Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sims Medieval: first-making-of only!

Completely in Italian ... We offer, exclusive to Multiplayer. com, the first of six parties on a deep behind the scenes dedicated to The Sims Medieval. This is a very interesting video in-depth, fully localized for the occasion in Italian with subtitles. We also noted that Tuesday, March 1 will be published on these pages always the second installment of this series of six films, along with a preview dedicated to the game with a lot of developer interviews.

Guerrilla keeps an eye on those who cheat in Killzone 3

Rightly ... Guerrilla has indicated its intention to protect Killzone 3, PlayStation 3 exclusive that comes out today in Europe, from any form of cheating or malpractice. Then, the software company will use an eye committed on its production, in order to identify those who play tricks or maybe via jailbreak using tricks of various kinds.

Source: VG247

Skyrim - tomorrow's the first look at gameplay

I prepare for the big GDC? About 21 hours emmezza separate us from the first look at the gameplay of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim. Or at least that is what is the countdown appeared at this time in the Bethesda site. After the date of Gears of War 3 and the movie's a movie of Battlefield 3 gameplay Skyrim would be just the icing on the cake of a phenomenal week, at least in terms of entertainment.

Champion Fight Night: the first ten minutes

Beware of spoilers ... We offer you today the first ten minutes of play in their Champions Fight Night, the last chapter of the boxing simulator developed at the EA Sports studios. We report, clearly, the presence of large SPOILER in the movie, the vision is therefore recommended only to those who did not want to miss the surprise with respect to certain aspects of the game.

[Updated] Dead Space 2: Severed - date of launch and trailer

Imminent [Updated] At the bottom of the news devoted to the new DLC trailer. The Severed DLC for Dead Space 2 is literally just around the corner and will be available is the Xbox Live and PSN on March 1. The package introduces two additional single-player chapters which tell the story of Gabe Weller.

The security officer will face a lot of action and will to fight an old enemy of the saga, but will have to survive on an enhanced pulse rifle. Dead Space 2: Severed - Trailer Ad

The news on the PSN this week

Enough little things .... The PlayStation Network is now updated to the European side, as every Wednesday for the internet service for PlayStation 3. Then let us see all the main novelties in the current week, as usual, pointed out the PlayStation Blog. Demo (free): Dragon Age 2, Lego Star Wars II: The Clone Wars Yakuza 4.

DLC: Fallout Dead Money: New Vegas, Retro Map Pack for Killzone 3 and Armed and Dangerous Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Games: The Undergarden, Alien Breed: Descent and TNT Racers. PSP: Ys I & II Chronicles eTactics Ogre, more discount of Peter Jackson's King Kong, Cars Disney / Pixar, while for the PSone classic Twisted Metal.

New dev-diary from Top Spin 4

Other more ... 2K Czech has released the fourth developer diary on the Top Spin 4, since chapter of tennis simulator in development on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. This is another video dedicated to deepening this time for his career, which we are presented in part by production designer Jean-Karl Tupin-Bron.

The video can be found below:

Crysis 2: nothing but a massive campaign coop

Crytek says it clearly ... Crysis 2, anticipated production in development at Crytek studios, will not propose a cooperative mode. At the same time, however, the main campaign will be massive and totally satisfying. This is essentially the thinking of the software company, expressed through the words of the boss Cevat Yerli.

In addition, Yerli has stated that Crysis 2 does not point to a new Call of Duty or a new Halo, but simply to be the best fps of generation. Source: VG247

Skyrim - one of the prizes for the "joke" Bethesda

Joke or hoax? It seemed a joke to Bethesda, or give birth to their son on 11 November 2011 and call Dovahkiin (dragonborn) to obtain favors and prizes. No coincidence that the same developer had added in a footnote to the particular "quest": "any reward for completing the quest certainly will not justify the potential ridicule with which your child might, and so will almost certainly be targeted for its entire life ".

IO Interactive working on something big?

... One of the most exciting in the history of IO Interactive ... Danish developer is already almost certainly be at work on Hitman 5 is on the forthcoming Kane and Lynch which was almost directly confirmed by the President Eidos. But at home in IO Interactive's something that emerges from a pot of detectors job now that software houses publish on the web.

The ad in question says: "We are seeking an exceptional candidate to join our team as a Lead Character Artist to create one of the most exciting projects of more than 10 years of videogame history of IO Interactive ..." Source: IO Interactive

Here is the artwork of Road Rash 2006

For the network there were some artwork for a game canceled by Electronic Arts, Road Rash. Designed by Richard Cook, the immortal image of the first concept of the new Road Rash game in the series canceled by EA in 2006 after being in development studies at Bottlerocket / EA Warrington. After the cancellation of the project, Richard Cook left to join EA Bizarre, studio recently closed by Activision.

Gears of War 3 - the official date for the worldwide launch

Slight delay for Japan Gears of War 3 will be released September 20, 2011 worldwide and September 22 in Japan. Finally we know when we have to wait to get their hands on the highly anticipated third chapter in the saga that humanity will fight for its survival. Now we just have to wait for the beta.

Absent in the original design of the 3D 3DS

The 3D was not part of the original design of 3DS, Nintendo has revealed. According to Japan's Famitsu magazine (translation Andriasang) by Hideki Konno responsible for developing the handheld, it was only after 2008 that the company has begun to think seriously about Japan's implementation of 3D in its new handheld console.

The design of the successor to the Nintendo DS started after the completion of the DS, due for launch in Japan dates back to 2004, Konno and when he joined the development team, Nintendo already have several prototypes that would serve as the basis for the development of 3DS. Nintendo's initial goal, Konno reveals, was to create a backward compatible handheld.

Bulletstorm - the opinion of the critics

Generally positive, not all agree on the excellence of Bulletstorm but the reviews are generally positive and some estimates are much higher. The focus of the reviews is obviously the gameplay stark that is the heart of the title weblog People Can Fly. Game Informer 9.25/10: the reviewer is very enthusiastic and rewards the very rich gameplay of the title.

Eurogamer 9 / 10: in this case strength and variety of gameplay are the key to the evaluation. Wired 7 / 10: less than enthusiastic about the level of violence also agrees Wired sull'incisività mechanics. 1UP B-: the gameplay is also excellent for 1UP but the limited number of critical situations.

New lines of accessories Indec

Coming in March 2011, in collaboration with One Way Commercial Management, the new collection of accessories produced by Indec: "Princess Dreams", "Keith Kimberlin Sneakers" and "Weenicons. Accessories "Princess Dreams" Following the success of the famous Disney princesses, March 1, will arrive in Italy accessories for consoles from Nintendo.

The only housing available for Nintendo DS Lite, DS-i, and 3DS DS XL (with pink lace trim side, personalized on both sides and with custom puller) or the kit with 16 accessories (including a custom case, 4 cases for games, and shoulder strap, key chains, stickers, custom front, stickers, cleaning cloth, headphones, 2 shields, a custom pointer pen nibs and 2).

Homefront in Superdirective today!

Continue Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode show Homefront PC and answer any questions from users! Connect at 17 Wednesday, February 23 to this page, to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Free DLC for Test Drive Unlimited 2

The DLC for Test Drive Unlimited 2 The Exploration Pack will be free. In this way, the developer Eden games wants to perrdonare for the many bugs that have plagued the game released a few days ago by Atari on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. "We appreciate your patience and we want you to know that the first DLC will distribute free of charge to thank you for your understanding," reads a statement of the developer.

"Hedonism, not misogyny" in Duke Nukem

No matter what they say about Duke Nukem Forever, as long as we speak. This is the gist of Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. "You know what I say," said Pitchford in Videogame Source. "If some feminist organization that claims the rights of women in the world, a very important thing in my opinion, he thinks he can use for their own Duke Nukem, to do it as well.

It would be fantastic." Originally designed by 3D Realms, Duke Nukem Forever has been detected by Gearbox will launch the game on PC and console HD in May. Pitchford defends some of the stylistic choices of the creators of a game that defines "satire" and that has nothing to do with discrimination that occur in real life.

Pilotwings Resort - gameplay video

In the skies of 3DS If there is a title that is suitable for three-dimensional vision and hope that Pilotwings Pilotwings Resort has the same force that was the predecessor to Nintendo 64. The trailer shows a variety of game situations and confirms that the atmosphere of the series remains intact. Pilotwings Resort - gameplay video

Stardock and the "disaster" War of Magic

The publisher Stardock has admitted that he had problems with the launch of Elemental PC Game: War of Magic. Last year, launch a "disaster" of the game led to a downsizing of the staff of the company. Technical problems had led to negative reviews and disappointing sales, had accepted the CEO of Stardock's Brad Wardell.

As reported by GamesIndustry. biz, Stardock has recently revealed the true nature of the damage caused by Elemental. "Last year was difficult for the games division. The publication of Sins of a Solar Empire: Trinity has been positive but Elemental: War of Magic has been problematic. War of Magic was the second game after Demigod Stardock to create problems "it said in a statement.

Starbreeze not use Unreal Engine 3 for Project Redlime

Even with the internal technology counter-part: after announcing the acquisition of licenses for the use of Unreal Engine 3, Starbreeze correcting statement stating that Epic will not be used for technology development of the new game of the Swedish team known as Project code Redlime. "Redlime Project will use the proprietary technology of Starbreeze and will not be based on Unreal Engine 3," said a spokesman for the team on the official forum Starbreeze.

AC: Brotherhood PC playable offline

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood can be played without a permanent internet connection, Ubisoft announced. For the PC version of the last episode of Assassin's Creed, the publisher has decided to abandon the controversial DRM system, VG247 reports. "Ubisoft confirmed that the PC version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, after the initial login, it will be playable in offline single-player mode," reads a statement from the publisher.

It will be held tomorrow, the first edition of Archeoludica

Launch of the interactive exhibition devoted to the Retrogaming will be held Feb. 24 convention center in the well of the department of Communication Sciences at "La Sapienza", Via Salaria 113 at the first edition of Archeoludica, conventions of video games with free admission came from ' need to provide to all fans and scholars of the art video games an easy and fun to look back at the history of the medium.

Updated DC Universe Online

Finally available the first real patch for the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of DC Universe Online. According to the official website of the game from Sony Online Entertainment is a massive upgrade (from 2GB to a file on the PlayStation 3). In addition, the extension expires in February of the trial period for the MMO was released in January on the PC and PlayStation 3.

More information about the game in review for DC Universe Online.

Final Fantasy III on the iPhone is a new version of the remake for DS

In 3D, for a start from the pages of Japan's Famitsu magazine, translated by Andriasang, comes the confirmation of the nature of the IOS version of Final Fantasy III. Fairly predictably, the starting point is the 3D remake released in 2006 on the Nintendo DS, but the issue will contain a similar iPhone and remodeled graphics in high definition and evolution imparted to the audio from music and sound effects sound.

Dragon Age II "more tactical" DA: O

Although many have accused BioWare have simplified the gameplay of Dragon Age for the second installment of the series, the developer has confirmed that Dragon Age II will be more tactical Dragon Age: Origins. "When you change something there is always the risk of alienating the hardcore gamers," said lead designer Mike Laidlaw in The Guardian.

"We made sure to keep the same elements that characterized the experience of Dragon Age: Origins: party-based tactical combat. We went over, now the battles are more tactical and involve the entire party." In Dragon Age II will present a dialogue system similar to Mass Effect, while the combat is more action-oriented.

Guerrilla think PSP

Could return to laptops Steven Ter Heide, producer of Guerrilla Games, said that the development team could return to work on the PSP after the efforts of Killzone 3. While remaining fully focused on PlayStation 3 development on the PSP is "something we are thinking," he told Gamasutra in ter Heide, on the other hand is an area on which the team has had the opportunity to focus with the release of Killzone Liberation in 2006, currently the only product on Guerrilla PSP.

Clone Minecraft coming to Xbox Live

A clone of the indie game called Minecraft FortressCraft tailor available on Xbox Live at a price ranging between 80 and 240 Microsoft Points. The game is divided into seven chapters, each of which will be published every six weeks or so, tells the developer of the game ProjectorGames. One of the authors of the title of the forum spoke Minecraft the operation of the game.

More information about what is described by its authors as "a kind of Minecrfat for Xbox is available on the official website of FortressCraft.

A marriage proposal in video games

Solution least the original ... Matt Gilgenbach had an idea very special to propose to his girlfriend to marry him. Has developed a video game titled A Proposal Mobius, playable by two people in a cooperative, hiding a little surprise in the final. In the game the two characters are walking along the two sides of a Moebius strip, and each can help the other hitting the blocks with a hammer, so as to clear the road.

Duodecim will be "the last Dissidia"

With the launch of Dissidia Duodecim 012 will end next March 25 the parallel series of Final Fantasy, "said game creator Tetsuya Nomura, Japan's Dengeki PlayStation magazine (via Andriasang). "We are thinking at the end of the road for Dissidia. The Western version will be published more or less along with Japan's and will have the same characteristics, so do not launch a version Universal Tuning".

Official: Assassin's Creed PC Brotherhood without DRM still active

The idea that players' victory was already incurred by noting the hardware requirements for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood in the PC version was finally confirmed by Ubisoft: the control of the DRM system that requires an always-on Internet connection has been officially cleared for the new action-adventure in the historic environment.

The French publisher has assured that the game in single player mode, can easily be enjoyed without an internet connection always on. The security system in question provides a continuous control over the content of the game through your Internet connection. Introduced initially with The Settlers 7, the control is always active on DRM has raised some criticism from the players 'legal' as uncomfortable and penalizes those who buy the original game and was eliminated by RUSE, released later.

Location important for Pokémon

GameFreak, developer of games in the Pokémon franchise, explained that the securities of the series usually arrive in the West long after the release of confidential versions of the Japanese market because the studio wants to locate properly the names of the characters. "The difference between the launch in Japan and the West is due to the fact that we try to offer the best experience possible not only to Japanese users, but those around the world who want to securities located," said a source on game Videogame director Junichi Masuda.

Oddboxx arrives out of steam next month

With 50% discount for a week's official website lets you know that the new Oddworld Oddboxx collection will also be released outside of the circuit Steam next month. The package, which includes Abe's Odyssey Abe's Exodus, Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath will still be distributed digitally, but also through other channels such as Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Impulse, Amazon and others to be announced.

A brief announcement iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 present during an event to be held in the United States on March 2. According to reports from All Things Digital identify different sources in the San Francisco venue. No word yet on whether Apple boss Steve Jobs will be present at an event dedicated to the new iPad. The rumors speak of an iPad 2 thinner than the predecessor and has a screen with a higher resolution.

Launched last April, the first iPad has sold 15 million units worldwide.

DLC announced for Bulletstorm

EA and Epic Games have announced some downloadable content for FPS Bulletstorm. The package Gun Sonata will include three new maps for gameplay Anarchy and two for the echo mode. The DLC will be available this spring and will cost 800 Microsoft Points and € 9.99 on PlayStation 3. The publisher did not mention the PC version.

Developed by the Polish People Can Fly, is an irreverent Bulletstorm FPS in collaboration with Epic Games. More information about the game in review for Bulletstorm.

A trailer for Dreamcast Collection

Nostalgia many memories coming to Sega fans: a new trailer was released on the new Dreamcast Collection, consisting of securities belonging to the famous, the last of the Nissan console. There are several actors in the video in question, all the characters and environments that have shaped the history of video games and have characterized Dreamcast.

Among these we see, for example Sonic Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5 Part 2. Source: Joystiq