Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 million downloads for Angry Birds Rio

Small birds grow Rovio has confirmed reports that Rio Birds Angry, Angry Birds of the sequel has already been downloaded 10 million times in its various formats (iPhone, iPad and Android). Count includes both those who paid for the copies given away, where their weight was not specified. Source: Kotaku

Super Meat World released on Steam

Comes a substantial upgrade for Super Super Meat Boy Meat World is not a new game, but the name of a mega patch for Super Meat Boy, made only for the PC version, which adds a great deal of content to the original game. After installing you will get a extra level, unlockable spend twenty bandages, with as many as 140 new maps, divided into eight chapters, all from play.

Other new patch, mention the possibility of launching the maps created by users. The developers have promised more news for the future. Those who already have Super Meat Boy must not spend anything to get the update, which will be installed starting Steam. We point out that even Super Boy Meat will be sold at reduced price on Steam for the entire weekend.

Robin Antonick want justice for Madden Football

A series of 4 billion dollars Antonick Robin, the creator of the first Madden NFL Football, has concocted a lawsuit against Electronic Arts for tens of millions of dollars in unpaid royalties since 1992 and today, as reported Retuers for "billions ... potential profits for the franchise. " The man asked a California court of justice, because apparently the software developed for the first Madden is the basis of the last chapters.

Epic tip to all platforms for Unreal Engine

Global conquest Mark Rein has a comprehensive and open about Unreal Engine, if not expansionist. The objective of Epic, Unreal Engine regard, it is the spread of the graphics engine on all platforms on the market, the IOS system to the next generation consoles. On the one hand it aims to "raise the standard of quality" within the handset, which is obtained by Rein by Infinity Blade, the other objective is research into new technologies.

The former head of Tomb Raider works for LucasArts

Something about Star Wars? LucasArts has become these days Tim Longo, announced the American publisher, who is none other than the former creative director of Tomb Raider franchise from Crystal Dynamics. It is not the first time Longo is connected to the publisher of George Lucas, for whom even signed several cooperation as the Republic Commando series Starfighter and above, but in this case it's full-scale recruitment into the ranks of LucasArts .

The Sword & Sworcery soundtrack on vinyl and digital

A real LP Waiting for the game in an iPhone and after the feedback for the iPad edition, we can now enjoy the soundtrack Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. The wonderful action-adventure of Capy based part of its charm on the particular soundtrack of Jim Guthrie, now sold separately with the disc Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies.

The album is available in both classic vinyl 12 "limited edition, which costs $ 30, and download (version still included with the purchase of vinyl) or through iTunes Bandcamp. Source: Swordandsworcery. Com

First trailer for Saints Row: The Third

The most painful fist The first official trailer for Saints Row: The Third, given below from IGN, is perhaps the more obscure video that is seen as a presentation of a game. In that single hand shot in the family jewels it contains probably the whole concept of Saints Row, not randomly selected scene from THQ and Volition to synthesize the best new titles coming.

Of course, after appropriate warnings "not to try at home." Saints Row: The Third is expected this autumn on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

New information and images for LA Noire

Life as a policeman in LA A new update on the official blog of Rockstar takes us for further information and some additional pictures for the gallery devoted to LA Noire. From the blog so we can get information on two of the first cases on which we will investigate in the game: one (seemingly) simple robbery at a shop in the city and a murder case in which we are involved in particular in the search of the weapon crime.

Forza Motorsport 4, check a video "stolen"

So awesome that everyone thought at an April Fool official confirmation yet it seems that there are not, yet the video "stolen" Forza Motorsport 4 erupted yesterday, April 1, on YouTube, it gives the idea of being a bit ' too complex to be a joke. The footage shows the incredible quality of the polygonal models of the cars in the new title of Turn 10, their behavior on the track, the much-talked-about head tracking possible by Kinect and much more.

GameStop to digital delivery

Can not stay out of the playroom today it has changed things. At one time there were cabs and had to gallop up to the nearest local to play at an affordable price, this is no longer even need to leave home to buy a title just came out. This possibility has certainly opened a new avenue for the distribution of data and platforms like XBLA, Steam and App Store took the opportunity in advance.

Obviously the world has followed the trend once proved successful and now GameStop got the hint and moved with reasonable force to recover the lost ground. The videogame retailer has in fact acquired Spawn Labs which specializes in streaming technology and has also purchased Impulse, Inc., which is the platform for digital distribution created by Stardock.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Video gameplay

In the spotlight at the 4-player cooperative Gamespot has released a video dedicated to the gameplay of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. The title will allow the two heroes of the saga to be working with Dr. Nefarius Qwark and cooperatively to 4 players to face an unexpected threat.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile - Behind the scenes

A video about the developers Ska Studios has created a video to introduce the development team and to show where and how did The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Particularly curious is the presence in the offices of a sewing machine with which they were made rag dolls depicting characters from the title. The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is the sequel to The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and will be released April 6 on XBLA.

The Witcher 2 - None spoke in Italian

At least as reflected by the words of CD Projekt's Tomasz Gop Tomasz Gop revealed during an interview with the languages that will be dubbed in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and it's English, Polish, Russian, French and German. The text instead will be translated into 11 languages, including probably find ours.

Among other things mentioned the GOP outsourcing or delegation outside the company, as one of the main problems regarding the implementation of the console versions of The Witcher 2. Source: EDGE

The first episode of Back to the Future is a free site TellTale

Excellent deals Telltale Games has decided to offer a free first chapter of the new series of graphic adventures Back to the Future, based on the popular movie series of Back to the Future. The official site of Telltale is therefore possible to download Back to the Future Episode 1 - It's About Time for Mac and PC.

"This is not an April Fools," announces Telltale, which apparently intends to keep the offer open-ended. You can then go toward the website below to download the first chapter and eventually download the entire series in "subscription" for $ 22.49. E 'release this week, however, the third episode of the series, "Citizen Brown." Source: Official Website of Telltale

Battlefield 3 coming November 2?

The EA Download Manager says the date is a bit 'too far, and above all too consistent with the text says, to think of an April Fool's joke, but there is something strange in the information appeared on EE Dowload Manager. Electronic Arts The service has in fact indicated on November 2 as days out of Battlefield 3 but it is a Wednesday which is not a usual day of release it for the U.S.

market it to the European market. So we could face a particularly bleak April Fool's joke but the most likely choice to launch the title on Wednesday could indicate a simultaneous worldwide launch.