Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitsu, Emotional Avatar

Blitz Games Studios, developers Yoostar 2, has unveiled a new technology that will allow to create characters with emotional states and expressions... incredibly believable. Kitsu is called Emotional Avatars and is part of a broader technology platform known as BlitzTech, currently under development.

To demonstrate this new technology has been used Kitsu, a young girl in Anime style that reacts to player actions in a very realistic. Right now they are shown only four major variants of expressions: happiness, sadness, fear and anger. Each of these is activated by different factors, such as the passage of a butterfly (happiness), a bat (fear) and so on.

SEGA Europe opens a new development studio in England

SEGA has announced the birth of a new British team that will work on developing an action adventure game scheduled for 2012. The press talks about exclusive development on next generation platforms, but it is unclear whether it also relates to the title already in development.

If so it is reasonable to assume that this is a game for Wii U. Heading the team will be Chris Southall.

SEGA also attacked by hackers

The attack involved the network of SEGA community. Certain network sites have been violated and the gap has allowed the attackers to copy digital emails, dates of birth and account number password. The company invites users to change course username and password.

New Wii U by July

The prototype of a new generation of Wii will be sent to developers in June or July, he told Videogame Source managing director of Sega Europe, Gary Dunn. "It's still early. The prototype of a new generation will arrive in June or July," says Dunn, according to which from the earliest demonstrations of the Wii console, Sega has found U "very powerful".

More powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360? "It is too early to say, is a different console." "We were able to easily obtain the next-gen graphics with the first prototypes, which we are satisfied. Given that our engineers have tried to quickly make some port, we can say that architecture is accessible."

According to Dunn, in the future, Sega will assess any target platforms of his new game: "We will not make the simple porting from the PS3 and X360 Wii U; the new controls allow you to implement an asymmetric gameplay, and we are thrilled."

Xbox 360 has sold 1.5 million consoles in Japan

Finally the Xbox 360 has finally managed to establish itself in Japan. Well, not really: according to the Japanese site "Wazap", the Microsoft console would just managed to reach the "fateful" quota of 1.5 million consoles in Japan, during the 5 years of beauty and a half stay in the market.

In 2009 was reached the milestone of one million consoles sold, according to data released so the road next to a million was a lot easier, with a significant increase in sales. However, Japan is unlikely to confirm the territory conquered by the Western machines.

From SEGA a new IP exclusive to PlayStation Life

According to statements made by Gary Dunn, SEGA would open a studio to work on a new IP exclusive to PlayStation Life. The study did not have a name and everything we know about the game in question is that there will be a racing game. According to Dunn, the project started based on a concept that developers were really excited, and to which SEGA has given the green light.

Duran Duran land in Second Life

The Duran Duran Second Life Universe will debut on June 22. The announcement was made by Chrissy Welinder, community manager of the DDU, the band's website. "The Universe Duran Duran, Duran Duran permanent world of Second Life, will soon open its doors," said community manager Welinder.

Six million copies of Gears of War 3

As stated by the lead designer at Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski, says that Gears of War 3 will sell no fewer than six million copies. "I can only hope the end will be the players to vote with their money," says Bleszinski, "but no doubt sell more than six million copies." A result that seems within reach of Epic, considering that sales of the first two chapters of Gears series have exceeded 12 million.

A nice spot for Tablet Sony S1 and S2

No information on devices, however, Sony has produced a funny commercial for its new tablet, S1 and S2. Entirely devoid of technical information, the movie revolves around the journey of a metal ball between tables and desks, made in a continuous evolution of mechanisms that are activated, the shadows cast on the wall and then a train that goes on slowly towards its final destination.

As we already know, the tablet S1 and S2 will be equipped with version 3.0 of the Android operating system and it will be PlayStation Certified devices, or who will run the same games and applications available on Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, and on the digital platform PlayStation Suite.

New images for Shadows of the Damned

The pulp action game will be available from June 24, now missing only a week at the exit of Shadows of the Damned, the new project by Suda51 in collaboration with Shinji Mikami (producer of Resident Evil) and Akira Yamaoka (composer of the music of Silent Hill ). As we all know, is a third-person action game tones pulp fiction, inspired in part to the films of Quentin Tarantino and full of style that made famous the works of Suda's games, such as No More Heroes.

Back to the roots with Super Mario 3DS

As stated by Yoshiaki Koizumi, game director of Super Mario Galaxy, at GameSpot, the chapter of Super Mario for 3DS back the series to its roots: fast and precise platforming sections. "I think that since we started developing 3D titles like Super Mario 64 we have strayed from the roots of the series. In these games the key idea is to provide users with a world to explore."

"But the foundation of the Super Mario series reside in passing a level without dying. Scenarios short time available, must be an exciting experience. In part, this is absent in the Galaxy, the gameplay is slower and is easier to die it is difficult to complete the level without dying.

SDK available for Kinect

Microsoft Research has released the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Kinect, a series of "development tools to build business applications that can exploit the full potential of Kinect." "The suite is designed to support developers, university researchers and technology enthusiasts that want to engage in the development of innovative applications capable of exploiting the depth sensors, detection of body movements, voice recognition and objects using technology Kinect Windows 7, "read the statement from Microsoft.

Real Racing Real Racing 2 discount on the App Store

Even the HD versions! Only for this weekend, as reported by Firemint, Real Racing Series games will be offered on the App Store with a discount ranging from 30% to 80%. To be precise, you can buy: - Real Racing to 79 cents - Real Racing HD 1.59 euros - 2 to 3.99 euros Real Racing - Real Racing 2 HD to 5.49 euros For those not familiar, the series Real Racing takes on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and a realistic driving simulation and convincing, accompanied by exceptional technical sector.

[Updated] In an MMO arrival of Harry Potter?

The imagination runs on the edge of the stick is enough for a teaser web site with the signing by JK Rowling (pottermore. com) to set off the speculation of fans: do you ever hide behind the page mysterious property of Warner Bros.? For now nothing is known, but one of the most credible hypothesis, derived from reading the copyright page, is to some MMO dedicated to the series.

Otherwise, why talk about multiple users, exchange messages and interactions between them in real time? Another clue would be the possible meaning of that "more" in the title of the site, developed in Massively "Multiplayer Online Role-playing Experience", that online role-playing experience.

The collection of Devil May Cry HD appears in a Spanish shop

Many of course only on the price they expected to see the collection of the first three Devil May Cry reissued in HD at E3, but nothing. Vanished into thin air. Some have even suggested that the project had been quashed by Capcom. Apparently not. Today it appeared on the list of a store video game Devil May Cry Spanish 10th Anniversary Collection on PS3, complete with packshot and release date: November 30, 2011.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation: The trailer and images

After the announcement, here is the trailer for the new map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops After the announcement (link), here comes the video of the new map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops - Annihilation. In the movie, and developers talk about the new maps show, briefly explaining the basic philosophy.

Along with the video, Activision has made available six screenshots of the DLC.

Peter Moore: No online play for EA Sports

The social future is Peter Moore, president of EA Sports, said that the online will not be part of the future of the company's sports titles, especially those of Madden and FIFA series. For Moore, EA Sports is only following what are the changing needs of users, the need to redefine its business and trying to exploit all the possibilities of social interaction that the network has to offer.

In short, the EA sports games are not more of the individual experiences to be enjoyed in private, but the actual services that the user accesses the time. Source: Gamesindustry. biz

The 20 most profitable games in Europe in 2010

Guess who has to have produced more revenue? MCV has released the sales figures of 2010 in Europe, drawing up a list of the 20 games from higher revenues, even dividing the nation by nation. Obviously the first place could not be Call of Duty: Black Ops, followed by FIFA 11. In third place, far removed from the first two, there's Wii Fit, an evergreen of the Nintendo Wii.

Let's see the rankings: 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops (Activision Blizzard) - 6,277,172 2 FIFA 11 (Electronic Arts) - 5,451,456 3 + Wii Fit Board (Nintendo) - 2,151,697 4 Dead Red Redemption (Rockstar ) - 2,436,098 5 Gran Turismo 5 (Sony) - 2,007,907 6 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (Ubisoft) - 1,904,946 7 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision Blizzard) - 1,999,337 8 New Super Mario Bros.

The SDK Kinect officially available for Windows 7

Finally, we will exploit this unique device, Microsoft released a beta SDK for Windows 7 Kinect. The package includes drivers, APIs, interfaces, equipment, documents on installing and varied material. With the SDK, all Windows 7 users will have easy access to the capabilities of Kinect. Perhaps soon we will see some good.

If you are interested and want to download it, go to Microsoft Research. Source: Eurogamer. net

Game Republic closes its doors

According to Kotaku reported in these hours, Game Republic studio behind titles such as Genji: Days of the Blade has closed its doors, although for the moment have not yet been released on official communications. Game Republic had recently launched Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom and Knight's Contract, but neither has been so successful that financial support for the company.