Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A secret for Zelda: SS

Apparently the gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will include a musical instrument is very important to the story, at least since the ocarina Ocarina of Time. Nintendo composer Mahito Yokota has revealed during an interview in this new installment of Iwata Asks. Obviously, the development team wanted to keep secret the details of this "feature" of the game, which had never been revealed before.

Two new trailers for Bodycount

The arrival of the invaders and Combat Codemasters has released two new trailers for the expected Bodycount, an FPS that should, on paper, recreate the spectacular action and the incredible feeling of impact that characterized Black. The first video is the extended version of a teaser that we released in the past, where we see the bizarre character of the game to face, for the first time, the mysterious invaders that threaten the planet.

Gears of War 3: 90 minutes of cut scenes

A film will be virtually no own production of Kojima, but Gears of War 3, according to a description given by the BBFC on the first trial tested, appears to be a reasonable step towards the cinematic experience than in the past. The details are many, but in the short abstract appears that information on a 90-minute cut-scenes, distributed within hours of Epic shooter game for the Xbox 360.

Obviously, these scenes present in the "history", or "campaign", ie the one with a plot. Few other details, beyond the predictable "18" as an age classification for the users and the presence of "strong violence and blood" in game content.

EB Games Australia takes Mercenaries Resident Evil for the bailouts?

It begins boycotting? In a move that has all the flavor of the boycott, the division of EB Games Australia has apparently decided not to market the new Resident Evil: Mercenaries should now be available there. The move does seem to have to do with the initiative of Capcom to include as a feature of the game, the inability to delete saves, effectively eliminating it from the market.

Perhaps, a chain based on second part of his earnings as EB Games, this initiative did not find funny. Capcom, for its part, has officially stated that the characteristic of bailouts has to do with the fight directly to the used market, however we look forward to any developments on the matter, because the position of EB Games is not official and the news comes only as a rumor.

Xenoblade Chronicles has its own bundle in Europe

With red controller classes per Apparently, not only Xenoblade Chronicles is intended to come out in Europe, but also has a dedicated incoming bundle of our parts. As reported by Eurogamer. net, the special package will include of course the Wii and the game, illustrated in a nice package with lots of theme and classic controller in the red version.

The output in Europe is scheduled for Sept. 2, for both the game for the game and console bundle.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most ever sold in the UK

Call of Duty on the throne of England in the United Kingdom, Call of Duty: Black Ops is now to be the best-selling video game in the history of the British gaming market. The primacy is achieved at the expense of the "companion" Modern Warfare 2, which in turn had wrested from the hands of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training and.

According to data from Chrt-Track, the FPS of Treyarch totaled 3,722,411 units sold since its release, beating, albeit slightly, to 3,702,410 units of Modern Warfare 2, with data updated to June 25, 2011. The news comes just at the launch of Xbox Live for the third additional package, "Annihilation".

The new Xbox at E3 2012

As reported by BGR. com, Microsoft will introduce the new Xbox at E3 2012. According to sources, the new console would be in development since 2006, the year after the launch of the Xbox 360. A few weeks ago, Crytek has said that the announcement of the new console from Microsoft in 2012 is plausible and has confirmed that Timesplitters 4, the game made with Unreal Engine 3 is in development for the platform.

A date for Boulder Dash XL XBLA

The puzzle game Boulder Dash XL will be available on Xbox Live Arcade from July 13, Kalypso Media has announced. The game will cost 800 Microsoft Points, the PC version will be available "in the summer." Developed by Germany's Catnip Games Boulder Dash XL offers 150 levels, online leaderboards and five game modes: arcade, retro, zen, puzzles and challenges in time.

Originally created by Canadian developer Peter Liepa, Boulder Dash debuted in 1984 on the Atari 400.

"Stick it to protect IP"

The boss of Sony, Howard Stringer, has admitted that the PlayStation Network has been besieged by hackers following the story Jailbreak PS3. "We believe we were attacked because we wanted to protect our IP, our content, in this case video games," Stringer said in an interview with Reuters news agency.

"Some do not want us to protect our IP, they want to be available for free." After the restoration of the PlayStation Network, in recent weeks, however, hackers seem to have targeted not only Sony but the video game industry in general.

Contest for Dark Souls on Facebook

Namco Bandai Games Europe has announced a competition "shield design contest" for Dark Souls. The page of the contest is available on Facebook, where from June 27 to July 28 will be able to participate by sending "up to three original proposals to shield using any of the three templates provided." "The three projects selected, one for each template of a shield, as content will be available post-launch of Dark Souls".

Hacking PSN - Talk to the CEO of Sony

Permissible to protect themselves. But by whom? By hackers or its users? At a shareholder meeting for Sony in Tokyo yesterday held the CEO of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, said that hackers are due to Sony's attempt to protect its intellectual property and its contents are of course video games. Not a revelation, then, since everything seems to be left for the legal maneuvers that the company has taken against GeoHot after he violated the protections of the PS3.

A date for Mortal Kombat Kenshi

The downloadable package Kenshi Mortal Kombat will be available from July 5, announced the publisher Warner Bros. The DLC should arrive on Xbox Live while the 5 on the PlayStation Network should be downloadable from the following day, July 6. Kenshi is a character in the series that debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.

BioWare wants to continue the series Mass Effect

How to continue the series? Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka of BioWare have talked about the future of Mass Effect franchise, which already has programs under development. For now, though, BioWare is focusing on the development of Mass Effect 3. Immediately after think about how to use the game world, following the wishes of fans.

Currently there are no certainties, but we are convinced that soon hear of a new game for this brand.

LulzSec lives in Anonymous

You thought was finished and it is just the beginning LulzSec, the hacker group fear the games industry and many others, was dissolved after fifty days of scheduled activities. Unfortunately, its members will devote themselves to hunting with mussels, but they are merged into another well-known hacker group: Anonymous, suspected of being behind the collapse of the NDP took place in April.

Anonymous has been the same to confirm the continuation of the activities of the group and the abandonment of the name only. A merger is not so sudden that confirm the suspicions of those who wanted to Anonymous and LulzSec linked from the beginning. However, these are like the Italian politicians: change name to the party but never leave the chair.

Guild Wars 2 - The history of the city of Ascalon in video

The introduction wing city of Ascalon Ascalon City once was the heart of an eponymous kingdom and defensive bastions of humanity. But after a bloody conflict has been transformed into a haunted town as a result of the last desperate act of a sovereign defeated. Calling the power of his sword did not hit it Adelbern charr invaders but only its troops now in the form of restless spirits roam.

Kirby's Dream Land on 3DS

Earlier this week Nintendo will distribute the e-shop 3DS adventure originally published on Game Boy, Kirby's Dream Land. The first game in the series marked the debut of the protagonist Kirby in 1992. The game will be downloadable for the price of 4 euros along with other news: For a few days is also available on Wii Kirby channel TV Channel, through which you can access the episodes of the animated series by Kirby.

Doctor And The Forgotten Knights coming July 15?

It would be nice having regard to the pleasantness of puzzle-adventure under the umbrella Apparently this time the difference between the Japanese and our local output will be much reduced. In fact, Lautrec Doctor And The Forgotten Knights, scheduled for July 7 in the Japanese territory, we could arrive July 15.

Information comes to us by one of our devoted user has to do with video games and lists every day.

Guild Wars 2 to 8 minutes of fighting

Between land and water A long ride takes us from the catacombs to the deep sea and then up the coast where the fighting is divided between land and sea. Not all the animations are in place, but the video from the idea of combat in Guild Wars 2, which, while remaining anchored to the targeting system classic, includes shocks and falls quite pronounced.

EA games free-to-play is profitable as a game console

The future of PC gaming is in microtransactions? It does not take a genius to realize that the free-to-play games are popping up like mushrooms. There are many brands that have or are important to have a free version apparently. The formula is simple: the player can download and freely come into play, but paying for a whole range of additional services like better equipment, additional playing time, extra characters and so on.

Microsoft still cautious on 3D

While Sony was one of the main supporters of 3D, Microsoft appears to have a few concerns with technology. Some Xbox 360 games are compatible with the 3D view, but from the point of view this is not the same quality stereoscopic 3D effect offered by several PlayStation 3 games. According to some rumors emerged some time ago, Microsoft would announce their support for stereoscopic 3D at E3, but this did not happen.

Chaos Rings Omega - First update

The first of many Omega Chaos Rings appear on the App Store has seen the first of many updates aimed at raising the level cap and introduce new monsters, new bosses and new items. In short, the Chaos Rings prequel proved not only capable of amplifying sound and atmosphere from the first chapter of the saga, but shows an enviable support for any RPG or JRPG.

Who develops LittleBigPlanet Life?

The PlayStation version of LittleBigPlanet Life has been entrusted to the British Double11, studio founded by two former Rockstar, Lee Hutchinson and Matt Shepcar. The team is working together with the authors of the game for the PlayStation Portable LBP, Tarsier Studios, the two studies are collaborating with the creators of the franchise, Media Molecule.

"Being able to work on a project such as LittleBigPlanet is fantastic, especially when it comes to developing a new platform," says Hutchinson. "For us it was important to see the positive reaction to our game by the public at E3. We hope to do even better in the future."

Shift 2, free DLC Origin

Two DLC for Shift 2: Unleashed will be available for free download by Origin, digital distribution service of Electronic Arts, from 30 June. Speedhunters The package, available since last month on the console, introduces 14 new vehicles unpublished ee two game modes, drag and Standing Mile. Legends, from April to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, provides a dozen cars and five tracks.

Battlefield Heroes returns onlin

EA has restored the free-to-play Battlefield Heroes after the LulzSec cyber attack. As you read on the official Battlefield Heroes, the portal is now accessible again. The publisher has confirmed that names and passwords associated with an older version of the beta have been violated. The authors of the attack information, LulzSec, announced in the last few hours the group disbanded.

A release date for Boulder Dash XL

The classic 8-bit returns July 13 Boulder Dash XL, the latest chapter in a series born in the eighties and since then has never died, back on Xbox Live July 13, 2011. It was the same-First Star Software to announce it. The other expected version, the PC does not have a release date, although we always talk about this summer.

Those of us who are fond of old-style games, keep an eye on.

Cave Story 3D postponed to November

Groped want the Christmas market? Cave Story 3D, the new incarnation of an absolute classic of the indie scene, it will be released August 9 as expected, but was postponed to November, probably groped for the way of the Christmas market. However, it will soon be published in a press release that will explain the real reasons for the delay.
Meanwhile, you can play the original Cave Story on WiiWare or on DSiWare. Try to limit the PC version is free.

Yu Suzuki departs from SEGA

The total independence becomes some time, which remained bound to SEGA also as a manager, the legendary designer has put into his own, founding and developing the software YS NET Mobile titles. Well, in September, after 28 years of partnership, the name of Yu Suzuki no longer coupled to that of Japan's famous company.

The creator of Shenmue has decided to focus full time on his own software company, in this period, should be committed on the first draft of some significance. This title should be a title fight with Kinect support, but given the involvement of the designer many people expect something special.