Thursday, December 23, 2010

NIGHT OF THE SACRIFICE (WII): New information on the Night of Sacrifice

Marvelous Entertainment has provided more details on the Night of Sacrifice from the pages of Famitsu, which are back online thanks to the translation of Andriasang. The main changes concern the use of Balance Board and the multiplayer for two players (local only of course). These two features were listed in early ads, but is now more clear how work: we can "walk" on the Balance Board to move your character, while a second player will use the Wiimote to fight (if a second controller).

The theft of Christmas

Other than the unprecedented evil Grinch, this could contribute to represent one of the worst Christmas malice, somehow related to entertainment. The police of the U.S. Department of Charlotte-Mecklenburg has arrested a man accused of stealing and reselling the console from a mental hospital, specifically the section Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Center in Levine.

These consoles were intended for young patients afflicted with cancer and admitted to the hospital. As far removed from the Christmas spirit there can be, it seems.

DC Universe Online (PS3): DC Universe Online trailer

 The division of Sony Online's new MMORPG again dedicated to the heroes of DC Comics through a "making of" concentrated on how Alerts. It's quick missions that we face both in the shoes of the heroes in those of villains: the video we can see one set in the famous Area 51. These levels above special link on the game in cooperation and collaboration between team members.

At the end of the mission, there will obviously be the classic boss. Also worthy of note, some additional details on the prices of DC Universe Online. The subscription "pension" of $ 179.99 Euro is only available on PC, while PS3 users will be able to buy only the monthly cost of 12.99 Euro.

DEF JAM Rapstar (PS3) supports Kinect

 From Kinect of the alternative control system for Xbox 360, not many games were then made compatible with this device updates. One of these is the recent Def Jam Rapstar of Konami music video games focused on the genre of rap. Updating the game with a newly released patch Kinect owners can use the camera to record video of their singing performances, a special channel on the official Def Jam Rapstar will host movies, can be sent directly through a menu of the game.

Portal 2: Christmas greetings in video

Valve Software has released a new trailer for Portal 2, sequel in development for Xbox 360, PC and for the first time the PlayStation 3 which will come out in Europe from next April. The video in question is particularly nice, as it is in essence of Christmas greetings from the software house for the holidays approaching.

We just have to watch the sequences, and reciprocate with pleasure also wishing them a merry Christmas.

The Last Story last 30 hours

 At least continue to arrive with eyedropper information about The Last Story, a new RPG from Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker. According to the same game designer recently in a message on Twitter, the playing time during the first "flow" will be about 30 hours of gameplay, but excluding any alternative choices that could lead to scenarios and different sections of the game .

So if you want to see everything there is to see in The Last Story, the head of Mistwalker claims is necessary to return several times on the game, which will significantly prolong the longevity.

Continuing the legal battle on Fallout Online

It has not solved anything that was thought, with the first round went to Interplay, the legal battle with the new Bethesda Fallout Online in production had gone to subside, but it is not. The Vault, a site entirely dedicated to the Fallout series, has recently received the court documents on the issue, showing that the clash is still alive in regard to the use of IP dispute between Bethesda and Interplay.

THE LAST STORY (WII): The Last Story in detail on Twitter

 The major revelations about the adventure main - estimated at around thirty hours - and the presence of a mode "Team Battle" online. In addition, Sakaguchi has confirmed the presence of an option "Game +" accessible after finishing the game once and opponents and objects which are not present during the first session: experience with the second game will be balanced, therefore, regardless of the level reached by the characters, thus increasing the re-playability and, consequently, longevity.

Sony PSP2 wants to distinguish from PS Phone

 After the declarations of Hirai about PSP2, we report another interesting detail taken from the same interview with the boss of the PlayStation section and probably the next president of Sony (or at least according to recent polls). According to Hirai, it will be very crucial to distinguish the new version of the handheld console, PSP2, but from what I could PlayStation Phone (remember, however, that both have not yet been officially presented to the public).

The Game of the Year 2010 - The Vote

 And 'your moment, let us know what were your best games of 2010! The year draws to a close and as usual it's time for Multiplayer. it to take stock and get to enact the best games that have made important, talking about gaming, this 2010. But compared to previous years, this edition of our Game of the Year, there are interesting new features which we hope may be to your liking and that you will soon find out by visiting our page dedicated to the event.

DRAGON QUEST X (Wii) Dragon Quest X is the most eagerly awaited in Japan

Like every month, the Japanese magazine Famitsu note has updated its top 20 most anticipated games in Japan. Although a list compiled on a sample of readers after all limited, it is still a historically valid mirror of the expectations and trends in the Japanese market. In this context we noted that, with the release of Monster Hunter Portable for PSP 3rd (balance in the first place in sales charts for two weeks) the first-place ranking was made available for another game: Dragon Quest X, Wii phantom episode of the historical saga Enix (now SquareEnix).


The Independent Game Festival Awards (better known as IGF Award) are probably the most important awards from independent game, practically considered as the "Oscars of the indie games." The jury of the prize has made known its list of finalists for the important new category of Award, dedicated to those games which were particularly innovative and "fresh".

On this page of the official website so you can see the list of eight finalists, and a selection of honorable mentions that have missed the nomination by a narrow margin. The winner, along with the game titles that will triumph in the other categories will be announced during the official ceremony of the Independent Game Festival Awards 2011 to be held in San Francisco on March 2.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, DLC and the new online video

Here's the package ... Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has just made available the new DLC called Kain and Raziel, ie the downloadable package that contains the two characters in Soul Reaver. This content is also viewed in a new movie, which allows us to look at the nature of the expansion itself.

Find the video attached and ready for display at the bottom below the article. Recall that Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is already available for some time on most platforms on the market.

RAGE (IPhO): Rage sees the first update

Id Software has introduced the iPhone update to version 1.11 of Rage especially dedicated to extending the lifetime of the game. In fact there's more than 50 targets related to Game Center with the appropriate classifications, in addition to the mode "Mirror" which reverses the appearance of the original levels.

Of note is the TV-out support available if the appropriate cable. At the same update, we find some new languages, including Italian and commands via gyro, along with a museum mode without enemies, used to showcase the quality of the graphics engine.

Another gameplay from LittleBigPlanet 2

This time there Ken ... Now comes a new video of gameplay on the multiplayer beta of LittleBigPlanet 2 PlayStation 3 exclusive that will debut in Europe next January. After the demo released yesterday, with which it was possible to test even the main gameplay of the adventure, today we offer a video dedicated to a level inspired by the legendary Ken Warren.

The movie, not surprisingly called "The Fist of Earth Craft" shows us once again the power of the editor of levels packed to perfection by the developers Media Molecule.

Final Fantasy XIII for Xbox 360 flop in Japan

A po'inaspettato, but not too ... The debut of Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 version for Japan seems not to have been received with great enthusiasm, in fact, quite the contrary. In fact, the sales figures for the first time talk of a big deficit than the other party PlayStation 3, able to place 1.5 million units in the first week of sale.

But even compared to other games, the title seems to sweat, perhaps more than you would expect the same Square-Enix. The causes may be multiple: on one hand the Xbox 360 version has a gap of a technical nature (resolution and CG movies in the first place), second is a long time past the onset of the title therefore does not arouse that interest which characterizes most a new release in the last Microsoft console does not have a large pool of platforms installed in the territory of the Rising Sun.

News Games: Mafia 2 critical.

 Share this story Share on Facebook too! We know that video games that carry certain kinds of little facts accepted by some who have experienced first hand or that are, rightly, very contrary to these historical facts. The video game Mafia II is concerned, however, is not about protests of ordinary citizens, the controversy this time comes from a person who has some significance, comes from an Italian politician, we are talking about Sonia Alfano who is currently in the European Parliament and above is the current president of the National Family Victims of the Mafia.

PLAYSTATION PLUS (PS3): The January PlayStation Plus

 In addition to being involved with the Beta of DC Universe Online PlayStation 3 users who have subscribed to the service fee PlayStation Plus can spend next January to grips with a couple of interesting additions. First, it will be available from January 4 the full version of Spyro the Dragon, the very first in the popular saga created by Insomniac Games, which has accompanied the existence of PSOne.

Maps available soon for Tron: Evolution

A bit of extra stuff ... A short distance from the release on the market, Tron: Evolution, a title that clearly draws inspiration from the film Tron film: Legacy debuted in cinemas on 29th December, is preparing to host the first DLC is completely dedicated. This is a package that will offer five brand new maps: Skyline, Spires, Classic, Relic and Drydock.

For the moment do not know details about the price and the date of the expansion, stay tuned here at Multiplayer. it for all future updates.

Dreamlords: Resurrection (PC): Beta and images for Dreamlords

 With an announcement on their official website Paradox Interactive has announced the opening of a public phase of beta testing for Dreamlords: Resurrection, MMOG in development for PC and now the next exit. By accessing the websites of partners listed on the page in question can then get a key to access and participate in the beta for free, by downloading a virtually complete version of the game.

TWO WORLDS II (PC): Two Worlds II is available for download for Mac

 If you have already purchased the Royal or the Premium Edition of Two Worlds II PC Windows version can now download the Mac OS X from this address, using two serial codes in the spaces provided. Edition "Mac only" will be on sale Jan. 25 and with the imminent arrival of a multiplayer patch will officially cross-platform (that is compatible with both operating systems).

Read more there is to read the review instead of the Xbox 360 version.


 The content developed by Eugen Systems relate particularly to the multiplayer component, which has been enriched with three maps set in North Africa, Italy and the Netherlands designed to battles between teams of two and three players, in addition, fans of the strategy will find the other two modes called Nuclear War (which is explained well enough alone and on the use of a nuclear arsenal) and Total War.

CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS (PS3): Bobby Kotick: Treyarch deserves better

Explanations heavy, including Bobby Kotick at the microphones of CNN, on the set of Call of Duty and the latest episodes in particular. Apparently the "official story" of this franchise is going to change in the wake of increasingly hot dispute between two former founders of Activision and Infinity Ward, the studies so far credited the development of the two "Modern Warfare", both in single-component appreciated that the universal player multiplayer segment.

PSP2 (PSP): PSP and PS 2-Phone in the comments of Sony

Speaking to the New York Times of several innovations in the future branded Sony, Kazuo Hirai (President) PSP2 suggests that not only exists, but that most of the items that surround it are correct. In particular, Hirai said that the touch screen is not enough, it should be accompanied with traditional keys.

One of the characteristics of the new hardware, in fact, should be the simultaneous presence of both, then a solution closer to the Nintendo DS than the iPhone. Also because the same Hirai says that points to a different audience, closer to home consoles. In relation to another persistent rumor surrounding the area PSP, or smartphone dedicated to games, Hirai stops just before you confirm the existence, stating that require a very clever marketing, to avoid confusion with other products.

Diablo III (PC): The creators of Diablo III

The official website for Diablo III has been updated with a chapter dedicated to fighting that, as expected, will occupy a big chunk of time spent by players in the next game action role-house Blizzard. The pictures you find at the bottom of this article accompanying the explanation of the changes introduced in this third installment of the series, described as "tactical" by its developers than the old episodes, but not without the frenetic pace that has always characterized the series.

New images from Diablo III

Are always good ... Apparently progressing smoothly work in progress for Diablo III, the highly anticipated product currently in development at Blizzard Entertainment exclusively for PC and MAC. Confirmation of a series of new images released - distributed in this case the portal CVG - which show us the "still" in its moments of gameplay.

An opportunity also to give a further look at settings and characters. Below you will find all the unreleased material, as always, also included within the image gallery: Images of Diablo III View All (361)

Hirai on the handset: touch, yes, but also buttons

A good combination ... Rumors continue around the infamous PlayStation Portable 2, not yet officially announced by Sony but increasingly at the center of information of various kinds and types. The latter, which we present below, but this time coming from a voice of a certain weight, which means the PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai.

Hirai fact, as reported by CVG colleagues, he said in an interview how his idea of the handheld should combine completely touch control interface, along with another of equal importance, however, purely physical. In short, a combination that could bring an iPhone from the viewpoint of practical and intuitive touch, with a substantial component of agggiunta "controller" as it has for example the PSP.

TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 (PS3): Test Drive Unlimited 2 behind the scenes

 Atari shows the network in the first episode in the series of movies behind the scenes devoted to Test Drive Unlimited 2. In this episode, the creative team focuses on the cars, the scenario of Ibiza and news from the first chapter, even in the online environment. Everything is illustrated with various phases of the game and comments in English.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 will arrive in Europe on 11 February on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: A date in Japan

 We are not far ... After the first entries are related to the period of official release of MotorStorm Apocalypse, exclusive PlayStation 3 in development at Evolution Studios, it seems to get something more concrete and even unexpected. In fact, it is now virtually certain given the debut title on the Japanese territory from next March, while remaining attached to the generic spring regarding Europe and the United States while production is in the works just in the UK.

ACE COMBAT ASSAULT HORIZON: TRIGGER FINGER (IPhO): paper airplanes on the iPhone

To celebrate the many successes of the series and thank the fans who follow her for years, Namco Bandai has released the App Store Ace Combat Assault Horizon Trigger Finger, inspired minigame battles with paper airplanes. The goal is to shoot down the aircraft of a second player, dealing in local multiplayer.

PORTAL 2 (PS3): Portal 2 has an end date

 In perfect agreement with earlier predictions that the arrival gave the game around the third week of April, Portal 2 was confirmed at the April 21 release in stores by EA Partners, now firmly in the role of distributor of Valve games in stores . Doug Lombardi has accompanied the announcement with the usual enthusiastic about the event, promising a campaign worthy of public expectations and confirming the release simultaneously on PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for the first time in the history of software house.

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Skyward Sword (Wii) Zelda: Skyward Sword is a game "dense"

Speaking to Pocket-Lint various issues affecting Wii, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that Zelda: Skyward Sword is little more than half of the production. This simple reference obviously has given credence to those who believe that the date for "early 2011" is too optimistic. Pending clarification from Nintendo or any possible linkages (we speak of Zelda after all) point to a further statement concerning the "thickness" of the game content as intended.

Portal 2, according to retail

Portal 2's arrive next year, will be available for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 21, 2011. EA announced that its division of Partners has reached an agreement with Valve to release the game for retailers Portal 2, so arrival date you will approach your business friend so you can immediately enjoy this title.

The consultancy Gfk-CharTrack said through its director Dorian Bloch, sales of ... Sony PSP leader in sales during the week of October 10 in Japan Sony's portable console has remained in the ranking Japanese hardware sales and ... The first Wii game to reach 4 million units in sales according to the Japanese publisher Enterbrain, the game New Super Mario Bros.

DEAD RISING 2: CASE WEST (X360) Dead Rising 2: Case West movie

The reporter attacked and leader of the first episode back in Frank West in the video trailer for Dead Rising 2: Case West released today on the net from Capcom. The movie recounts the experiences of some of the scenes Frank in Dead Rising, shortly before he and Chuck to commence the new carnage. Remember that this mini-expansion "stand alone" (do not serve any episode of Dead Rising) is coming only to Xbox Live on December 27th for 800 Microsoft Points.

KINECT (X360): Microsoft denies rumors Kinect

 Microsoft has ruled out via CVG that it is working on a new firmware for Kinect able to double its precision movements and detect otherwise invisible (such as rotation of the wrist and finger movements). A voice circulated no later than a few days ago stated the opposite. The Redmond instead stated his satisfaction with the current model and its characteristics, remembering the great success of the launch (more than two million units sold in less than a month, thanks mainly to record pre-orders).

Update available for Rage on iOS

Some more detail As reported previously, id Software has released a new update for Rage: Mutant Bash on TV iOS with patch 1.11, with a few more details released by Bethesda. The update in question adds the following features to the shooter "on track" for the iPhone and so on. Leaderboards related to Game Center Game Center Achievements Support for the gyroscope to be used as a pointer mode "Museum" that allows free roaming levels 2D Display Support iOS to connect the device to your TV or monitor to play Mirror Mode levels in mirror mode Location in French, German, Italian and Spanish systems of different bugs