Monday, February 21, 2011

Soon the official date of Gears of War 3

Ahead of schedule ... Rod Fergusson of Epic Games has revealed - through his own account on the social network Twitter - the release date on Gears of War 3 will be announced soon. To be precise, the debut of the much exclusive Xbox 360 will be made known in all likelihood by the end of February, along with new materials and also the official start of the online multiplayer beta.

We look forward to more information.

The Italian charts 7 to 13 February 2011

The launch of Test Drive Unlimited 2 is felt Dall'AESVI get the new software sales data regarding the gaming market in Italy, in this case on the week between 7 and 13 February 2011. It does not change much compared to last week, partly because of major new releases have not been registered in recent days from Test Drive Unlimited 2 that projects immediately in a good position in the top ten.

Coming a patch to adjust the difficulty of Catherine

The game is too difficult, users complain Atlus is working on a patch for the controversial Catherine, after taking note of the excessive difficulty of his new "nightmare puzzler. Apparently, in fact, the official blog of the game have sprung numerous complaints about the puzzle sections present in the adventure, which the Japanese people are too difficult even to the lowest level of challenge.

Minecraft arrives on the iPhone and iPad

The popular, popular Minecraft will also be released on the iPhone and iPad by the end of the year. After delighting 1.3 million PC gamers, but fans of Apple devices will be able to enjoy this amazing game, which gives his fascinating and original gameplay to the imagination of the players. Gamasutra says that the game will not be a direct port, but a version designed specifically for the two new platforms, with different features from the original.

Jailbreak for the new ban on Sony's PSN

The struggle continues ... Sony, of course, kicked off a series of blanket ban to the users on the PlayStation Network service for PlayStation 3 with a modified console. Not so long ago and came ready response from the pirates themselves, who have already released a new version of the jailbreak of the console that will return the Internet service that is like nothing had happened.

In short, a real anti-ban. Not only that, because apparently attarverso this system could even ban other users through the simple insertion of the ID, which in effect would make the situation very dangerous and very confused. Source: CVG

From Project Gotham to OutRun

Gareth Wilson, lead designer of the now defunct Bizarre Creations, has found a new home. From now work in the Sumo Digital team, responsible in the past some good and SEGA OutRun Arcade Online All-Stars Racing. Wilson will play a role almost identical to the previous one and it seems that in the new company is already working on a new project.

Fans of Project Gotham and Blur are hoping that all the other ex-members Bizarre may soon find a new outlet for their talent.

Bulletstorm had to be a third person shooter Gears of War

Cliff Bleszinski reveal the original plans for the new FPS from People Can Fly During an interview with The Telegraph, Cliff Bleszinski talked about the development of Bulletstorm and they came out very interesting details. First, the game was originally conceived as a third person shooter with Gears of War, with a system of stalking and everything else.

It turned out the idea of the "leash", however, and so everything was translated into a first person shooter to cater for the needs of new gameplay. The implementation of the "lead" changed particularly things like Bleszinski says: "We made so that players could play cat and mouse with their opponents, and so came up with the idea to build around such a mechanical reward system.

Gran Turismo 5 exceeds 6 million

The rumored (and rimandatissimo) Gran Turismo 5 has rapidly accelerated about six million copies sold worldwide. the six million units shipped barrier, creator Polyphony Digital has Announced. For annunciartlo was obviously the same Polyphony Digital (thank you, VG247), which made it clear that GT5 was now up to 6.37 million at the end of December 2010.

The greatest success has been achieved in Europe, where the game has almost 4 million copies sold. The U.S. followed with 1.58 million long-distance and even further back we find Japan (600,000) and Asia (230,000). With these figures, total sales of the series have come to more than 63 million copies.

Gareth Wilson of Bizarre goes to Sumo Digital

Partnership for innovation design manager at Bizarre, Gareth Wilson, has passed in recent days to the development team Sumo Digital, the internal Sega. After the close of the study Bizarre, a few days ago after 17 years of honorable history, Wilson has obviously found a congenial place in the team saw thanks to a certain similarity in the address of the various titles of both teams: the genus racing game.

Source games to conquer the U.S.

The Family Source of Videogame expands again and to conquer the U.S. with the acquisition of Hammersuit, company leader in the creation and publication of content themed entertainment. Founded in 2004, led to the success Hammersuit important industry sites as IndustryGamers. com and Modojo. com, the latter addressed to the Mobile Gaming.

Its contents are provided all'Ayzenberg Group and Prima Games. The new division of the network, called IndustryGamers Inc, will address (among other things) to "export" in the U.S. enthusiasm and aggressiveness of content that has always characterized the sites of the family Videogame Source, which includes GamesIndustry .

Jill Valentine in Marvel Vs Capcom 3

It is not yet available, but ... Jill Valentine Resident Evil series is one of the characters available to Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds in the near future. In fact, the beautiful Jill will be released as downloadable content. Nevertheless we can already offer a movie that shows some interesting features even though it is only images and not properly mounted in a video sequence, can be found as always at the bottom of the article.

Infinity Blade and Plants vs. Zombies winners during the Mobile World Congress

As per tradition, in Barcelona were awarded the Mobile Gaming Awards For the seventh consecutive year, the awards ceremony of the International Mobile Gaming Awards concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Among the award-winning titles, there are two blockbusters in the App Store: Infinity Blade, developed by Epic games, has won the Excellence in Design award, while Plants vs.

Zombies of PopCap Games was awarded the title of Best Casual Game. On the European side were rewarded even Perfect Cell (People's Choice Award), Beyond Ynth (Excellence in Gameplay, Grand Prix Award), Snowboard Hero (Excellence in Gameplay, Operators' Choice), Pope Sangre (Most Innovative Game) and AR Invaders (Best Real World Game).

The proposed Bethesda: having a child for the release of Skyrim

And most importantly, call dragonborn The question is very absurd, but considering the passion of the fans Bethesda can have a potentially worrying development team has brought to users a new message on the official blog of conceiving a child and let it be born in time for the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to win an unspecified reward.

It's not all: as if it were not hard enough to give birth to the baby specifically for 11 / 11/11, expected release date for the game, the other criteria needed to win the mysterious "reward" is that it call it "Dovahkiin" or "dragonborn," according to the Alphabet Dragon The Elder Scrolls.

Gran Turismo 5 surpasses 6 million copies sold

Especially in Europe Polyphony today released updated data on sales of Gran Turismo 5 in the world, proving to have surpassed 6 million copies. It is unclear whether the figures refer to the number of copies distributed in stores or actually sold to users, in any event, the worldwide total now stands at 6.3 million, updated at the end of December 2010.

So the total is divided among the three major markets: 3.97 million copies in Europe, 1.58 million copies in North America, 600,000 copies in Japan and 230,000 in the rest of Asia. Source: Polyphony Digital

Zelda turns 25

As time goes on 21 February 1986 the first The Legend of Zelda was released on the market, direct to the platform of the Nintendo Famicom, signed an action adventure Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka intended to make gaming history. Since that day, the series has become a true gaming icon and has scored, with its various chapters, 59 million copies sold worldwide across all platforms Nintendo releases in the history of the house in Kyoto.

Two new maps for Company of Heroes Online

Despite the imminent end Although the end announced and imminent, Company of Heroes Online has recently received an addition of two maps to play by Relic. "Road to Montherme" is a four player map from the main square and various paths that lead to closer Hotspot, and "Hill 331" is a remake expanded to battles most populous, suitable for 8 players to a mode similar to a king of the Hill.

" The news comes just days after confirmation by THQ, the closure of the game scheduled for the end of March.

Risen also 2 on PlayStation 3

After announcing the subtitle of the new game in the series Risen, Piranha Bites confirmed that Risen 2: Dark Waters is also coming to PlayStation 3. The first Risen has been published but only on PC and Xbox 360. "We can not give information on the launch period of the game but we can confirm that it will arrive on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360," said a spokesman at the Deep Silver Videogame Source.

Piracy on the PC is on the decline

The free to play and fight the DLC Ployhar According to Matt, President of the PC Gaming Alliance, a group that includes several members with a view of the gaming market as Epic Games, Capcom, Intel and Dell, piracy on the PC is in decline. The motivation would be the general increase in new business systems based on free-to-play and micro-transactions, which would discourage the tick to illegal downloading of games, at least for some genres and audiences.

Mario Sports mix always first in Italy

Second week in a row at the top of the weekly chart of best-selling games console in Italy for the exclusive Wii Sports Mario Mix. In a week full of games for the Nintendo console, can emerge from Atari Test Drive Unilimited 2. Contrary to what usually happens in Italy with the games multi-platform, in this case was that the Xbox 360 to sell as many copies.

These are the ten best-selling console games in Italy in the week between 7 and 13 February 2011. The list of PC games sees once again the top prepaid cards for World of Warcraft. Second Test Drive Unlimited 2, The Sims 3 third Outdoor Living Stuff. A few weeks before the debut of the PC version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is still present in the ranking (seventh place) The second installment of Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed II.

Standings software for the UK

Black Ops takes command Call of Duty: Black Ops is back on top, Dead Space 2 confirms the good long-term sales and Test Drive Unlimited 2 lost three positions in one week. In the space vacated fits Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, which debuted in second place. In the ranking for 360 resist well Kinect 3 titles that confirm the excellent state of health of the Microsoft device.

Almost the same PC where the situation stands out even the monstrous performance of WoW: Wrath of the Lich King is still in the charts after 114 weeks. Two positions on the PS3 sells Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, which has already disappeared from the rankings Xbox 360. Also Gran Turismo 5 comes close to the bottom of the standings while reappears as though Mass Effect 2 behind.

Saber working on Battle: Los Angeles

It is currently developing a game based on the film Battle: Los Angeles (World Invasion is the title under which the film will arrive in Italian cinemas). As reported by the Australian OFLC, the game is being developed by Saber Interactive and publisher Konami will. In this generation of consoles, Saber Interactive has developed the sci-fi shooter Timeshift.

Battle: Los Angeles will be available from March 2011.

3DS - Italian tour

It starts on 23 Continue the tour to present the Italian Nintendo 3DS. The cities involved are numerous and from the event will not be difficult to have an opportunity to closely observe the new handheld Nintendo. The first steps have just carried out in Sicily, Sardinia and Calabria, but the tour will resume on February 23 in Genoa, Naples, Nola, Casoria, Salerno, Albenga and Turin and will continue for several days.

"Satisfactory" sales of FM 2011

Sega said it was satisfied with the sales manager of Football Manager 2011. A few weeks ago, the publisher announced that 690,000 copies sold around the world between the PC and PSP versions of Football Manager 2011 was the third best selling game of the company. At that time, Sega had called "slow" sales of the product in Europe and North America, but as stated by Jurgen Post SEGA Europe, while the title developed by Sports Interactive has recorded outstanding performance in retail, it also sold a fair number of copies in digital format.

Painkiller on the iPhone

Another 7 Years after shooter Painkiller is preparing to get on IOS and first released on the iPhone. The mobile version of the 2004 horror shooter will unfortunately aesthetically castrated "for obvious hardware limitations, but honestly from the pictures the cuts seem excessive when you consider that 3G and 4G easily handle games like NOVA 2 and Dead Space.

In any case Chillingo, which deals with the conversion, said he was working to improve both the look and feel and controls. This last detail is the most delicate given the fast action of Painkiller.

Demo PC Bulletstorm after launch

Epic Games has confirmed that the demo for the PC version of Bulletstorm will be available after launch. The trial version of the shooter developed by People Can Fly in collaboration with Epic Games is already available since last January in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 formats. "We are working on the PC demo of Bulletstorm!" Said Twitter vice president of Epic Games Mark Rein.

"We can not publish it for the launch of the game but I can assure you that will come soon." Bulletstorm will be available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from 25 February.

Guild Wars 2 - a week full of information

Now begins today and all week the blog Guild Wars 2 will be enriched with new details on highly anticipated NCsoft title. After witnessing the preset of humans, and having seen the trailer for the spectacular city of Kryta in the coming days we will know the media giants Norn and this new breed will have a dedicated video.

But there's more. To make matters worse for Guild Wars 2 this week publish Multiplayer. it exclusive new material. In the end, for the few that have not seen the trailer for Kryta, the birthplace of humans. Guild Wars 2 - Trailer on Kryta: The last home of mankind

BAFTA Fellowship for Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux has been honored with the BAFTA Fellowship from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The creator of Fable, Populous and Black & White joins the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Will Wright, Nolan Bushnell. "I remember the excitement of the people who were rewarded in 1967, at the time watching the BAFTAs on TV with my family," said Molyneux.

Crytek - the stolen version of Crysis 2 is horrible

"... I do not want anyone to see ..." Nathan Camarillo Crytek has answered some questions and these users obviously touched the recent "theft" of a not yet finished version of Crysis 2. Camarillo said the leaked version is full of bugs and that nobody should see it because it does not match the final version.

But fears of Crytek producer do not stop the fear that the audience be frightened of bugs in the game thinking it will be final. The biggest concern about the plot of Camarillo, which is already "betrayed" by video, images, and posts that could ruin the experience to end users. This after having already ruined all the work that Crytek had to do to keep hidden details and twists to make the experience unique and surprising end.

The new Two Worlds in 2012

TopWare announced a new installment of the RPG Two Worlds. "Every time we try to improve ourselves, we are renewing 3D modeling, animation and CG for the upcoming Two Worlds, which will arrive in 2012," said managing director James Seaman TopWare to Destructoid. Contacted by Videogame Source on the issue, Seaman has confirmed that the official announcement of the game will come in "three months".

Dead Island - the rights have not been sold to the movies

Information crazy last week seemed certain that the film was in production for Dead Island. Even Variety and Deadline stated that The Sean Daniel Company and Union Entertainment were already looking for a writer, and even appeared on the web are alleged details about the film. Well, the CEO of Deep Silver Klements Kundratitz, through a press officer, confirmed the interest of the film in relation to Dead Island, caused largely by the incredible trailer for the game and what impact this has had on the gamers, but denied everything else.

Geohot on multi COD: "I am innocent"

According to George hacker "Geohot" Hotz, changing him from PlayStation 3 development is not the cause of the problems of the multiplayer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Some time ago, Infinity Ward had in fact downloaded any liability on Sony stating that the problems of Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer on the PS3 system arose from the breach.

In a message posted on its website Geohot dismissed the allegations and reiterated that it was not the problems of the multiplayer title Infinity Ward. Meanwhile, Sony has begun to prohibit access to the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 owners who use pirated software.

Bulletstorm Superdirective in today!

Continue Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode show Bulletstorm for Xbox 360 and will answer all questions from users! Log on at 17 to Monday, February 21 to this page, to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Problems for Minerva's Den on PC

The PC version of the Protector Trials DLC for BioShock 2 has been removed from the Games for Windows Live Marketplace because it is not yet ready ", as specified by the community manager" 2K Elizabeth "on the official forum of the game. The DLC, recently announced as a free extra on a PC, was paid 400 Microsoft Points from other players who then complained on the forum di2K because the contents can not be executed.

Official date for Gray Matter

Back to Jane Jensen Three months after the debut finally arrived in Italy Gray Matter, the long-awaited title written by the authoritative pen of Jane Jensen. Gray Matter will come from us on February 24 or Thursday, and we hope very much that is worth the wait. Jane Jensen is an icon in the world of adventure games.

He gave an enormous contribution to the dawn of the genre, then collaborated with Roberta Williams has finally got an incredible success with its series dedicated to Gabriel Knight. Of course, as dozens of other videogame writers, has been involved in the collapse of the genre of adventure games, but has certainly not given up.

Saints Row: The Third in 2011

The third chapter of the open world action series published by THQ, Saints Row, Saints Row will be called: The Third. That the findings of some images on NeoGAF and disclosed on this page. On one of the images also shows that Saints Row 3 will arrive by the end of 2011, a time frame consistent with the statements by the publisher, who recently spoke of a fall launch for the game developed by Volition.

Riccitiello - a generation problem for EA

But the company has moved well to EA boss John Riccitiello, said the change from the last generation of consoles to the current one is very problematic for the digital entertainment giant. But there is hardly revelations. The decline in sales of FIFA has been without doubt one of the most obvious symptoms of a malaise that EA has kept a sound investment.

Undeniable commitment of the EA in recent years, including on domestic securities, an increase in both quality and tender. But also on the digital side and the reduction in costs, the company has achieved remarkable results. Obviously the goal of the statements made by Riccitiello at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference is not to inform us about the known elements, but to publicize its achievements in terms of a new wave of investments and securities, already announced for the foreseeable future.

Black Ops back on top in UK

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the best selling game in the UK in the last seven days. Behind the Activision shooter there is a new entry, the Capcom fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Third position for Dead Space 2. Visceral the survival horror game developed by EA Games and published by the charts above Test Drive Unlimited 2, fourth, fifth and FIFA 11.

Just Dance 2 the sixth, seventh Assassin's Creed: Mario vs Brotherhood front. Donkey Kong Land Mini-Mayhem!. Rounding out the top ten oftware weekly British Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition 2 and LittleBigPlanet.

The patch for Heroes of Newerth carries with Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem's voice adds a pinch of pepper In Duke Nukem-style here is that the voice of Jon St. John makes its appearance in a new voice pack dedicated to Heroes of Newerth. But it is just one of a huge new patch, now followed by two updates, that much of the title and rebalance the system as well as some bug capable of causing crashes and other unpleasant effects.

The pack, which you can test in the video below, is already available and can be bought with the silver coin obtained from matchmaking. If these are not sufficient require the purchase of gold coins which must be purchased from the Store Heroes of Newerth. Source: Hon Forum Heroes of Newerth - Jon St.

Billy Mitchell opens King of Kong arcade

The record holder for Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell, has opened a game room at the International Airport in Orlando, Florida, United States. Called King of Kong, as reported by Arcade Heroes, the restaurant was named for the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. The restaurant is decorated with themes and images from the classic Nintendo, but paradoxically there are no gaming machines on display.

Final Fantasy III on the iPhone

In the international version, hopefully Next to the spring of the arrival of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on the iPhone, V-Jump has also revealed the arrival of Apple on the smartphone Final Fantasy III. Still do not know the nature of this port but it is probably already out the remake for Nintendo DS, which has enriched the third installment of the famous series with 3D models and other innovations.

New information about Risen 2

German developer Piranha Bytes has updated the website Risen 2 and revealed the subtitle of the game: Dark Waters. According to NeoGAF for the translation, Risen 2 will be the first game of Piranha Bytes that appear guns. The protagonist lives in a small coastal village called Caldera. The story is more complex than the first chapter and the decisions of the players will have an impact on events.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - details of the patch

A substantial list of fixes available dedicated the new patch to fix glitches, bugs and stability of Little Big Planet 2. A duty to update that dramatically improves the gaming experience and allows you to jump in the peaceful heart levels of "Hansel & Gretelbot. Among the most important changes: - Reset in case of missing POD, blocked, or buggy - Added the option "Reset Pod" in the menu of the game - Fixed problems that prevented the physics of Sackboy even swim - Increased the overall stability of game, including crash - Added a visual indicator that shows the height reached in the editor using a platform jump - Fixed buggy DLC costumes and those used by players are removed - Fixed a bug that prevented re-entering the shopping once you the sign-out - Fixed a bug that did not ask to save a level editor where you went to the play after changing the reverb sound - Removed the bug that was crazy about the game were quickly destroyed or placed spawn points - elements Sounders LBP1 should now be imported without problems - has again Clank costume green eyes