Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Music Maker 2 video of LBP

 Always better ... Media Molecule has released a new trailer dedicated to LittleBigPlanet 2, a sequel to direct that title in a sense laid the foundations for the construction of a new generation platform. This time it is a movie dedicated to the Music Maker, which is one of the new instruments inserted specifically for the last chapter that will squeeze the most of the creativity of each player.

Theatrical trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

A bizarre mistone A new video shows the cinematic sequences present in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. In the trailer, then we see the presentation of sequences belonging to various characters that make up the roster of the Capcom fighting game, including actual historical figures belonging to the series of Osaka and publisher of Marvel super-heroes.

More photographs and details for 3 Uncharted

Always better ... After the juicy material distributed yesterday, through the portal Kotaku we now know of new details about the highly anticipated 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception, the third installment in the series on PlayStation 3 exclusive development studies at Naughty Dog. We speak in particular settings, which will offer some as already announced - and show - the African desert, but not all, because the good Drake will also in some western areas, although typically unknown.

Killzone 3: new images from the campaign

Also from a code preview ... Guerrilla Games to bring back material for the highly anticipated Killzone 3, the third installment is currently in full development platform exclusively on PlayStation 3. This is a completely new set of new pictures, again taken from a preview code, and then to assess in any case not final.

Nevertheless, the screenshots show the quality of the work still done by Guerrilla under the purely technical aspect. Judge directly with material posted in our image gallery.

Mafia II: Sonia Alfano calls the ban

For very specific reasons ... We would not expect to have to mention an exponent of Italian politics here in the pages of Multiplayer. com, which instead becomes the protagonist in the writing of one of the news on Saturday afternoon. Let's talk about Sonia Alfano, MEP and chairman in charge of the National Family Victims of the Mafia, which in a recent interview - as reported by the portal CVG - said she was absolutely opposed to gaming experiences as Mafia II, which will resume in his opinion moments of pain is too intense: "We can not allow this to happen: our wounds are still too fresh," said Alfano with a motion to the European Parliament, referring to Mafia II.

Trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

Apocalypse Now we are almost to the Battlefield Vietnam is on its way, reminds us today, Electronic Arts with a new official trailer for the launch. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, new maxi-setting expansion of the war shooter for EA and DICE will be available from tomorrow, December 18, in the PC version on Steam, and from December 21 on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The package includes 5 new maps new system characterized by the typical sandbox game, plus enhanced section of aerial and on board various means. In Vietnam, you can take the side of the Vietnamese People's Army or U.S. Marines in 4 different modes: Conquest, Rush, Rush Squad and Squad Deathmatch.

New gameplay video of Fez

Very special ... Inside the Indie category, or that fund is inherent within the section of the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 titles that offers made by independent developers, will win next year Fez, produced much original work at the studios Polytron Corporation. We propose to Fez's new movie released, which is a gameplay video then shows the moments of the game completely in-game.

A long video of gameplay from Shogun 2: Total War

 To be enjoyed ... Assebly Creative has released a new trailer for the second Shogun: Total War, an approach that will be published by Sega exclusively for the PC from next March in Europe. This time it's a long movie that takes up entirely of gameplay sequences, and thus allows us to look at the main dynamics of the game that we will face once the production debut on the market.

Xilli announced Tales of pictures and videos - updated

The never-ending Tales Update: added the video to higher resolution. The long saga of Tales by Namco Bandai, with a new title that continues the bizarre line of his predecessors. Tales of Xilli then, is the latest announced by the publisher of the various Japanese JRPG scheduled for 2011 on PlayStation 3 and developed under the guidance of Anana Inoki (Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) and Naoto Miyadera (Tales of Of Symphonia and The Abyss), with character designs by Kosuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata.

LA Noire (PS3): The technology of video in LA Noire

Team Bondi and Rockstar Games have decided to switch to more modern techniques of digital photography for actors LA Noire, with surprising results that have the first trailer had largely left to imagine. The video you find at the bottom of this story takes us behind the scenes working of the game and season with some new scenes, making it even more obvious generational leap promised by LA Noire just on the plausibility of the characters, watch for yourself.

Football Manager 2011 now for IOS devices

 The game will be worth £ 6.99en the App Store, lets you take control of all areas of management, including team selection and tactics, choice of computer instructions and organization of the new transfers across 34 leagues in 11 countries. Other features that are present are the possibility of having more of an active country in a game, giving specific roles to players in the field of play and more formations to choose from.

New video of Dirt 3 exclusive!

Ken Block driving Codemasters has released, exclusively for Multiplayer. it in new video of Dirt 3 in which we can see the famous WRC driver Ken Block focused on new ways gymkhana. The video intersperses scenes of action to the explanations of the same Block orgini discipline as well as explain its features.

In essence we see gymkhana riders take a guide that provides the highest freestyle control of the car during certain evolutions of stunt. "The gymkhana was started as a simple way to do more training for the rally," said Ken Block, a technical consultant DiRT 3. "For me it's really fun because it's very similar to what I love the rally, for example, slipping the car with speed.

Updated - Three new pictures of Uncharted 3

 Belle really UPDATE: There is now the movie is shown during the show "Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show" on NBC, as reported in a precednete news, this time completely in high quality. You can find it at the bottom of the article. The third installment of the series starring Nathan Drake has been officially revealed a few days, with his video presentation to the VGA 2010.

It will be released today three new images that show some internal sequences more or less static in the desert of the real mother does not have much. This is certainly some ruins site, which will explore in search of the city of Ubar, also known as the Atlantis of the Sands.

IPHONE (IPhO): PlayStation App coming to smartphones

The announcement of the PlayStation Phone has not yet materialized, but the famous App glimpsed on the prototypes was made official in recent days via the PlayStation Blog, which announced the arrival in quick iOS 4 and Android devices from version 1.6. With this application, free of course, you can link your PSN profile, check their trophies and the friends list, find the catalog of the latest releases for PS3, PSP and PS2, the more easily read and agree with the PlayStation Blog news via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Nintendo 3DS (3DS): 8 GB cartridges for the Nintendo 3DS?

 Nintendo does not limit the imagination of developers. - Line DS portable console with a screen with stereoscopic 3D capability that requires no special glasses to be appreciated. The hardware is capable of showing a graphic detail clearly superior to its predecessor and stands out among the capabilities to take 3D photos.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC): The Witcher 2 does not forgive mistakes

 Speaking to UK site Eurogamer, Mateusz Kanika CD Projekt has revealed the presence of an Insane difficulty level from among those selected at the beginning of The Witcher 2, the fantasy role-playing game for the PC expected to be released in May next year. Admitting a certain admiration for the highly and very difficult, Demon's Souls, the Polish developers have decided to create an option that does not forgive the slightest mistake by the player, in practice, if you get to kill your character, you can not load any previous save and you will be forced to start all over again.