday. So if you love adventure and you never had the opportunity to visit Europe in the company of a comely lawyer New York, this is your chance.

A camera on the Wii controller 2

According to a report from Develop, the successor to the Wii controller will include a front camera that will allow you to take pictures of the game. According to the source cited by Develop, the controller of the platform is also characterized by the presence of a touch-screen with which you can interact using a stylus.

The pad should propose, however, the traditional buttons. "The functions are similar to those of 3DS. It is a traditional controller with front camera and touch-screen," says the source. "But I can not confirm anything, Nintendo is sipping the details." According to Develop, in order to prevent the leakage of news before E3, Nintendo would have canceled meetings with the third party partner.

The creator of Oddworld think of new video games

Something social and then something classic Lorne Lanning, creator of the Oddworld series, you are no longer directly involved in the Games since 2005, when it was released Stranger's Wrath on Xbox. Since then, Lanning has dealt mainly with television and film, but apparently has not forgotten the game.

Asked about the possibility of returning to work in the field of gaming, the game designers said "we think all the time" and is currently planning a new concept capable of merging several features typically "social" as Facebook and YouTube, at least as principle, and having them live together in a video game.

MW3, "leak turned into a victory"

According to Activision, the massive leak of information about Modern Warfare 3 proved to be a "victory for marketing." In an interview with Joystiq, Eric Hirshberg, Activision has condemned the illegal but added that at the end to the publisher was still a victory. "It's not nice to steal the intellectual property of others, or to filter out news that does not belong to you," says Hirshberg, "but you can not always have things under control." "Through our channels, through Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward, Facebook and YouTube have reached our fans and we told them we planned a different kind of ad.

Apple malware attack, there's unofficial confirmation

Apple, the company widely regarded as untouchable and untouched by the virus or malware that you prefer, these days are running for cover to retract an alleged threat by the time you announce a limited effect, but if it was taken lightly, could be a Herculean task, involving all the products of Cupertino home PC.

A few days ago we warned users of Apple from being strange and unusual requests for download today has that same warning and advise to be cautious when selecting the updates and programs to install. The key thing, recommended by Apple, is to carefully check the provenance of these files, which could contain the infection are able to penetrate deeply into the system so far unsullied, but under fire in the current state of things, the crackers and hackers trying to blow attracting valuable information to users in the network updates defined fake, or spoofed.

New patch coming for Brink

There's something for everyone Splash Damage plans to release a new update for Brink, shooter published by Bethesda. The patch will be launched online next week and will have content dedicated to all three versions: PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, also with different specifications for each platform.

On Xbox 360, for example, has worked on a performance increase for the network and the arrangement of a bug that caused the hang of the game. On the PC are provided for major changes, including accommodation for sound problems, improved graphics, adjusting the browser servers, some minor bugs, upgrade to dedicated server.

Hellgate: London comes back to life as a F2P

The MMO developed by Flagship Studios, Hellgate: London, returns to life after closure of the servers in 2009. Hanabitsoft The publisher has announced that between 3 and June 5 there will be a beta to a limited number, then the title will be available in North America, while for Europe, the publisher has not yet revealed its plans.

The MMO will adopt a free-to-play model, but other than that we have no information on what's new in this version.

A weekend to experience double for Killzone and Call of Duty 3: Black Ops

Double points Sony has announced a new "double XP weekend" this weekend on Killzone and Call of Duty 3: Black Ops, on stage from now until May 23 or Monday. The occasion is a celebration of the return of online PlayStation Network, a great reason to come back to engage in industry or Guerrilla multiplayer game than Treyarch.

Problems for Fallout Honest Hearts

The sections of the forum on Bethesda's Xbox 360 and PC versions of Fallout: New Vegas, several users have reported problems with the DLC Honest Hearts. Bethesda said that they are aware of the problem and promises a quick fix. Steam users who can not run the DLC may instead follow the steps described by Bethesda to gain access to content.

Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale - Trailer "Arms and loot"

More enemies arrive, the better the new trailer for Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale shows burning abilities, bats galore, inventory, and a detail on the loot. The properties of monsters killed in fact fall to the ground in Diablo style. The title Bedlam Games remains a hack & slash old school, and then based on the massacre of tons of monsters in order to recover their treasures.

Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale - Trailer "Weapons and loot"

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2 on the Wii 2?

During an episode of Ask Capcom, Capcom's Christian Svensson has suggested that it is unlikely that the sequel will arrive on Wii Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Rumors speak of a chapter for Wii 2. "Right now, Wii 2 is not official yet: Nintendo will talk about at E3, but at present do not yet know the final name," says Svensson.

"For now I can not talk about the future of TVC on other platforms or on the Wii's successor. I can only say that we have a well defined strategy on fighting for years to come. Stay tuned." Tatsunoko vs Capcom was published last year on Wii. The specifications of the new Nintendo console would be announced at the next E3.

Maingear EX-L 17: 3D gaming notebook, prices and reviews

Maingear launched a new gem, it is the former L-17 3D, a notebook devoted entirely to gaming and a stunning performance from the graphic point of view, not only for the implementation of 3D components, but especially outstanding, which leaves back most of the competitors' models. Maingear's challenge is clear, intends to launch a product with quality comparable to Alienware, a true market leader, with the new line that Mx is depopulating the United States and around the world, with new sales records.

RIFT - A video dedicated to build the magician

Not only damage the stout magician RIFT has different specializations that can be combined in groups of three and can be turned into a great car for damage, a magician or a great editor. In this trailer, mostly just to the figure of the magician shows three Trion specific skills in action. RIFT - The skills of the magician

Storm Announced

The developer of Aqua Panic, Eko, announced the new study design, Storm. It is a puzzle game that will offer some puzzles to solve using meteorological phenomena such as smoke, rain and tornadoes. Goal Storm will drive a seed on fertile soil. The game will be available in summer on PC, PSN and XBLA priced at 800 Microsoft Points or the equivalent of $ 10.