Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D movie during PAX East

You can move while you shoot! An employee of the site Destructoid movie has a playable demo of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D for Nintendo 3DS during PAX East. The video revealed the unprecedented opportunity to move and shoot simultaneously, which was lacking in Resident Evil 5, although this feature was limited to avoid altering the gameplay too.

You can move, then, but very slowly and without being able to move while in the viewfinder. From what you can see (the author of the video did not clearly understand the concept of focus, unfortunately), the graphics in the game does not seem very different from that seen on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, especially not by just having doubts that accompanied the launch of 3DS, especially in terms of technical capacity.

SEGA Announces Spiral Knights

SEGA has announced Spiral Knights, a new action-adventure game aimed exclusively at the online multiplayer. The press release does not specify the platform out, but the style makes us lean towards the PC as a hardware reference. The Japanese publisher promises brilliant graphics, guilds, multiplayer up to four players and huge possibilities.

Further details are available on the official website.

First video diary for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

The word to developers After several trailers released so far, the producer of Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, Jonathan Moses, presents us in person what will be the game's storyline. A powerful ghost is awakened after a sleep that lasted four thousand years and seeks to transform the present society into a nightmare of death and darkness.

To stop it, the original four Ghostbusters take rookie and teach him the ropes, giving them the task of averting the threat of locations inside and outdoor underground. Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime - Dev Diary 1

Arkham City last 8 hours

Rocksteady Games has stated that Batman: Arkham City lasts approximately 8 hours. The airline's marketing manager, Dax Ginn, however stated during an interview with website CVG, that this figure is true only when the adventure is complemented by real ninja. "Being able to finish the game in such a short time requires extraordinary skill," said Ginn.

"Some of our team members are successful, but obviously knew the game perfectly and knew how to move and what to do." "The figure, moreover, refers only to the primary mission and does not take into account the time needed to discover all the secrets of the game."

PES 2011: the available patch of roses

Finally ... Konami has finally released, actually a bit 'late, the new patch on Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. This is the update that brings the rose of all the teams ended the last phase of transfers at the end of January. As always, to start the update you need to run the game after connecting to the Internet.

Preliminary information for Cubic Ninja

Ubisoft has announced a new game for 3DS, a 2D platformer called Cubic Ninja. The cubic character will move through 100 levels and its aim seems to have heard somewhere: to save a princess! You can use the stick round of 3DS to play, but the highlight is the chance to get to the end simply by tilting and rotating the console.

Besides the main adventure, Cubic Ninja will also feature a level editor and a Challenge mode that will put us against a countdown. The game is developed by AQ Interactive, responsible in the past of Vampire Rain, Blue Dragon Plus and Bullet Witch. The release date has not been announced but it is very likely that Cubic Ninja arrives on the shelves by the end of summer.

Updated - launch trailer Homefront

The last presentation UPDATE: The trailer is now available fully localized into Italian by dubbing. You can find it to replace the previous one. THQ has released the launch trailer relative to Homefront, heading into the finishing straight on the European market precisely on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

It is, therefore, the last submission for the production signed Kaos Studios before his debut in stores. Find the video below: Homefront - Trailer (Italian)

Twisted Metal "started as a PSN game"

Originally, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal was conceived as a game for the PlayStation Network. Sony later, convinced by the interests of consumers opted for the expansion of the game and content for publication on Blu-ray, said David Jaffe at IGN. "This began as a PSN title Twisted Metal," says the boss of Eat Sleep Play.

"Then Sony has asked us to expand the game to publish on Blu-ray." "We wanted to develop a game like Warhawk and SOCOM Confrontation, a multiplayer title for the launch at $ 39, but Sony told us that many fans waiting for a new Twisted Metal and asked us to create new stories." "We have not asked for anything Sony.

Conduit 2 - New screenshots

Interrupted the development of new Zune?

Microsoft may stop developing new versions of Zune because of the "low demand" by the market. As reported by Bloomberg, Microsoft would focus on developing software for Zune, Xbox 360 and Windows 7. The response of the U.S. company to rumors reported by Bllomberg was generic: "We have no announcement to make in relation to new Zune devices."

Dance Central is available in demo

For those who have Kinect Microsoft, through the usual Blog Major Nelson has announced that Xbox Live Marketplace is a demo version appeared playable on a Dance Central. The production, which was built on the exclusive use of Kinect, so it is obviously playable demo provided to hold the device in motion sensors.

Source: VG247

Domination of Pokémon in Italy

Domination of Pokémon in Italy in the week between Feb. 28 and March 6. The new chapters of the Nintendo series debut in the first and second place in the games console, while slipping to fourth position, the record holder of seven days ago, Killzone 3. Overall, eight of the ten best-selling games console in Italy during the period under review are for Nintendo platforms, Wii and three for five for DS.

First official gameplay Batman: Arkham City

Finally ... Through the portal IGN has appeared in the network, the first real gameplay Journal on Batman: Arkham City, new venture dedicated to the Man Bat in development at Rocksteady. Are deduced from the trailer then the first game situations and the renewed environment in which all the adventure will take place.

Article as always at the bottom of the movie. Source: VG27 More Batman: Arkham City Videos

Bulletstorm and to thank Fox News

EA thanked for the Fox News special entitled "Bulletstorm: the worst game in the world?" published some time ago. "We love Fox News," he told IndustryGamers the boss of EA Games, Frank Gibeau. "When you built a new IP and you're trying to capture consumers' attention, the messages that they receive are many and conflicting.

And a controversy is not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, I personally think that we should go after this type of controversy. " The important thing, according to Gibeau, is that "the creative integrity of the game is respected." What apparently has already happened with several games published by EA.

FEAR 3 - new video

Paxton Fettel new movie with Warner Bros. has released a new trailer of FEAR 3, with some revelations into the past of Paxton Fettel and Point Man If you do not want any kind of advance, do not watch it or download it. FEAR 3 - Video Ides of March

"Let's be honest, video games are not art"

The creator of God of War and Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, has lashed out at games that favor the style at the expense of content. In a message posted on the blog of Jaffe, the creator of Kratos has also attacked the supporters of the theory of "video game as art." "You can not talk about art just because the wind is blowing and there's a soundtrack and open spaces to explore.

And the presence of elements in the history of video games that you saw in the movies does not mean that the medium is ripe. These are just superficial elements difficult to produce as anything else, but that do not contribute one iota to the maturing of the medium. " "I'm tired of seeing players and journalists fall into this error.

Arrival of the first image to Mass Effect 2

The first of a series ... Through the official Facebook page dedicated to Mass Effect 2, Bioware has proposed the first official image of what the DLC will be called Arrival, the last downloadable content in chronological order, which also serve as a forerunner for the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3.

Also, depending on how many "I love" will be clicked (this target to 750,000) in the coming days should be provided with new screenshots. Here's the first image.

A 3D future, according to Sony

According to Sony, within a few years could become the standard in 3D entertainment. "By now the 3D was permanently adopted by the film and will soon be in consumers' homes, the process has already begun," he told The Guardian the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, Ray Maguire. "It is estimated that by 2014 the 3D devices such as laptop, TV or otherwise will be present in 40% of the homes of consumers in the United Kingdom.

Valve would not exist without id

Newell celebrates the behavior of members on SteamCast Ep.48 Carmack and Gabe Newell said Valve's debt with id Software is not limited to the graphics engine used to create the first Half-Life, Quake Engine, but it is much deeper . Without the support of the people of id, John Carmack, Jay Wilber and Michael Abrash all, Valve would never be able to begin operations.

It is for this reason that Valve likes to do the same with the young developers, to produce long-term benefits for the whole community of gamers. For Newell, when a person it deems as Carmack offers his support, it becomes easier to develop a business. Source: CVG

Harrison: Iwata "wrong" on the social game

According to the former president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Phil Harrison, the criticism of the boss of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, the social games are "wrong." During the Game Developers Conference, Iwata had called at risk the future of game development because of the proliferation of production to low-cost services such as Apple's App Store.

Harrison, co-founder of London Venture Partners and financier of role-playing co-op for Gunshine browser, however, does not agree with the thinking of the boss of Nintendo. "Iwata-san has done a tremendous job for the reconstruction of Nintendo in recent years," said Harrison IndustryGamers.

3D can become the norm, according to Sony

Already in 40% of UK homes in 2014 despite their different look with some suspicion as the 3D standard, widely, Sony continues to support his party, of course. The Japanese manufacturer is convinced that the television sets in three-dimensional visualization can really become "the norm" in the future: "We see 3D becoming an increasingly important element in the film and this is passed in the domestic," said Ray Maguire Sony Computer Entertainment UK to the Guardian, "it is estimated that by 2014 40% of British homes will have a 3D device, be it a laptop, a TV or something." The idea is that "people will soon begin to replace their flat screen televisions, then will buy 3-D devices, which opens new possibilities for distribution to the three-dimensional content" from Sony with its movies and games, of course.

No Prey 2 for id Tech 5

Prey 2 will use an engine id Tech last but not the id Tech 5. Bethesda's Pete Hines told IGN that the game was started so long ago and that is why the developer can not rely on the RAGE game engine used to. "This game is in development for quite a while 'time and we are still working on the id Tech 5 (the work would go ahead even after the launch of RAGE).

In the past few hours, the sequel to Prey was announced for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

25/30 hours for the history of LA Noire

The main story of LA Noire will last between 25 and 30 hours ago Rockstar know. According to reports from the PlayStation Life also play detective propose a series of quests that will extend the duration of the adventure. Many missions, some of which are available as a bonus for those who book the game will also be published in future in the form of DLC.

Richard Garriott - the comeback is official

Lord British does not give up After literally Tabula Rasa of its gaming ambitions, some time ago Richard Garriott Portalarium founded the company with the aim of developing game engines dedicated to gaming websites. Subsequently, the legendary developer has expressed a willingness to go directly to develop video games with something new and some time later, he also claimed to be willing to propose something like Ultima.

Announced the beta 2 inFamous

Sony announced in April that will start on the PlayStation 3 exclusive beta, inFamous 2. Plus subscribers can try out the new PlayStation game since April 12. All eyes of course the editor of missions that allow you to create and share with your friends different types of missions. More information about registering the beta will be announced soon on the PlayStation Blog.

The mission made more interesting when the beta will be published by Sucker Punch after the launch of the game in the form of downloadable content.

Ubisoft announces Rocksmith

The rock gaming is not dead after the series ended Activision Guitar Hero and after the transfer en bloc of Harmonix by MTV Games, one might think that the rhythm game genre "guitar" has now come to an end, to use a euphemism, but Ubisoft does not think so. The French publisher has announced in recent days Rocksmith, a game that is an alternative to these titles: "Guitar Hero is a party game, Rocksmith is a musical experience," said Ubisoft's Tony Key synthesized in Hollywood Reporter.

A date for the first DLC Castlevania: LOS

The first additional content for the action game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be downloadable from 30 March, Konami does know. Reverie The DLC will cost € 7.99 on the PlayStation Store and 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace. The second DLC for action developed by Mercury Steam will instead Resurrection, which currently does not have a launch date.