Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rumor: NGP change the name ...

According to a recent rumor, Sony will announce during E3 dell'NGP real name, which might be called PlayStation Life. Then an Italian name, which seems to have popped out of this booklet. Of course Sony has not commented on the cards and not find out first before giving an opinion on the choice (positive or negative) it is better to wait for the E3 conference.

Darksiders 2 ready for E3?

Darksiders fans await news (and maybe some pictures) on the future of war for a long, long time. But the sequel is coming. Perhaps the wait is likely to end soon, because at least as reported by Danny Bilson. The announcement should come soon, perhaps even at the show in Los Angeles. "The E3 is the perfect opportunity to unveil our great line-up future", stated that it was the boss of THQ.

We look forward to.

Square announces Heroes of Ruin for 3DS

Heroes of Ruin will be the exclusive Square Enix to 3DS and develop the team will be n-Space, responsible in the past titles like Geist for GameCube and DS for many conversions as Goldeneye 007 and Tron: Evolution. The California study has accompanied the announcement with the artwork you see below, which is now the only thing out of the rooms of the development team.

Have not been released publicly but, judging from the picture, it seems unlikely this is a puzzle game. More likely that this is an action-adventure, but we have to wait for more E3.

Kojima: Nothing MGS5 E3

Hideo Kojima has put an end to the question: Metal Gear Solid 5 will not be presented during this year's E3. The brilliant game designer responded with buckets of "yes" and "no" to some questions from fans during the final of the Kojima Productions podcast, reported by Andriasang. But Kojima has announced that Konami plans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the saga.

He also confirmed that Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater released on 3D 3DS by the end of the year, but that he will not be present in Los Angeles. Here is a list of the questions to which the good Hideo Kojima responded categorically:

House of the Dead comes to PS3

The bloody shooter House of the Dead: Overkill will arrive on PlayStation 3, shortly after the end of summer. Sega has announced an Extended Cut version of the game, due out in European stores on October 28 ... just in time for Halloween. The co-op the original will be maintained, but will add two new levels to the 7 already exist.

Hotdiva Overkill: Extended Edition will also support 3D and, of course, trophies. The original came out on Nintendo consoles got home at the time, just 8 / 10.

Forza Motorsport 4: pre-order bonus content, profile import

Various information from the official site The official website for Forza Motorsport already contains information on pre-orders for the new Turn 10's racing game, despite its formal submission has yet to happen and is provided by extension of this during E3 'year. From the source in question we learn that the standard edition will cost $ 59.99 in North America and the chains of dealers have already arranged with various incentives, here's the list associated with the bonus content, in this case various auto racing : Amazon.

Windows Phone Mango: under investigation Marketplace

Microsoft has provided these days the new operating system for smartphones called Windows Phone Mango, which has opened up new vistas for all terminals that use it, being able to better manage media content. On many sites the news caused a sensation of the curious fact noted by some company officials, who have riscotrato with certainty the increase in just four days, the number of apps in the Windows Marketplace Phone from 18000 to 19200 or so, which assumes the launch of 240 new applications per day, pace unthinkable in other media markets.

The stages of Guild Wars 2

Four meetings between July and October The much-anticipated Guild Wars 2 will transform the instantiated formula of the first chapter in a real MMO with persistent areas and over 1000 events scattered around the vast map of the game. The title also promises a look of the foreground and a battle system renewed.

The beta is expected later this year but in the meantime there will be other opportunities to see the title promises, and to check functionality. The following four stages that ArenaNet will dedicate to his babe in the next mensi. San Diego Comic-Con (July 21 to 24) - Artists and developers meet the fans to prove their title and to sign autographs.

Apple: Samsung unveils iPhone and iPad 3 5

After the recent events that may force Samsung to show the projects of the new smart phones and tablet production, also home to South Korea's asked Apple, with the same type of request received, showing the new iPhone and iPad 5 3. The first request was made daApple who claimed to be in danger of plagiarism by Samsung, which according to the men of the housing market would have copied some of Cupertino device, reaching the performance limit set by Apple.

Modern Warfare 3: alleged video of the menu

New leaked video of the next Call of Duty runs on a YouTube video was stolen, probably recorded with a cell phone given the quality, where you see the menu of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The user who posted there has been affixed to load the video. As always in these cases, we invite you to take the movie with the springs, they may be false.

Certain Affinity announced Crimson Alliance

An action-RPG comes the official announcement of the Crimson Alliance by Certain Affinity, the development team responsible for Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack, the Halo 2 map pack Blastacular and collaborations for Black Ops, Left 4 Dead, World at War, Halo Waypoint. The game in question is an action-RPG that should be out this summer, and reportedly on the Facebook page dedicated should leave by the more "boring" like to focus more on action component.

Level-5 logs Professor Layton and the Last Specter

The picture is completed Siliconera has discovered that Level-5 has recently been registered trademark Professor Layton and the Last Specter in North America. It would seem be the western version of Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute (or Layton to Kyoju Majin no Fue in Japanese), the fourth installment of the series released on Nintendo DS in Japan in 2009 and not yet arrived in our country.

Asus Eee Pad Slider, price, output and new

Asus at a conference which took place almost six months ago, announced to the world the new Eee Pad Slider, a model that takes the legacy of the successful Eee Transformer Pad in recent months has done very well on the market, let's see what's new, the price el 'Scheduled release. Yesterday Liliputing site, reports it has received reports from sources more or less certain about the imminent release of the new Asus model home, this news will obviously be confirmed from official sources, but may conceal some truth, having passed as stated by the announcement six months, enough time to wait for the market entry of a product.

Dead Island: 20 minutes of play in video

Horror tropical PixelEnemy has a long video posted on YouTube showing in direct full 20 minutes of play taken from Dead Island. Obviously, spoilers are all the time, so who does not want to advance is advised to avoid the vision. For everyone else, you can get from the video below very precise idea of what we are confronted once again immersed in the survival horror Techland.

Bloody fighting against zombies of varying shape and a variety of situations (driving a car with multiple investments and internal view) look at the system customization of weapons, dialogues and visions of tropical paradise that is the backdrop to the dramatic events. Dead Island will be released this year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Pro Cycling Manager: Tour of Italy 2011, PC review

The flood of sports titles on the gaming market has made the appearance a few weeks ago the new Pro Cycling Manager 2011 Tour of Italy, dedicated to cycling title that offers all golf enthusiasts a way to relive the most exciting stages of the race important in Italy. The game basically we will project the most important races on Italian soil, with a good reproduction of the scenarios but not exciting highlight is a system well suited to the title game, which will allow us to choose between different approaches in the race and not only.

Gears of War 3: Campaign Trailer

In the extended version As promised by Microsoft in the past few days and preceded by a short teaser, is released today the first trailer for the campaign of Gears of War 3 in full. Waiting for a version with better definition, we report below the video in question shows that the new team of actors (including of course the old knowledge) dealing with extreme situations and locust worse.