Monday, February 28, 2011

Harmonix alternator sees a future in music games

The alternative but not too recently regained independence must have stirred something in that Harmonix, in the words of CEO Alex Rigopulos, is ready to face new challenges. "I see the potential to evolve beyond just Harmonix music games. They were our reason to exist. We focused on interactive music since the company was born and it's been over 10 years." Rigopulos did not give precise details on the next steps of the software house, but he hardly anticipated that we will see a FPS weblog Harmonix.

Valve announces Big Pictures, a new delivery system for Steam

Part OnLive to the challenge? Valve has announced a new feature planned for Steam, which will materialize in the near term with terms to be determined. The system is called Big Pictures and navigation and supports designed for use on a TV with a controller. There are actually many details about it, except this futuristic representation of Steam used on TV with a controller.

Seen in this light, seems to be the answer to Valve and OnLive Gaikai, or a gaming system that allows cloud to play remotely, through direct streaming of data from the server and input from the controller. It is probably the "great revelation" planned for the Valve GDC, then surely we will know more later in the week.

Amy - A new title from the creator of Flashback

Exclusive to PS3 Lexis Numérique, creator of Flashback, today unveiled a new title in development at VectorCell be released exclusively on PSN. The game is called Amy and the project manager is Paul Cuisset, creator of Moto Racer. Reading the description of the project is assumed that this is a survival horror, or at least an action adventure.

Amy is set in December 2034 and brings us into a world ravaged by global warming. The small town of Silver City (Midwest, USA) is hit by a comet. When the main character Lana riveglia all around is a disaster and the population as if it had been hit by a mysterious virus, has gone mad. Despite the injuries she knows she must escape from the nightmare.

"Printing Error" for GTA V

It seems that the dust raised by the curriculum of a few days ago stunt Declan Mulvey was just a flash in the pan ... but first things first. CV posted on the network was written in the section on past experience, that Mulvey had worked on behalf of the Rockstar Grand Theft Auto V. Mulvey, in fact, is a veteran in the gaming world, having participated in the development of games such as LA Noire, and Max Payne 3.

343 Industries - Halo will remain close to home

Some things should stay at home boss of 343 Industries, Frankie O'Connor, said that Halo will remain within the developer and this seems to contradict the rumors that the HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved has been entrusted to Saber Interactive. O'Connor said that 343 is certainly open, as it did in the past, a mini collaborations, like the Spartan in Dead or Alive 4, but the headlines related to the Halo franchise will undoubtedly "close to home." Fonte: CVG

And if your daughter's name is Brink?

Bethesda announced last week that all couples who decide to name their babies Dovahkiin in November, will receive a mysterious reward. It seems that this particular marketing initiative, not entirely original to tell the truth because at that time was opened by the developers of Turok, has struck the fancy of other development teams that work just to Bethesda.

Paul Wedgwood, Splash Damage team leader who is evolving Brink, described as "interesting" idea, which obviously strikes particularly close to him having a son just 10 months, "Seriously, I doubt anyone will ever want to call Brink their child, but you never know ... my son is called Fox and if I had called that at the time of X-Files, maybe I won something.

Rankings Italian from 14 20 February 2011

Changes little with tradition, the AESVI disseminate new software sales data regarding the gaming market in Italy, in this case on the week between 14 and 20 February 2011. In general, we see a return of securities with long-term presence on the charts, sold out the various effects of the surprise new releases in recent weeks.

Rank 14-20 February 2011 Top 10 Console: Adventures Kinect + Kinect Just Dance 2 (Wii) Mario Mix Sports (Wii) Plus Wii Fit + Balance Board (Wii) Wii Party (Wii) Art Academy (DS) 2 LittleBigPlanet Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) FIFA 11 (PS3) New Super Mario Bros (Wii) Top 10 PC: World of Warcraft Pre Paid Card 2 months sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Football Manager 2011 The Sims 3 Assassin's Creed II Test Drive Unlimited 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 The Sims 3 Late Night Top 10 DS Inazuma Eleven Art Academy, New Super Mario Bros.

A European date for FFIV PSP

Square Enix has announced that the Complete Collection of Final Fantasy IV will be available in Europe since April 22. This version will be released in PSP version will include Special and commemorative cards, a special cloth to wipe the screen of the console and downloadable content for the next installment of the series: Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy.

The Complete Collection includes not only the original Final Fantasy IV, but also a sequel called The After Years. The two games are linked by an unusual scenario and propose new graphics, new musical arrangements, and a Gallery mode never before seen CG movies. The original FFIV was released in 1991 on Super Nintendo, and The After Years arrived only on Japanese cell phones in 2008.

Pachter forecasts for cloud developers and Nipponese

Cloud gaming, not the new episode of Strife Pach Attack led to other independent review by Michael Pachter on the future of gaming, a future in some cases quite distant. Two elements have emerged with greater intensity: the first cloud of gaming the system, which is taking place only now, but that seems to have a long road ahead to get the claim.

This is the technology game "streaming" and experienced by OnLive GaiKai, capable of delivering content via the internet without requiring the possession of a hardware can actually go to the games or the games themselves, all managed from a distance. According to Wedbush Morgan analyst with the success of this technology, although it comes, is expected only in about twenty years.

Serious Sam 3 will be released in summer

The third chapter in the saga of fun Serious Sam will be out this summer on PC and console. This was announced by the publisher devolver Texas Digital. Serious Sam 3 will be a prequel that, according to the developers, "we bring back the golden age of first person shooters, when the first cover shoot was considered by young ladies." The reference to members and non-Gears of War is not at all veiled, but this has always been the style of Serious Sam: irreverent, unconventional and crazy.

European date for Final Fantasy IV Collection

On April 22, 2011 Square Enix today confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy IV Collection on the European market, which moves away from that very North American. The special package containing the re-release with updated graphics of the old Final Fantasy IV and the spin-off episode of The After Years, will arrive in our country on April 22 on the PSP, complete with a special edition containing pictures of artwork and accessories to topic .

Civilization V takes us Polynesia

Civilization V expands on March 3 with Pack Polynesia As you can guess, this expansion will put us in contact with the Polynesian culture and introduce a new scenario called Paradise Found. To coincide with the DLC, 2K and Firaxis development team will also be releasing a package that contains three new maps: Skirmish, Ring and Ancient Lake.

GTA V will appear in a resume, but it's a typo

A simple little mistake and illusion as an "I" is missing in a title of a video game within the curriculum vitae of a stunt may have consequences in the macroscopic world of video games. And 'what happened recently in Declan Mulvey, a professional stuntman who has repeatedly worked with Rockstar in the production of various titles (including the new LA Noire), which had included in its curriculum Grand Theft Auto V, of course, unleashing a panic by rumors uncontrolled corridor.

Microsoft and the next-generation of Avatars

As reported by GamesIndustry. biz, photorealistic avatars on the Xbox 360 might come sooner than expected. In a video exclusive published by USA Today, the chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie of Microsoft showed a demo of a new technology that allows you to get avatars like the real counterpart.

Avatars for Xbox 360 have been updated by Microsoft to launch Kinect with new digital alter egos whose proportions are more suited to the characteristics of the device Kinect, but the new technology, Mundie suggested, could represent a new step towards the immersion in Games. According to Mundie, the technology has been developed since the original design of the Avatar, but might in future be implemented in the Avatar Kinect videoconferencing, virtual environment where you can chat with friends using Kinect.

New DLC for this week Civilization V

The Polynesians 2K Games today announced the upcoming arrival of new DLC for Civ V, already planned for this week. This is the package "Polynesia" which is the new civilization Polynesian Paradise Found that the new scenario, of course linked to the same civilization, where we will be sending out one of the four great kingdoms of Polynesia.

New trees also provided within the technological and social development, with the introduction of Maori warriors and Moai. There will also be a free add-on package, which contains three maps: Skirmish, Ring and Ancient Lake. All will be available from March 3.

Makarov Find a project related to COD '

It seems that the mysterious teaser site findmakarov. is not connected with the announcement of a new Modern Warfare, but to a project related to Call of Duty. " As reported by Joystiq, Geoff Keighley of Spike TV would have done some investigation on the site and would have discovered that the countdown page was created by We Can Pretend, a study of Toronto tied in some way on a project that some sources have defined " spectacular from a visual standpoint.

Two new videos for Portal 2

An imaginative use of devices in the game Electronic Arts has released two new videos showing Portal 2 in action. In the first discover the usefulness of these vacuums tires on some levels, we can use robots to transport from one area to another scenario and also to render harmless the defense towers.

In the second video we gel hand knowledge of the powerful driving force, a brown liquid that can massively increase our speed. We can use it to smear certain areas, then walk them quickly to avoid traps and so on. Portal 2 - Trailer tires of vacuum cleaners Portal 2 - Trailer gel propulsion

Cuts to staff for THQ Australia

As reported by GamesIndustry. biz, THQ Australia has confirmed the dismissal of 14 employees of the company as part of a restructuring aimed at reducing costs. THQ has a few weeks ago that it had canceled the MMO and WWE Online Company of Heroes Online and have revised their strategies for the niche of licensed games for kids, these securities falling within the competence THQ Australia.

"We left 14 employees from the study THQ Australia," the publisher said in a statement. "Under normal circumstances we expect to reduce or increase the number of our employees on the basis of the resources required by the projects they are working." According to GamesIndustry, THQ Australia is now made up of about 60 employees.

World of Goo to March on the iPhone and iPod Touch

The action puzzle 2D Boy will be even more portable 2D Boy have officially announced on its blog that World of Goo is also coming to iPhone and iPod Touch. A version of iPhone was announced at the end of 2009, but the project was then put on stand-by and left alone version iPad. After the incredible success of the game, the developers decided to resume work on the version of "minor", implementing a zoom function that will overcome the small screen size.

Consoles for free if you book Homefront

The shooter published by THQ, Homefront, will be the first player to land on the cloud service OnLive the same time as other versions of the title hit stores. To celebrate the event, OnLive launched an unprecedented promotion. If you book the game on OnLive between February 25 and March 15 (via IndustryGamers) will now PlayPass you can play for free to Metro in 2033, while from March 15 will receive a coupon code with a discount of $ 99, valid for the purchase of micro-console OnLive (OnLive Game sysem, available in North America at a price of $ 99).

The cover of Virtua Tennis 4

Back to tennis ... SEGA SEGA has released what will be the official packshot UK territory for Virtua Tennis 4, the last chapter of the famous tennis simulator. It is therefore plausible cover of which will appear in stores in Europe. You can find it below in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a lot of support and Kinect Move:

Atlus: "No to Catherine in the West"

According to the publisher Atlus, the company does not currently scheduled for publication in the west of Catherine puzzle game. The game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 debuted in Japan a few days ago with an initial position in the top ten software, but Atlus does not seem willing to take the time to play with paint erotic horror in the West.

"Catherine is a game reserved for the Japanese market and there are currently no plans to publish the title in North America," said Atlus to Beefjack (via Edge).

The Conduit 2 multiplayer video

Split-screen four-player local and twelve players online SEGA has just released a new gameplay video of conduit 2, which in this case shows us sequences of multiplayer modes either locally with a split-screen four-player, online with games they can join a maximum of twelve people. The sequel to the controversial FPS released in 2009 for Wii points right on the multiplayer, and in particular on the number of modes, to make the necessary leap in quality and to ensure that owners of Nintendo intense and engaging online experience, thanks to this' headset that will probably be bundled with the product.

Layoffs for United Front Games

The study, based in Vancouver United Front Games has confirmed the dismissal of an unspecified number of employees of the company. The downsizing of the study comes ins eguito allla cancellation of True Crime: Hong Kong, a project canceled by publisher Activision for the lack of competitiveness in the segment of the game open world.

"Due to the cancellation of True Crime several employees were fired," said the developer in a statement given to Joystiq (via Edge). Although the company has refused to talk about the number of employees involved, the developer's LinkedIn profile shows that 25 staff members have left United Front in recent days.

Free DLC for Sarious Sam HD

The Fusion pack available for those who have both episodes of the game devolver Digital and Croteam have announced the publication of a free DLC, the Fusion packs for those who have both episodes of Serious Sam HD or, alternatively, the Gold Edition of the game. The package combines all levels for the campaign and multiplayer with those of The First Encounter The Second Encounter, allowing players to experiment with modes such as "Beast Hunt" and "My Burden" using maps of the first episode.

Modern Warfare 3, the announcement at GDC

Activision could announce Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 during the upcoming Game Developers Conference. According to reports from That Videogame Blog (via Edge) some e-mails sent to the press contained a link to findmakarov. com (Makarov was one of the villains of Modern Warfare 2). The site in question appears in a countdown that will end in just over two days.

Infinity Ward should be the main developer of this new installment of Activision, but according to rumors emerged in recent months, the authors of Modern Warfare might have been joined by Sledgehammer and Games from Raven Software.

Killzone 3 Bulletstorm ahead in UK

First round ... Killzone 3 was placed in command in the territory for the UK software sales for last week. The production Guerrilla Games has preceded Bulletstorm shooter from People Can Fly and the indomitable Call of Duty: Black Ops. Here's the complete ranking. 1 - 3 Killzone (Guerrilla Games, Sony Computer Entertainment) 2 - Bulletstorm (People Can Fly / Epic Games, EA) 3 - Call of Duty: Black Ops (Treyarch, Activision) 4 - FIFA 11 (EA Sports, EA) 5 - Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft, Ubisoft) 6 - Dead Space 2 (Visceral Games, EA) 7 - Marvel vs.

Soon news for Street Fighter Tekken x

The producer of Street Fighter Tekken X Yoshinori Ono said that shortly will provide further details on Capcom fighting game that will combine in a single game characters from Street Fighter and Tekken rival those of the series. "We are preparing to make an announcement to X Street Fighter Tekken," said Ono on Twitter.

Possible that the novelty of the game are announced during Captivate, Capcom weblog festival to be held in April. Tekken Street Fighter X is a crossover of the two announced last July, the second X Tekken Street Fighter, will be developed by Namco Bandai.

Lots of new pictures for Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed

The machinery in all its glory Electronic Arts has released a whole new image for Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, the new episode of "alternative" Need for Speed that gives us a realistic driving. So we can admire the exceptional quality of polygonal models of cars, the same that we will drive from 31 March on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Killzone 3 beats Bulletstorm in UK

Killzone 3 is the best selling game in the United Kingdom over the last seven days. The exclusive PlayStation 3 released by Sony and developed by Guerrilla Games has exceeded the multi-platform rival Electronic Arts, Bulletstorm. In third position we find another FPS, Call of Duty: Black Ops. FIFA 11 following the fourth, fifth Just Dance 2, Dead Space 2 in the sixth and seventh Marvel vs.

Capcom. Rounding out the top ten software Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in eighth, ninth Party Wii and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in tenth position.

TakeTwo register domains for GTA V?

We stick to all ... While talking about Grand Theft Auto V will do anything. On the web, for the note, leaked rumors about possible clues which would lead awaited, as yet unconfirmed, the fifth chapter in a series of ever more appreciated and sold. It is alleged domains registered by TakeTwo Interactive, which would seem in fact devoted to this elusive yet GTA V (Rockstar in classic style).

Here they are in detail: CashForDeadDreams. com SixFigureTemps. com StopPayingYourMortgage. HammersteinFaust net. com LifeInvader. com Source: CVG We can do is wait until something more concrete.