Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Updated] Postponed DLC Reverie for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

The Xbox 360 version of the expansion will be delayed Reverie, the first DLC for the excellent Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, will come with a little 'delay on the Xbox 360. Through Twitter, the producer for Konami David Cox wrote that it is due to a technical problem popped off at the last minute version for the Microsoft console.

However, the same Cox has reassured fans by saying that the team is already working to quickly resolve the problem. Already available on the PlayStation Store, Reverie not appear, however, the updating of this week's PlayStation Network. When available, the DLC can be purchased at € 7.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.

Mortal Kombat will require a "line pass"?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment could follow in the footsteps of EA and THQ for the moment this is an unconfirmed, but rumors are circulating that Mortal Kombat coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 21, may contain a code comparable to 'Online Pass used by Electronic Arts, then be redeemed for access to online mode.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment also seem willing to extend this initiative to securities and long-awaited forthcoming as F.3. HR and Batman: Arkham City. The latter title, as we know, will not include a multiplayer mode, but it may however offer other online content. The above information comes from an e-mail intercepted by Joystiq and probably direct to retailers.

Virtua Tennis 4: Summer in the PC version

Also confirmed the release on Windows PC systems, Sega officially announced the creation of the PC version of Virtua Tennis 4. The game will be distributed in both the retail version of DD. The release is scheduled for this summer, at a later date.

Painkiller: Redemption - JoWood working on a patch

JoWood announced to be working on a patch for Painkiller: Redemption, the latest incarnation of the series on PC. The upgrade will make the following changes: - Fixed some problems with map design, such as closing some doors and some slow spots where you can "leave" the level (translation: to fall into the blank).

- Removed the crash load that occur from time to time. - Fixed the first level where players can not collect all the objects and destroy others. - Fixed some spelling errors. - Fixed the AI of the final boss. - Removed the last pillars of the map (in the movie at the bottom of news you can see what's involved).

Renegade Ops Announced

The team Avalanche Studios, Just Cause responsible for the series, has just announced Renegade Ops, gaming PC, and Xbox Live Arcade PlayStaton Network in collaboration with SEGA. It will be a "shooter with vehicles that will use a system of double-stick and will use the graphics engine for Just Cause 2.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Renegade Ops support the local co-op split screen and online multiplayer up to four players, the same Avalanche called "competitive co-op." The work began about a year ago, in conjunction with the release in stores in JC2. Among the sources of inspiration for the developers said Shadow Complex, of which profess to be great admirers.

Max Payne 3 - finally two new images

Rumours of the possible cancellation of the project about two years away from the latest images released, Rockstar has made available two new screenshots of Max Payne 3, a project that some jinx considered shattered. The game does not show much, if not a decidedly darker than it was two years ago and the same bad taste in the choice of the protagonist of the shirts.

We hope to soon learn more about what has become the third Max Payne.

Avalanche "cautious" on Just Cause 3

Swedish Team Avalanche has just announced a new game for PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, entitled Renegade Ops. A representative of the company but wanted to make clear that this does not indicate a definitive conversion to the games "for download. "We intend to broaden our horizons and we are working with two other 'big' projects that will be released in 2013," said the senior producer of Renegade Ops, Andreas Thorsen.

DiRT 3 - video of the Auto Group B

Spectacular video from the movie strongly cut Codemasters has released a new video of spectacular DiRT 3, which presents the legendary cars of Group B. Look for it is truly to remain open-mouthed. For those who do not know, the cars of group B are among the most powerful rally cars ever created. They were so powerful to have high average of accidents in the race, the media is so high to bring to the notice of the group in 1986.

EA wants to remake Ultima Online?

The rumor this time is the big ones and, if confirmed, could be the announcement of the year. It seems that EA is working in great secrecy to a new version of Ultima Online. Of course for now it should all be taken with tongs but the signs are many, from a few jobs recently published by the publisher, who was seeking experienced staff in the creation of an MMO project "huge", "monumental." There is also to say that the same EA has called on all sites that have so far made available Ultima IV, the game for years distributed free to fans, to stop distributing.

SOCOM: Special Forces - two movies from the beta

Two videos for two maps To celebrate the release of beta 4 SOCOM, Zipper Interactive has released two videos showing the multiplayer maps unpublished. The first is von Heine Express, map that aims to capture the spirit of Fox Hunt in SOCOM II, which is a feast for snipers with plenty of space and many ambush points.

The second video is dedicated to the cesspool map, based on a single player campaign mission (Means to an End). This is an arena for players who enjoy shooting close-ups. Source: CVG

PSN: March 30 update

After the binge last week, no demo is waiting for you in today's update of the PlayStation Network. The content, however, are not lacking, with the arrival of the fun action-puzzle Swarm, built by developers and DeathSpank Penny Arcade Adventures, and The 3rd Birthday of the long, new chapter of the beloved PSP Parasite Eve series.

Also debuted Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, but it seems to have clearly fallen short of expectations). The newly-arrived Shift 2 is just a few extras, like Mass Effect 2, DLC Arrival which is now available. And what about the "ridiculous" amount of extra pay that EA has published for the new Tiger Woods? Again, the details of the update are available below, and of course on the European PlayStation blog Additional Content PS3 Games PS3 Games PSP PSP Minis Additional Content Special Offer (available until April 13) Permanent Price Reductions

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D - the German spot

Let us prepare the arrival of the game The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is about to hit the market in the world are multiplying and television commercials by Nintendo. What we show runs on German television. We see little of the game, but it's nice to know that even in Germany, if you buy the Nintendo 3DS has so white house straight out of an Ikea catalog.

Who knows who is the girl who plays (in Italy we touch the players who convert to 3D).

MS on the hunt for fraud "Indies"

Microsoft has announced plans to investigate a possible contravention of the rules of the channel Indies Xbox Live Arcade. It seems that the developer's College Lacrosse: The Video Game has "encouraged" many users to review his game with five stars. At the same time fans were also reviewed with a star many other games in the channel, thereby also contributing to the rise of College Lacrosse.

A great puzzle-themed video game

Would you like to play directly in your browser to test your gaming culture? Try Challenging Stage, a beautiful and gigantic puzzle game created by Arcade Aid, a company that takes care of the cabs. Basically it is to trace the names of 167 classic games hidden inside a huge pixel art image of a city.

To play just click on what you believe to be one of the games and put the title. If successful, you will count one point. Let's see how they managed to find! Chellenging Stage

Insomniac says no to NGP

The developer of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, Insomniac Games, has no plans to develop games for Next Generation Portable. As reported some time ago, the NGP version of Resistance will be developed by Nihilistic Software. Insomniac is "totally focused on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360," said community manager James Stevenson, as reported by Kotaku.

Insomniac will continue to "support Sony" but the games for Next Generation Portable "will probably not be developed internally." Last May, Insomniac announced that it had reached an agreement with Electronic Arts to publish games for multiple platforms. Just a few weeks ago, however, the formalization of Insomniac Click, study dedicated to social games.

Nintendo opens a new research and development center in Kyoto

New building at the headquarters of the prevailing crisis does not seem to worry too much Nintendo, the Japanese giant intent on expanding its headquarters in Kyoto. And 'in fact today the news that a new center for research and development for the big N will be built starting next year, a whole new structure that will rise in the district Higashikujo Matsudacho Minami Ward in Kyoto, near where site of the present headquarters.

Move to Support and Resistance 3 3D

Resistance Move PlayStation 3 will support, 3D stereo enhancement and Sharp Shooter (Sharpshooter in Italian shops), confirmed the Insomniac community manager James Stevenson, the PlayStation Blog. "Today we can finally reveal that, following repeated requests by the community, Resistance 3 will offer support for stereoscopic 3D.

Also, all those who are enjoying the incredible precision of the motion controller PlayStation Move with their copy Killzone 3, and the beta of SOCOM: U.S. Special Forces, will be happy to know that Resistance Move PlayStation 3 will also support the enhancement and marksman, "said Stevenson.

RIFT - new trailer and new images

Were published some new pictures and video of a new River of Souls, RIFT event that will force the players to confront the invading creatures from the Plane of Death. Source: VG247

12 hours for the campaign of Battlefield 3

The campaign of Battlefield 3 should last about 12 hours. The indiscretion was discovered during a discussion between the general manager of DICE, Karl Troedsson, and a reporter Games. on. net. "Of course we want other people to draw closer to our franchsie," said Troedsson. "Many people do not want to just throw in multiplayer.

Before playing online want to look around." "The fans of online do not care about this, they want to immediately jump into the fray. Some people may not even try the campaign, but we want to bring new users into the franchise. That is why we also focus on single player."

Battlefield 3 - New gameplay video

Fez perhaps also on PC and PSN

Polython, a developer of Fez for Xbox Live Arcade, said the platform could eventually land on other platforms. "At the moment we are concentrating on the XBLA version, which for us at this juncture is the best solution," said Phil Fish, one of the creators of the game, Destructoid. "PC and PSN would be nice but I think WiiWare not repay our efforts.

It is a painful system with which I want nothing to do either as consumers or as a developer. No demo? But go to hell." Fish said that they are aware of the presence of some demo WiiWare on the Wii Shop, but says that the opportunity is not available to all developers, and stresses, often remain on the demo service only for a short time.

Insomniac is not directly devoted to NGP

Too focused on home consoles development team Insomniac, head of Resistance and Ratchet & Clank, said he would remain focused on home consoles, so the development of new laptops, including NGP does not fall into the priorities. The development of IP belonging to or associated with the Insomniac team concerned about NGP, in short, will be entrusted to external teams, as happened with the announcement of Resistance to the new Sony laptop, still in progress at Nihilistic Software, and as also happened earlier with Resistance Retribution on PSP developed by Sony Bend.

EA at work on a new MMO

EA is working on an MMO to be announced. According to the findings in a job posted on Gamasutra, the publisher is looking for a Web Architect for the MMO game online. "Let us be clear. We're not looking for an ordinary person but an experienced professional in all web technologies," reads the description of the ad.

"We have in Serbia a monumental challenge for you. You will not have time to get to work. You will experience new technologies." The headquarters in Redwood Shores hosts a series of internal studies by Electronic Arts which include developers of The Sims and Visceral Games, creators of Dead Space.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - Trailer Jill and Wesker

Shotgun and zombies, banal but effective Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D looks pretty good technically but it is not suitable for those who do not appreciate the resulting action of Resident Evil that is the heart of this chapter for 3DS. The title fight will aim to direct as possible, as shown in the trailer that introduces Jill and Wesker.

In any case, remember that even people who like the classic series will be satisfied though with a different title: Resident Evil: Revelations. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D - Trailer Jill and Wesker

LA Noire at the Tribeca Film Festival

The new title from Rockstar, LA Noire will be the first game to be admitted to the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival founded by Robert De Niro in 2002. During the festival, Rockstar will show an exclusive preview of the game followed by a Q & A which will be discussed in an attempt to overcome the divisions between the development of games and the movie industry.

"The results achieved by Rockstar and Team Bondi with LA Noire is incredible," said the boss of Tribeca, Geoff Gilmore, commenting on the presence of the product at the festival. "They have invented a new form of narrative that is part film and part of the game, and have achieved new standards in terms of immersion and interaction." "We are pleased for the recognition given to our work with LA Noire from the Tribeca Film Festival," said Rockstar founder Sam Houser.

The campaign lasts 12 hours of Battlefield 3

Karl says Troedsson As reported by Games. on. net, the campaign mode for Battlefield 3 should take approximately 12 hours. The same general manager of DICE, Karl Troedsson, would release such information during the conversation with the site reported, which is also explained how the inclusion of the campaign was caused by the need to introduce the players at the catapult directly into the title says no multiplayer .

Sony Postpones PlayStation Rewards

Sony has delayed the PlayStation Rewards, whose debut was set for the month of April. As reported by Joystiq, the announcement was made in the past few hours to participants in the beta: "We have established that the program is not yet ready for the public. We will continue to thank our consumers with innovative offers." "After carefully evaluating the data from the beta of PlayStation Rewards we decided to postpone the official launch of the service," said a Sony spokesman.

Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed in Superdirective today!

Continue Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode show Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed for PlayStation 3 and answer any questions from users! Connect at 17 Wednesday, March 30th at this page to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Nintendo, not to 3D for Wii 2

During an interview with CNN, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, has defined the likely implementation of 3D on the successor to the Wii. "3D without glasses is a great deal. We have not publicly disclosed our strategies for the future of home console, but according to our experience with 3D, will not use it." "Nintendo has understood that any technology based on 3D glasses will not work," he declared some time ago, Hideki Konno, designer of 3DS.

Moon Diver - Trailer

The exclusive Sony is a time of concentrated action at the launch on PSN Square Enix has released a trailer dedicated to Moon Diver, the side-scrolling Beat'em up from Feelplus. Fast and tight platforming elements include the title and lets you play 4. Available on the Sony network at 12 euro should also arrive on the Xbox 360 in the coming weeks.

Moon Diver - Trailer

Rovio against Live updates

Developer Angry Birds, Rovio, criticized Microsoft for the system of approval of content for Xbox Live. During an interview with MCV, the franchise manager Peter Vesterbacka said Rovio has decided not to publish on Xbox Live Angry Birds in failing to grant from Microsoft to frequent updates. "It's not our fault, the problem is theirs.

There is no reason why you can not make frequent updates by means of digital distribution on console. This way of thinking is part of the past." "If you want the console to maintain its position should be updated with news emerging on the App Store, smartphone and online games. If you spend 59 or $ 60 and you have no updates, then see the games from 99 cents with an update every month the aspetattive grow.

Grim Dawn - A video dedicated to fighting

A red sun rises Grim Dawn is a hack & slash developed by Crate Entertainment also RPG elements that implements complex as factions and this article. Developed with the engine of the title Titan Quest and destructibility complex physical environments and bodies. Funded in part by the community the title does not have an official date but it could come out later this year.

Crate Entertainment has announced that, once launched Dawn Grim, intends to support the title with other DLC that will be released at intervals of 6-10 months. Below is a video of the pre-alpha showing a long session of combat. Grim Dawn - The video of the fight

Demo Coming Soon Kinectimals

In April, will be available on Xbox Live a trial version of Kinectimals, Kinect compatible game. According to Blog Major Nelson, the demo will be downloadable from Kinectimals April 5. In the coming weeks, moreover, the DLC for Fable III, Fallout: New Vegas will be discounted, and additional content Stacking arrive on Marketplace.

Here is the list of contents: Xbox Live Arcade: Sales and specials: Game add-ons: Deal of the Week: Game demos: Games on Demand: Avatar Marketplace:

Need for Speed mode adds World Team Escape

New possibilities for tracking the next update to Need for Speed World adds a new multiplayer game mode, which is the basic structure of the new variation within the universe MMO developed by EA's Need for Speed racing. The new introduction is "Team Escape", which includes new ways to "tackle" for the faction of the policemen involved in the pursuit of new skills and team as "Team Emergency Evade" and "Slingshot Team" with the team pursuit race elongated up to 8 minutes.

3DS record in the U.S.

According to Nintendo, the 3DS has scored on his debut in North America on record sales in the first 24 hours on U.S. soil as part of Nintendo's portable console. "The day-one sales in the U.S. for the Nintendo 3DS exceeded the results of any other handheld from Nintendo," reads the press release from Nintendo.

"More details on the figures will be announced from April 14 with updates provided by NPD Group. Nintendo has worked hard with retailers in recent months and will continue to do so in the future."