Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The new arrival in Back To The Future

The third installment of the series dedicated to Telltale Games Back to the Future will be released on PC and Mac next week. Citizen Brown subtitled, this third adventure will see Marty McFly back to 1986 in which alternative Doc Brown controls the entire Hill Valley. The exact release date has not been disclosed but, as the previous two chapters were published on Wednesday, we could bet on March 30.

Fourth-dev diary for OF: Red River

With a lot of gameplay ... Codemasters today released the fourth developer diary dedicated to Operation Flashpoint: Red River, war games in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This is another study on the production, this time surrounded by several sequences of gameplay. The file can be found at the bottom of the article.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Fourth development diary

Coop in split-screen for 3 Uncharted?

3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception could have a split screen coop mode. To prove there was a video posted on YouTube. In the movie, very short, you can see for a few seconds, a second screen that intersects the first at a session of gameplay. Naturally Naughty Dog has not commented on the video but since the first announcement of the game the team members said they want to give "further boost to the multiplayer series." What better way than this?

New interesting details from LA Noire

More and more expected ... From the Official PlayStation Magazine UK bank to have leaked Megazine of interesting new details about LA Noire, a securities Pià expected the central part of 2011, signed of course, Rockstar Games. Emerged as the hero of the adventure play different roles within the police, even desk and changing the section of interest during the progress of history.

This will require a different approach during the investigation: it will then go by the Traffic Section, where he sets his sights mainly on incidents to Homicide thicker, which clearly we are dealing with murders and assassinations of various kinds, up to the Narcotics specializing in drug trafficking and international.

Violate the security of Play.com

Play the popular online store. com has sent an important e-mail message to all its customers to warn of a possible intrusion into its databases, which was announced a few names and addresses. "We are alerting all since we found a breach in our security system. Unfortunately, despite the timeliness of our work, some names and addresses have been 'compromised'," the statement said.

"We've always had an eye towards the privacy of our customers and we will do everything to restore the situation and further improve the security of our site. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused some of you." The e-mail also asks customers to always check carefully the e-mail messages that could come in the near future as part of Play.

The first votes of Crysis 2

As you might have resulted in the student press in accordance with the Crytek? The first reviews are coming out of Crysis 2, in addition to the Multiplayer. written by Umberto Moioli it that you can read HERE, and obviously the first votes. Let us together the evaluations received from the game by Crytek on major international newspapers.

1UP - 91 Eurogamer. net - 80 GameSpot - 85 GameTrailers - 91 Giant Bomb - 80 IGN - Joystiq 90 - 80 Official Xbox Magazine UK - 90 Strategy Informer - gamer 80 - 90

GTA: Did you know?

Did you know that Grand Theft Auto Race'n'Chase initially should have been called and that his exit was planned on the SEGA Saturn and Ultra 64? And you know that Race'n'Chase provided a mode in which players will embody the police in order to catch criminals by following the directions of the radio station? These and other curiosities on the very first installment of Rockstar emerged from the original design documents, which were uploaded to Flickr by Mike Dailly, one of the original members of the team.

E3: Kojima announces two games

Whether it's time to see the new Metal Gear Solid? According to a rumor reported by the UK magazine PSM3, Hideo Kojima will present two projects at E3 2011. One of them should be Metal Gear Solid 5, while the other does not know anything except that it will be a logical step forward for a game that already exists.

Please note that the E3 will be held June 7 to 9 in that of Los Angeles. Source: PS3 Center

Apple sues Amazon

Apple has sued the retailer Amazon for use by that brand App Store for the promotion of products Android. As reported by Bloomberg (via GamesIndustry), Apple has sued Amazon for infringement of a registered trademark and unfair competition. Amazon is launching a service for the distribution of Android applications on the web portal and despite the dealer still appear the words "Appstore for Android", the links are currently inactive.

Rayman 3-D will not be a simple port

The 3DS version of the game has been improved as we know, Rayman Nintendo 3DS is a 3D remake of Rayman 2, already released for Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color and Nintendo DS. According to the producer of the game, however, the new version will not be a simple port. In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, Abderrazzak Elkaouni Ubisoft has stated: "Rayman 3D is not a simple port.

New study by the founders of Slightly Mad

As reported by GamesIndustry, the founders of Slightly Mad, Ian Bell and Andy Garton, have created Gamage, a new study that will develop social and casual games for Facebook and devices IOS. "Gamage is building new gaming experiences, new forms of interaction. Social platforms and mobile games are the key to the success of these experiences," said Ian Bell.

The company currently counts about 50 employees and expects to launch in the summer, the first game. Slightly Mad assets racing games like GT Legends, GTR 2 and the series published by EA, Need for Speed: Shift. To be announced but the titles that will be developed by Gamage with the engine crossplatform owner of the company, the game engine based on technology HTML5.

Schaefer: Torchlight MMO II and Diablo III and WoW affected

Comparisons inevitable Max Schaefer, the CEO of Runic Games, has a very clear situation of the PC market for its games and can not afford to avoid confrontation with the big boys of Blizzard. From fan himself, admits that the team will face Diablo III and World of Warcraft in the development of 2 and the Torchlight Torchlight MMO, which are then the proceeds of these games Blizzard.

Certainly there is room for alternatives, particularly in the action-RPG, but it is inevitable that the public has to review like products, so it is possible that some ideas can be drawn from the Blizzard games and included in development projects at Runic, which could lead to a slowdown in their output.

Cage: "No more space marine"

During an interview with The Guardian (viaVG247), David Cage said that developers should set aside space for the Marines begin to tell stories more personal. "In the U.S., many developers are thinking the same thing: 'I'm 40 years old and are tired of developing shooter. It was fun when I was 20 but now I want to do something new.

I do not look quite the same film, do not listen to the same music, but I still do the same games! '. Developers are tired of this situation, they want to talk about politics, family, whatever. And why not in games? ". "Heavy Rain is the game for some time dreaming. I worked hard on the story, was the first based on my personal experiences.

New images for Crysis 2

Other critical scenes galore for new images for Crysis 2 by Crytek and EA, on the eve of the game and its review. They are mainly focused on the artwork and render nano-suit of the protagonist, but among the pictures there are also some new screenshots and summary maps of some levels of play. Several new images will be added also to the explanatory gallery from 18 this afternoon.

Demo of games, an investment useless?

During an interview with Wired, the producer of 3DS, Hideki Konno, has questioned the effectiveness of the video game demo. "I wonder if the demo to be effective," said Konno. "Sometimes people experience a demo, they are satisfied but then do not buy the game. I'm not sure that developing a demo is an effective way to invest our resources." Konno admits that Nintendo is considering the implementation of some social features such as chat and calls on 3DS: "Upgrading the system, we are interested in this kind of functionality." The 3DS is available in a few days and the most prominent feature will be 3D.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Trailer of the story

An unexpected threat A new trailer shows us a taste of the story of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One course that provides a new threat to deal with. The clip shows us a first taste of the main plot of the game, along with some gameplay footage from the scene, and explains how Nefarius and Quark, which will be usable by players, join the group of heroes to save the planet.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Trailer of the story

Here comes the new LEGO Power Line A

In April, WT & T and One Way Management in Italy will lead the new collection of accessories produced by LEGO Power A company that produces exclusive accessories since 2007 with the LEGO brand. The various kits and accessories will be available for Nintendo. The Lego Brick Game Cases collection (available neio red, blue and green) "includes an assortment of 3 cases for the games console Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS XL, while the Lego Armor Case Starter Kit (red and blue) "includes the case for the console, the enclosures for the games, a stylus, battery charger for the car and the cleaning pad that echoes the design of the famous bricks." The LEGO Build Remote Play and, finally, is compatible with the Wii MotionPlus and includes "the controller, the safety strap, 31 LEGO pieces, a cover for the battery and a standard buildable." "This new product line, after transposing the known through the virtual game will allow gamers to truly live the experience of playing with the famous bricks," says Francesco Cafiero, manager of One Way Management.

EA Sports booklets eliminates paper

EA Green As reported by Kotaku, the sports division of Electronic Arts or EA Sports, will remove the booklets from paper packaging of upcoming games from Fight Night Champion, released in early March. The move obviously represents a monetary savings for the publisher as well as a way to meet ecology, eliminating paper waste.

A replacement of a manual digital booklet will be inserted into the game, although various options including tutorials and hardly feel the lack of guidance, in most cases. The decision follows the similar Electronic Arts Ubisoft in the same direction, a trend that will likely be followed by other publishers in the near future.

Pokémon always first in Italy

Second consecutive week to lead the Pokémon in Italy. In the week between 7 and March 13, again the first and second place in the console software top ten for Pokémon Pokémon White and Black. Fourth and fifth places respectively for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Dragon Age II. The role of BioWare game instead debuted in first place in Italy in the PC software charts.

Behind him are prepaid cards for World of Warcraft and the Signature Edition of Dragon Age II. White leads the weekly Pokémon Games DS, Wii Party and the software for Wii. PlayStation 2 PES 2011 is still the best selling game, and FIFA 11 on PlayStation Portable over the rival Konami. Dragon Age Finally, II is the best seller of the last seven days on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The iPad 2 arrives Friday at 17?

Confusing information The rumor has spread like wildfire in just a few minutes to come from some retailers including a shop in Bergamo. According to this item supply problems feared by Apple, following the disaster happened in Japan, should not delay the arrival of the much tablet in Europe. But following the spread of the news that Apple wanted to make clear has not yet announced an official release date.

Serena Williams a spot in the Top Spin 4

In the network appeared in a promotional spot in Top Spin 4 Serena Williams in one version alternates with sexy actress in the use of the PlayStation controller Move with the PlayStation 3 version of 2K game. According to Joystiq, the spot was created with money and efforts of 2K Sports. " The movie was originally published on YouTube by Rileah Vanderbilt, the actress who took part in the making of the film later canceled by 2K Sports.

Mortal Kombat - Kratos appears in a video unofficial

And fights his way on the net has appeared a new and very confusing movie Mortal Kombat that shows Kratos in action. The hero of God of War, which appears in 1 minute and 15 seconds in the amateur video taken by a fan of the series, this is obviously only in the PS3 version. The fighting style, though declined in the manner typical of the fighting seems to be inspired to action their game for the Sony console in Kratos is the protagonist.

Wii Shop, Nintendo does mea culpa

The store digital 3DS arrive some time after the launch of its new handheld console from Nintendo Japan because the company does not want to repeat the mistakes made in the virtual stores for the Wii and DS. "The versions that we launched in the past for Wii and DS, in fact, were not satisfactory," he said in an interview with Hideki Konno Gamasutra.

"The service is browser-based but is not sufficiently accessible, and people have not visited him what we wanted. It has not worked as we hoped." The separation between the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo was a mistake that Nintendo does not intend to repeat. "For 3DS want to put all the material in a single hub.

Witcher 2: news, trends, specific PC and console version

A bit 'of information by Tomasz Tomasz Gop Gop CD Projekt has released a lot of information about The Witcher 2: Assassin's Kings of the pages of VG247, answering questions of users and reaffirming loyalty to the spirit of the original game. First of all, Gop made a point to specify that the combat system has not been simplified, but made it more convenient to use.

The different fighting styles can now be associated with the various buttons on the mouse, to pass immediately from one another, while spells can now be loaded and aimed at a target in a manner similar to what happens in Dragon Age II. In any case, it is a system as complex and layered than the first, which "was not consolizzato.

The Dead Space film will

The film is dedicated to Dead Space has confirmed that the project was canceled. "We are working on the story," said the director DJ Caruso (I Am Number Four, Disturbia) to AreaGames (via Joystiq). "We tried to set it as the prequel but the story did not work as we wanted. It would be fun to be able to bring a film in the atmosphere of terror that characterizes this great game." The film of Dead Space is a collaboration between the producer and publisher EA Twilight, Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey.

DC Universe Online Tap Room - In the lair of the bad video

A place of class, or better alignment Locaputo The Tap Room is a vital center for the super villains of DC Universe Online who can find fun, friends for adventures, teleport, access to pvp and mailboxes futuristic. The great room also offers the ability to repair, sell and buy equipment. DC Universe Online - The den of the supervillains

Trine 2 returned a few months

Downloadable game Trine 2 will be available "late summer", said the publisher Atlus. The publication was expected in the spring game on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. Published in 2009, the first Trine possible to control three characters whose skills could be used to solve some puzzles. In this sequel will be a co-op online and offline.

This commercial is too sexy for Top Spin 4

Sportsmanship and bursting 'appeared on YouTube dedicated to a particular TV commercial starring Top Spin 4 Serena Williams and actress defined (also likely, although it is doubtful the passion videogame) "The World's Sexiest Tennis Gamer". The video sees the girls can play Top Spin 4 taking very provocative poses and dressed mainly required to say the least, inappropriate to the sport.

2K Sports, which appears to have funded the video, has officially decided not to spread it, but the footage appeared on YouTube, however, on the initiative, it seems, the same actress in question. The publisher said the video was produced as part of the marketing campaign should include initiatives that more or less conventional, but it's not final, returned to the promotional plan.

Free DLC for DoW II Retribution

In April, new content will be available for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution, tells the publisher THQ. From 6 April, the survival mode, Last Stand, will be joined by 12 new targets, each of which provide access to new equipment. The DLC will be downloadable for free, THQ also announced.

More information about Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution in the review of Videogame Source.

Free DLC coming for Dawn of War II: Retribution

New targets and equipment THQ has announced new expansions coming to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution, new maxi-strategic expansion of Games Workshop's sci-fi. For the next month do they have new DLC, including new targets for how "The Last Stand" from April 6, with a lot of new equipment for the units.

The addition will be free, as reported today by the publisher.

A date for Superbrothers EP iPad

The game device IOS, Superbrothers EP: Sword & Sworcery, iPad will arrive on March 24 and on the iPhone in April, tells the developer Capybara Games. According to the official website diSuperbrothers EP: Sword & Sworcery, the title of capybara is a mixture of "exploration, puzzle-solving musical and fighting." In April, will also be available Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies, a collection of songs by Jim Guthrie, who worked with capybara.

WWE All-Stars - A video for the creation of the character

Guest star Santino Who better than an Italian fashion can show us the side of WWE All-Stars? Nobody, of course. And here it appears Santino as a model system of character creation. To keep in theme of course is all narrated by a speaker, perhaps, an Italian-American who slips here and there some idiom Italy to color.

The demo for WWE All-Stars will arrive today on Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow. WWE All-Stars - Character Creation

Black Ops: First Strike soon on PC

Owners of the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops can get their hands on DLC First Strike on Friday, announced Treyarch. In a message given to Twitter, the community manager Josh Olin has also stressed that the map pack on Steam is already booked. First Strike was released on Xbox 360 back in February, while the PlayStation 3 version was launched a month later.

Angry Birds Rio available in the App Store Italian

Announced by a bizarre crossover a bit 'of time now, is now available Angry Birds Rio cross-over version of the famous game Rovio in Italian. The game is basically the same as the original structure, which is always to launch birds with a slingshot to destroy structures and enemies, but in this case the environment changes with a mix of the original film and that of Rio, or the new animated film starring the birds.

Beta SWTOR are sensitive to short-cuts

In a message published by BioWare community coordinator, Allison Berryman, on the official forum of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the developer BioWare tells users they can only provide access to the beta. "A number of sites and individuals are trying to sell accounts with right of access to testing, and beta keys for access to our Game Testing Program.

"All these deals are false. BioWare is sending invitations to the program exclusively through Game Testing methods on SWTOR. Com. These offers attempt to snatch money, information about your identity and your credit card." "The sale of access to the Game is prohibited by Game Testing Program Testing Agreement.

Please note the date for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

On March 24 we were still to give a little 'astrological' EP on Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery the interesting adventure for iPhone and iPad oozing charm from every pixel, we can report the official dates. Not quite spring equinox: the iPad version of the game will be released on March 24 it seems, that a couple of days later than expected, with the iPhone version to follow in April, even without a precise date but provided for about a month after exiting the tablet.

Nintendo: quality costs

The controversy is not subsiding at a distance between Nintendo and the developers of casual games and social. During an interview with Gamasutra, Hideki Konno, Nintendo said you want to focus on the quality of its handheld games, and they have no intention of lowering the standard of quality games to launch cheaper.

"We're not trying to compete with that model. We not only maintain but increase the quality of software we sell. We repeat, this competition does not concern us." "Naturally, I'd love to see great games at a reduced price, but do not think it possible to develop a complete and immersive game as, say, Call of Duty and then sell it at that price, it's simply not possible.

Trine 2 - Trailer Alluring Adventure

Trine 2, an inviting adventure really inviting the world to Trine 2 offering puzzles, fighting, great animation and charming atmosphere, all mixed in key platform. The new trailer for the title weblog Frozenbyte shows some scenes of gameplay they see different characters in their own way to address a number of obstacles.

Trine 2 will come this year through the digital delivery channels. Trine 2 - Trailer Alluring Adventure

Nvidia: consoles are getting older

The mobile presses Bea Longworth According to Nvidia, which works to promote the Nvidia Tegra, consoles offer big advantages of stability, but are placed under a static hardware and even the mobile market is dangerously close. In support of this assertion, the Longworth said: "At the Mobile World Congress, we held a demonstration with a title for the Xbox 360 managed by a quad-core Project Kal-El." In short, the manager said that from August Nvidia's ultra portable and smartphones that will mount the successor to the two Tegra will be able to manage the game with the same qualities of our beloved home console.

Demo coming to WWE All Stars

Tomorrow on Xbox Live, PSN tomorrow on The UK division of THQ has confirmed the release of a playable demo for WWE All Stars, available from tomorrow on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network tomorrow. Only two characters available: the legendary Ultimate Warrior for the class "brawler" and the Goblin of San Diego, Rey Mysterio, for the class "acrobat".

THQ has also published a series of new images that show the editor for the creation of the character, how inevitable in a wrestling game. Offer them to you below. Source: Destructoid