Friday, May 6, 2011

EA developers have already available to the new Xbox?

According to PC in a shell from a mysterious anonymous source, internal developers at Electronic Arts have already provided to the new console from Microsoft designed the Xbox 360 to succeed, or at least a prototype based on this technology. Develop the report at this time, arguing that such a team (not specified) would receive the kit during the last month and this would be a still very embryonic version of the machine, not a special case and plugged into a PC structure.

Jagex from the start of the beta 8Realms

Jagex, the team behind RuneScape, today announced the start (today) the beta of its new strategy game: 8Realms. You can participate by registering on the official website. 8Realms is a strategic-management game that offers a setting medieval and Renaissance influences with post-industrial and modern.

In fact, the full version (which should adopt the formula free-to-play) will cover various eras, from the oldest to those of the future, but that are not present in this version of the game. The basic idea is to accumulate resources to build larger and larger cities and settlements, but the gameplay will also involve political strategies, trade negotiations and more.

IO Interactive promises a "shrapnel coming"

Yes, but from the front or rear? There's something big and explosive arriving by IO Interactive, apparently planned for next week. "News flash! Next week will be good," he told the development team through twitter, "very good.'re A principal for incoming shrapnel. Keep your eyes open!" Given the recent rumors, it is likely that this is an ad on Hitman 5, or at least a new episode in the series of the peeled murderess, whereas successive sightings in recent times.

Letter to the community of Howard Stringer

The boss of Sony Corporation, Sir Howard Stringer, has written a letter to the community of PlayStation Network. Dear friends, I know this has been a frustrating time for all of you. Let me assure you that all resources of this company have been entirely devoted to investigate the true nature and impact of cyber attack that we've been subjected and to resolve problems that have resulted.

We are totally committed to restore as soon as possible a complete and secure and properly reward your patience. We do not settle for anything less. To date there is no confirmed evidence that have been withheld by fraud or personal information relating to credit cards, and we continue to closely monitor the situation.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis arrives in September

From the list of gear-heads from Ubisoft Ubisoft now we know the period of expected output for A Game of Thrones: Genesis PC, or September 2011. The French publisher will in fact be responsible for distributing the UK market the game, which we should arrive in Focus Home label. The game is a real-time strategy game created by Cynide and based on the first book in the saga of A Song of Ice and Fire by George Raymond Richard Martin, fantasy series that lately you're proposing to mainstream audiences through the HBO television series.

Black Rock, Disney confirmed the cuts

Disney Interactive has confirmed rumors of the last hours related to the downsizing of the staff developer Split / Second, Black Rock Studios. "Disney Interactive Studios confirms the reduction in staff of its internal studio based in Brighton, Black Rock Studios, the publisher said in a statement given to Edge.

Disney has not confirmed the extent of staff reductions, but, as stated in Videogame Source from an anonymous source, about 100 employees would risk dismissal of the study. "Disney has failed to deliver a project on which work and our concept has not been appreciated," said Source Videogame to a source who stated that the sequel to Split / Second is one of the projects canceled.

PSN-gate: an apology to Howard Stringer

An open letter to all PSN users The affair has now reached significant size, enough to force Sir Howard Stringer, Sony chairman, publicly apologized in an open letter. In this, the head of Sony apologizes for the inconvenience and concern aroused by this attack "and realizes that" many people think that we should first disclose the risks.

It 'just a note, "he admits," we wanted to have all the answers before, but technical analysis is a complex process that takes time. The hackers have done their best to cover the tracks and it took longer than expected for our experts to find and identify problems insurgents. " Stringer also reiterates the fact that "at the moment, there is no evidence on the use of personal data and outside on credit cards and we continue to closely monitor the situation." Sony also claims to be in the final stages of reconstruction of PSN, which should go online within the next week.

PSN towards the restoration

Sony claims to have made significant progress towards the restoration of the PlayStation Network. "Today the team of Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Entertainment Network to work on the network and security have begun the final phase of internal testing of the new system, an important step towards the restoration of the PlayStation Network and Services Qriocity," says Nick Caplin of Sony in a statement posted on the PlayStation Blog Italian.

Burnout Crash "cartoony"?

New details come ESRB ESRB More details on the still mysterious Burnout Crash, racing new installment of the series evidently intended to digital delivery but not yet officially announced by EA. The information comes from the description given by the cataloging of the American gaming software, which speaks of a "view from above," "vehicles in cartoon style" and "incidents that trigger scores and multipliers" with a ranking of the damage .

New cyber attack on the PSN?

As reported by GamesIndustry, WOULD BE hackers to cyber attack planning a new PlayStation Network. CNET reports some rumors that some hackers have gained access to servers and Sony was preparing to make public sensitive information of network users. According to CNET, the hacker would be the authors of the cyber attack on the PlayStation Network, but the website does not link to the group Anonymous, identified as the culprit in a letter sent to Sony in the past few hours by the company to Japan's House of Representatives of the United States .

New images for Catherine with texts in English

"Cheating is pathetic" Catherine, the new psycho-sexy-adventure thriller Atlus has intrigued, no doubt about this, so if these new pictures you can see just some piece of dialogue in language understandable that can not to please. In addition to various situations and absurd scenes of life more or less realistic, so we can get an idea of the texts a little 'adult' that characterize this new production for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 focus clearly on the reports.

Sony comes the protection program IDs in EU

Sony Europe is working to offer as soon as possible to the users of the PlayStation Network is a European system of protection for the account. The program has already been launched in the U.S. as AllClear ID Plus All members of the U.S. PlayStation Network and Qriocity can get a year of free protection.

Among the security measures include the "monitoring and supervision" of the account details, and report any unauthorized intrusion. AllClear ID also provides for the repayment of a million dollars for victims of data theft. "You saw the letter from Sir Howard Stringer that promises years of protection to users of the PSN.

The Darkness 2 in two new pictures

LA Noire: incoming Remixed and soundtrack

LA Noire Rockstar Games has announced Remixed and the official soundtrack of LA Noire. LA Noire: Remixed is "the result of the partnership between Rockstar Games and Verve Records, which offers a modern interpretation of the music in the world of LA Noire. This exclusive EP is a collection of six-piece jazz standards reinterpreted by some of the most acclaimed DJ , producers and remixers of the moment, including Dave Sitek, DJ Premier and Truth & Soul.

Shadows of the Damned takes about 10 hours

But much depends on the difficulty level selected Goichi Suda said that Shadows of the Damned will last about 10 hours, but time will vary depending on the level of difficulty selected by the player. Obviously, completists, or those who want to discover all the secrets and collect all objects will have more hours of hard work ahead.

Suda also said that the game will not support the motion controller, but that his company, Grasshopper, is working on a game for Kinect, for now known as Codename D. Please note that Shadows of the Damned will be released June 21 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Source: VG247

EA explains the mystery of the date of SWTOR

As reported in the past few hours, Electronic Arts may refer to the 2012 launch of MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. "Everyone is waiting for our ad. I'm sorry but it will not happen today," said Frank Gibeau, EA. "We do not provide a date for two reasons: first of all, we want to give an advantage to our rivals, and secondly, we want more data from beta to launch to offer an incredible experience." Find more information sull'MMO BioWare nell'hands-on released in the past hour Videogame Source.

Apple and the case Canabalt

New case of superficiality in fact the application controls: a Korean company, Soft PLD, undergoing a rip-off of Apple Canabalt, practically the same game with the name changed, renamed Free Running (fancy that these Korean), which is approved without batting an eyelid. In front of the just grievances of the perpetrators of Canabalt, Apple has now withdrawn the game from the store.

However, it remains the basic problem: the home of the apple is concerned to protect the players? This is just another case that demonstrates the superficiality with which they carried out checks on applications. Should we not start to take more seriously the business of video games by the parties in Cupertino, since they are the source of increased traffic the store? Source: Destructoid

Increase sales of Capcom

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, Capcom's sales grew by 46% over the previous year, and the company's profits increased by 258% to a total of $ 96 million. The PSP game, Monster Hunter Freedom 3, was the best seller of the publisher with 4.6 million copies sold in Japan. Dead Rising 2 and Marvel vs.

Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds exceed the milestone of 2 million copies (2.2 for DR2, 2 million for MVC3), and Super Street Fighter IV has reached 1.6 million copies and Lost Planet 2 1.5 million.

Super Mario 3DS use gyroscopes, but it StreetPass

The teacher talks about his next game Shigeru Miyamoto said that Super Mario 3DS gyroscopes use the console, it seems to move the camera in the absence of the second stick. For the high Shigeru control system is intuitive and easy to use, thanks to 3D that will allow a better assessment of the distance of the jumps.

How not to trust this man? Always talking about the new Mario, added that, if they are not out of brilliant ideas on how to use it, the game will feature Street Pass. Source: CVG

Public Beta for Age of Empires Online

The client for the public beta for Age of Empires Online will be downloadable in the next 48 hours, tells the developer Gas Powered Games. You can download the client on the site of Games For Windows. These are the system requirements: The free-to-play MMO will be available on PC by the end of 2011.

[Updated] The Witcher 2 - Triss Merigold unveiled!

Magic! The clothes are gone! Triss Merigold Klodi Monsoon plays, the sultry enchantress in The Witcher 2 will not fail to have a good time to entangle with the flask of testosterone that we call Geralt. But apparently the girl does not want to want to model only in digital form and rushed into the flesh on the set of calendar dedicated to the new chapter in the saga.

Obviously, the images from CVG are sensual but consistent with a gaming calendar and thus lack of detail driven. So the most animalistic among us will be disappointed but will be even more disappointed gamers. In fact we see calendar also appear as a substitute for but Geralt is a rather anonymous and fully clothed.

New details about the movie Tomb Raider

As reported by 'Hollywood Reporter, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man, Children of Men) will write the screenplay for the new movie Tomb Raider. The producer GK Films says it wants to "tell the origins of Lara Crogt with a story that will strengthen the position of archaeologist in the pantheon of great female characters, alongside figures such as Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor." Yet to announce the protagonist of the film, which might be some point of contact with the new Tomb Raider for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in development studies at Crystal Dynamics.

Steel Diver - video title screen

For lovers of video soundtracks off the screen title screen of Steel Diver Nintendo 3DS. Watching him you can hear the theme music of the game and see a submarine in motion. Source: NintendoWorldReport Steel Diver - The theme song of the title screen

Aion, patch 2.5 incoming

The update Empyrean Calling for MMO Aion will be available in Europe and North America since May 25. The patch, also known as 2.5, will be available for testers since May 12. Among the new patch include new options for graphics, revamped interface and HUD and more. For a complete list of news, we refer to the official website of Aion.

HTC EVO 3D: News and technical details

HTC announced a few weeks ago, the market entry of the first terminal, which develops 3D technology, the smartphone in question was presented as HTC EVO 3D model for this point in 2011, ready to answer the phone at the same level announced by LG more or less the same period. It was inevitable that the 3D technology to reach even the ever-expanding world of smartphones, after the touch screen and HD, the new step is that progress is ready to take the three-dimensional, which will already exceptionally active without the need for glasses for viewing, as in the case of televisions.

Solatorobo: The Red Hunter - Trailer English

Guardian Heroes arrives on XBLA

The fighting game developed by Treasure, Guardian Heroes, will arrive this fall on Xbox Live Arcade with a revised layout, tells SEGA. Originally released in 1996 on the SEGA Saturn, Guardian Heroes on XBLA will come with HD graphics, online co-op and a variety of game modes never seen before. Yet to announce date and price of the XBLA title for the moment there are a few pictures at Gamersyde.

Sony Ericsson launches Xperia Mini

Sony Ericsson after returning competitive market with the new phone called Xperia Play Playstation, storms the market with two new phones in the same series, rated at diminutive size and performance really discrete basis. The models have been coined with the name of Sony Ericsson Xperia mini, mini Pro, and Sony Ericsson Xperia, perfectly summarizing the objective of the manufacturer in both design and performance.

THOR: God of Thunder - Trailer for the DS version

Seems like a good platform After the trailer for the console versions more, here is also that of the Nintendo DS version of THOR: The god of thunder. In the movie you can see some scenes of gameplay of this interesting and colorful platform game. THOR: God of Thunder - Trailer of the Nintendo DS version

Editor's Super Meat Boy on Steam

Available on Steam is a free update for Super Meat Boy platform that includes a level editor. The editor allows you to create your own levels by placing traps, selecting music, and more than 20 characters. According to the blog of the Meat Team after the patch will arrive next week and will fix some bugs, the developer working on the game will be complete.

Meat The Team also made it known on his blog did not want to develop a sequel to the platform: "For us it is time to leave the reins to the community and retreat," say the authors of the game. "There will never be a Super Meat Boy 2".