Sunday, April 3, 2011

A new arcade Super Mario in Japan

Back to the currency of the collaboration between Capcom and Nintendo all over Japan was born a new coin-op dedicated to Super Mario, a cab that is an interpretation of New Super Mario Bros. Wii version of arcade. The title is New Super Mario Bros. Wii World Coin and is essentially a multiplayer game for 4 players in which we are to participate in various mini-game, collecting medals in the results.

Details on Ninja Gaiden 3

A dark hero, a complex multiplayer modes Yosuke Hayashi, project lead for Team Ninja to work on Ninja Gaiden 3, has released some information on new and eagerly awaited action game announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As reported by the magazine Hayashi PlayStation: The Official Magazine, the game will be more focused on the life of Ryu Hayabusa and his character, his thoughts and feelings with the person who is described as an "obscure Japanese hero" and that will represented in a more gloomy than the other chapters.

PSP console in Japan in 2010

The PSP was the best-selling console in Japan in fiscal year just ended. The figure was released by Enterbrain, which quantified the number of 2,640,499 pieces of the handheld Nintendo sold in the last 12 months, slightly higher than those of the Nintendo DS (2523142). Playstation 3 is third by sold 1407126 console and first forward in ranking than the Wii.

Here's the full list: Regarding the software, the first position we find Pokémon White / Black with 5,149,022 units sold, followed by Monster Hunter Portable with 4,372,182 3rd. Here's the complete Top Five:

First developer diary for SSX: Deadly Descents

Tricks and important moments from EA comes the first developer diary dedicated to SSX: Deadly Descents. The video, shown below, shows more than anything else the developers themselves, since the game itself is not seen much yet, concentrated to explain the importance of the tricks in the game exciting and dramatic moments and details that characterize the gameplay.

We probably still some time before to return to talk about it and see something more than SSX: Deadly Descents, as the news was talking about a time of 15 months of development still needed before launch.

Joy Division Rock Band 3

The legendary band Joy Division will be the protagonist of the new DLC for Rock Band 3, to be released next week. Here is a list of items included in the package that will be available from 5 / 6 April: Each track can also be purchased separately on both Xbox 360 and PS3 and Wii, priced at € 1.49/200 Microsoft Points Points Wii/160.

All pieces, except for The Loco-Motion, will be available in the Pro version at additional charge of € 0.79/100 Microsoft Points Points Wii/80.

Uncharted 3 wants to be the reference for multiplayer on PS3

More attention to the sector according to Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2 The Fund's multiplayer is good but could have been much better if he had received a little 'more time in development. Despite the continuing based single player game for the story and the main mode, the development team wants then that Uncharted 3 reaches new standards in terms of multiplayer and might serve as the benchmark for the genre on the PlayStation 3.

Back to the Future Ep. 1 free

The first episode of the series of games dedicated to Back to the Future, developed by Telltale Games, is available free to all PC and Mac users can download from the official site and possibly take out a subscription to the entire saga, which will consist of 5 chapters. "No, no joke! We decided to give the first episode of the game to thank all those who are doing this series a great success," the statement said Telltale that accompanied the announcement.

Americans spend 13 minutes a day on video games

Time that changes in ethnic According to research conducted by the Nielsen study, the average American's daily time spent on video games is about 13 minutes. In the calculation were taken into account the devices connected to the TV, so the home consoles, which seems to exclude the use of PCs and laptops, because the research focuses on the different uses of your TV.

Apparently, the use varies depending on ethnicity, which then represented the goal of the research. It shows that African-Americans spend on average 16 minutes a day game, 10 minutes, Hispanics, Asians and Caucasians 9 minutes 13 minutes, falling in the media. Video games in general, therefore, occupy 4% of average daily use of television in North America, for individuals aged between 18 and 49 years, is around 5 hours and 11 minutes.

The co-creator sues EA Madden

The man who created the very first chapter of the multi-millionaire Madden NFL Football series has sued EA for royalties not collected. According to Reuters, Robin Antonick had signed a contract with a publisher in 1986 which provided for the collection of a percentage of its receipts from sales of games on platforms other than those on which he was working at the time: Commodore 64, MS DOS and Apple II.