Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tomb Raider trilogy in HD available in March

For those nostalgic people who have spent time playing Tom Raider editions, there is good news because it will be released the trilogy of this game, the only downside is that the console will be exclusive to Sony's PS3. The package includes version Anniversary, Legend and Underworld but in this case it is remastered in HD versions, but there's more, it also includes themes and avatars of Lara Croft and Viking Thrall for PlayStation Home, as well as a series of trailers the behind the scenes.

Capcom at CES 2011

New also some news from Capcom CES 2011: the publisher of Osaka shows some news that, while not exactly booming, and draws on the interest for the future releases. It starts with Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, expected for February 2 to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live 1200 Microsoft Points or $ 14.99. There was also space for MotoGP 10/11, which was presented with a new system of personal assistance for players that can handle different aspects of the game and actually change the experience leads to the arcade or simulation to .

More pictures of Ridge Racer 3DS

In Famitsu released new photos of one of the upcoming titles for Nintendo 3DS, this is the popular Ridge Racer (Car racing game), but on this occasion is the 3DS version. Is the first game company Namco Bandai to have appeared on the new portable console. One new feature is that through the console camera can take a picture and use it as an avatar during the races in multi-player mode.

In this new edition will be new vehicles and more tracks available. Currently there are no exact date for launch but is expected to announce these days after the official launch of the console.

Killzone 3 on a new trailer on the history

A bit 'of characters from the official PlayStation blog take this new video dedicated to Killzone 3, specifically focusing on the historical background of the new chapter of the Guerrilla shooter. In the two-minute video succeed fight scenes, cutscenes and interludes of various types in addition to illustrate battle scenes and a glimpse of the various protagonists of the story.

Sev, Rico and the second chapter Narville return and are joined by Jammer and the two would-be heirs to the throne of Visari: Jorhan Stahl and Admiral Orlock, respectively, in the version dubbed into English by Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone.

News: Tomb Raider Trilogy exclusively on PS3

As it was expected, it was announced that Tomb Raider Trilogy, which HD versions of Tomb Raider Legend, Tomb Raider Anniversary and Tomb Raider Underworld, will be exclusive to PS3. The Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack is expected in stores on March 25. Among the planned content, in addition to the games mentioned above, are given a theme, a costume of Lara Croft and a Viking for your avatar's Home, and finally the making of the three products in question.

NightSky, the new game available on PC Nicalis

Also on Mac Update: As promised, NightSky is now available in PC version, downloadable from its official website for € 7.20. Expect at this point the Mac version and WiiWare. After the announcement of the arrival of WiiWare by NightSky of Nifflas and published by Nicalis, having previous experience in the PC name of the union in question, it seemed strange that the game was not even intended scope computer.

News: The contents of the PS + for the month of February

Sony today announced the contents of the PlayStation Plus service for the current month and February. January has already been partially announced, but there are a number of features not quite marginal: 40% discount on Battlefield 1943, and the ability to download the two titles Shatter and Samurai Showdown.

Added to this is also the chance to try free Borderlands in its entirety (not a demo, then) and to obtain, at the time of a DLC at no additional cost. In February, however, subscribers will receive a gift of PS + games for PSN Magician Lord and Mushroom Wars. Content in January (available until February 2): Free games: Discounted products: Miscellaneous: Contents of February (available until March 2): Free games: Discounted products: Miscellaneous:

Avatar Kinect presented at CES 2011

As planned As was announced, the 2011 CES saw the announcement of Kinect Avatar for Xbox 360, the camera application for the avatars. Since the spring, the department will issue to track users' movements and translate them directly into animations avatars into different with the ability to record video chats or to create scenes, machinima, and the like.

As seen in the video below, the program is able to replicate the movements lighter and less visible and put them into the form of avatars, with Steve Ballmer to take the lead in his (very thin, however) digital version. Avatar Kinect - presentation at CES 2011

News: Top Sellers of 2010 in Japan

The year 2010 has been completed a few days and, as required by tradition, this is the time to take stock, making a purely economic status on the vintage budget just passed. To provide the first data on the Japanese market was Enterbrain, the company that owns Famitsu, the console that they dominate the handheld gaming scene in Japan.

The DS has sold about 2.96 million pieces of 28 December 2009 and December 26, 2010 (Thank Andriasang), while the PSP back only 73.233 pieces, was placed second with 2.89 million. In third place we find the Wii (1.73 million), followed by the PS3 (1.59 million) and the Xbox 360, stops only 208.790 units sold.

Torchlight comes to console exclusive for Xbox Live Arcade

It details the head of Runic Travis Baldtree confirms the arrival of Torchlight on Xbox Live Arcade, but announced that it will be exclusive to the digital delivery of Xbox 360, so there will be a version for PlayStation 3, or at least there are no levels on the matter for now. Microsoft will indeed be publisher for the Xbox 360 version, and being a project it seems quite challenging, is unlikely to be repeated for other platforms.

News: Opening of the Mac App Store

If you are the proud owners of a Mac this is the time to show your wallet. Starting today is in fact available the new App Store for Mac, the same structure as the more well known iTunes. Once you choose the application you want to buy or simply try, you just have to wait for the download time for using, without limitation, the content in question.

The Mac App Store may be downloaded for free through the latest MacOS update, in case you run into difficulties in downloading, due to excessive traffic of these hours, please allow a few hours before trying again.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 in February

Game Room and announced Fable Phone for Windows 7

A lot of space to start new software platform for mobile Microsoft, Windows 7 Phone at CES 2011: the conference of Redmond have been several innovations in this regard. Announced for this system a specially designed version of the Xbox Live Game Room, or the games room and virtual "retro" in which you can relive the glories of the past with various arcade titles of the 80's, purchased fully playable or just a single games.

News: PES 2011 comes to Windows 7 Phone

Konami has announced a version of Pro Evolution Soccer devoted to devices based on Windows Phone 7. The mobile version of PES 2011 will arrive in early 2011, lets you know the publisher. According to Konami, the WP7 version of PES 2011 will propose "the IA team and advanced players ever seen in a handheld game." You will be able to control strategies and individual players in a similar way to home console counterpart, but with the option True Flow System you will be able to help the IA.

De Blob 2 supports Move

If you were expecting more titles for your PS3 console in which you can use your motion control "move" Sony supports the Blob 2 game from THQ. It is not uncommon that this game offers support move, since the original version was exclusive to the Wii and the sequel will also have appeared on the Nintendo console.

and the sequel will appear in a game system too. In the 3D PS3 supports what a delight for enthusiasts of this game.

PES 2011 confirmed for Windows 7 Phone

Football notebook, Konami has once again confirmed at this time to develop a version specifically designed for Windows 7 Phone PES 2011, new chapter of his famous football series. Adaptation for mobile devices, however, boast an excellent level of graphics and artificial intelligence, reportedly with a system called "True Flow" to change the control system in various ways and degrees of realism.

News: Unveiling the multiplayer of The Last Story

The latest issue of Japan's Famitsu magazine has published an article on the multiplayer role-playing game developed by Mistwalker Wii exclusive, The Last Story. As reported by Andriasang, multi modes include Versus and Raid. The first allows you to challenge other players with one of the main characters of the adventure.

Overcoming the challenges you can get items, weapons, and colors useful for character customization. The Versus mode should also include a team option for up to six players. Lovers of the game co-op, however, will team up with other enthusiasts to hunt monsters in Raid mode. The game will offer lobby where you can customize your character and talk with other players waiting for the match.

50 million Xbox 360, 30 million Xbox Live

Millions and millions The Microsoft keynote at CES was obviously a favorable opportunity to rattle off a bit 'high-sounding data, in this case with regard to the installed base of Xbox 360 and the registered users on Xbox Live. The console-green crusade is now present in the world in 50 million units, while the online platform now has about 30 million registered users, also at the global level, an increase of 5 million subscribers compared to November.

News: Haggar and Phoenix confirmed MVC3

You are eager to find out how many and which characters will be part of the final roster of Marvel vs. Capcom 3? For now you will have to settle for two new entries, or the beautiful Phoenix X-Men and Haggard, wrestler of Final Fight. Below you can see some exclusive videos as well as some images that portray the two characters.

With the introduction of these two playable characters, the list of wrestlers to 34 hours salt MVC3 elements. If you want to know more about this highly anticipated beat'em up, we recommend taking a look at our latest hands-on.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Two new characters revealed only!

Exclusive Italian ... We propose to you today, in absolute exclusive Italian, the two new characters for Marvel vs. Capcom to 3: Fate of Two Worlds presented by Capcom. It is specifically Phoenix and Haggar, for which we are able to offer different material compeltamente novel: one part two videos, each dedicated to one of two members of the rich cast, on the other hand a series of images also Haggar depicting Phoenix and in the midst of combat.

News: In the evening the debut of the Mac App Store

According to rumors in the evening around 18:00 anticipates that the new App Store for Apple Mac only had to know that as of January 6 the app store would be available in the Mac version, but did not report any time. The Loop, however, cites a number of sources by which the Mac App Store will debut in the evening.

The App Store will allow Mac, as well as virtual stores for devices IOS, to navigate between applications and download them using them on multiple platforms.

8 million Kinect distributed to retailers in two months

Not really sold, but really from Microsoft keynote at CES 2011 comes new impressive figures regarding Kinect in particular. The new peripheral for the Xbox 360 has reached 8 million units placed with regard to the sell-in or distribution to retailers, all in just 60 days. Although the information is not directly indicative of actual sales of the device, however, Microsoft has stated that they currently have "plenty of overtaking" 5 million, although there are no specific data about it.

App Store is available in Mac version

At last came as some rumors had announced recently, is now available a version specifically designed for the Mac App Store. This is obviously a version adapted to the computer of the famous Apple digital delivery platform, dedicated to applications of various entities for Mac, download and structured in the same simple and intuitive of the original story.

More information is available on the Apple official site, and the program should be made available, directly with the software update.