Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dead Space 2 - a bad dog is a favor to the young lady

Bleah Ashley is a blogger who says unfortunate but apparently it is not so much. A few days ago Ashley has finally acquired a copy of the much awaited Dead Space 2. Arriving home was located and brought the DVD of the game in its true 360. Got the pad in hand the young has finally started to play the beloved title.

But at that moment his beloved brown dog has decided to assert its presence and Ashley used the console by way of reversing the whole chair. Without losing heart, the girl tried to fix everything, but while the console is split the title no longer worked. At that point, even to reveal the bad luck you proclaimed victim, Ashley is vented on Twitter brutally concent to mitigate the disappointment.

NGP, Sony aims to sales of PSP

According to Kaz Hirai, Sony's initial target for Next Generation Portable is the achievement of a catchment area similar to the current PlayStation Portable. The boss has spoken of the successor of Sony PSP in an interview published on the PlayStation Blog. "One of our goals for the NGP is reaching a global customer base we have with the PlayStation Portable," said Hirai, who does not hide the true ambitions of the company, however, Japan: "We are already working closely with internal studies and with numerous external partners, "said Hirai," This approach, combined with the presence of some extraordinary features, should enable us to achieve this and probably go further than the results of PSP.

PSP Phone, here stands advertising

Soon the best phone shops? All About Phones The Dutch site has published an exclusive picture shows the stand made commercials for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, formerly known as the "PSP Phone". It is assumed that the stand will arrive in shops in mobile telephony to promote the new "hybrid", and you can see right now what will probably be the slogan for the advertising campaign designed by Sony: "Smart phone.

Connection to the NDP for BC Rearmed 2

The PlayStation 3 gamers who bought the game from the PlayStation Store downloadable Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 can cast the title only if they are connected to the PlayStation Network, Capcom does know. As reported by Joystiq, in a message that appears upon completion of the download reads: "NOTE: You must connect to the PlayStation Network to play every time." The Capcom game does not include online multiplayer, this is only possible for a solution to combat piracy.

Trailer for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game

Already out the first trailer for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, the video game. This game will go on sale in the Northern Hemisphere summer and platforms which will be available are PC, Xbox360, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP. Like the movie, the game will have more emissions, representing each story.

The combat in Guild Wars 2 precludes the "holy trinity"

The characters could adapt to the presentation of the Guardian has led some players to believe that Guild Wars 2 will be based on a party with classic tank, curator and a character who specializes in damage. Jon Peters, designer for Guild Wars 2, said that the Guardian is a paladin, a healer, a tank and Monaco.

The professions of the title, he noted, can not be only healer, DPS or tank because the combat system just does not. There are characters that can be cured with a shot and others who can revive without it, upon the dedicated healer. Also there are other factors that preclude specialization in fixed roles.

Dark Souls in Europe in 2011

Dark Souls, role-playing game developed by From Software by many considered the spiritual heir of Demon's Souls, Europe and the U.S. will hit stores in late 2011 in the format PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Namco Bandai has confirmed. The announcement was made by the publisher Ignite during the event held in San Francisco in the past few hours.

During the event, the producer of the game Hidetaka Miyazaki showed a demo that includes some levels of the game. Miyazaki has talked about the importance of customization of equipment and strategies to survive in a game that, as reported a few days ago, seems more difficult the demanding Demon's Souls.

More game footage HEOR

The game of Play Station 3, Heroes, which has support for device movement "Move" now has pictures for those who are waiting for this title. The game is based on popular pets PlayStation games, including Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter. There are no available date for the launch for Europe, but considering that the U.S.

will be available on March 22, it is estimated that a few days then its appearance. The images are available on GameSpot.

Insomniac talk about the gameplay of Resistance 3

The word developers PlayStation Experience 2011 During the event, held in London, Jon Paquette and Ryan Schneider of Insomniac have spoken to the microphones of the European PlayStation blog describing what will be the gameplay of Resistance 3. The scene in the early stages of this game is set in Haven, Oklahoma, where the protagonist Joseph Hair and his family are hiding in the aftermath of Resistance 2.

Armored Core V debut in 2012

Thanks to the partnership between Namco Bandai and developer From Software, the latest chapter in the Armored Core series will arrive in Europe next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. According to the publisher with the Armored Core series V was born on the first PlayStation in 1997 will be enriched with new content and a more robust single player campaign.

Renewed the whole atmosphere of the saga, from the point of view of the challenges will be available online large-scale battles between powerful mech. From Software has recently developed the popular role-playing PlayStation 3 exclusive, Demon's Souls, the collaboration between the studio and publisher Namco Bandai will also role-playing game Dark Souls in the West in sizes PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Error on the Intel 6 Series

Intel in a statement reported that the design error found in Intel 6 series chipset, it will not affect the Sandy Bridge chips. This chipset is used on motherboards, which is responsible for making the transition between the processor and PC components. In this particular case the error causing problems with the ports of SATA technology and chipsets that can degrade over time causing problems in devices such as storage units.

[Updated] Andrea Pucci guest tonight Gametime

The publisher of multiplayer. Today, it speaks Italian videogame publishing February 2 at 22:00 on Odeon24 will air an episode of Gametime transmission which will have as guest Andrea Pucci, publisher of multiplayer. com. The brainchild of Roberto Buffa, Gametime is the first game broadcast by national broadcaster, airs every Wednesday at 22:00 and again at 23.00 and repeated on Friday at 20:00, again on Odeon24.

Cancelled Company of Heroes Online

The Company of Heroes Online MMO has been deleted, tells the publisher THQ. The first rumors about the cancellation of the project have already emerged in the past few hours, and confirmation of the publisher came during a conference call with shareholders. Similar fate has befallen the MMO dedicated to the WWE.

"We are revising our strategies for the adaptation of Western content for the Asian markets in online games free-to-play," says the publisher.

Kaz Hirai: Sony wants the PSP sells NGP - Video

Statement provided the target of Sony, of course, is to at least match sales of the PSP and this is satisfied to present its new handheld console in advance already showing a rich library of titles. Moreover, this choice leaves time for other developers of NGP approach to ensure a substantial lineup of launch and of course now that the hardware has unveiled Sony can spend almost a year to the promotion of the laptop.

The Last Story summit in Japan

The Last Story debuted in first place in the weekly Japanese software charts. According to data reported by Enterbrain (via Andriasang), the exclusive role-playing Wii has beaten competition from 3 Valkyria Chronicles for PSP. The Mistwalker game but could remain within the boundaries of the Japanese market.

A few days ago Nintendo UK said that when Nintendo does not plan the launch of The Last Story in the West. These are the top 20: In terms of hardware, it once again to be the PSP's best-selling console of the week are behind the handheld Sony PlayStation 3 and Wii (Nintendo DS in third place by adding the sales of various versions).

Master Chief? Identify with a character that

The Bungie lead writer Joseph Staten, speaks of the birth of the protagonist of Halo IndustryGamers During an interview with Joseph Staten, Bungie lead writer, said the identification was a major factor in the creation of Master Chief. "Fewer players knew Chief, we thought, most would identify with him." "The identification was our main goal.

The fact that Chief was a man of few words reinforce the idea that we wanted to give him, a soldier or hard as a rock," he added. Staten also said that, originally, Cortana had to have a much more limited role, such as guiding the character from point A to point B. His personality is rather developed, allowing among other things, to reveal the human side of Master Chief.

Homefront postponed one week

THQ has delayed the launch of a week Homerfront shooter. To confirm it is the CEO of THQ, Brian Farrell, during a conference call with shareholders said the FPS of Kaos Studios will debut in the United States March 15 (not so on March 8, the day will come Dragon Age II). "On this day we believe we can dominate the retail level," said a spokesman for the publisher to court in commenting on Joystiq.

Lots of new images for Killzone 3

The war between the ISA and Helghast has never looked so good together Release PlayStation Experience event in 2011 which was held in London, here is a lot of new images for Killzone 3, the long-awaited third installment of the series of license plate Guerrilla FPS. Expected for February 23, the game will tell the final phase of the conflict between the land forces and those of Helghan, set right on the alien planet.

Saints Row 3 in stores in autumn

Saints Row 3 will be in stores this fall, tells THQ. The announcement was made by the company's CEO, Brian Farrell, during a conference call with shareholders: "In autumn we will launch the last episode of Saints Row, a game that we can afford to grow substantially in 2012" . "Volition is setting new standards for this amazing franchise and we look forward to unveiling the game in the near future." Saints Row debuted as an exclusive Xbox 360 in 2006 rather than 2008 is the sequel, published by THQ for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Anarchy Reigns - the trailer for Big Bull

A new character is added to Zero Big Bull and Sasha that have already been presented in recent days. The "bull" is a cyborg of 31 years using a huge hammer. The mallet is made of a jet engine and when you hook this up to the back of this character can use it to charge like a bull. Anarchy Reigns - Big Bull Trailer

Revealed the requirements for Crysis 2 on PC

Crytek has revealed the minimum requirements for the PC version of Crysis 2. According to the Facebook page of the game (via Big Download), the requirements will be lower than those required for the first Crysis. These however were the minimum requirements for Crysis, Crytek FPS released in 2007 by PC only, unlike the sequel that will be published on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360:

The PES series at an altitude of 69 million

Large numbers ... Although Konami has registered a decline in turnover in recent months, a series of flagship, namely Pro Evolution Soccer, but appears to have good health. In fact, according to data from the Japanese giant branched, the PES franchise has sold globally for the beauty of 69 million. A really significant when you consider the first chapter starts on the market many years ago.

Source: VG247

Yakuza 4 demo coming

SEGA has announced the release of a demo European Yakuza 4, which will arrive in a few weeks on PSN. PlayStation Plus subscribers can benefit from Feb. 16, while all others will be available next week, starting Feb. 23. The demo will be available all four playable characters. The output of the full game, exclusive PlayStation 3 is scheduled for March 18.

Enslaved: sales below expectations

A pity ... Despite great feedback from critics think Enslaved: Odyssey to the West has not reached the expected sales on the eve. In fact, the title would have sold, according to the company, approximately 460,000 copies to date globally, even then not reaching the 500,000 copies. Nevertheless it seems that the franchise might still have a concrete future - think of what would be a direct sequel - as stated recently by Lee Kirton, director of marketing at Namco Bandai UK.

Master Chief talks about why so little?

Bungie has deliberately chosen to say little in the chapters of Master Chief Halo. In this way, according to the development team, the players have clothed yourselves more in him. "We thought it reveal few details of his account would have increased the rating of the players against Master Chief," said Bungie lead writer Joseph Staten, during an interview with Industry Gamers.

"The fact that Master Chief was a guy of few words has helped create an aura of mystery and curiosity about him and that is exactly what we wanted from the beginning." Another radical option was to load on the shoulders of the protagonist of Halo all responsibility to save the planet. 'Almost all the Halo universe was created around the concept of loneliness and abandonment ", revealed Staten.

Crysis 2: denied the minimum

Yet these are not ... Did we recently reported the alleged minimum hardware requirements for the PC version of Crysis 2. Instead came the denial from Electronic Arts, which in the words of Tom-Cry community manager has stated that the figures released in the network are not yet the official and final, which will instead be announced in the near future.

We just have to wait. Source: VG247

Michael Phelps comes up Kinect

505 Games has announced the release, due in June, Michael Phelps: Push the Limit for Kinect. The game, in development at the British study Blitz Games, will put us in the (few) role of the popular American swimmer, holder of many world records and won Olympic gold medals and world. "The game will be suitable for all types of players, from beginners to more fans," reads the official press release, "and will experience first hand the exciting world of swimming at the highest levels." Phelps will be the same in this digital version in the game to help future virtual samples in their new sporting career, which will take them in many different locations all over the world.

Little late for Homefront

About a week ... THQ has sent word that Homefront, first-person shooter in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC at Kaos Studios, will debut on the market a few days late. In fact, the official date is now set at 15th March. Stay on these pages for the full review. Source: Joystiq

Step back for Gears of War 3

Contrary to what was previously announced, in Gears of War 3 will not be able to unlock extra items obtained through Target in Epic games. Many of you may recall that in December last year, Cliff Bleszinski announced that whoever owned backups of games like Unreal Tournament III, Shadow Complex, Bulletstorm Gears of War or earlier, could have access to exclusive content in the third installment of the series.

Killzone 3: Tomorrow multiplayer demo

Sony has announced that the multiplayer beta for Killzone 3 should be ready by 12 tomorrow. Previously accessible only to subscribers PS Plus, the beta is now available for all users, PlayStation 3 and running until February 15. Three modes are offered for online play and one for offline. Guerrilla Warfare, which will support up to 16 players, Team Deathmatch is a classic that needs no introduction.

Michael Phelps announced: Push the Limit for Kinect - Trailer and images

You do not need a swimming pool games swimming in the living room are not particularly explored in the videogame genre. It is a discipline that can be found as the most minigame, here and there, in the collection of sports games. But it would be a shame to miss a testimonial as the man Michael Phelps fish.

And so the release of Kinect 505 Games gave way to take this opportunity to deliver a game that will allow us to directly challenge the American record-holder. Michael Phelps: Push the Limit is definitely a title dedicated to swimming that require outreach profusely in front of the sensor Microsoft.

Accessories Pokémon Black and White

A POWER announces that since March 4 will be available to new product lines for 2011, thanks to the collaboration with One Way Management, of which WT & T is the exclusive distributor for Europe. Following the success of Pokemon Black and White (which in Japan has sold over 2.6 million copies in its first week), A POWER offers players a variety of accessories ranging from Starter Kit covers up to the games, passing for Replacement of the stylus with the characters of Reshiram and Zekrom.

Journey - how long does the single player?

Never enough voices coming from the demonstration took place in London's Journey speak of only three hours to complete the single player campaign. Suggestive title for a few that look like one of those good choice to spend a few nights alone on the couch. But apparently the multiplayer component will be developed around the still atmosphere of Journey and promises to be equally innovative.

"Video games will exceed the cinema"

According to a source Videogame by Mary De Marle, who wrote the story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, sooner or later the narrative component of the game manages to exceed that of the film. "There is great potential that can go beyond the movie," he said in an interview with Videogame Source. "The difference between a movie and a game is what happens when you play that happens to you, the involvement is greater." "In the movies the author has complete control over the story.

Capcom - a great 2010

Even Capcom celebrates Capcom has released the figures for the period from 1 April to 31 December 2010. Nine months have seen very positive sales growth of 41 percent thanks to a series of commercial successes. The first of these successes is undoubtedly Monster Hunter Freedom 3, which has sold 4.1 million copies on the PSP and next year will debut in the digital delivery softech NGP.

Following are Dead Rising 2 with 2.2 million units and Super Street Fighter IV, with 1.6 million copies sold. Lost Planet 2 is also counted among the successes but has not obtained the hoped for sales. In any case, the title was bought by 1.5 million people.