Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guild Wars 2 - The underwater battles

Under the Sea! Guild Wars 2 in addition to special events, to this dynamic and promises all the news we also fight underwater. The deep sea are in fact free-roaming through checks made with care and swimming with a breathing apparatus which will be equipped with all the players. In addition there will be a variety of gadgets and bonuses that will change and improve diving skills of the character.

Crystal Dynamics wanted "human experience" for the new Tomb Raider

The suffering and the difficulties of Lara Noah Hughes of Crystal Dynamics' creative director, explains why the PlayStation Blog for the new style undertaken by the team with the reboot in Tomb Raider. It was not only a desire to change, but also the attempt to "connect everything in human experience" as a starting point.

"The suffering and the difficulties are the elements that have shaped Lara and led it to be a hero", that becomes a passionate archaeologist Tomb Raider. The new game then tells the difficulties and trials to face Lara to become the infallible heroine we know, for the first time showing the human face of the character.

Sonic Generations - Demo available on PSN and Live

SEGA has released a demo of Sonic Generations on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The downloaded file will stay for 20 days. The title was created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the supersonic hedgehog will take us through 3 different eras of the history of Sonic gameplay by mixing two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

The new chapter in the saga will also be available on 3DS.

Star Wars Galaxies close in December

We make room for The Old Republic LucasArts and Sony Online announced that in an official Star Wars Galaxies, the MMO based on the popular science fiction universe of Lucas, will close its doors in December after more than eight years of honorable activities. In a letter sent to users, the developers explain that the "difficult decision" to close the game will be accompanied by a "explosion", ie the event which will take place in the game during its closure in December.

Gaikai points to 10 million active users for autumn

Great Expectations and Gaikai OnLive are now a reality in the American market, although the claims of the technology of streaming game still seems to come, considering that it is a rather futuristic. In any case, Gaikai seems to be a clear commitment at the top: the goal is to reach 10 million additional users for fall 2011 through various marketing strategies with affiliate programs and strategic partnerships with retailers.

Sony reveals Uncharted Collection

Sony has announced that the first two chapters of Uncharted will be released in a single collection on 22 July. At the same time two other collections will arrive for PlayStation 3, one with the first Resistance and the other two combined with the Ratchet & Clank.

All three collections contain numerous bonuses, including avatars and PS3 themes. The outputs of the three series of the new titles are expected, in the order, September 9 (Resistance 3), Oct. 21 (Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One) and November 4 (3 Uncharted).

Championship co-op for F1 2011

With the 2011 season of Formula 1 in full swing, Codemasters does not waste time and provides new details of F1 2011. The last in order of time is also the most interesting mode of this new chapter Championship will be played in co-op, playing the two components of the same team. The line also will play 16 at once and will be given more emphasis to mechanical failure and degradation of the tires during the races.