Sunday, April 17, 2011

Galaxy on Fire 2: Valkyrie - A trailer with all the news

Second star to the right and straight on till morning Galaxy on Fire 2 is without doubt one of the most surprising titles softech iPhone and iPad. No wonder the media FISHLABS for its free mobile roaming space that is enhanced, and long, with the DLC Valkyrie. The expansion introduces a new storyline, implements the black market and gives us new ships, new shields, guided missiles, mines and automated turrets.

The Ball: some images from the level "Portal"

Viral marketing continues to Valve In recent days, the original indie game The Ball received a free upgrade to prepare for the launch of the Potato Sack, update that the developers have added a whole layer to the Survival mode. In reality there would be nothing exceptional to report, except the fact that the level of imagination is clearly inspired by Portal, which shares some design elements.

THQ annoyed by the votes of Red Faction: Battlegrounds

Metacritic is obviously causing a nervous breakdown industry Lenny Brown, THQ has complained to the votes received by Red Faction: Battlegrounds, which on average has a Metacritic rating of 48/49 (the version, the PS3 and Xbox 360). Lenny just can not understand why the game has received such low ratings, despite the texts of the reviews are not particularly burdensome (but have read them all right?).

Patch coming in May for the second Shogun

Creative Assembly announced that the first week of May will be released a patch for Total War: Shogun 2, so as to add support for DirectX 11. The update in question was originally promised within four weeks after release, before being eventually postponed because of timing techniques that have taken longer than expected.

"We would have liked to live up to our initial statement, but despite having worked at most of our knowledge, the phases of testing took longer than we expected," said community manager Craig Laycock. "The patch should be released during the first week of May, so do not miss much. Thank you for your patience!" He concluded.

Standings hardware and software for the Japanese market

From April 4 to 10 add up all the versions of the Nintendo DS is obviously winning the war on laptops in Japanese territory, but it's still old news that the PSP once again exceed the new 3DS criticized for not exciting lineup. Behind the battle between handheld PS3 are the only home console to keep large numbers, followed by a Wii more and more tired and probably further weakened by the recent rumors on the upcoming new Nintendo console.

Multi nothing "adult" in Black Ops

Despite some rumors in recent weeks, Treyarch has announced that it has no intention to implement a way to "adults only" Black Ops in COD. In an interview to the Official Xbox Magazine, Josh Olin, community manager of the company, explained that although they can sometimes seem unbearable, even the smallest have the right to enjoy the multiplayer.

And despite a +18 rating in the game. "I think it should be managed by the classification society and not from us. If, despite clear rating on the package of games, parents agree to allow their children to play adult products, we can not help it. E ' their decision. " And how he's wrong?

Batman: Impostors is a Live Arcade game?

Check another bat-name Let's talk about domains registered trademarks and mysterious with other reports by the Superannuation super-active, even in this case. The reference is to a possible and still mysterious new game based on Batman, a title which had already appeared several months ago between the rumors and reported as Gotham City Impostors IP's of Warner Bros.

Interactive as a possible title for digital delivery. The issue is updated in recent days with a change of name and new recordings, this time for Batman: Impostors apparently. The registered sites are "BatmanImpostors. Com, BatmanRedHoods. Com" and "BatmanHushGame. Com. We await further developments on the matter.

Nintendo steals the art to Final Fantasy?

Nintendo is under indictment for alleged similarities between the cover artwork of their upcoming Wii game, Pandora's Tower, and a concept art Square Enix's Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The similarity was discovered by Japanese blog Hachimaki and reported by Andriasang. The drawing that depicts Ende, hero of Pandora's Tower seems to be an exact copy of what they show instead Noctis, the protagonist of FFXIII.

New features for multiplayer Uncharted 3

For now I am According to rumors reported by a post on the official forum of Naughty Dog, however, be taken as a source when not checked, would emerge some new to the multiplayer segment of Uncharted 3 during the Sony event, held recently in California. An addition to the request from the community and finally introduced would be to make the sprint, which is run by a temporary acceleration.

In addition, there would be a new system of medals to be won that can be spent on the acquisition of special items that can be used only once in the match, as especially devastating bombs or anything like that. It would also introduce a system of unlockable skills similar to perks in Call of Duty, can give the possibility to customize your fighter as you like, but we await confirmation on this and any explanation by Naughty Dog.

4 million levels for LittleBigPlanet

Sony has proudly announced that the number of user-created levels in LittleBigPlanet has just reached the remarkable figure of 4 million. The product manager Alex Pavey told the European PlayStation Blog that the exact number is 4,141,742 layers uploaded by fans on the game server. By making two quick (and crazy) calculations, if you decide to play it now devoting to each of them five minutes of your time to 12 hours a day, employing about 78 years to try them all.

Revealed the title for the sequel to Metro 2033?

Last Light According to some domains registered by THQ and usually discovered by the Superannuation, the following Metro 2033 may not be titled with the name used in recent months to identify, or Metro, 2034. What would be desirable, but the game could be called Metro 2033: Last Light, according to the records in question, which relate to the names "LastLight", "MetroLastLight" and "Metro2033LastLight.

Puzzle Agent on U.S. PSN

Puzzle Agent will arrive on U.S. PlayStation Store on April 19 at a price of $ 10. The announcement was developers Telltale Games. A nice hold, given that the game is available on PCs for almost a year, but even worse will we poor European players. Telltale, in fact, has not announced a date for the Old Continent, but has promised that we will not have to wait a lot.

Meanwhile, the development team is already working on the sequel, due for release on PC by the end of spring.

A long video of gameplay to Battlefield 3

12 minutes of Battlefield 3 12-minute video for Battlefield 3 in the video below, which apparently has reached the necessary number of "like" on Facebook. This time, besides the famous opening sequence having at this point in different sauces, you can not go a little 'later in the game and discovering new locations and sequences.

Battlefield 3 is expected in the autumn on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, according to some sources, the output may take place November 2. Battlefield 3 - Gameplay Trailer extended (10 minutes)

Final Fantasy VI released on PSN

The historic sixth chapter of Final Fantasy will be available on the Japanese PlayStation Network in a few days. According to Siliconera, the producer Shinji Hashimoto announced the news via Twitter also specifies that the game can be downloaded from 20 April. This will be the 1999 version for PSone, and not the original SNES came out five years earlier.

Currently no date has been announced for the West, but should only be a matter of time.

THQ rename Metro 2034

Metro 2034, the second installment of THQ, would be renamed Metro 2033: Last Light. To discover it was the site Superannuation, that last week THQ has three sites for the game in question: www. lastlight. com, www. metrolastlight. com and www. metro2033lastlight. com. Developed by Ukrainian 4A Games, Metro 2033 is released on PC and Xbox 360 in March last year and scored a respectable 8 / 10 on Video Games Source.