Friday, February 25, 2011

New video of Crysis 2 nano-suit and invisibility

Be invisible Be invisible will be crucial to carry attacks in Crysis 2, as shown in the video released today by EA which is reported below. Among the wonders of the nano-suit it is also the optical camouflage, which allows sneak attacks from position literally invisible (or at least, not visible) in every situation.

Crysis 2 - Trailer Be Invisible

Sony cuts price of PSP in USA

Sony has just announced that starting from February 27, PSP-3000 can be purchased from U.S. retailers at a price of $ 129.99, but strangely no one has made statements about the possibility that such a price reduction can be applied also in the market Europe. "We have nothing to say about it," said Sony Europe to the microphones in our network.

"The PSP has been very successful in Europe and we look forward to sharing with the public our plans for the coming year." In line with the reduction in price, Sony will add a series of new products to the Essentials line, among them stand out Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Resistance Retribution, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite and Killzone: Liberation.

Mothers who hate Dead Space 2: The background

Your mom hates Dead Space, Electronic Arts insists the tests here with his particular choice of sales promotion for Dead Space 2: A video shows a kind of "behind the scenes" marketing campaign "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2." We do not know what the thing is real or mounted on purpose, in each case shows the initiative, whereby a series of quiet middle-aged mothers are subjected to the vision of the bloodiest scenes of Dead Space 2, with reaction predictably somewhat indignant.

The Xbox 360 line-up for 2011

Microsoft has just announced the official line-up on the most important games that will light up Xbox 360 in 2011. As you will see a little further on, the list is sadly lacking in big exclusive - is the only Gears of War 3 - but the prospects of the channel XBLA succeed, at least in part, to raise an issue not particularly rosy.

Microsoft seems to have focused heavily, if not all, on its digital delivery service, and although this is in a positive direction, many of his loyalists are likely to remain disappointed. Beyond a few arcade games and DLC, which exclusivity comes at a "specific weight" of less than a conventional retail product, the 2011 Microsoft weblog are indeed not very bright.

A countdown to tip Modern Warfare 3?

Find Makarov Here we go again, always the original idea of the countdown is checked again on the internet, in a mysterious teaser site called findmakarov. com. At the same time, some sites like ThatVideogameBlog have received lots of calls mysterious form of military plates that read "findmakarov" and "end of the war." View the graphics that make up the numbers countdown in several are considering a possible revelation of Modern Warfare 3.

Mythos: public beta in April

The public beta of the hack-and-slash MMO Mythos will officially open on 12 April. Compared to the closed beta the Level Cap will be raised from 27 to 50 and will open a new area of the map, Umbral Peaks. Mythos was originally created by Flagship, developer of the controversial Hellgate: London, but after his death the fate of the game has passed into the hands of Runic Games, a company created by much of the original team, became famous with the GDR Torchlight.

Sony cuts price of PSP in North America

The new standard $ 129 price decided by Sony for PSP North American market is $ 129.99, the manufacturer said today in an official capacity. The new price will be applied starting this weekend, that is 27 February. There is no information on the European market, but it is likely that a similar initiative is also adapted to our area, also in view of an adjustment in the position of the handset market with the forthcoming arrival of its direct successor, at the time identified by the name NGP .

Alien Breed: trilogy arrives in stores

Team17 has announced that the new trilogy for Xbox 360 Alien Breed will be released in stores in "packaged". The arrival on the shelves is scheduled for March 18. Considering that all three chapters are available for a total of 2,400 Microsoft Points, or about 28 euro, it is likely that the "box" will be sold at a budge, but for now there is no official confirmation.

Crysis demo 2: March 1 on a PC and also Xbox 360, PS3 later

Trials for all Erratum: In the news title was missing the word "demo", adding now the sisgnificato could be misinterpreted. Electronic Arts and Crytek are going to give us another chance to try out Crysis 2 before its launch on the market with a new demo scheduled for March 1 on PC and Xbox 360. The demo version had been announced for the PC, but it is a new initiative to bring it back, however, also on Xbox 360, where a test was already organized some 'time ago.

First image for Thief 4?

The first image of Thief 4 could (and we emphasize might) have been unearthed in the depths of the network. The JeuxVideo you can see on the site and, if confirmed, would show a third-person action with a HUD skeleton. Of course we take the "discovery" with the springs and we await official word from Eidos, which should reveal the game to the next GDC.

Motorstorm Apocalypse removed from New Zealand because of the earthquake?

Too similar to the real drama As reported by Kotaku at this time, Sony had decided to block the release of Motorstorm Apocalypse in New Zealand following the terrible earthquake that struck the area in recent days. The setting of the game particularly apocalyptic, in fact, it would seem too easy to connect to the tragedy that occurred in Christchurch three days ago, therefore, at least for the moment, the Japanese manufacturer had decided to block the release of the new chapter of the racing game as a sign of respect for the victims of the earthquake.

Chime donates $ 96,000 to charity

OneBigGame, publisher of the excellent Chime for XBLA and PC, has earned only $ 4,000 with his game, giving the other 96,000 for charity. The money was donated to two different organizations, Save the Children and Starlight. Reviewed in September 2010, Chime scored an excellent 8 / 10 on Video Games Source and our advice is to do your very soon.

Maybe you're late to contribute to charity but at least you will secure one of the most enjoyable and original music games of recent times. Super Deluxe version of the game is expected in the coming months on the PS3.

United Front Games after erasing True Crime

Layoffs coming Foreseeable problems have arisen in the United Front Games after massive internal restructuring imposed by Activision Blizzard, which has led, among many other things, the cancellation of the "almost ready" True Crime: Hong Kong. The development team based in Vancouver think it should meet a number of redundancies, "UFG is still open and will continue to develop games," assures the study, but due to the cancellation of their main game several places have become excessive and Activision has decided to dismissal, in number yet to be defined.

Bonus for pre-orders for LA Noire

Are you going to pre-order LA Noire to ensure some juicy bonus? Then get ready right now because the decision will not be easy. These deals, in fact, will vary by retailer. GAME for example, will offer two bonus features: Naked City Homes and Pursuit Challenge Badge. The first is a case involving the mysterious death of a fascinating model, while the second will enable us to meet the challenge to find 20 distinctive police cleverly hidden around the city.

Trilogy Alien Breed in package for Xbox 360

All episodes on disc I Team 17 have decided to release the new trilogy of episodic Alien Breed, initially distributed in digital delivery, including on disc for the Xbox 360. Alien Breed Trilogy will therefore be available in stores, boxed as a normal retail version, from March 18, 2011. On the disc of course there are the three episodes Evolution, Assault and Descent.

By ToeJam on Facebook

The developer of the classic SEGA Mega Drive, ToeJam and Earl, has launched a free application for Facebook called Deko Deko-Mail. The software, developed by Greg Johnson Humanature Studios, simply allows you to add animations to messages on Facebook. However, originally the project was born as a title for Nintendo DS to be developed for publisher Sega.

The project was later scaled down until SEGA never left him. But not before publishing a trailer still available online. "I'm surprised that they never published the game," says Johnson. "They were probably too busy and eventually lost sight of." Thanks to Facebook's original design team, however poitrebbe back to life: "I want to finish what I started on the DS, and offering an editor with which people are able to create worlds and fill them with customize characters with whom to interact in different ways ".

Steel Rain announced the package for Killzone 3

Two new maps: Junkyard Stahl Arms and Sony announced today a new expansion pack for Killzone 3, in this case a couple of additional maps. The DLC is called Steel Rain "and the maps in question are Junkyard and Stahl Arms: the first is a map that sees the ISA and Helghast forces face each other in an attempt to protect vehicles and supplies, with support for 16 player mode Guerrilla Warfare.

The second is a large-scale map for 24 players, in which a team of ISA to try a desperate attack structure Stahl Arms, in an attempt to free some prisoners. Killzone 3 - Trailer of the Steel Rain map pack

Florence and the Machine Age in Dragon II

The winners of a Grammy Award Florence and The Machine will appear on the soundtrack of Dragon Age II. The song "I'm not calling you a liar" was adapted by the composer of Dragon Age II, Inon Zur and Steve Schnur, and will appear in the soundtrack of the BioWare role-playing game with the title "I'm Not Calling You A Liar (Dragon Age II: Varrica's Theme) ".

These are the tracks of the soundtrack of the game: An excerpt of the songs is available on SoundCloud, while those who downloaded the demo for PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 can play the songs in the trial version of RPG.

Already one million people for Rift

It has not yet released Rift is not yet released on the market but already there are a million people ready to populate the world of Telara, reported today by Trion World. The game is still to go, with the launch set for March 4 in Europe, and those who have had access to the bonus for pre-order will start playing right from the next few hours.

This is a somewhat surprising result, considering also that we are faced with a new IP and the first of this fantasy RPG MMO development teams.

David Braben wand hackers

According to the founder of Frontier Developments (LostWinds, Kinectimals) David Braben, the hackers who modify damage PlayStation 3 developers, publishers, and ultimately even the players. "I annoy the hackers who claim they can do whatever they want with what you have, especially when their actions are so dangerous to the safety of other PlayStation 3," said Braben to Develop.

"These people are hurting all PlayStation 3 owners, not just the developers, because in the future will require new security measures. But some think this means only that content for free in the future." "Some have suggested that the dissemination of information on piracy is a problem of freedom of thought," says Braben.

European date for Virtua Tennis 4

April 29, 2011 Here comes the official confirmation by Sega, the release date in Europe Virtua Tennis 4. The simulation-arcade tennis, which this year will come up against old rival Top Spin 4, will arrive in Europe April 29, 2011. Presented for the first time last year Gamescom initially as an exclusive PlayStation 3, Sega has also changed his mind and decided to produce even the Xbox 360 and Wii.

Street Fighter III "only for the hardcore"

In the last installment of Iwata Asks series, the producer of Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono, said that Street Fighter III was designed specifically for experienced players and for fans of the series. According to Ono, however, the game was too technical, and had alienated several categories of players: "It's nice to feel part of an exclusive club and we develop this feeling of us drunk.

At 14 years after its publication, there are still tournaments World Street Fighter III. " However, for Street Fighter IV has been chosen to go another way: "We could consider only the most devoted fan, had to return to the roots of the series and analysis. This means trying to figure out how to involve people who were caught originally from the game.

The first image of Thief 4?

Confused, but visible according to Strategy Informer, which is reported in the bottom of the news would be the first image from Thief 4, awaited sequel to the action-stealth Eidos Montreal. Announced in 2009, the game will not have seen virtually nothing, with a possible presentation scheduled for the GDC, although it is unclear what this might consist of.

The picture shows "something" with third-person view, an urban and a small HUD. Reportedly, the image was posted by the same development team and then spread on the Internet, expect any confirmation from Eidos. Source: Strategy Informer

Relentless talk about Buzz! PS3

The co-founder of Relentless Software, Andrew Eades, told the Videogame Source Buzz! is now "a closed chapter." A chapter in the transition to next-generation PlayStation 3 seems to have left some trail. "Looking at the time the PS2, I do not think anyone could be satisfied by Buzz on PS3. In our opinion there were too many Buzz! And too fast on the PS3," says Eades.

"If you have sold 100 million consoles (the case of Buzz! Era of PlayStation 2) difficult to find a sufficient number of people interested in this type of security. Of course the idea was to convince these people to buy PS3 Buzz! But to be honest, a console that costs 425 pounds can not give you an important catchment area.

Sonic Angry Birds and Windows 7 Phone

Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode 1, Plants and Zombies vs Angry Birds are some of the games that will arrive this spring on Phone Windows 7, Microsoft announced. The games will be part of the promotion Must Have Games for Xbox Live which will include a version of the title WP7 iOS Doodle Jump, Hydro Thunder and geoDefense Go.

Microsoft also claims that all games will include targets Xbox Live, online leaderboards and other features. Yet to announce the launch date and price of the games.

Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie - a DLC space - Trailer in game

Back in the mission in April will Valkyrie the first expansion for the amazing Galaxy on Fire 2, which led to the simulated space free roaming on the iPhone and iPad. The add-on will include voice-over, a new storyline, new ships, new upgrades and will also be issued free of charge when it comes out the first models of Galaxy on Fire to be used in the second chapter.

App Store Link: Galaxy on Fire 2 Full: € 7.99 Galaxy on Fire 2 Demo: Lite Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie - Trailer game

EA officially Victory Games

EA has confirmed the rumors leaked a few days ago in relation to Victory Games, a new study that will develop the games of Command & Conquer series. In an interview published on the official Command & Conquer, the vice president of strategy games, Jon Van Caneghem said: "We have put together the best talent who developed the previous Command & Conquer with some industry veterans ".

"With more than 30 million games sold worldwide, the Command & Conquer series looks to the future with a mixture of classic RTS gameplay and innovative technologies and new concepts," reads the website of Electronic Arts. The announcement of the new game should arrive by the end of 2011.

Ad, trailer and images for Orcs Must Die!

Here's the new action game developed by Robot Entertainment Robot Entertainment announced Orcs Must Die, the first original title of the authors of Age of Empires and Halo Wars. This is an action game with strategic elements motivated fantasy, in which the players are defending a fortress under siege.

You will have so many traps and weapons to crush the army of ogres that threaten us. "I negotiated with them and do not just hurt them: you have to kill the orcs," said Patrick Hudson, CEO of Entertainment Robot. "Orcs Must Die! Is our first original title, and we count on the players because they do give and eliminate all orcs!" Source: VG247

Revealed the details of the beta of Gears 3

During an event held in San Francisco in the past few hours, Epic Games has brought the maps will be available in beta for Gears of War 3. The company has already announced Checkout and Thrashball, while the other two maps will be included in the beta which will begin in the spring will be determined by a vote taking place on Facebook.

The four maps from which the two winners have come out Mercy, Old Town, and Overpass Trenches. The beta will test three of the six multiplayer modes planned for Gears of War 3. In Team Deathmatch each team will have 15 regenerations, while King of the Hill Annex changes the way that Gears of War 2.

Bizarre Creations was born from the ashes of Lucid Games

Never Give Pete Wallace, a former senior manager at Bizarre, gathered the team left on foot to create a new software company: Lucid Games. The goal is to return the highest level from a team of 50 people. Lucid Games will already be present at the GDC to present proudly to the world of video games.

Problems with the update of WP7

Microsoft has acknowledged the problems caused by the last update of Windows Phone 7. According to Blog Windows phone number of updates that have not gone well (about one out of ten, apparently) have created problems due to unstable internet connection or lack of memory. According to the BBC, however, the incompatibility problem with some Samsung devices have caused blocks of the devices in question, and malfunctioning.

Freestyle and Activision are still discussing

Activision lacks harmony? At the end of the cuts in the music industry Activision must have been approached by the parties by Freestyle Games, which has not yet reached an agreement with Activision. The developer has nevertheless stated that DJ Hero is having "positive discussions" with the publisher and hopes to have concrete news soon.

Source: EG