Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sony unveils the PSP Engine

More easily ported from PSP to PS3. There is a specific engine, developed by Sony, used to port from PSP to PlayStation 3 titles, or those in high-definition remakes are not very frequent to say the truth, but could become more widespread following the introduction of this technology. During a session of the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2011 in Tokyo, Kentaro Suzuki, Sony introduced the PSP so this engine, which ranks as a meeting ground between the PSP and the PlayStation 3 system allows the laptop to the port from home console, with the possibility of rendering in high definition, adjustment of controls, adding 3D effect, and expansion of main memory and graphics.

THQ will publish The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 in the West

CD Projekt and THQ become partners for the publication of the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and the Middle East. Both parties have shown the agreement met with the CD Project, which relies on the power of marketing, THQ to launch the most of the game with THQ and proud to have taken a brand as prestigious under his wing.

We recall that the PC version was released by Namco Bandai, apparently ousted from the console version.

An official site for Ixion Saga

Capcom opens the official online reference for the mystical world There's still plenty to see, but meanwhile, opened the official site for Ixion Saga, the new, still mysterious, online game from Capcom. Apparently, the details begin to appear from July 7, as reported by the written explanation at the time that makes up the site in question, as well as the official logo can note that in the meantime.

A video "destructive" for Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Destruction comes stocked with a new video for Namco Bandai Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, with a montage of various scenes of the game. In that video, aptly entitled "Destruction Trailer" shows the effects of the motto "bigger insects, bigger weapons," with the effects of destruction of the scenarios on display.

And 'possible to destroy almost everything in this game, obviously, from the insects themselves up to the buildings to skyscrapers.

The 2011 Summer of Arcade gives the Crimson Alliance

An extra incentive The Summer of Arcade is to ports 2011 and comes with 5 very interesting titles that will be released on Xbox Live Arcade in the course of this summer. It is a good assortment of games, which adds an interesting news: who will buy all games in the catalog of the Summer of Arcade, can free download Crimson Alliance, the new and exciting action RPG that Certain Affinity promises a great deal online co-op action.

Online the first update for Order & Chaos

Chaos & Order Online, has received its first update these hours. This is an update of some substance released by Gameloft, which fixes several problems and adjust certain features. Among other things, they report new chat channels in various languages, new armor and equipment, a new system of migration between servers and in-game teleportation and resurrection at a reduced cost.

Rune Factory 4 Announced for 3DS

Rune Factory 4 will be released on Nintendo 3DS by the end of this year. The fourth release of the spin-off series of Harvest Moon has been announced in the latest edition of the popular Japanese magazine Famitsu. Nerland Co. Ltd will once again development. The team promises greater emphasis on relationships between the characters and new gameplay mechanics.

Check for Rage special edition

The Australian section with various contents of the chain EB Games lists a Special Edition of Rage, id Software has not yet announced. The special edition has been sold at 108 Australian dollar and contains, in addition to the game, a limited edition print taken from the game, a "wing stick," distinguishing the various gangs in the game world and additional DLC also included in Anarchy Edition.

Dead Block has a date on XBLA and PSN

Dead Block is a new title that combines action and Tower Defense with a generous dose of humor. His arrival on Xbox Live Arcade is expected on July 6, while the PlayStation Network will come the 20th of that month. Developed by the team Candygun Games, the game (set in the U.S. Of the 50) will see us working to defend against a siege of zombies.

PSN update June 29

New update of the PlayStation Store, which offers among other content (finally) the infamous code to unlock the online versions "use" of F3. AR. There is also a new "package" of events and trails for 3 and DiRT Crysis 2 new maps in the DLC decimation. Fans of arcade shooters can choose between the "two sticks" Gatling Gears, the Star Raiders Atari signed space adventure, action-RPG Dungeon and the Hunter: Alliance.

Activision Announces Call of Duty XP Event

An event-themed Call of Duty Due to the popularity of the Call of Duty, it was only a matter of time for the famous FPS Activision has decided to build an event "live" large community of gamers dedicated to the faithful. The event is called "Call of Duty XP", and promises to be a little 'what the Blizzcon is for users of Blizzard fans, but in this case, of course, all dedicated to the world FPS Activision.

Japanese charts: already exhausted the effect Zelda?

The remake of Ocarina of Time slips to fifth place, while the PSP back to dominate the hardware sales and 'lasted only a week towing operated by The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D on the sales of the Nintendo 3DS, with the title slipping Nintendo in fifth position while on the hardware back to forcefully impose PSP.

The handheld console Sony, anything but dead in Japan despite the announcement of PlayStation Life, also sees the presence of three games in the top 5: Steins: Gate, Gundam Memories: Memories of the Little Battle Battle eXperience, all doubt very close to the tastes of gamers Nipponese.

Limbo arrives on PlayStation 3?

The exciting puzzle-platformer Limbo may also arrive on PlayStation 3 after having delighted audiences Xbox 360. For "sighting" on the Rating Board's website was the portal Japanese Korean GameSetWatch. If and when the game comes there is still not known and Sony, for the moment, has not commented.

Players of Star Wars Galaxies want to bring to court SOE

The rebels Online News of the final closure of the support Star Wars Galaxies is evidently not been taken well by a group of players of the historical title of Sony Online Entertainment. About 50 players have decided to set up a class action to bring legal action against the publisher, thus attempting to obtain support for the continuation of the online game, destined to end in a few days.

But not only that: the accusation brought to Washington is also about the way that SOE would react to the peaceful and legitimate demands of the players. Having these online petitions proposed several times to ask for the continuation of support, you are always close, in response, the topics and warnings about these initiatives, with a particular member, pointed out by the admin as "leading the action," submitted to a permanent ban with a lot of legal charges in tow.

Gameplay trailer for Star Fox 64 3D

The remake of the classic shooter promises the show on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has just released a new trailer for Star Fox 64 3D, characterized by the presence of several sequences of gameplay. As you can see from the video, the game runs very smooth and has undergone a series of improvements to adapt the graphics to current standards.

The scenarios are rich in elements and details, so as to make the sessions even more spectacular flight. The ability to control your ship by tilting the 3DS and cooperative multiplayer locally complete the offer of a title no doubt intended to arouse the enthusiasm of both the nostalgia of the younger gamers.

The trailer for Dead Island award in Cannes

Not at the film festival, but The wonderful trailer for Dead Island, which shows in the bottom because it certainly can not hurt it again, he was awarded as part of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, an event somehow "alternative" to the film festivals, and we all know that rewards the best commercials of the year.

However, this is a recognition of great value for the video produced by Axis Animation, award-winning productions branded with Google, and Skittles, so giants that have resources well beyond those they can rely on the developers of the Polish team Techland.

Galaga Legions DX now available on XBLA

The PSN version in the pipeline is continuing the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary with the release of Galaga Galaga Legions DX digital platform on Xbox Live Arcade, priced at 800 Microsoft Points. Developed by the same team excellent Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, this reinterpretation of the classic Namco shooter looks strong gameplay, action-packed and highly spectacular, with ten different areas full of aliens to be addressed.