Monday, August 8, 2011

3 DiRT is the best-selling Series

3 DiRT Codemasters is the chapter of the series that received the greatest public success. This was announced by Guy Pearce, director of development studio, who declared himself "pleased with the result achieved thanks to an incredible team." "We have the highest average rating of 3 Dirt series and has become one of the ten most successful titles of 2011." "We will continue to support the game with other DLC and we are already thinking about the future of the series, but for now we enjoy the results."

Red Orchestra 2 delayed

On September 13, the FPS setting to historic Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad was recently postponed, as reported today by Eurogamer. net. Initially expected out August 30, the new date should be set for September 13, at least in the UK market. The two extra weeks should be taken by developers to serve the best to clean up the game before launch, according to reports from the same Tripwire Interactive.

Legacy "preparing" the future of Dragon Age

The DLC Dragon Age 2 Legacy is a first proof of the fact that BioWare has listened to feedback and criticism from fans regarding the future of the franchise. "Legacy demonstrates that we understand the weaknesses of Dragon Age 2, and will continue to improve with the continued support of our community," said lead designer Mike Laidlaw.

"The work shows how we are doing to this franchise and what we really want in the future become a new landmark of the genre." With the introduction of innovations such as the four "hot-button items" and the new ability to customize views in this latest expansion, BioWare is hoping to set the stage for a truly epic Dragon Age 3.

The latest news on Borderlands 2

The latest issue of U.S. magazine Game Informer has revealed the much anticipated details Borderlands 2, which apparently can count on a co-op mode for up to four players and characters are completely different. In the game will also include a feature called Eridium, both as a medium of exchange and as a strengthening material for weapons and vehicles.

The weapon customization is even more extreme and varied than the already exceptional views in the first chapter. In addition to a myriad of new guns, we can apply custom graphics and upgrades of various kinds. A lot of work will be done on Artificial Intelligence of the enemy, who will collaborate more with each other and have access to weapons other than our own.

The former head of Microsoft Game Studios comes into Zipline

Mobile Management Shane Kim Microsoft Game Studios has left a couple of years ago, but by then it was clear his fate in the gaming business. We learn today that the former head of Microsoft's internal team dedicated to video games has embarked on a new adventure with the Zipline company, which specializes in mobile games.

Specifically, your role will be a consultant for the partnership and support of the study for the construction of the moai platform, developed by Zipline as middleware for game development, currently also used by Harebrained Schemes for Crimson, Bungie's first game belonged to the program Aerospace.

A New Beginning for True Crime: Hong Kong?

The title was canceled, but Square Enix has now acquired the rights with an official statement issued a few days ago, Square Enix has announced that it has acquired the rights of True Crime: Hong Kong and resume the development of the game using a different title . "When we saw the game for the first time, we both loved it and we soon realized the enormous potential.

This is one of those titles that you would not want to stop playing," said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Square Enix London Studios. "There is an amazing new engine, a fantastic story, rich characters and features related to gameplay that have never seen in open-world environments," Singleton continued.

25 th Anniversary for the Metroid series

The Metroid series has celebrated its first 25 years in the course of the weekend just past. The first chapter of the saga was released on the NES in Japan in the distant 6 August 1986 and since then 11 other episodes have seen the light, the last of which, Metroid: Other M on Wii was released last year.

The undisputed heroine of the franchise, Samus Aran, has become an icon since its first appearance, when he left everyone speechless, taking off his helmet at the end of the first game. In contrast to what happened with Zelda, Nintendo has not so far announced initiatives to celebrate this important birthday, despite Metroid has always been one of its most successful franchises.

New website for the 25th anniversary of Zelda

Just a few minutes ago we talked about the 25 th anniversary of Metroid, which, however, Nintendo does not seem to care too much. The company of Mario, by contrast, continues the celebration of the birthday of the Zelda series that starting a new site, available for now only in Japanese. If you dug out to Japan with the language you can start to explore it, otherwise you should go directly to the wallpaper section to download some 'bonus material.

DC Universe moves in MegaServer

Sony has started today the transfer of the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of DC Universe Online MegaServers within four. With this move, the MMO from Sony Online Entertainment will provide space for an extremely more players, which will make the game more varied and interactive. Be careful though because some problems may arise regarding the names of the characters, which in some cases may be duplicates.

Bloodrayne: Betrayal postponed again

Was postponed to August, but the odyssey of Bloodrayne: Betrayal is not over yet. The game was further delayed and will now see the light on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 6. Apparently this time the reason is not technical but logistics. The game, in fact, is part of the promotion play PlayStation Network, whose departure is scheduled for September 7.

George Miller is interested in Team Bondi?

McNamara visited the offices where it is produced Happy Feet 2 Team Bondi's reputation suffered a blow following the controversy of some former employees of the team enraged by dictatorial ways and grueling shifts imposed by Brenda McNamara. Following the debate the same Rockstar has cut ties with the software house and this factor has sunk even further the reputation of Team Bondi is likely to be without a publisher.

New details on Pro Evolution Soccer 12

Teams, methods and innovations in the gameplay Konami has released new information about Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, the new episode of their football simulation that will arrive in stores on Sept. 29 in the PC version, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2 and PSP. First you have added two new stages (Burg and the Royal London) and eight new European teams.

The total number of stages will be editable in edit mode Stadiums fourteen. It 'was reintroduced on Superstar difficulty level, thanks to new AI is very tough. The presence of the Challenge Training mode, however, will allow us to face challenges of varying difficulties to get used to that effect.