Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crysis 2: 30 minutes from the PS3 campaign

Obviously watch out for SPOILERS ... Youtube leaked from the portal are the first 30 minutes of single-player campaign of Crysis 2 on PlayStation 3. It is a long filamto divided into three parts, for which we suggest the vision of course pointing out the large presence of spoilers within those sequences.

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In the 3DS launch trailer

Now we ... Now missing very little of the much 3DS debut in Europe. In fact, the new portable platform, Nintendo is expected by next March 25 in our area. We therefore propose the launch trailer dedicated to the event, which sets out the final landing of the handheld console in the shops. Find the video below: Nintendo 3DS - Trailer

Cage: "We have to talk about emotions"

The head of Quantic Dream is a politics of the authors in the world of video games to David Cage, recently won three BAFTA Heavy Rain, where the gaming industry wants to grow should you start to talk about emotions and work on stories that involve all people, not just hardcore gamers adolescents. For Cage, there is a large market where you can interact with offering the right ideas: "I know good stories written by fifty people.

Project Milo is some good

A new engine for titles Lionhead? Apparently, speaking of surprises for the future of 360 during the GDC, this time Peter Molyneux has not exaggerated. From the video below it is clear the excellent technical level reached by the graphics engine that Lionhead should turn on your Xbox 360. The engine, which we have seen in movies dedicated to the controversial Project Milo, in this case is explored in real time by a camera that shows strengths and weaknesses of Engine.

The multiplayer in Silent Hill? Perhaps in a separate heading

XBLA could be hosting the first chapter of the franchise multiplayer Apparently Konami is considering a Chapter XBLA Silent Hill which will include multiplayer. The choice may be due to the need to meet the needs of multiplayer fans of the series without altering the single player experience that relies on plot twists and atmosphere.

But the particular chapter of Silent Hill could also be a move to counter securities as Class 3 / 4 that promise to bring the zombies with credible although mechanical key and open world with multiplayer support. The stone was cast by art director of the series, Radek Marek, who said: "There will be no multiplayer in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami is considering a separate chapter devoted entirely to multiplayer mode.

The marketplace of StarCraft II is still under development

But we do not know when it arrives The "marketplace" of StarCraft II was announced in 2009 but has not yet been included in the view options RTS Blizzard, who has since left the market and has depopulated it was reliable. In any case, Frank Pearce continues to claim that this is a very important feature, which the developers have worked long and which is still in process.

However, there is still no release date or a specific programming for the arrival of the feature within the game and Battle. net. Source: CVG

Insomniac: only the best AAA games lead gains

In ever greater risks for the presentation of the new section devoted to social gaming, Brian Hastings of Insomniac Games has expressed his vision of the console market, a prospect not exactly encouraging for the developers. According to Hastings and users "core", that of gamers as such, is not expanding with time and so too are expanding the purchases made during the year, in principle.

The thing of course, leads to a tight battle between the products to try to grab as much audience as possible, while tearing it to other products on the market. It follows that the only way to actually earn is investing a lot on the triple-A games, trying to create something that is truly superior to the competition.

Microsoft defends the price of the Games on Demand

E 'convenience 24 / 7 The official entry of Microsoft in the digital delivery for products available on the retail market has seemed from the start, to say the least, not very aggressive. In that sense, finding most of the games available at a price actually higher than that on which they are found in stores, the digital solution more often than not seems so convenient.

However, Microsoft defended the choices made and the established price for downloadable games. Games on Demand service on the Xbox 360 is indeed a winning choice in terms of distribution and ease of use, a store is always active and comfortable. Stay away from the elements strengths of the price, apparently.

Donations to Japan through PSN

According to another charity initiative in the PlayStation blog, since yesterday the direct link should be available on PlayStation Network for charitable giving to Japan, obviously to help the people affected by disasters in recent days. When starting PlayStation 3, connecting to the PSN, there should be a banner for the donation of 2, 5, 10 or 20 euro jewel case, and has received in exchange for the theme "Sunrise Blossom." All proceeds will go to the Red Cross, we had no way to directly control the PSN, so we do not know if the initiative has been activated in all sections of the European service or not.

Move and 3D Battlefield 3 for PS3

DICE wants to add support for these technologies in the PS3 version of the game and Karl Magnus Troedsson, GM says, for having made it known of the possible support of these two technologies in the PS3 version of the game. This was echoed by the art director Tilleby Gustav, which said it was important to look at what will make the competition even though he said the technology he says are a cut ahead of others.

Fallout documents emerge on the film ever made

It seemed that The Vault is entered into possession of some documents related to the film project of Fallout, a film project before leaving for the second installment of the series videludica and for which the special section was established Interplay Films. Apparently, several companies were interested in bringing the project forward but Interplay closed the section in 2000, before any agreement could be reached with the studios.


Back to the always fascinating to show more pictures with the fascinating From Dust, the new draft Eric Chah, author of the legendary game designer Another World. The images come from the event organized by Ubisoft, publisher of the game, just to show the progress of the security in question with details about this.

This is a tribe to drive between various types of natural hazards, in a setting very special, as you can see in the pictures below.

Xbox Live is too small to Farmville

Zynga is still interested Despite Xbox Live is one of the most developed online platforms currently available, particularly with regard to the console, it is not yet an infrastructure such as to take into account the transposition of Farmville. According to Brian Reynolds of Zynga, despite the vastness of this network is still Microsoft, demographically, a reservoir is too small to affect the development team, which is grinding millions of users with its simulator urban farmer and the subsequent mortgage.

Simultaneous launch for games NGP

Sony seems to have learned from the mistakes made with PSP and announced that the digital versions of the games NGP will be launched simultaneously with those "packaged". This was announced by the company's European boss, Andrew House, during an interview with MCV. "The PSP had taught us many things, especially with regard to marketing strategies.

So we decided that the same day the game arrived 'physically' in the shops, will be simultaneously available to their digital versions. House explained that the developer was not imposed any constraints on this standpoint. May, for example, to freely decide to make a game only in digital.

20 ads for Level-5 incoming

Even Level-5 apparently has a lot of things that boil in your pot, even a couple of dozen to stay to hear the authoritative voice of the CEO Akihiro Hino. For the annual conference "Level-5 Vision" because so many ads should be 20, twice last year in which they were made 10, including new games in development and additional information.

Among the new features we will be content for the mobile environment, a possible new cross-over after the recent Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, updates for games already released on the market and another collaboration that made famous in the wake of the Studio Ghibli Ni No Kuni. Will be reported also more precise information on the study that will be opened by the company in California, which will be a logistic base for the adaptation and the distribution of securities in the West and as the headquarters for the production of new titles to be developed in America.

LittleBigPlanet dreams come true

Message to all aspiring game developers: please read this story to your relatives when, from now on, will prove to be skeptical of your dreams. A beautiful mini-documentary, posted on the PlayStation Blog, shows how two ex-players have now become members of the LittleBigPlanet team Media Molecule. The dream came true thanks to their talents, which enabled him to obtain results with the esteemed editor of the first LBP.

Darkspore postponed by one month

Maxis has announced that Darkspore last great effort of Will Wright, will be released April 28, about a month later than originally planned. The game should have seen the light of the shelves on March 29, but the development team has announced (via the official forum), you need extra time for a last cleaned up the code.

"We received a lot of positive feedback from the beta and many suggestions. The more months you will have to wait until it has been necessary just to implement these changes, developers have told the forum. The post in question has announced that new tests will be made even before the arrival in stores, including a public beta scheduled for April.

New video for the gameplay of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

With so much technical comments during PAX East have sprung up some movies unauthorized resumed gameplay of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The video is shown at the end instead been made officially by GameSpot, and makes use of the comment by Mary Demarle, director of the title story weblog Eidos. As we can see, the protagonist perceives objects interact as if the scenario were "highlighted", similar to the solutions in these Mirror's Edge.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse delayed in the U.S.

It is not yet known when the game will be available in American stores, Sony has decided to postpone "indefinitely" the American release date of MotorStorm: Apocalypse as a result of the tragic events that took place last week in Japan. The news, published on the U.S. PlayStation blog, did not come as a surprise, indeed.

The shift in the distribution of securities in the U.S. goes along the cone similar decisions for Japan and the United Kingdom, and curiously the game arrived on time in the Italian shops and is therefore already available for purchase. Our review will follow shortly.

The gameplay video of Fez

See the world around us ... Shown during the PAX East and created exclusively for Xbox 360 (via the digital platform Xbox Live Arcade), Fez is presented as a "platform perspective" really fresh and original, in which the protagonist is to explore a world that can be " rotated "to offer the player a full view of the objects in the scenario.

The developers of the independent team Polytron have not yet announced a date for the official release, so expect updates and hopefully we can get your hands on this exciting project soon. Fez - Video gameplay

Minecraft - Wolves in a new video

Adorable and fierce new video Minecraft shows the implementation in the title of the Wolves who can swim, you shake the water from the mantle and of course are skilled hunters. Minecraft continues its evolution that has nothing to do with the graphics but the whole point about the variety and imagination.

Minecraft - Here come the wolves

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - Three new video

Yoda is in good shape taken from the cut scenes of Lego Star Wars III: The War of the Clones came three cute video that shows the skill of Yoda in the style of the back, the consequences of the scourge of female gossip and hard training of stormtroopers . Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - Yoda swims back to Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - Problem gossip III Lego Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Stormtrooper in training

Microsoft defends the price of Halo: Reach in digital

69 euro and 99 cents six months after the launch Halo: Reach is available on Xbox Live a few days ago and so far everything is normal. But many people when they saw the price they received a great blow. In fact the € 69.99 needed to buy the current title when Halo: Reach can be found without too much effort, half of this price.

The criticism has obviously come to the ears of Microsoft was quick to respond: "No vendor has the lowest prices for all products and what interests us is to give people the convenience and selection for 24 days when they wish to purchase securities Xbox 360 ... " Unfortunately for the quick response is not particularly clear.

Darkspore slide in late April

The developers need more time to process the data of beta Darkspore, the science fiction RPG developed by Maxis for Electronic Arts, based on the universe of Spore will be delayed. Initially scheduled for March, the game will be released on April 26 because April 28 in the U.S. and in Europe. The reasons for the delay can be attributed, according to developers, the time needed to make the best use feedback gathered during beta testing.

Homefront - The verdict of the critics

Homefront wavering votes received ratings significantly dancers. Ratings ranging from 9 to 5, although there is a fair concentration of judgments in the range of from 7 to 8 .5. In any case, the majority of the titles you agree on the good quality of the multiplayer segment of the title and some reviewers also found the year satisfactory as far too short.

The Italian version of the Official PlayStation Magazine, which is also the first magazine to have reviewed the title, has given a resounding Homefront 9 / 10 ensured by the high emotional impact of the title. Planet Xbox360 assessed Homefront justified from the 8.7 with a good lock and valid title debut in a crowded genre.

Move and 3D support for Battlefield?

DICE is considering to implement both the PS3 version would DICE planning to implement the 3D visualization, and support for the Move controller in the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 3. As we know, the game was shown in action during the GDC 2011, and in recent weeks, Electronic Arts is releasing some interesting trailers that reveal the excellent technical qualities.

The latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, was asked the boss of DICE, Karl Magnus Troedsson, if the final version of Battlefield 3 will support the Move and 3D on the PlayStation 3. The answer was "We are seriously considering it." Also on the pages of OPM, the art director Gustav Tilleby added: "It 's clear that we look at what others are doing, but at the same time trying to figure out what we can improve.

Games for NGP Digital version now

Double release for the new Sony console in an interview with MCV, Andrew House, President of SCEE, said that NGP will enjoy games from the beginning of a double release, which will be distributed simultaneously in physical and digital formats. "This is one of the things we learned with the PSP. We want simultaneous outputs, in digital and physical form for certificates NGP.

Every single game will also enjoy a digital release, immediately." This is great news for those who are willing to really take advantage of the portability of the console, since it will not have to carry around the cartridge but have the software already installed on the device. It remains to be seen whether prices for digital release and the physical release will be the same, though.

3DS - The dilemma of the angle of vision

Problems with the motion sensor? Kotaku has made a video to show when the inclination of 3DS over the eyes of those who use it will affect the three-dimensional vision. When the video goes green angle is optimal as the tone becomes red while the 3D view is compromised. Kotaku found that the distance of the head from the laptop has no effect on depth perception and stressed that if the problem does not arise with the classic films could instead become very important with games that are based on the motion sensor and ask to move the console repeatedly.