Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trailer for SOCOM 4

Another war for the seals on the market with the arrival of the new SOCOM: Special Forces for PlayStation 3, also comes a new launch trailer for the simulation of war. Scenes oridinaria administration for the Navy SEALs engaged in the field, it seems: a new threat not identify better to fight with all the power of weapons and tactics team.

New video in Italian for LA Noire

"As a career," This gameplay video of LA Noire, entitled "How to make a career," explores the story of Detective Cole Phelps and partners to accompany him in his career through the Los Angeles Police Department. The movie shows the system of levels of the game, explains how the "Points Intuition" can help solve a case and provides information on how you can fight crime in "Cases Not Assigned." All sequences shown are from the actual game.

Anonymous has sabotaged the PSN?

Sony is investigating a "possible external intrusion" that has undermined the American and European PlayStation Network, which are blocked for hours. This morning Sony had described the problem as "a temporary, but some hours after the airline's manager James Gallagher has admitted that half could be there for hackers.

"Our teams are investigating the incident and are trying to solve the problem, but we do not exclude anything, not even an external attack." Behind it all could be the hacker group Anonymous, which in recent weeks had promised retaliation against Sony for its fury against Mr George "Geohot" Hotz, head of the jailbreak PS3.

Capcom announces Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version for 3DS

The title will be available at launch dell'eShop for the new Nintendo handheld is designed as one of the launch titles for the Nintendo eShop 3DS, Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype anticipate the release of the Standard Version of the game thanks to an original project in collaboration with the fans of Mega Man! Prototype Version will make it possible to test the new gameplay of the series, in particular applied to the fighting, and to see how the fans have contributed to the birth of the game.

Sightings Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 was seen, not in playable form and not in a movie but rather through a resume posted online. The site has unearthed the Superannuation CV Mosingois James freelance artist, who has included his experiences even one made for the game in question and more specifically to the graphical interface.

The reference appeared to Mosingois Twitter account, but was then promptly removed. Borderlands was a sequel to that developing in reality it was already known, could not be otherwise, given the success of the first chapter was released in 2009. The Gearbox team had said that the franchise was for them a very important resource and that would not have been dismissed even after the arrival of Duke Nukem Forever.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 officially announced

The plumber and the hedgehog still together at the Olympic Games Sega and Nintendo announced today the release of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in London 2012 for Nintendo Wii and 3DS. The series of sports with the exception of two players has so far been a huge success, with over nineteen million copies sold, and thus prepares a comeback at the Olympic Games to be held in London next year.

Starting with the pre-orders for Fable III PC

Microsoft has announced that the PC version of Fable III is released on Steam version that Games for Windows Live. Reservations begin today and those who decide to purchase the GFWL receive a free Fable: Lost Chapters. Those who carry out pre-order on Steam instead get some bonus items for the game: a set of four arms and one of five tattoos.

The game will be available from May 20 in both "packaged" that will include all expansions and digital outputs on the Xbox 360 already, plus an unprecedented Hardcore mode and support for 3D. As we have said in recent weeks, although the interface has been completely revised and a curse amount of bugs has been fixed to make the gaming experience even better.

The PC version of Fable III will be available on Steam now

The game will launch simultaneously in the retail and digital versions of Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead have announced that the PC version of Fable III will be released simultaneously in retail edition on Steam and the Windows Live Marketplace, so as to give users the widest possible choice . The game, to be booked from today, will also include an extra for each of the two digital versions.

Scream 4 on the iPhone and iPad

Weinstein Company has developed a video game tie-in of the fourth chapter of Scream, which is just crazy in recent weeks in theaters around the world. Already available in App Store on iPhone and iPad, the game will put us in the shoes of the Assassin's historic series: Ghostface. In the four levels available, we will try to kill a certain number of people without notice from us to them or the police, which in turn will be murdered.

[Updated] video diary in Italian for Prototype 2

Sometimes friends become enemies and vice versa in the first Prototype players assume the role of Alex Mercer, a man infected with a virus that turns into a biological war machine and decides to take revenge against those who made him a monster, while condemning uncontrolled infection in the city. In the second episode, however, the roles are reversed: Mercer will be the enemy to defeat, a being that has become too powerful and dangerous to be left free to act, while the character control will be James Heller, who was also infected by the same virus and therefore able to use the same powers as the first "prototype".

Mario and Sonic together again

He suspected the existence for some time but now it's official: Sega is developing Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games for Wii and Nintendo 3DS, the third installment of a mini-series with the first two outputs has already totaled 19 million copies sold. The version of "home" will have exclusive sports such as football and horse riding, that will come with more classical disciplines of athletics.

Battlefield Book 3 and get two extra Battlefield Play4Free

A cap and a rifle for the excellent exclusive free-to-play Battlefield 3 Everyone who books through the EA Store, will receive two free items for Battlefield Play4Free: the 870 Combat Shotgun and a cap of Battlefield 3. If it has a purely aesthetic value, the rifle, it proved extremely effective weapon from short distances.

How, then, to obtain these items? First you need to book 3 Battlefield EA Store, then visit the official Battlefield Play4Free and log on with the same account used for booking. Then just click on the "My Stuff" and choose "Rewards" to get the cap and rifle. Source: The official blog for Battlefield

Meat Boy Super Ultra Edition

Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition for PC will be released in a "retail" in a still unspecified date between July and September ... but for now only the United States. "Super Meat Boy has become a veritable phenomenon in the network," said the boss of the development team, Jason Codd. "The downloadable version has sold more than 400,000 online and we are working on a special which will be released in stores instead of Americans." In addition to the game, the Ultra Edition will contain a 40-page book with never-before-seen artwork, a comic novel of Meat Team, the soundtrack and a mini-poster.

Dawn of Fantasy, new details and images

The Strategic Online Games 505 is revealed under development at Reverie World Studios, Dawn of Fantasy MMORTS looks like a very thick and quality, available with three races (elves, humans and orcs) and a number of ways. Players seek to manage massive armies in both single player and multiplayer, with the ability to declare war to the people on the map and to defend their territories from the assault of the invaders.

Todd Howard: "The actors we seek"

According to Todd Howard, executive producer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gone are the days when the players refused to cooperate with the video game industry, which is considered less interesting than the movie. "Video games have reached an incredible level of dissemination to the masses," said Howard.

"Now the players are interested in participating in the development of games. It is not about money, they think it is interesting and the staff advised him to lend his voice for the sake of their careers. More and more actors who come to us ". In Oblivion there were the voices of Patrick Stewart, Lynda Carter, Sean Bean, Terence Stamp, Ralph Cosham and Wes Johnson, Liam Neeson in Fallout 3, Ron Perlman and Malcolm McDowell.

Ad and trailer for King Arthur Collection

An excellent opportunity for those who missed the first episode Paradox Interactive has announced the release of King Arthur Collection for PC, a package containing the basic game King Arthur together with the two expansions, The Saxons and The Druids, and many DLC. With the sequel planned for this year, this is an excellent opportunity to retrieve a policy of great RPG inspired by the legend of King Arthur.

YouTube feature for Yoostar 2

2 Yoostar allow you to upload videos directly to YouTube. In Yoostar players must interpret scenes from famous films, and performances can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. Videos uploaded by users can be viewed and commented on the social network via the free application for Facbook, Yoostar Playground.

The Ultra Edition Super Meat Boy arrives in Europe

We can buy the boxed version in the summer Lace Mamba Global confirms that the Ultra Edition Super Meat Boy arrives in Europe (Italy included) in the third quarter of 2011. "Super Meat Boy is a mass phenomenon on the Internet. The game has sold more than 400 thousand copies online, and a retail version is already available in the U.S., we expect to sell well in the European territories," said Jason Codd, leader of the company.

Beat 'em, but not too hardcore

According to Seth Killian of Capcom Videogame to Source, the publisher does not want to alienate less experienced players lean, the mechanics of his fighting. "The market is full of fighting but many are ... just look at Bloodstorm to realize that it was garbage. Giocni If there are all these, however, we can not help it.

Publishers are many." "We want to make serious games, suitable for hardcore users, but we will not weigh you down with complex mechanical ends in themselves. A new dynamic must be justified in the flow of the game, and newcomers should be able to master it." "This of course changes depending on the title.

Standings Japanese, is the week of 3DS

The PSP handheld console Nintendo finally exceed sales of the Nintendo 3DS had previously raised some concern, since typically a console at launch takes command of the charts if only because of the effect new. The surprise was great, then, noting that the top of the standings but was occupied by the good old PSP, big dust (literally) in Japan thanks to the release of many quality titles.

Third place once occupied by the PlayStation 3, and fourth in the Wii continues to lose ground in a clear and rumors about the announcement of a possible successor have certainly helped. The dreaded price cut will come soon, however. Japanese hardware charts - 11 weeks to 17 April 3DS - 28,252 PSP - 23,846 PS3 - 22,265 Wii - LL 8122 DSi - DSi 7724 - 6809 Xbox 360-1898 PS2 - 1261 DS Lite - PSP go 423 - 207 Source: VG247

Fighting "most dynamic" in Mass Effect 3

As reported by Video Games Source. eg, in an interview published by Spanish magazine MarcaPlayer (reported on BioWare forums), the developer of Dragon Age said that in Mass Effect 3 will present a new class. Shepard will also perform a series of new moves as new melee attacks, including punches and kicks, jumps and jump into cover behind the covers.

Among the locations include New York, London, the home planet of Salariani, the home planet of the moon and Mars Quarian. BioWare said that each setting took six months of work. The organization Cerberus will hunt focusing on Shepard and mech assault units of various types, while the protagonist and his party can exploit weaknesses in the enemies (the mech have hotspots, for example, and armor can be destroyed ).

Goals and trophies SBK 2011

A list very nourished! Missing just over a week in the shops at the exit of the SBK 2011, and the publisher Black Bean Games has wanted to increase a bit 'the hype by releasing the full list of Achievements and Trophies which appear in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 game . Microsoft are well on the console 1050 points up for grabs, for a total of 48 goals which become trophies on PS3.

Goals / Trophies may only be unlocked by simply venturing for the first time with a method or accessing the system to upgrade the bike, while those of medium difficulty, but require similar actions carried out in an advanced stage of his career. For the objectives to be 20G/Trofei silver starts to get serious, completing races at the highest difficulty level or reaching the maximum share of reputation, and finally the Goals by 50G and 60G and Gold Trophies, we obtain only completing his career, championships and challenges.

PSPgo "an absolute flop"

The death of PSPgo indefferenti has left analysts, who sought out the causes of the commercial flop of the model of free PlayStation Portable UMD. "The price difference between a PSP-3000 had no excuses," said a source Videogame analyst Michael Pachter. "Not much to say about PSPgo. The mechanism is based only on the download has not proved attractive as he thought Sony, and design, although interesting, was not worth spending an extra $ 80.

Trackmania 2 - teaser trailer

More details on May 12 last May 12 we will know something more, but for now we must settle for a little teaser for this sequel. The hope of course is that 2 Trackmania able to reproduce the peculiarities, as the editor and driving arcade clean, which made the previous chapters real must for fans of racing.

Trackmania 2 - Teaser trailer

Dawn of War, with Steam sales increase

As stated by Georgina Verdon, THQ in the [a] listdaily. com, by switching from Games for Windows Live Steam, the strategy game Dawn of War II - Retribution has seen an increase in sales. "Becoming the exclusive Steam has allowed us to increase consumer awareness through banners and messages, so when we launched the beta we had a large number of players," says the manager, THQ.

Retribution is an expansion of stand-alone Dawn of War II. Last year, the publisher THQ announced intention to leave the Games for Windows Live platform to embrace only Steamworks.

Serious Sam 3 new images in BFE

Apple sold 189 million devices iOS

Apple has sold 189 million worldwide device IOS. For the quarter ended March 26 last year, Apple has made record profits of 5.99 billion dollars and revenue to 24.67 billion dollars. During the period under review were sold a total of 3.76 million Macs, 18.65 million of the iPhone, 9.02 million iPods and 4.69 million of the iPad.

1.4 billion dollars are the revenues generated by iTunes, on which 100 million were downloaded eBook; 350,000 instead of the app available on the service.

The PSP Go? A complete fiasco from which to learn

Let's say there were noticed some 'all After the announcement of the Sony PSP Go ceased production, come the first analysis on the total failure of the project. In your opinion, who could be the first to jump into the arena? Well done, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities own. Our hero tells us that PSPgo has fallen flat because such differences had not compared to PSP-3000 to justify the higher price and the ability to download games did not have enough attractions to justify the purchase.

PlayStation Network down for maintenance

Anarchy Reigns - Trailer Nikolai

The scientist atypical Although the presence of a weapon and the name of Nikolai Tesla Electric undoubtedly recall the famous Nikola Tesla, we can say with certainty that the features of the new character of Anarchy Reigns have nothing to do with those of the famous scientist. This particular scientist is in fact quite robust, as well as having two shoulders titanic uses them to savagely beat up hordes of enemies.

COD "will not end as Guitar Hero"

In an internal document (reported by Giant Bomb) and distributed by Activision to its employees in February, following the freezing of the business of music games, the publisher has explained why he does not believe that Call of Duty running the risk of making the end of Guitar Hero . "There are several key differences between the two franchises," says CEO Eric Hirschberg.

"Guitar Hero has quickly reached incredible heights, then collapsed. Call of Duty, however, has steadily grown in seven years." "Guitar Hero was part of a new genre that has enjoyed great popularity but has not been able to stand the test of time. Call of Duty instead belongs to a genre that for decades continues to show its strength.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Trailer in game

The beautiful lands of Xenoblade Chronicles The Chronicles Xenoblade engine is obviously lower resolution but it is undoubtedly designed to take advantage of the hardware of the Wii. This trailer shows us a good viewing distance, lighting and suggestive architectural complex. The attesiso JRPG should arrive in Europe in September.

Xenoblade Chronicles - Trailer in game

PS4 and Xbox 720 "not before 2014"

According to Kotaku, sources close to Sony and Microsoft have confirmed the desire of the two manufacturers to launch next-generation consoles not before 2014. "Microsoft and Sony are contacting each other and agree on the need to further exploit the present generation and to postpone the launch of next-gen platforms," stated one source, while according to other sources in 2013, Microsoft could launch an updated Xbox 360 Kinect.

Announced Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

With a nice trailer accompanying Electronic Arts has announced the release of the game in July 2011 from the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2. According to the trailer that accompanied the release, the game will still be an action to Gears of War and, of course, will resume some of the most important sequences of the film.

The versions are provided for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Ready to go hunting for Horcruxes? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 - The launch trailer

Silent Hill "is not Alan Wake"

According to the producer of Silent Hill: Downpour, the new game in the series is not inspired by Konami Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake, accusations made by several observers following the publication of the last images of survival horror. "I think it's hard to compare after seeing only a few pictures," said Devin Shatsky to HellsDescent of Vatra Games.

"If they think that our game looks like Alan Wake only because there is a forest then it's okay. But we can safely say that Alan Wake is inspired in many ways to Silent Hill." "In Downpour we have more variety in terms of locations, comparisons will be limited to images of the forest. It will be difficult to compare any other game in some landscapes, are unique, and the fans will be satisfied." Silent Hill: Downpour will be available this fall on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Borderlands 2 already in production?

Announcement imminent? The most active supererogatory has identified a reference to 2 on the Borderlands by James Mosingo curriculum. The reference, which now appears to be removed, indicating a freelance basis for the new Gearbox. If the information were to be trusted we could hope for a presentation of the occasion of the forthcoming E3.

Source: supererogatory - Twitter

Super Mario 3DS in 2011?

The new game of Mario Bros, Nintendo 3DS could arrive in stores by the end of 2011, Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed. During an interview with Gamesblog. fr, Miyamoto has promised to "do everything possible to publish the new Mario later this year." The game is developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo, authors of the games in the series Super Mario Galaxy.

Neoludica and video games as an art form

A side-event of 54. International Art Exhibition of Venice explores the concept of video games as art This year's Venice Biennale will dedicate one of the events, dubbed Neoludica, video games. We read the official press release: Arts and gaming: in how many forms you may decline this report? Art is a game, Duchamp said, and the games are art.

The entry of the game in the dance of the Muses has further enriched this report: video games are an art and have, in recent years, a significant impact on other arts: cinema and literature, from music to visual arts. At the crossroads between cultural forms of production and very different, and it is the fault of this meeting / clash that makes them terribly interesting.

Xbox Live, the kingdom of Call of Duty

The Call of Duty franchise continues to dominate the rankings of the most played titles on Xbox Live. According to the latest weekly update reported Blog Major Nelson, Black Ops is the best title played in the week ended April 11. Second place went to Modern Warfare 2, ninth and tenth positions respectively for Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: World at War, out of the top ten, however, the FPS from THQ, Homefront.

Skyrim - Modding possible on consoles?

A taboo broken? Todd Howard revealed that Skyrim tools dedicated to the modder also turn on the console. Unfortunately Bethesda does not know how to convey to users since the online service Xbox 360 and PS3 do not have channels dedicated to this type of software. "We are determined to find a way. We talked to Microsoft and Sony, and then there is a possibility that one day all this is possible.

The Settlers 7 expands

Ubisoft has announced The Two Kings, a new DLC for the strategy game The Settlers 7. The package includes three new maps: Tower Island, Tandra and Throne of Forest Realm. The first two locations have been specifically designed for the co-op implemented distributed free with the patch in the past few hours.

The Settlers 7 is available from March of 2010 on PC.