Monday, July 18, 2011

Update 2.6 for Aion coming in August

On 3 August, to be precise NCsoft has announced that Aion will the 2.6 update 3 August and will involve a good amount of adjustment. Here's what is included among the new features: The "Crucible Challenge," a single player version of the instance Empyrean Crucible A new system of self-matching party for some specific instance of the adjustment of difficulty levels for Dark Poet, Empyrean Beshmundir Crucible and A Temple Runaway new pet called Poppy, which allows you to get Platinum Medals New stones conditioning can change the statistics of equipment improvements in the looting of the bosses in the Temple and Fire And Steel Rake 'pending a series of events throughout the summer.

DiRT 3 - muds and Guts

In a new video, Codemasters gives us a taste of the new DLC DiRT 3, entitled muds and Guts. In the "package" will be entered five new machines that'll soon recognize, five new race cars with which you can continue to bite the asphalt. DiRT 3 came out last May on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The development of Street Fighter Tekken x is 0%

But at 5% in the mind of Harada's not the first time that Namco said it had not yet started working on Street Fighter x Tekken, but what you do not understand is why the matter should be established with such ostentation. "Currently, the development of Street Fighter Tekken x is at 0%," he said with a laconic producer Katsuhiro Harada almost proudly, adding, as if to make the necessary adjustments (unsuccessfully that much): "But is the 5 % in my head.

New Project Director of the Shadows of the Damned

Browsing the network we came across a site that has caught our attention. This is Ovosonico. com, new project director dell'italianissimo Shadows of the Damned, Massimo Guarini. Apparently Max was going to open a new studio based in Europe (Italy?), Shared a bold step, but the most important figures of the Italian landscape of video games.

Considering the vast experience accumulated over the years by Massimo (engagement with Suda51 and Mikami was just the latest of many personal successes), we are sure that will surprise us with Ovosonico international projects of the highest level. We contacted Massimo Guarini for more news about it.

Warhammer 40,000: Team Kill, new video of gameplay

The game is available on the XBLA platform from 13 July Available now on Xbox Live Arcade at a price of 800 Microsoft Points and on the home straight on the PlayStation Network (which will cost 9.99 euros), Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is a spectacular shooter that uses both analog sticks of the controller: one to move your character, the other to direct the fire.

Equipped with a cooperative multiplayer mode, unfortunately only locally, Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is based on the universe created by Games Workshop and thus takes to drive powerful Space Marines in a battle without quarter against enemy forces.

Gameplay trailer for Pirates of Black Cove

The title will be released in August of Nitro Games PC There is no much at the exit of Pirates of Black Cove, the new RTS games developed by Paradox Interactive Nitro, and this is a nice trailer of the gameplay. As can be seen from the video, the atmosphere of the game is anything but gloomy, even if there are fights.

Indeed, the three warring factions will clash both on land and at sea, rather than through classical dynamics for the kind of strategic shift.

The beta for Call of Duty: Elite PC is not the first autumn

Before the console PC users will have to wait a long time 'before you can experience the new service, Call of Duty: Elite. As reported by the media manager of Activision, Dan Amrica, the beta service will not arrive before this autumn on PC, at least. The Windows platform will therefore be the last to try Elite, as part of the beta on Xbox 360 these days and the PlayStation 3 is due to open by summer.

DJ Hero developers are dedicated to the iPhone OS platform

On site, a music game for the iPhone is called Say What?!, Will be released on the App Store on July 20 and will be the first title of the newborn iPhone 8linQ Team, a joint venture that also includes former DJ Hero developers of the series. Say What?! see the presence of tracks by Calvin Harris, Scouting for Girls, The Zutons, The Nolans and other artists.

The gameplay will be different from that of the classic rhythm game, and propose a series of associations between music and words to which the player must react quickly. Hard to say if the experience gamers will be equally usable by our own, as references to the English language will be frequent.

James Vega joined the cast of Mass Effect 3

BioWare unveiled a new cast member of Mass Effect 3, James Sanders ... James Vega for friends. The last name Sanders was used when the character was still developing, has revealed the boss of the franchise Casey Hudson. This may mean that Vega, one soldier more oriented to the defense that the indiscriminate attack in battle, may have no bond of kinship with the already known Kahlee Sanders? We'll see, in the meantime here are the first images that portray him.

Battlefield 3 will become a book

A book, simply titled Battlefield 3, has suddenly appeared on the lists of and Barnes & Noble. Authors of the book are Patrick Bach and Andy McNab, both writers, but also former members of British special forces SAS. Amazon says the book is long about 400 and that its release is scheduled to coincide with the game on the shelves on 25th October.

The blog for Battlefield 3 has suggested that the novel will follow a linear history of the game, whose plot has so far been kept under lock and key by the team at DICE.

The guide of the cars in Need for Speed: The Run

New details from Electronic Arts As you may recall, during E3 2011 Electronic Arts has unveiled the first five cars featured in the new Need for Speed: The Run: the flaming 800hp Mustang Super Snake, the elegant McLaren MP4-12C, the wonderful BMW M3 GTS, Porsche 993 GT2 and the immortal blemish the Audi R8.

The publisher today revealed new details about the game, especially on driving dynamics. The developers have tried to implement a system as possible "human," making the best size and weight of the car when changing direction. The gameplay will be immediate but not lacking in depth, in the sense that can be enjoyed at different levels based on their experience.

The next Xbox will be able to reach the visual quality of Avatar

The technology company AMD says that the next Xbox will be powerful enough to support a graphics comparable to that of Avatar, James Cameron's blockbuster cinematic. AMD, which should provide items according to the latest graphics technology behind the new console from Microsoft, said in the latest issue of the American version of Official Xbox Magazine (as reported dall'Examiner) that players should expect also huge strides in terms physics and AI.

The prologue of Captain America

The exciting video you can see below tells us in a couple of minutes the prologue of the game Captain America, available in stores by July 14. The eternal struggle between the first and Avenger continues the evil Red Skull and comics arrives on consoles first and then to the movies, where the film will be available starting July 22.

Valve: DOTA 2 "short" on Steam

Valve has released a new update on Steam, 2 in which DOTA is announced as "imminent." That the company is preparing to Half-Life sequel to show the Defense of the Ancients (old mod for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos) and then run it during the Gamescom afterwards? The program published on the event website for Cologne is already expected to present a game like Valve's "strategic", which suggests just the name of DOTA 2.

Ultimate MVC3 coming?

It seems that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be presented at Comic Con in San Diego. An anonymous source wrote on the site The Quarter Bin expanded version of the famous fighting game will feature 12 new fighters, bringing the total to a full roster of 50 characters. Probably the game will be treated as Super Street Fighter IV and will be sold at budget price.

New details on WWE '12

Energy management, and more counter-In the fourth session of Q & A, '12 WWE developers answer questions from fans about the gameplay of the game, immediately making it clear that new revelations will be made during the period of SummerSlam. The new energy management system, first, allow the characters to move more or less quickly depending on their size.

Given the chance to hit specific parts of the body, it is clear that if our wrestlers suffer repeated attacks on the legs, the speed will drop accordingly and will be unable to run. The developers have also tried to shave some corners of the experience of former WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, allowing the execution of the counter-only at certain times of the sockets, thereby avoiding the moves can be interrupted abruptly by the reaction of the wrestler who is suffering.

Mass Effect 3, new look for James Vega

The character was re-introduced to the public at the end of the classic contest on social networks, Twitter page here on Casey Hudson, who has reached 10 thousand members, the project director of Mass Effect 3 wanted to give fans a new artwork and some information relating to James Vega, a character that will be introduced with the third installment in the series.

It is an experienced soldier, who will play a role as "anti-hero" in history and will provide us information about the policies that govern relations between the various planets. The picture accompanying exhibition put James in a relatively more casual than its official presentation, and in many ways even more successful.

Kojima is too busy

The creator of Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, has written on the PlayStation blog does not have enough time to work on the sequel to Snatcher, but would be happy to leave it in the hands of another developer. The original adventure game released on the NEC PC-8801 and MSX 2 in 1988, before being converted for Mega-CD, Sega Saturn and PSone in the 90s.

In the short term, however, fans can console themselves with Sdatcher Snatcher, a radio drama brought on by Suda51.

Child of Eden has a date on PS3

Child of Eden, the last effort of genius game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi, is for now the most acclaimed by critics and public. We'll see if the trend will change with the arrival of the game also on PlayStation 3. Ubisoft has announced the release date of Sony's version, which will be available from September 23.

The French publisher has also made other notes given out: the PC version of Call of Juarez: The Cartel will be released September 16, 2011 World Rally Championship on October 7, while the party game exclusively for Kinect Rabbids: Alive & Kicking, will Xbox 360 in November. Brothers Far Cry and third in Arms: Furious 4 have both been included in "calendar 2012".

The gameplay of Final Fantasy Type-0 in four videos

The new action RPG weblog Square Enix Final Fantasy promises quality and thickness of Type-0 shows its four gameplay videos, related to the Japanese version of the game. With fourteen playable characters and a structure capable of delivering up to one hundred hours of gameplay, the new episode of the series, developed exclusively for the PSP, will embody the ideal of "swan song" for the Sony handheld console.

New study team of DJ Hero

Several members of the study Freestyle Games, formerly responsible for the series on behalf of DJ Hero, Activision, have founded a new study. According to The Guardian, the new realities of the sector is called Music in Colour, and is led by Chris Lee, former boss of Freestyle Games. The study will focus on music games for mobile platforms and the first work, called Say What?, IOS will be released by July 20.

Shadows of the Damned: flop in the U.S.

Shadows of the Damned, "imperfect pearl" born from the collaboration Suda51/Mikami, has plunged into the hell of the failure of the U.S. market. According to many sources revealed, the game EA-Grasshopper has sold only 24,000 copies in its first month. Just for comparison, LA Noire has sold 419,000 in the second.

Another recent game has unfortunately experienced the bitter taste of defeat in the U.S., Child of Eden, which debuted at number 83 in the charts selling only 34,000 copies. This figure does not including the PlayStation 3 version as the game is still out on Sony's console.

The mystery game from Namco Bandai Digimon will be a new PSP?

The assumptions are moltipicando Remember the countdown site opened a few days ago by Namco Bandai? There we spoke then in a news article (link). Well, of course, the hypotheses have proliferated and even now there are those who bet on the game which will be revealed. The first voices took it for certain that it was Bravo Company Nintendo 3DS and IOS systems, rumors denied by the almost simultaneous opening of a game's official website.

Collector's Edition for Arkham City

Directly from Best Buy and GameStop come the details of the Collector's Edition Batman: Arkham City. According to reports in the two dealers, the deluxe edition of the new adventure of the Dark Knight will be released October 18th and will retail for $ 99.99. The Collector's Edition package will contain a statue designed by Kotobukiya, an artbook and the usual early access to some DLC (including Robin, as abundantly reported in recent days).