Friday, May 13, 2011

PlayStation 3 in U.S. sales increased despite the problems

Increase but Xbox 360 is still ahead are published these days the NPD sales figures for consoles in the U.S. market, which show a good performance of PlayStation 3 and its games in April, despite the chaos of PSN. According to these data, in April, sales of PlayStation 3 have increased by 13% over the same period last year, an increase which is a sigh of relief to Sony, overshadowed by recent events in the PlayStation Network.

Valve not think of a Source Engine 2

Rather than continuous updates Gabe Newell revealed to Develop that his development team is not going to make a generational leap in net for the engine created by Valve, which is the Source Engine. There is a view, therefore, a Source Engine 2, but a continuous and progressive evolution of the Source Engine on the same basis, without going sharply from a version 1 to version 2.

"There are many advantages to continue to work on a code of mature, stable and well established, rather than start over," Newell said, "I think when you see games like DOTA 2, you will appreciate how the developers have managed to to maximize the source, rather than starting from scratch with a new engine as often happens with other companies.

Brink disappears from the British Steam?

Mystery seems to continue to do strange things to Brink, new shooter from People Can Fly and that Bethesda has had to resort to an emergency adjustment shortly after its release on various platforms. The latest, reported by Eurogamer, talking about a complete disappearance of the game from the list of titles available for download on the British to Steam, where instead of the stands a chance to download "this object is not currently available in your region." We do not know what caused the problem, but developers seem to be familiar with the matter, as evidenced by the official forum of Bethesda and Splash Damage to the twitter.

Postponed the announcement on the new Pokémon

Collezioniamoli all, sooner or later The announcement had already been revealed for some time now, but apparently Nintendo has decided to take a longer period to prepare for the event: the next chapter of Pokémon will be announced probably around 15 June. The details were revealed by the magazine CoroCoro Japan, the same who then reported the delay, with the announcement that will therefore be carried out on the pages of that publication, but in the June issue, after the turbulent period of E3.

Deathsmiles 2X comes directly Games on Demand

The Digital Age: Breaking the tradition of the Games on Demand online service, so far concentrated on securities already out in retail version and proposed mode downloadable Deathsmiles 2X comes directly in digital form of the Microsoft. This, at least in the North American market, where the action shooter developed by Japanese Cave will not have a distribution disk but only in digital.

Apparently, there will be even localization: the game will be offered with the original version written in Japanese on the platform when it comes online on May 17. This initiative is organized by the same Cave to publish their products in the first person outside of Japan, without having to resort to the intermediary of a publisher and of course save a lot 'of money in the operation.

New promotions from Blockbuster and GR

Continue the promotion of gaming and Blockbuster Game Rush. In today's day and were in fact announced two new initiatives which certainly whet the interest of many gamers. With regard to the reservations, bringing in used game store 2 Gold List, the purchase price of any new output will be only € 9.99, while if you opt for 2 used game price list Silver purchase of the title you want will be € 29.99.

I Am Alive and Beyond Good and Evil 2 projects are not removed by Ubisoft

Or so it seems yesterday when the financial documents were distributed on the year's tax Ubisoft, showing some "projects erased" unspecified within the internal restructuring, the first titles that are probably sprung to mind were I Am Alive and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Apparently, this is not instead of the two papers.

As reported by Eurogamer, Ubisoft has investigated are of direct concern in this regard, the games were canceled projects not yet announced. "The completed projects were never announced," said a spokesman, "we have nothing new to report on those two titles at the moment," he added, referring in particular to I Am Alive and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Postponed the announcement of the new Pokémon

The announcement of the new Pokémon game series has been postponed from Nintendo "after E3." The first details were to be unveiled recently by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro, but instead will come in the next issue, scheduled for June 15. A few weeks ago, President Satoru Iwata had anticipated that two new chapters in the series, one for 3DS and one for Wii, they were already developing.

Remains to be seen which one will be announced first. Meanwhile Pokémon Black and White are still in the Top Ten in several European countries and are preparing (at least) to equal the record of the previous chapters.

Sanctum: free the first level in video extra

Arrives at the Glade Sanctum we reviewed a few days ago (LINK), speaking also of the intention of the developers to support it with patches and free extra levels, that here comes the first expansion, complete with a video demonstration. Glade, the new level is more demanding of the three initials because it is open on two opposite sides and requires more planning by the player to be exceeded.

PES 2012 officially announced

Konami has officially announced the release scheduled for autumn of PES 2012 on PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. For this new release the team stated intention to focus, among other things, "on team play and complete rewrite of Artificial Intelligence." The development approach will be broader than the previous chapters and this will allow the game to develop more naturally.

Orion: Prelude - gameplay video from the beta

New video from this game very interesting video taken from the beta of the hardcore shooter Orion: Prelude, where you can see some spectacular moments of gameplay, complete with a giant Tyrannosaurus addressed at the edge of a tank. Give it a look because he deserves. Orion: Prelude - gameplay video from bet

Hackers attacked the website of Deus Ex

In recent days a group of hackers managed to penetrate the defenses of the official website of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and other sites Eidos. The company has however indicated that there is no danger that the game is "stolen" before leaving. For a short time on the site in question seemed written in the image found at the bottom, whereas just a few hours ago addresses were not reachable.

Initially, it was spread that the attack had been carried out by a "cell" of the Anonymous group, allegedly responsible for a much more serious problem went to the Sony Network. The group in question, called Venuism has, however, that it was not related in any way to Anonymous and do not wish in any way damage to users and gamers.

The dates for the release of Tomb Raider, MGS: Rising and other games?

Do not panic, are not confirmed by a confidential document of GameStop, apparently stolen, revealed the possible release dates of some important games, which were immediately published on the web. We see the most interesting: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - October 31 Aliens: Colonial Marines - Tomb Raider November 12 - December 13 Spider-Man: Edge of Time - December 31 Obviously this is not confirmed dates for the U.S.

No online multi for Star Fox 3DS

The re-make of Star Fox 64 for 3DS will have two modes of control, a classical (N64 Mode) and one that will use the motion sensor on the console (3DS Mode). In reality this will be a third option, called Battle Mode, but will be used only for local multiplayer game. Unfortunately, Nintendo has removed any hope for those who wanted to play online via Wi-Fi.

The wireless connection will not be used by a game in any way. Star Fox 64 3D will be released in Japan on July 14 while in Europe is planned for late 2011.

FEAR 3: video mode "Fucking Run!"

Fleeing New video subtitled in Italian Alma FEAR 3 which shows sequences of multiplayer gameplay "Fucking Run", in which players must cooperate to defeat enemies while fleeing from the "Wall of Death" by Alma. FEAR 3 - Video mode "Fucking Run"

Steel Diver was a game DSiWare

Nintendo has revealed that Diver Steel was originally a title directly to the service DSiWare. The producer said Tadashi Sugiyama and SD had already been shown in 2004 as a technical demo for the DS, but more recently the company has decided to turn it into a real game. "We had thought of as a title DSiWare, but during the process we realized that he had much more potential." "We wanted to make it much bigger, but Miyamoto-san told us that it was not necessary," says Sugiyama.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Power of Pirates

A trailer for Pirates of the Italian in Italian Trailer for LEGO LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, subtitled: The power of the pirates. This is a film made with the ironic style that characterizes the entire series (in fact, also characterized the film). Watch it because it's worth it. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Power of Pirates