Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IA incredible Resistance 3

Cameron Christian, senior designer of Resistance 3, said he was sure that the AI in this third installment of the series will be one of the greatest strengths of the game. "We worked very hard on this," said Christian. "You will be facing enemies who will be able to surprise you and that will be much more aggressive than those seen in previous episodes." "This aspect of the game took a different balance of weapons.

En announced Sengoku Basara 3

En titled Sengoku Basara 3, this new release will offer many new features compared to the past, first of all the co-op mode for two players. There will also be five new generals and game options that are currently unreleased Capcom prefers not to reveal. In Famitsu refers to the style of the game, which is called "lighter", which means that the development team wants to make a change of direction for a series that has never taken off of everything and that has always suffered from the competition Dynasty Warriors.

The father of TDU2 creates Minds Blossom

Some of the people behind Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Alone in the Dark formed a new development team. Blossom Minds, founded by 10 former members of Eden Games, a link to create "high quality and original content for the digital distribution market." The launch of the first game of this new reality is expected for 2012.

"Minds Blossom is built on ideas of gameplay important, the graphic quality and internal state of the art technology, so as to achieve small but extremely clean games," he told the group.

SEGA will distribute EA in Japan

Agreement reached between the two publishers Sega and Electronic Arts reached a distribution agreement that will allow the house of the blue hedgehog to sell games in Japan of the American colossus. The first product to be included in the agreement is Shadows of the Damned (Grasshopper Manufacture), which will reach japanese stores in September.

Sony brand is the most popular in Asia

Despite the recent events connected with the attack of the PlayStation Network, Sony is still the most popular brand in Asia. A poll conducted by TNS and quoted by the Wall Street Journal, puts Sony in the first position in the face of rivals such as Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Canon. The news will definitely be pleased with Sony, that in the course of this week is going to eventually restore the PlayStation Network globally, after the heavy attack suffered last April.

Halo 4 will return to the glories of the past

Back to the roots According to Stephen McGill Microsoft, Halo 4 will retrieve different characteristics of the first chapter, "will find that he had made the original game great," he told MCV. "The people who now have 18 years and had only 8 years old when the first Halo appeared, might not have had the opportunity to play.

This is the opportunities that we give them the Anniversary version with Halo 4." As for competition, "is a game unlike other Gears of War and Call of Duty, so if it is close to these occupying its own space." Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo Anniversary 4 were shown at E3 this year: the first is expected in November, the other for the 2012 course on both the Xbox 360.

Batman: Arkham City works on bad

According to the latest statements of Rocksteady, already responsible for the development of Batman: Arkham Asylum, the team is paying particular attention to ensure greater realism in the handling of the villains in Arkham City. Dax Ginns, a member of Rocksteady, speaking of the argument pointed out that "in games is quite normal to increase the difficulty only because it goes with the game, or meet people, such as the Penguin and the Joker, which are treated as final bosses." "Nobody wants to go into a building to meet the boss and shoot it down with one punch, but in reality if Batman would give the knockout punch to the Riddle in an instant." "The characters are human beings.

Ninja Gaiden 3 will be more accessible?

According to the producer of the game, it does not mean a decline in the level of challenge Yosuke Hayashi, producer of Ninja Gaiden 3, told EDGE that the game will be accessible to more people than just fans of the series, but this does not imply a reduction in the level of difficulty. "Ninja Gaiden fans want the challenge, and we want to give it to him," said Hayashi.

"At the same time, however, does not want this to create a barrier for people who have not yet grappled with the series." The producer then added: "It's not a matter of difficulty higher or lower, but individual capacity. We want to offer a game that is accessible to everyone, but for this we will make it easy." In fact, Hayashi concluded: "The players who want the challenge, it will."

The PlayStation Life: facial recognition

New possibilities for social applications? During a meeting with the developers on that in Tokyo, was shown an interesting tech demo that illustrates the capabilities of PlayStation Life in terms of facial recognition. In the context of applications that provide for the use, therefore, you can "drive" the movements of the head and expression, fuck of our avatars just standing in front of the console and letting us take the front camera.