Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Would you like Virtua Tennis on 3DS and NGP?

Do you want the new developments SEGA Virtua Tennis for Nintendo 3DS and Next Generation Portable? Then you have to make you feel. Series creator and producer of the fourth chapter in the developing world, said that if the fan will require a loud voice these two additional versions of the game, their prayers will be answered.

"There are no plans in that regard at this time," he firmly stated Mie Kumagai, "but if the fans take to the NPG and 3DS versions will be enough, then we roll up our hands." "They must be felt by all means on the network, just so we understand that they really want." If this "revolt" there will not be popular, Virtua Tennis 4 will come out as expected only on PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 next spring.

New trailer for Anarchy Reigns

The gameplay video from Sega and Platinum Games comes a new trailer for Anarchy Reigns, "the brawler" home for Platinum. With the usual eclectic and unconventional, this video highlights a fast montage of scenes of action after a first sequence almost Westerns. A brief lull and then barrel orbi between Jack, Sasha, Zero and Big Bull.

Anarchy Reigns - Gameplay Trailer

Why not develop Uncharted ND NGP?

Since Uncharted NGP was announced you're wondering why a development is not the team Naughty Dog? A representative of the company wanted to make clear that ND is happy to put in the hands of other developers to develop its franchise on the new Sony platform. In this way the team can continue to concentrate on plans for PS3.

"We can achieve only one game at a time, and then to develop Uncharted NGP would be too much for us," said Arne Meyer at Naughty Dog. The development of the game was awarded to the team Sony Bend, who previously worked on Resistance: Retribution for PSP, not for newbies then. "Sony Bend is a great study and we have a fantastic relationship with them," said Meyer.

A cultural partnership for Art Academy

Nintendo and the Museo Capodimonte museum education for the Nintendo comes from a statement today on an interesting agreement made between the Italian section of the house of Kyoto and the Capodimonte Museum in Naples for the use of the Art Academy. Under the terms of the Capodimonte Museum in Naples will take 30 seats Nintendo DSi XL, provided each of the game in question, for museum education initiatives planned for Feb.

2K Games Announces The Darkness II

2K Games has officially announced The Darkness II, due out this autumn on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The development is in the hands of Starbreeze, who created the original, but in those of Digital Extremes team, which many of you will remember for Dark Sector. The Darkness II will once again starring Jackie Estacado, has now become a bad boss, engaged in a monstrous (in all senses) gang warfare.

New video of MotorStorm Apocalypse

A nice interview ... On the pages of a new PlayStation Blog has appeared on a movie Apocalypse MotorStorm, exclusively dedicated to upcoming PlayStation 3. This is an interview that reveals some details including the presence of voice chat in multiplayer. You can find the movie it below: Source: VG247

3DS: the launch line-up of English

On 25 March, 3DS will be released in Europe and its launch will be accompanied by 15 games, at least in England. The list that you can read below, in fact, has been officially confirmed only for the UK market, but the likelihood of it being revived for the other European countries is quite high: The Nintendo 3DS is already available for pre-order at several online retailers and traditional.

The launch price will be € 259.

Double-dev diary from Test Drive Unlimited 2

Boy spends £ 1000 on Live

A boy, or rather, a child of 11 years has spent more than 1,000 pounds (1,082 to be precise) owned by the mother on Xbox Live. Whose fault is it? But of course Microsoft. "It seems ridiculous that a child of this age can spend all that money without any controls are in place," said his mother, Dawn Matthews, during an interview with the Daily Mail.

"Monitor what your child does every minute is almost impossible. Companies like Microsoft should monitor and take their responsibilities rather than taking advantage of vulnerable people." Dawn Matthews had probably entered the data of his credit card to buy an Xbox Live Gold to his son, Brendan: "I would serve only to play with his friends online." "When I showed him the bill for the credit card burst into tears," said Dawn, "has disconnected the Xbox and he said that he would not have ever used." "I have not punished because he was already pretty bad and because I believe that ultimately the blame is not entirely his." Microsoft has responded stating that the Xbox 360 has a system of "parental controls" that serves precisely to avoid such problems.

With the purchase of the movie Mortal Kombat MK Annihilation or a gift for the game

Blu-Ray. com has revealed that with the purchase of any blu ray video formats of Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation to be launched on April 19, the buyer will get a gift voucher with a code by which they can obtain a unique costume for the Jade character. More details on Blu-Ray. com

New Images for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

All along Skyrim From pcgames German site. de get some new pictures for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which appear to correspond, at least in part, to those recently published a preview on Game Informer. In this case, the screenshots are available in high definition, so much more enjoyable and show something of the new environments and new graphics engine that will characterize the fifth chapter in the series of RPG Bethesda.

The Blizzard hits in a Chinese park

In May, should open its doors Joyland, an amusement park located in China, which should provide some areas that are reminiscent of Blizzard games. There are no pictures of the playground, but only concept art. In addition, a few months of opening the structure, it seems strange that Blizzard has not yet given news event.

Joyland that developers are still seeking an agreement on IP rights with the authors of World of Warcraft? According to the French site Gameblog (via G4TV) some areas mentioned on the official website of the park can be translated as a Terrain of Warcraft Universe of StarCraft, Island of Mystery, World of Legend (Chinese MMO) and Molesworld.

New patch for Gran Turismo 5 in February

It announced a new patch for Gran Turismo 5. The news came via a tweet that made Kazunori Yamauchi, Polyphony Digital's director, who confirmed that the patch will be available in mid-February, with no date given. Nor were there any specifications on the contents of the patch, so we'll wait a day to have more data.

Portal 2: more complexity means more difficulty

The more different options to solve puzzles in an interview published VideogamesDaily, Valve's Chet Faliszek explained something of the functioning of the puzzles in Portal 2. To greater complexity made in the study of puzzles and their possible solution, not necessarily an increase in difficulty. The idea behind the second chapter says Faliszek, was not to take the same puzzles of the first and increase the difficulty, but to think of new ways to solve them.

Rounding out the three servers of Warhammer Online

Mythic has announced the closure of three servers of Warhammer Online: Iron Rock and Volkmar for the United States, Carroburg for Europe. In the coming days will begin the emigration of free people, tells the developer. Users will move to Carroburg Drakenwald, while those who played on the sever Iron Rock and Volkmar will move to Gorfang.

"We attach great importance to the gaming experience for consumers," said Mythic on the official website of the Mythic on Warhammer Online. "We do not make such changes lightly." "We did a lot of analysis on the information in our possession before making this decision. We believe that these changes will allow us to obtain the best RvR experience outstanding." The game's official website you can find a list of updates in January.

Warhammer Online closed some servers

Forced relocation narrows the online world of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning with the closure of some servers. EA today announced that, starting February 9, will be open free transfers from servers in other existing closure. In this case, the "inhabitants" of Iron Rock and Volkmar, both North American server, they can move free in Gorfang, while the people of the server can switch to German Carroburg Drakenwald.

Trilogy SC POP and also on Xbox 360

Trilogies in HD Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia could also arrive on the Xbox 360. At the time, Ubisoft has confirmed the publication of the collection exclusively in the PlayStation 3. According GamerXchange, the official site of the U.S. ESRB rating refers to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HD, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and HD Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within HD .

Nintendo has thought of Nintenhorses

There were horses pocket dogs, cats and horses, why not? This question seem to have reached even Nintendo, as the last episode of "Iwata Asks" we learn that a project for a mortgage of domestic horses was actually proposed at the headquarters of large N. According to reports by the head of Nintendo EAD Software, Hideki Konno, and by Miyamoto himself, played in between brainstorming when Nintendo Nintendogs was already a mass phenomenon that we all know, had sprung up plans to expand the concept to other animals, as well as dogs and cats.

LG vs. Sony

The Korean company LG Group wants to ban the sale of PlayStation 3 and Sony's Bravia televisions on U.S. soil due to the infringement of certain patents related to the Blu-Ray. The blog Foss Patents contacted Videogame Source report filings with the United States International Trade Commission. The USITC has the power to prohibit the sale in the United States of products that infringe patents approved.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood wins Writers Award Guid

Ezio beat all the annual award for the best texts occurred recently with an evening of Awards Writers Guid win saw in the section of the scripts for video game, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. The authors Patrice Desilets, Jeffrey Yohalem, Corey May, Ethan Petty, Nicholas Grimwood and Matt Turner, all members of the Ubisoft Montreal team, won the award for the work then done on the third installment in the series of action-adventure setting for pseudo- history, beating the other candidates of high caliber like Fallout: New Vegas, God of War III, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Singularity and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

Dead Space 2 dominates in Italy

The Visceral Games survival horror, Dead Space 2, is the absolute ruler of the Italian console software charts for the period between 24 and 30 January 2011. First and second place respectively for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game from Electronic Arts, while the lowest rung of the podium are the new platform of Media Molecule, LittleBigPlanet 2.

On the PC, first place for World of Warcraft prepaid cards, followed by Dead Space 2 and Football Manager 2011. The best-selling games for different platforms are Art Academy (DS), PES 2011 (PS2, PSP), Dead Space 2 (PS3, X360) and the bundle that includes the game Wii Fit Plus and the Wii Balance Board peripheral for the Wii.

A Nintendogs with horses

While working on the sequel to Nintendogs, Nintendo had decided to introduce the new game animals including horses, particularly appreciated by Europeans. "After completing Nintendogs had begun to convert the model for the cats," says Hideki Konno Nintendo EAD Software Development Group No. 1 in the last episode of Iwata Asks.

"We thought also to animals such as dolphins and horses. According to some, a game with horses would sell incredibly well in Europe," said Konno. "Unfortunately we were unable to isolate the key elements that would enable us to create a product with the horses," said the CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata.

New images for 2011 SBK

Black Bean Games presented the logo of SBK 2011 as well as a number of unpublished photographs illustrating the process of creating 3D models of motorcycles and riders. As reported in the press release, SBK 2011 "has been completely renovated since last year." Based on feedback and suggestions of the press and gamers, the developers have made several improvements that will address mainly four areas: menus and interfaces, graphics, physics and characteristics related to online.

Battlefield 3, new details arrive

The magazine Game Informer takes stock of the situation Let's start from the data we already know: Battlefield 3 will arrive on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this fall. The multiplayer mode supports 64 players for the PC version and 24 for the console versions. The graphics engine used by DICE for the third episode of the series will be the Frostbite 2.0.

From the pages of the latest issue of Game Informer, but there's other factual information. First, the game will feature a cooperative mode, while the plot is completely new, detached from the events of Bad Company 2. The reference version for DICE seems to be the PC, and this is the platform before the rest will enjoy additional downloadable content.

Sony's lawyers against PS3 hackers

Lawyers for Sony draws up hit in other hackers involved in the dissemination of information relating to a breach of the PlayStation 3. As reported by PSX-Scene (via VG247), Sony is preparing to sue a number of sites including Twitter, PayPal, YouTube, Slashdot, and the same GitHub PSX-Scene. The Japanese company wants to obtain from the sites in question the identity of users involved in the case Jailbreak PS3.

New logo and new images for 2011 SBK

The simulation of motorcycle Milestone will hit stores in May, Black Bean Games, publisher of the Italian Group leader, today unveiled the official logo of SBK 2011, published together with some pictures about the process of creating 3D models of bikes and riders, all along with new screens of the game.

The 2011 edition of the simulation Milestone license plate will be completely renovated over the last year, following directions and suggestions from users and the international press, will be added many improvements in the menus, interface, graphics and physics. More details will be revealed shortly.

No classes in TESV: Skyrim

During a podcast of Game Informer (via PlayStation Universe), Todd Howard of Bethesda has defended the airline's decision to abandon the system of classes for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. "In Oblivion, people start the game, chose the race and then played for a while 'time. In that case, we wanted the player to choose the class based on the skills he had used most during those early sessions." "Then we thought maybe some would not choose, and who were perfectly at ease before the selection of the class.

First details on Madden NFL 12

Some news for the new edition of the football EA Sports EA Tiburon has confirmed the first details on Madden NFL 12, between which there are two new features. In the first game of the blog, published during the interval of the Super Bowl, there is talk of the possibility to pull a surprise, as shown in the video that appears at the end.

The second new feature is known as a tuner Sets, already introduced in the NHL and NCAA Football series, and it is a feature that makes it possible to adjust various aspects of experience, from gameplay to presentation, and so on. Source: VG247

ND talks about the fire in Uncharted 3

In an interview published on the PlayStation Blog, Arne Meyer at Naughty Dog has mentioned the novelty of the new Uncharted, and the great work done by developers on the fire. "We are always looking for new technical challenges and we are very happy with what we are doing with our fire effects. It is not just a static element: fire in a realistic way the wood deteriorates and there are flashes of return, as we would expect.

An avalanche of new images for Warriors: Legends of Troy

The spin-off of Dynasty Warriors exhibition of new high-resolution Born as an offshoot of the original series Dynasty Warriors, but developed by a Canadian team to meet the tastes of Western gamers, Warriors: Legends of Troy will allow us to relive the events of 'Iliad and the Trojan War, in particular, whose protagonists were many classic heroes.

Clearly inspired by the movie "Troy", especially the appearance and movements of Achilles, the game does seem to depart from the "busy" to which we always used with Koei's DW, focusing on a combat system with thicker and thus to a lower number of duels. Expected for March 4, Warriors: Legends of Troy also will boast a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode, as well as a competitive mode.

Announced the beta Rift

The developer Trion announced the public beta of MMO Rift: Planes of Telara will begin this month. The beta will be available from February 15 to 21 of the same month and will allow access to two playable factions within the first 42 levels of play, three different areas and PvP zones and dungeons. Registration is now open on the official website of the Rift: Planes of Telara.

The game will be available starting March 1. The monthly subscription will cost € 12.99, while half will buy the packages can save money (9.99 € per month).

John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan WWE All Stars

Hulkamania or Cenation? Hulk Hogan and his NWO version, Hollywood Hogan, will be present between the playable characters of WWE All Stars, a new weblog THQ wrestling game that, unlike Smackdown vs. series. Raw, will focus on action arcade, exacerbating the spectacular nature of the moves performed in the ring.

THQ has recently released an application for Facebook that allows users to organize some "dream match" that have always wanted to attend, and the first in order of importance is none other than Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena. The clash between two representatives of different ages so thrilled for the wrestling fans, so that the developers have seen fit to create a promotional video to further increase the waiting around for their next title.

Gameloft Starfront: Collision

After an increase in sales volume, the developer of mobile games Gameloft has announced a new title called iPhone Starfront: Collision. As you can see in the movie that plays in this page, the strategy game reminiscent of Gameloft StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Blizzard. In this case, the three factions vie for control of planet claims experience, a world rich in resources.

The contenders are the Consortium of humanoids, aliens and robots Myriad Wardens. Included in the game even a multiplayer mode for four players. In the past, Gameloft has developed games, say, lack originality. Last month, the airline's boss Michel Guillemot has defended the actions of the company stating that "the industry has always worked on a number of themes," and that "probably a new idea is born an average year."

LG calls for the withdrawal of the American stores PS3

Sony infringed certain patents from the house approached the Korean LG International Trade Commission because they block the sales of PlayStation 3 in the U.S. as a result of infringement of certain patents. The Korean house argues that different sets manufactured by Sony, made up of Bravia televisions and Blu-ray players (including PlayStation 3), violate four patents owned by them.

According to Bloomberg, the bone of contention revolves around "a system to access multiple data transmissions, such as different shots, and similarly a system that reproduces data on a read-only device." As the ITC has the power to determine damages in monetary terms, LG has also sued Sony in California.

Rebellion working on NGP

According to Develop, the developer of Alien vs. Predator, Rebellion, is working on a TPS for the new handheld console from Sony, NGP. The British study was also amended the Asura engine owner to ensure full support for Next Generation Portable. To demonstrate the potential of Engine sull'handheld, Rebellion has achieved a playable demo of tps that, although at a mere tech demo, it could become in the future in a complete game.

StarFront: Collision arrives Thursday on the App Store

The new RTS promises great things Gameloft Gameloft has announced that StarFront: Collision, the new home of the French-inspired RTS StarCraft, will arrive in the App Store Thursday, February 10. In the game we are dealing with three different races at war on the planet loss ratio for the conquest of the precious crystals Xenodium.

There will also be an online multiplayer mode for four players. Here is a trailer showing StarFront: Collision in action.

Harmonix staff cuts

Harmonix was forced to reduce its workforce by about 15%, tells the developer of Rock Band 3. After the acquisition of Harmonix by the investment firm Columbus Nova, the developer has launched a "restructuring" designed to "align the organization of society in the projects of the same," said a spokesman for the company to Joystiq.

"Unfortunately, this process led to the loss of some jobs to full time." According to rumors, the cuts should not always change the plans of the company relating to the DLC to Rock Band and Dance Central.