Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new Wii for Christmas

Let us prepare the revision of the hardware and the loss of backward compatibility with the Wii GC wanted news about U? No, it still touches the Wii. Nintendo has announced that this Christmas will begin selling a new hardware revision of the Wii, sold bundled with Wii Party and Wii Sports. Together we will be at the console the Wii Remote Plus, instead of the standard, and a Nunchuk.

F1 Safety Car for 2011

Codemasters has confirmed the presence of the Safety Car in F1 in 2011, last in the series due out in stores in a few weeks, September 23. For those who are fasting Formula 1 (and the rhyme is served), the Safety Car is a car that was on the runway in case of an accident that "guide" F1 racing cars at a reduced speed until the problem is not resolved.

Its introduction in the new game is to guess a marked propensity for strategy and more importantly the presence of random events during the races.

GC2011 - Cars 2 inPSP version

Rather disappointing fans of Cars 2 will be able to play the arcade racing in Disney portable version for Nintendo DS and PSP. The images below are captured by the news weblog Sony laptop. Unfortunately the title does not seem to shine in terms of quality and beauty you would expect a similar performance on the DS.

Konami announces Leedmees

Konami has used, as more and more often, the pages of Famitsu to announce a new game called Leedmees. It will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 and Kinect and will have some similarities with the Lemmings series. Unfortunately the information from the Japanese magazine stop there. The output is incredibly close as the Xbox Live will welcome back from September 7.

It is unclear if that date refers only to Japanese territory.

Silent Hill Collection HDalso on 360

Konami announced today that Silent Hill Collection HD is also coming to Xbox 360, putting an end to rumors that they gave as an exclusive PlayStation 3. Both editions, provided at the beginning of 2012, will contain remastered versions of 720p HD Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, decorated with trophies and objectives.

Blizzard rules out a StarCraft MMO

Blizzard has taken away all hope to fans announcing that they have no intention of developing an MMO dedicated to StarCraft. During a conference Gamescom, held yesterday, the company's co-founder Frank Pearce said that the development team are currently too busy to think of a similar project. "If we had a team available it would be taken into consideration," said Pearce, "but we have many projects in progress and it would be folly to begin one of those dimensions." "Of course for the future I can not exclude such a possibility, in life you never know."

GC2011 - New images from Saints Row The Third

The third is the craziest of all is once again demonstrates quite bizarre the new Saints Row The Third, the third installment in the Action game developed by THQ's open world, with another set of images came on the occasion of GamesCom 2011. Within the vast sandbox, you apparently can do some 'of all, judging from the pictures.

In scenes of the game inserted in the tunnel, there is room for aircraft flying futuristic scooters chasing men in robes and pants, red-light districts and super-armor combat.

LOTR: War in the North change date

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North will not come over on November 4 as we had previously announced, Warner Bros. has delayed the arrival on the shelves in November 25. War in the North, we recall, is developed by Snowblind Studios, responsible in the past with excellent action-RPG like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath.

The game will not follow the plot of Tolkien book and film dedicated to it, and will feature a trio of an elf, a dwarf and a human ... Perhaps the most famous family of Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn.

Castlevania: HOD confirmed on PSN

The first Castlevania multiplayer, entitled Harmony of Despair, came out last summer on Xbox Live Arcade and obtained a good success. Now, after more than 12 months, Konami is preparing to experiment on PlayStation Network, where it will arrive next month. The long wait for fans will be rewarded with a complete game of the DLC "Beauty, Desire, Dire Situation" which was paid on XBLA.

Update 2.0 for The Witcher 2

The cheering role-playing game The Witcher 2 will be updated to version 2.0 next month, leading "many improvements on a technical level" and a lot 'of new modes, including a tutorial for beginners. The most important of these is the Dark Mode, which will add a new level of difficulty, just easier than the Insane mode, and a lot 'of new objects "obscure".

Will also be the new Arena Mode, which will allow us to test our ability to fight against ever increasing numbers of enemies and powerful ... ensure that full doses of experience and extra items. The game will automatically update as of September 29 and new content will be available in the Xbox 360 version out in early 2012.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover of PES 2012

After beating the monster's last Premier League scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo replaces Lionel Messi on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer. It will be the strongest striker of Real Madrid's new face-symbol Edition 2012, after many years of domination of the "flea". This however will not be a first for Cristiano Ronaldo, whose face had already appeared on the cover of PES 2008.